The Egyptian Glenn Beck?

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The New York Times released a story yesterday about an Egyptian television host, Tawfik Okasha, who is being referred to as the ‘Egyptian Glenn Beck.’

“Have you seen the video of what is being called the Egyptian Glenn Beck,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “That’s what they’re calling him over in Egypt, the Egyptian Glenn Beck. He’s called the Egyptian Glenn Beck because he’s on Egyptian television and he’s been saying, ‘the Muslim Brotherhood, they’re Islamic extremists they are in bed with the leftists here,’ and ‘Egypt, stay away from these guys.’”

The Times refers to Okasha as “the host of a popular television program known for his embrace of conspiratorial thinking and hatred of leftists and political Islam,” who “railed against Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, or SCAF, on live television.” And in true New York Times fashion, the video that accompanies the story on their website mocks Okasha as some sort of bumbling idiot:

“That’s the way they’re reporting on the guy who said, ‘Hey, by the way, this is an Islamic extremist group, they’re going to take hold and they’re in bed with the left,’” Glenn said frustrated.

As they mock this man for his ‘conspiracy theories,’ they fail to report on the speech given by newly elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who just so happens to be a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi’s words roughly translate to something like:

The Quran is our Constitution. The Quran was and will continue to be our constitution. The prophet Muhammad is our leader. Jihad is our path and death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration. Above all, Allah is our goal. I take an oath before Allah and before you all that regardless of the actual text, Allah willing the text will truly reflect Sharia.

And somehow Okasha is the crazy conspiracy theorist?

“That is Morsi himself,” Pat said. “That is the new Egyptian President saying he will follow Sharia law.”

Morsi and his advisors have also made claims that a caliphate is coming (looks like the media owes Glenn an apology on that one), and Jerusalem will be the center of the Muslim caliphate. Doesn’t really sound like Egypt is planning to respect that peace treaty with Israel, huh.

Clearly Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wasn’t listening to the same speech from Morsi because all she seems to be able to do is talk about how positive all of this is:

We’ve heard some very positive statements coming from Morsi so far. We’ll have to wait and judge by what’s actually done.


“That’s crazy,” Glenn said. “This is an Egyptian broadcaster [Okasha] saying a caliphate is coming, they’re in bed with the left, and the Muslim Brotherhood are extremists. Listen to what he says. And what is [the media] doing? Mocking him and trying to drive him out.”

“I am standing up for what [Okasha] said – what I read about in the New York Times – that a caliphate is coming, these are Islamic extremists that you’ve got to be away from and the left is in bed with them,” Glenn concluded. “I stand with him on that. What he says elsewhere, I have no idea.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Morsi is the fulfillment of the Muslim Brotherhoods ambitions for Egypt, they have waited since the early 1920s for this chance to begin the return of the Caliphate from Egypt and the other Islamist governments, infiltrating and perverting them to the radical agenda and Sharia law as is happening in our own nation.

    On this matter Glenn is right to stand with him; the Caliphate is coming again, the extremists want war and soon will have it unless God stops them in their tracks.

    Obama has willingly conspired with them to the ending of Israel as a nation; and for their rise of the Caliphate as well, and I have to hold to it having been deliberate and premeditated on his part in the full. There is no way for this to have been just ‘coincidental’ in any shape, means or manner from him (Obama).

    Its bad enough now with the backstabbing by the five SCOTUS justices Obama has an open door to Social Justice version of Sharia taxation. Just consider it, anyone and any group who refuses to accept Federal control and indoctrination and tow the party line completely will be taxed out of existence or jailed across the board.

    • landofaahs

      I could imagine Pompous Pilot (Justice Roberts) and yes the spelling is intended, would be a Judas and side with Muslim extremism.  He is a coward afterall.  Glenn nailed that one.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        I have a simpler name for Justice Roberts – Benedictine Arnold.

        • landofaahs

          That fits too.

    • Zooropa Fly

      ..and I thought LSD was out of fashion these days ? 

      😀 😀 😀

      • landofaahs

        Rarely do I do it, but I will let that one pass.;)

  • landofaahs

    Okasha looks more like Alex Jones, but he does resemble Glenn a bit.  Something you want to confess to us Glenn?  Just teasing.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I bet it’s just a pyramid scheme.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      At least he does not look like Al Gore.

      • landofaahs

        LOL. He doesn’t look stupid enough or arrogant enough to be Al.

        • MarsBarsTru7

          Now *that* was an insult.
          We’re here all week folks.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I’ve only done a preliminary search on this guy, Tawfik Okasha, and he does seem, in the context of standing against the radical Muslim Brotherhood, to rival the warnings of Glenn and our Progressive extremists parties here at home.

    The Egyptiam forces seem to, if the articles are to be trusted, calling him a communist, socialist, marxist, free mason and one who is so submissive to others as to be “a man worthy only of absolute contempt.”

    Sounds fairly much like Obama when he sought battle with Beck on the first year of the current madness of the administration.

    • landofaahs

      Ponder this Snow.  Just as in the days of Abraham and Lott, we have come to the point where our peoples must seperate.  Too much infighting for both sides.  So it is best that Abraham (Christians.true sons and daughters of Abraham) seperate and allow the people of Lott(liberals) go to the Sodom and Gomorrah land.  

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Land – there is a difference, when we broke free of England in our revolutionary war, that was our time of seperation as Abraham and Lott; now we are in the time of Nehemiah and the prophets there, we are entering a time of judgement by God, but one still tempered with mercy.

        We have to restore the symbolic Jerusalem of the United States: the core of which is the Constitution, along with freedom and responsibility of WE the PEOPLE for all we are entrusted with from heaven above.

        Right now the matter is this: will we accept the limited yoke of wood, still hard yet under the mercy of God; or will we allow the leaders of the nation to pull us down completely, and be bound by a yoke of steel?

        Which shall we decide?

        • landofaahs

          I don’t believe that myself, but in order to compromise, can we keep the constitution and leave them…the communist manifesto? As long as we seperate. It is us or them the way I see it.

          • MarsBarsTru7

            I know what you’re saying. We just don’t want to live with the tyranny they welcome and they don’t want to live with the individual liberty we welcome. They’re diametrically opposed. If we could just have what we want and keep to ourselves we’d let them have what they want and keep to themselves.

            Here’s the problem LoA – They don’t want to leave us alone. Our system grants them the freedom to live in communes if they want. They could carve out a place for themselves here if they wanted. They can go to other countries freely and join communist countries if they want. Socialism is all over the world. They don’t want it Aahs. It continually fails all over the world. Deep inside, they know they’re wrong. The fact is, they don’t truly want what they espouse. They look for reasons to oppose us.

            Why? They don’t want to face accountability. And they resent us for doing so. They resent us for our very existence.

            Why else do you think they want to force secularism on us? Or force Islam on us? Our values are what allow them religious freedom. Our values are what allow them to live in peace among us us even while they’re championing and demanding our enslavement. We’re no threat at all. Yet they want our way of life abolished. Why? They don’t want us to convert or go away. They want to utterly defeat us.

            Fear. They fear our conviction in God. They fear the very concept of God. We do not fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities, darkness, and dominion. They will never leave us alone. They attacked us in the Middle East. They attacked us in Europe. They attacked us in Asia. They attacked us in Africa. They’ve never stopped and they attack us to this day.

            This struggle has been going on for 2 thousand years. The difference between hundreds of years ago and now is that here we have a country that we founded based on our principles and we did it by God’s will. Here, we’re free to be Christian and espouse the Christian faith and to be a shining light to the world…

            … Or a least, we used to be. We can’t flee it but for a temporary respite Aahs. And even if we survive elsewhere or in our own back yards in a newly separated country… The next generation is still going to end up having to fight this fight. It won’t go away.

            In the end, they’re not after our wealth. They’re not after control.
            They’re not even after anything for themselves. They’re after us to give
            in and admit defeat, and if they can’t force us to give in they want to silence us forever.

            I know this now. And I will not go away. I will not ask for anything from these people. I will not supplicate to them. I’m making my stand. This country represents the best efforts of humankind to do God’s will. I will not cede one inch of it.

          • Paolina Garcia

            Nonsense! SECEDE NOW! America is doomed: spiritually, culturally, and financially. Democracy has ensured the best trickster is in charge, and Obama sure has tricked most of America.

            God is King and Jesus didn’t support the Senate, rather He said to pay tribute to the dictator in Rome.

            The time has come to choose: the Constitution or the Bible, what matters more to you?

            If it’s the Constitution then go to New York, California, and Illinois and live with the homosexuals, adulterers, and the blasphemers.

            If it’s the Bible, come to Texas and the South and help us retake our culture from the Yankees who are bombarding our televisions and radios with abominations.

            There can be no defending of our culture so long as we have a constitution that these supreme court judges rule allows blasphemy, pornography, and basically for people to be rude and attack morality.

            How can our churches take a stand when a majority of the men inside of it are addicted to pornography, for example?

            We’re compromised spiritually and it’s about time we take a long hard look at what America has done to our souls.

          • MarsBarsTru7

            I grew up in New York and I now live in California. Almost all my family still lives in New York. The vast majority of them feel as I do…

            Break away from the desire to stereotype. Reagan won in ’84. New York had a Republican governor in Pataki and a Republican NYC mayor in Giuliani. No, they weren’t hardcore conservatives, but neither of them were Progressive control freaks either. Neither New York or California have ever unanimously voted for Democrats. There are plenty of people in both states who are both rational and conservative (or libertarian).

            It was the Yankees that formed the Republican Party in the first place. It was the Yankee Republicans that resisted the excuse of civil rights reforms to promote federal intrusion into the private sector.

            I am a Yankee. I’m proud of my Yankee heritage. I’m proud that nearly every single liberty-oriented political movement in this country got its start in Yankee territory.

            Thank God the South has done a better job adhering to the word of God over the last few decades and saved this country from a collectivist nightmare, as the majority of Northerners have been duped by the utopian promises of the Democrats. Thank God the South is a bulwark in that sense. But in no way shape or form am I ashamed of where I come from and there’s no way I’m abandoning any part of America to secular collectivists.

            I am grateful that there are people out there with your fervor, but there are elements of what you’re espousing that I believe are seriously misguided.

          • landofaahs

            It is why we seperate and endforce that seperation with the second amendment. No immigration allowed in the constitutional state. Our founders made one fatal mistake, they made it too easy for us to because a welfare state. Outlawing any pension or subsistance of any kind would have held off the dependency we now encourage. It comes in steps and degrees of gradualism, but the gradualism allows its root to run deeper than if it appeared as a flash of lightneing,

          • w. Parker

            Whewww, we don’t need a hour speech to conclude that the reason Islam hates or resents the west, particularly america, particularly in the past 65 years, is the fact that we are allied with isreal.  Do i disagree with our pact with isreal – no, but that is the reason.  Do they fear God?  Hell no, they murder others, including themselves in the name of God – allah.  Re:your post below – the one thing i totally agree with you on is your statement: “The vast majority of people (from CA and NY) feel as you.” Your “evidence” that neither state is totally liberal is your evidence of 2 past governors…  Really? i can hardly say that is convincing ! Your statemnet “it was the yankees that “formed the republican party”…Mr Historian, come now, yankees did do that, but do you seriously believe the republican party, or the democratic party of the 1860’s represent the ideology of both parties of today? It was the yankees who started the greatest era of progressivism, right on and up to the 1930’s – and beyond.  And, the reconstruction period in the south after the civil war, by yankees, was nothing more than a flash-back of the USSR’s control of eastern europe after WWII  

          • MarsBarsTru7

            “…an hour speech…” Is that how long it took for you to read it?

            “Islam hates… the West…” – Islam’s relationship to America wasn’t the main point, but I’m glad you comprehended that much. But most of them have hated us almost since our founding. Read up on the Barbary Wars.

            “The vast majority of people (from CA and NY) feel as you do.” – Uh, no, that’s not what I said. I said the vast majority of my family feels as I do (live in N.Y.). Those reading comprehension skills don’t stretch very far for you, do they?

            Then “blah blah blah governors blah blah blah” – nonsense that amounts to further evidence that you don’t process what you read.

            Yankees formed the Republican Party. That’s factual history and your dingbat racist version of history can’t change it. And no, I don’t think the parties are exactly the same. Did I say that?

            Yep. There were Yankees involved in the beginning of Progressivism. And you know what else? There were Southerners involved too.

            The Reconstruction Period is not rationally comparable to the occupation of Eastern Europe by the USSR. If you think you know better then name the atrocities that amount to parallels between the two Parker.

          • w. Parker

            LOL to your most recent post!! “my racist version of history”? Who’s racist – “anyone” who disagrees with you!  Your twisted and ignorant version of history – there is only one version, the correct one, idiot…”The vast majority of people in NY and CA agree with you” – i agree, the total and complete “libera” view…Tell everyone, who were the ones from the south who started a progressive movement…Can you back up any of your facts with evidence? No, you result to name calling and dodging historical fact.  Can you state how and give us “your” view of Reconstruction?  You want some of mine – hangings and executions in New Orleans for just looking into a yankee’s face, puppet governments throughout the south, buning of homes and crops, theft, beatings,  – you want more?  I can give plenty and as i recall the Russians did the same in eastern europe.  Yankee’s were barbarian heathens.  Then the Carpetbaggers were released onto the south.  What type of eduation have you received in NY and CA?  Do they have a different version of history? Do you actually feel westerners, particularly americans, are beheaded these days in the middle east because of the “Barbary Wars”???LOL=ROTFLMAO!  Sure, right, i’m racist because i’m stating facts – then what are you?  You should shut-up while you’re “behind”.  You are a prime example of how a liberal thinks

          • w. Parker

            Your statement:  “We just don’t want to live with the tyranny they welcome and they don’t want to live with the individual liberty we welcome. They’re diametrically opposed. If we could just have what we want and keep to ourselves we’d let them have what they want and keep to themselves.”—  Was exactly what the south wanted…

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Land – the way we leave the communist manifesto and the idiots who are dedicated to the insanity within its bindings is very simple at the core – eternal vigilance to what is right and what is truth.

            We have to take back what is core to BEING American, and then hold it safe and strong and secure for all generations to come.

            Jefferson once contemplated a union involving a series of smaller, interconnected Republics, and rejected the idea as it would eventually lead to the dissolution of the Republic as a whole.

            If the time comes for that to happen, then so be it, but like with the usage of force of arms, it must be the last resort and only used IF the time comes.

            And yes I do see a probability of it happening.

          • Anonymous

            Small republics will survive for about as long as it takes China (or whatever country is dominant) to get its troops over here and take our resources.  As Benjamin Franklin said when the Declaration of Independence was debated, we must all hang together, or assuredly we will all hang separately.

          • Paolina Garcia

            @HudsonLink:disqus : You’re forgetting that Texas has nukes. And frankly, Americans are a bit hypocritical when it comes to their opinions of China.

            China has not waged an invasion of a foreign country in hundreds of years (with the exception of the Korean war but that was arguably defense of the North as they didn’t enter the war until we crossed into the North and were right up on China’s border)..

            The USA on the other hand has been involved in roughly 100 offensive conflicts in it’s short 200 year lifespan and holds the world record for waging war ironically, though yes that does count “minor conflicts” that the US doesn’t count in it’s history books (apparently invading small countries doesn’t count as a war to the historians).

            But it’s not the fault of the leaders as Republics need warfare to keep their populace’s minds off domestic issues. Warfare and welfare is the constant policy of all Republics since the first one in Rome.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Paolina – beg to differ on your “china has not invaded other nations for centuries” post…

            Invades Vietnam: 1979
            Invades Tibet: 1949-50
            Invades India: 1962

            Please research your facts more.

          • landofaahs

            Jefferson also said the blood of patriots would need to be spilled every 20 years to keep it. Will you go along with that? If so, then we have a violent overthrow instead of a peaceful separation.

        • MarsBarsTru7

           I think you’re closer to the truth on this one.

          Still, I’m an eternal optimist and I still have hope for the redemption of this country.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Maybe I should have been more clear, WE, the people of the nation will make the final choice for good or bad as to the future of our nation, this is our time and place to choose the destiny of our land.

            America will be redeemed if we make the effort and push for the reformations desperatly needed. It will not be easy, nor pretty, yet it can be done.

  • Anonymous

    My Dad always said, be prepared son! They told us WWI would be the war to end all wars. Then they told us WWII would be the war to end all wars. Since then we’ve had Korea, Vietnam, The Falklands, Panama, Operation Desert Eagle, and a host of U.N. Sanctioned bloodbaths. Last, there’s 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan. I don’t know what WWIII is going to look like but I just hope Albert Einstein was wrong about WWIV. Be prepared !

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Sergeant – I still recall the one interesting fact of European WW2: most people forget that the ardennes were declared ‘impassible’ to mechanized forces, they forgot in 1940 and 1944 to tell the German armed forces that…France learned the hard way, and we were caught with our britches down at the Battle of the Bulge.

      The only thing to be expected in war, is that the unexpected becomes the norm.

    • landofaahs

      I hope Jesus comes back before that and puts a sdtop to all this evil going on.

    • MarsBarsTru7

       Panama, Somalia, Nicaragua, Libya…

      Considering that they have lasers and ray guns that can hit hundreds of people at a time with lethal microwaves, rail guns, robots and drones to do their killing for them when soldiers will not comply…

      And that’s not even considering the horrors of potential biological and chemical weapons… But of course, they dont have those because of the Geneva convention… pssh.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Mars – apologies but an earlier reply I made to you on this article did not post under your posting. You may want to look for it.

        • MarsBarsTru7

          What was the first sentence?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Mars – it does not even have to be a full scale terror strike with exotic or WMDs against the states; a psi ops carried out with the media support (inadvertant or deliberate) could cause more harm and terror than people understand.

    Look to the case of the anthrax letter scare, and then the beltway sniper case of the same time. Pandemonium inflicted by an unknown with the letters (never proven and convicted), and the snipers who most thought were former Spec Ops gone rouge were people who knew how to shoot and hunt well.

    Imagine this carried out on a larger scale across the land, and you can see the results reaped many fold more than the chaos of those days.

  • Bamboo_Harvester

    Teabaggers need crying towels ? … Try Kotex Maxi Pads !

    • Lioness

      You should take a look at the thousands of posts you have written and compare them to the posts that are written here (or other conservative sites). The low brow, lack of intellect that spews from your filthy mouth clearly shows the true heart of a liberal socialist. It’s not altruistic or utopian, it’s just plain sick!  

      • greywolfrs

        You really should understand that this idiot, along with sticky chin and vacuumhead, just got out of their OWS training and are here to do what they were trained to do, Troll.

    • greywolfrs

      Another dunce heard from, did you just get out of your OWS training? Idiot.

    • Lioness

      “Toothless LIBERAL“! Most people are not proud of their lack of personal hygiene. I’m sure you could have used some of your welfare money to purchase a tooth brush, paste and some floss. I know Medicaid covers a good dental cleaning once in a while also.

  • Nina Flora

    just as our glenn beck said.does that surprise anyone–not me!

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t have said it any better landofaahs.   We are now living in such a corrupt world it is scary.  I have told my husband we should sale out everything and move to Israel.  I really do like their PM.  I love my America, but it is not the same anymore we are now a third world country.   I just can’t believe how the Justices can sit on the bench and feel good about themselves.  I heard though, that Roberts went left so it would go against Obama and rally the Republicans.  I think it has!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm   Wonder how long the ”Egyptian Glenn Beck” will be allowed to be on TV?    Wonder

    how long the station known for hatred of leftists and political Islam will be allowed to broad-


    • greywolfrs

      I am surprised he hasn’t disappeared yet.

  • Anonymous

    Reported by the New York Times? What’s new? The NYT also supported both hitler and stalin and in the early 1930’s reported Russia was a paradise for workers and peasants overflowing with food while they were systematically starving over 10 million of the people of the Ukraine. First they confiscated the guns. Then they confiscated the farms, then the grain, and the people starved to death, even the farmers. Get ready America obama is taking us down the same road.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s wonderful that we got this wonderfully moderate muslim extremist president to work with who is going to be just wonderful to live under, especially if you are a coptic Christian or a woman; you are going to be free to lose your head any day or night of the week.  It’s a beautiful world we live in, isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    This is gonna be a disaster in the makings coming.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

  • nutt

    Ironic – the same people who shout scaaaaary warnings about Obama becoming a dictator are the same ones who miss dictatorship in Egypt. Is dictatorship ok as long as it’s somewhere else?

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