Ted Cruz wins Texas Senate Seat

“Cruz once was considered a long shot to take down well-heeled Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst”

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Elizabeth Warren just loves China!

Elizabeth Warren says China is producing jobs, and we need to be more like them! No, seriously

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Pulling out all the stops: Barack Obama descendant of first slave?

DHS: Terrorists crossing border from time to time?

“Here is the chief of an agency that didn’t exist ten years ago. We started this stupid agency because we said, hey, let’s stop terrorism. That’s what it’s all about. Nothing else.”

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Was the 1960s campaign more civil than it is today?

Epic media hypocrisy: Ann Romney’s $990 shirt bad… Michelle Obama’s $6800 shirt good!

The media has really outdone themselves with this one.

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Detroit man reflects on Restoring Love

Restoring our connection with American history

Next event? Glenn promises something special coming week of 9/12

“we are kicking off what I believe will be the biggest movement in American history in the last probably 30 years”

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“The coolest moment of my life”

“As a guy who has been bringing you the bad news for I don’t know how long now, let me bring you the good news”

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