WATCH: The amazing, uncensored interview where Glenn reveals untold stories from the past three years

In the lead up to Restoring Love, Glenn began to understand that the event would really be the conclusion of a trilogy. But before he could move forward, he needed to take a look back at the past three years and to see how things have all come together. Because you, the audience, have been such a key part of this journey, it was important that he share these reflections with you directly. With that in mind, the team here at Mercury Radio Arts and TheBlaze have decided to make this interview available to you for free in its entirety. We hope that you enjoy this unique look behind the curtain as Glenn explains the road to Restoring Love.

You can get more details, including information on how you can watch exclusively on GBTV, here!

In Part 1 of the interview, Glenn explains how Restoring Honor started off as a “mistake”, as well as other untold stories from the event:

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In Part 2, Glenn explains why he felt he had to go to Israel to stand with the Jewish people. It was a bumpy ride in the journey, as Glenn had to deal with health issues, threats, and more. Did he feel like the event accomplished it’s ambitious goals?

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In Part 3, Glenn discusses what is coming at Restoring Love, as well as why he feels this will be the final “Restoring” event. Why does he think this will be the most ambitious live event he has ever done? And why does he think things have been able to go so far over the past three years? Find out below:

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WATCH: Raj breaks down everything happening in Dallas this week during Restoring Love!

“12 in 2012″ will be unveiled at FreePAC! What is it and how can you participate?

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Don’t miss GBTV’s coverage of the FreePAC event Thursday night! Get all the details HERE!

Wednesday night on the Glenn Beck Program, Glenn invited several guests from the FreedomWorks organization onto the program to talk about their FreePAC event, as well as their new initiative “12 in 2012″.  What is “12 in 2012″? Find out in the clip above!

Erica Ritz from The Blaze explains:

FreedomWorks, an organization that advocates “lower taxes, less government, and more freedom,” has made an impressive impact on the political debate in recent years.  Glenn Beck fans, in particular, will remember the “Freedom Connector,” a social networking site for patriots that helped revolutionize how like-minded, small-government proponents can connect.

Now, with hundreds of thousands of grassroots volunteers and countless more supporters, the organization has revealed to TheBlaze a “sneak peek” of its 2012 agenda ahead of the official announcement at FreePAC tomorrow in Dallas in an event tied to Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Love” initiative this week (tickets for “Restoring Love” can be found here).

The theme?  “12 in ‘12,” or twelve main policy proposals deemed to be the most important solutions to our nation’s problems this year, that FreedomWorks will be pushing across the board.

Even more, in keeping with the organization’s focus on grassroots action, the twelve proposals are actually still being voted on by the public, and the voting will remain open almost until the announcement.

Michael Duncan explained that there will be both a heavy “endorsement component” and a heavy “activism component” to the 2012 campaign.

The endorsement component, essentially, is when Americans sign petitions or vote on matters like the “12 in ‘12″ campaign, so that FreedomWorks can unequivocally show lawmakers how many millions of people support the issues.

The activism component, on the other hand, is more multifaceted.

In addition to distributing the twelve final policy proposals to each of the Republican delegates and FreedomWorks’ massive network of contacts, Duncan explained that FreedomWorks will also help activists keep in touch with the Romney campaign and delegates from the GOP to keep them on track.  FreedomWorks will also have a strong presence at the Republican National Convention, to help set the tone of what really matters in 2012.

As the “12 in ‘12″ website indicates, FreedomWorks is endeavoring to build a platform by the people, for the people.


The Oval: The Global Freedom Movement

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Good afternoon.

Across the globe,

People marvel at America.

They see the elections we have…

The public debate…

Over who gets to sit at this desk…

And they marvel!

How is it possible, they say…

To criticize someone with so much power!

In public…

And not go to jail?

Not suffer?

They look to America.

They see our political arguments….

Our freedom of speech…

Our many civic organizations…

Our volunteer culture…

Our sense that anything is possible…

And they conclude:

“We want to be Americans, too!”


They dress like Americans…

Listen to American music…

And adopt American technology,

And they think…

This will give us American freedom, too!

So in Africa…

In Europe…

In Asia…

In the Middle East…

When they want political revolution…

Political freedom….

They try to adopt our culture…

They try to launch a revolution of their own.

They imitate what they see.

The latest in our culture…

The same hair…fashion…

And technology.

They are quick to use Facebook…

Or Twitter…

To organize… to rebel.

And that’s fine.

But does it work?

We have seen…

That the rebellions and so-called Arab Spring…

Which began in technology…

…Ended in chaos.

And repression.

In Egypt, we were told that….

The kids in the street…

Could tweet themselves to a liberal democracy!

That they could use Facebook…

…to beat back the generals and the mullahs!

You may remember the photos…

Of the university kids…

With their western clothes…

And their fancy computers…

Pushing a revolution through the digital universe.

But in Cairo’s Tahir Square.

They were getting crushed…

By camels and wooden clubs…

And now…

The kids are in fear for their lives…

The generals they fought can’t protect them.

From the mullahs.

The western garb is going away…

Here comes the hijab… and the burka.

In the end, those who ended out on top….

Who hold power…

Who will run Egypt now…

They don’t use Twitter.

They don’t friend people on Facebook.

They do things old-school.

They rely on a technology…

…that is far more effective.

Far more durable.

It’s called the sword…

Fear is their technology.

Fear. Intimidation. Threats.

And if necessary…

Far worse.

The mullahs of the Muslim Brotherhood…

Had something else.

They had a sense of history…

They could draw on something deep.

They knew what runs in the veins of every Egyptian…

A longing…

Not for the West…

Not for technology…

But for national pride.

Egypt is a nation that has lost every war in the last century…

A nation with an economy that has drifted to dependency…

And so the Muslim Brotherhood had a simple message:

Follow us…

And you will feel pride again.

And if you don’t follow us…

There is the sword.

And the Muslim Brotherhood understands something…

…that all the techno-savvy kids don’t.

If you want to win people over…

You meet them where they live…

Where they work….

Where they pray.

If you want to start a revolution…

You don’t do it in 140 characters.

You do it with big ideas.

With history.

We forget this sometimes.

We forget, in this age of digital media,

That in the end…

The ideas that win the day…

Aren’t necessarily clever…

Or funny…

Or accompanied by a youtube video of a barking cat.

The ideas that win the day…

Are those delivered…


One by one by one…

Until everyone hears it.

You don’t do it with sizzle.

You do it with steak.

The fanciest technology…

Won’t save you…

If you don’t have ideas behind you.

If you don’t have history behind you.


Why is this on my mind?

Because I’ve been approached…

By people in Italy…

Denmark… England…

[Other nations here]

And they ask me all the time:

“Glenn, how do we build a tea party?”

They want their own tea party.

But here’s the thing…

They can’t have a tea party movement…

Unless they know why we chose the term “tea party”…

And they don’t!

They think we get together and drink tea!

They don’t understand what the first tea party was!

They have no appreciation for what that term means…

When Americans say ‘Let’s have a tea party’…

We’re not talking about drinking tea on fancy saucers!

We’re talking about a revolution against tyranny…

But if you don’t know American history…

You won’t know that.

And so I always urge our friends…

The friends in Freepac…the global freedom movement…

Find your own tea party tradition…

It exists…

It may not be as dramatic as our tea party…

But in the heart of every man and woman …

There beats a desire for freedom.

Everyone has it inside them.

In every nation,

There is a natural hatred of tyranny…

A natural dislike for concentrated power.

And it is the goal of Freepac to bring it out.

But there are no shortcuts.

No easy paths.

You can’t just start a Facebook page…

…And expect it to blossom.

You can’t tweet yourself to freedom!

You have to do real work.

And here is what real work looks like…

You call a meeting…

At a local restaurant…

And you invite all your friends…

And you see who comes.

If you only have three people say yes…

You try to get a fourth.

If you have 20…

You try to get to 25.

If you have 50…

Go for 60.

Get ready to argue about your goals…

And get ready to use more than 140 characters…

Because if you want freedom,

You’ll have to be more than clever…

You’ll have to be more than tech-savvy.

You’ll have to be smart.

And energetic.

And if you’re doing this in Europe…

Or Africa…

Or Asia…

You can’t call it a tea party.

You’ll have to find your own historical touchstones.

You have to be authentic.

You have to be substantive.

This Saturday night…

We will meet, you and I,

For a rally to Restore Love.

And if you’re not from America…

Steeped in American history…

You hear that phrase “restore love”…

And you wonder:

Is this about giving out hugs and kisses?

Because you may not know…

What the word “love” means…

…To Americans.

It’s a deeper meaning.

And it can’t be summarized in 140 characters.

In America,

Love is about charity.

Love is about service.

Love is about the work of our hearts.

And in America,

Our goal is to restore love,

To reclaim it.

Because all too often,

Those in power tell us not to love,

Not to do the work of our hearts.

Just pay our taxes, and let them worry about helping our fellow man.

So this weekend,

We are going to remind ourselves,

Why we must do this work ourselves.

It is an urgent issue for us.


Because if we can’t do the work of our hearts…

We are not free.

I’m not saying that in other nations,

Our brothers in the freedom movement…

…Need to do the same thing.

I’m not sure.

Because I don’t know.

That’s up to them…

…to find out.

A global movement of freedom…

…doesn’t come in one flavor.

Doesn’t depend on one model of success.

So, to my friends in other nations…

…Who are looking to build their own tea party movement…

I have a simple message.

Don’t be distracted by technology…

Don’t be distracted by the accessories of freedom.

Don’t be distracted by the American model.

The three-cornered hat is not for you.

The tea party, we’ll keep that.

Find your own touchstones.

Discover your own history.

Everything you need…

…you’ll find where you live.

Your history will point you to freedom.

Your ideas will win the day.

No shortcuts.

Know this:

Hard work lies ahead.

If you don’t do the hard work,

The results won’t last.

We are seeing that today in America.

We sometimes take for granted…

…The freedoms we enjoy.

And those who want to take away that freedom…

…They count on us to relax our guard….

…To take the shortcuts…

To just post a few videos on Facebook.

And let it go at that.

But winning freedom took blood…

And keeping freedom takes commitment.

Freedom is like the heart.

It’s a muscle.

And if we don’t use it…

Exercise it…

Push it to the limit every so often…

It gets weak.

It doesn’t work as well.

And eventually, it gives out.

When Benjamin Franklin walked out of the Constitutional Convention….

Someone said to him:

“Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

And Ben Franklin said:

“A republic. If you can keep it.”

So my message to my friends from foreign lands…

Is the same as my message to Americans.

Securing freedom is the work of every generation.

And if you do the hard work,

The results will last.

And the freedom you win…

Will belong to you…


Thanks for watching….

Glenn Beck presents an alternative to Levi’s “uniform of progress”

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You may remember the monologue Glenn did on GBTV a few months ago deriding Levi’s for it’s advertising campaign celebrating revolution and progressivism. He announced today that he had a response for them – a new line of jeans from his own clothing line, 1791!

“Levi’s said they wanted to be the uniform of the progressive movement.  Okay.  Great.  Good for you.  I’m not going to boycott Levi’s.  I don’t really care.  I’ve worn Levi’s since I was a kid.  If that’s what Levis wants to do, Levis can do that,” Glenn said.

“Now Levis, I remember when Levis were like $20, maybe 15. Levis aren’t that anymore. Now, they do make a pair of Levis here in America, you know, the way they used to make them, but I think they’re $250. It is extraordinarily expensive to make jeans in America, especially quality jeans. Well, we did our homework and it’s taken about a year since I did that rant where I couldn’t take Levis anymore and I said I wasn’t going to wear Levis anymore, but it’s taken us about a year to get ready for this. We did our homework on Levis. We found out that there is a mill still in North Carolina. It’s the oldest operating loom in America. It is a loom that Levi Strauss, when they stopped making them in California ‑‑ and we’re talking about in the Eighties 1800s ‑‑ they took off. They were miner pants, and they took off and people started wearing them. Well, they couldn’t keep up in California, so they had to ‑‑ they had to outsource from California to North Carolina. And this loom that made this fabric, made this fabric, the Levis fabric that came off that loom in the late 1800s was the same loom that was making the fabric when James Dean was wearing it, when you were wearing it. In fact, it’s the same fabric that all of us who are my age wore when we were a kid. Levis, Levis does their $250 jeans there, you know, if you want to have that special jean. The Levis that you now buy in the shelves, regular Levis, that’s all made in China. Because they’re working with and for China. And they’re going to be the progressive uniform, you know.”

“Well, we approached this mill and asked them, could we, could we buy that same exact fabric. The answer was, “Yes, we can make that for you.” Good. We then went to ‑‑ we then went to places all around the country and tried to find a group that could actually put a great jean and make it in America. Can you make it in America? These jeans would be about $300 if we sold them the way Levis did. I don’t even know the price. I think they’re like $120. 100% made in America. It has the copper rivets, it has the button fly, it has the exact fabric that, if you’re my age, you grew up with. The exact fabric that the miners used to use in the 1800s.”

“Announcing: The new American jean, 1791.”

“Go to and sign up if you want to be the first to be alerted when you can buy this. It’s a great jean, made here in America.”

You can

Out of touch? Elitist snob Anna Wintour throwing another Obama bash

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The Obama administration has desperately tried to paint Mitt Romney as a wealthy, out of touch millionaire who can’t possibly relate to the regular American. Team Obama was mocked for then resorting to wealthy, out of touch Hollywood millionaires for help. Instead of backing off that strategy, they’ve doubled down. Glenn mercilessly mocked Wintour and company on radio today.

“You know he’s doing another Anna Wintour fundraiser as well,” Stu sai, “This is the latest one, Harvey Weinstein and Anna Wintour are teaming up again to throw a fundraiser for President Obama.”

New York Page Six reports:

The shindig will take place Aug. 6, in Greenwich, Conn., we hear. The movie mogul and the Vogue editor will co-host, sources said, while other co-chairs remain to be announced. The pair previously hosted an Obama dinner last year at Weinstein and Georgina Chapman’s West Village townhouse. Tickets will go for $35,800 per head. Guests at Weinstein’s fundraiser last year included Gwyneth Paltrow, Tory Burch, Alicia Keys and Quentin Tarantino.

“Greenwich, Connecticut – that’s where the real people live,” Stu said.

“Unbelievable,” Glenn said.

Obama’s latest whopper, the worst Glenn has ever seen

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Glenn heard the audio today for the first time of Obama in damage control mode over his ‘you didn’t build it’ remarks regarding small business. It was a revealing sentiment – but how he is handling the response is even more revealing.

“Everybody knows, of course, Barack Obama saved the auto industry,” Glenn joked.

In a new ad, an autoworker claimed, “The auto industry was crashing down.  I was scared to death.  I had a newborn baby, wife, house, and I got laid off.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Obama stuck his neck out for us, the auto industry.  He wasn’t going to let it just die.  And I’m driving in this morning because of that, because of him.”

WATCH the ad below:

“So that’s over $80 billion we spent on the bailout and it was all money well invested.  $80 billion in taxpayer dollars.  And that’s ‑‑ I think that’s fantastic,” Glenn said sarcastically.

Glenn also took umbrage with the claim that Obama’s inaction would have been “letting the industry die”.

“It doesn’t shut things down.  You just restructure and then you open the doors back up again,” he said.

As ads like these are running claiming Obama saved the auto industry while Romney is the king of outsourcing, the CEO of GM is admitting most vehicles are made outside of the United States.

In 2011, Dan Akerson gave a speech admitting, :  “Almost seven out of every ten automobiles, seven out of ten of our vehicles were made outside the United States.  We have eleven joint ventures in China with SAIC and SAW.  We operate eleven assembly plants in China, four power train plants in eight cities across the country. We regard our eleven joint ventures as eleven keys to success, not just in China but globally.  Our commitment to working in China, with China, for China. ”

“Now, why are they making them in China?  Well, because you can get cheap labor.  You can get cheap labor.  But we’ve got the labor unions here, and workers of the world unite,” Glenn said.

“Mitt Romney’s accused by this president of outsourcing jobs in a company that he wasn’t even running at the time.  Meanwhile, we’re hemorrhaging jobs to China, Mexico, and believe it or not under this president, believe it or not, hemorrhaging jobs to Iceland,” he said.


Ted Nugent flips out over calls for more gun control, misinformation

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Glenn spoke with fervent 2nd Amendment supporter Ted Nugent on radio today because Ted is fired up about all the misinformation being spewed on the media about current laws, assault rifles and more. What are they getting wrong? And what does Ted think is the answer?

Full Transcript below:

GLENN:  Let me go to Ted Nugent.  Jeez.  Another angry gun‑toting white guy. 


PAT:  Mmm‑hmmm. 


GLENN:  Ted? 


NUGENT:  Greetings, Glenn, from the greatest rhythm and blues rock‑and‑roll tour in the history of noise. 


GLENN:  Where are you today? 


NUGENT:  I’m in the swamps of Jackson, Michigan, cleansing my soul prior to heading for Wisconsin to continue the rock‑and‑roll celebration. 


GLENN:  Okay.  Now, do you have to cleanse your soul after Wisconsin? 


NUGENT:  I do it daily anyhow, whether I need it or not. 


GLENN:  Okay.  Just, I didn’t know.  Some people just cleanse their soul on, you know, Saturdays or Sundays. 


NUGENT:  I wash my hair on Saturday. 


GLENN:  Okay.  Good.  Ted, you have been ‑‑ and I’m sorry that I haven’t had a chance to return any of your phone calls this week.  It’s been nuts because of the thing that we’re doing this weekend, but you ‑‑ I believe you are close to a brain aneurysm on this story coming out of Aurora, Colorado. 


NUGENT:  Well, yes.  Number one, I can’t go further without saying that the Nugent family and everybody I know, I mean literally everybody says prayers for the victims and their families in the face of such a tragedy, but now we need to go on to the vile intentional misrepresentation of what did happen.  And I think as soon as you can, Glenn, you need to talk to your friend Bill O’Reilly because I’ve never heard such nonsense in all my life and I think it epitomizes the ignorance out there when Bill O’Reilly states as a fact that anybody can go buy a bazooka and a machine gun without the government knowing it unless, of course, you’re in the crips and the bloods.  My God in heaven, since 1934 machine guns ‑‑ by the way, bazookas are not available this week and they never have been. 


GLENN:  Really? 


NUGENT:  But to buy a machine gun, you have to go through such a vetting, such a federal BATF and local law enforcement, national law enforcement review, background check, fill out all kinds of documents and buy a $200 transfer tax certificate per purchase if they allow it.  So this kind of information is just looney.  And let me state as if fact that I know for a fact that most of the damage done by this devil in Aurora was done with the number one pheasant shotgun in the world, a Remington 870.  His AR‑15 Smith & Wesson rifle is now the most popular sporting rifle in America.  It is the number one competition, number one in self‑defense, it’s the number one sporting rifle for big game and small game.  And if they keep calling it an assault weapon, I may have that aneurysm. 


GLENN:  You know why they call it that?  Because of the way it looks.  That’s it.  Because of ‑‑ I was out shooting, what, two weeks ago and that’s exactly ‑‑ that’s the gun we were using.  And we were target practice.  I mean, that is the gun we would use.  If I was going hunting, that would be the gun that I would use. 


NUGENT:  Oh, and most sporters do but let me ‑‑ you talk about the way it looks.  Dianne Feinstein and her ‑‑ by the way, Dianne Feinstein who’s just literally going berserk on the misinformation about the weapons and the ammunition.  This is the woman who had a concealed weapons permit but denied California citizens the right to have a concealed weapons permit.  She demonized the concept of concealed weapon permit when she had one, Glenn, and she sat in a room with a friend of mine who will remain unnamed, unidentified, a Democrat congressman from one of my favorite states and she took out a copy of shotgun news.  This is a publication that, you know, lists the different types of firearms available, legal firearms, and she got out a Sharpie and circled the ones she wanted banned in the original assault weapon ban and she circled ones that were black with folding stocks when, in fact, the exact same weapon, exact same rate of fire, exact same caliber, everything was the same but it was made out of wood.  She didn’t want to ban those.  This is lunacy.  And remember, Glenn, this monster in Aurora took 20 minutes to do his evil.  In 20 minutes you don’t need an assault weapon, you don’t need a machine gun, which he didn’t have either of, but you could do more damage with a single shot or a bolt action because he had 20 minutes. 


GLENN:  You know, here’s the thing.  If ‑‑ and nobody I hear is talking about this except people like us:  If you had more people carrying a weapon.  If people had a gun in their back and they were ‑‑ and they were licensed to carry it, that guy wouldn’t have gotten off more than four shots. 


NUGENT:  And I’m sure you’ve covered it because there was a shooting like that in a church in Aurora this year earlier. 


GLENN:  Yep. 


NUGENT:  That was stopped because the guy had a gun.  And I know the hysteria about teargas and it was dark in the theater.  Glenn, I am not making this up.  Last week my wife Shemane and I were filming a segment for our Spirit of the Wild show and we were shooting at watermelons surrounded by human silhouette targets just as kind of a competition and from 20 feet and from 20 yards and we were shooting from every imaginable angle, undercover, from sitting, from squatting, from prone position, from behind cover and from in the open, and we never hit an innocent and we never missed the watermelon.  And I’m just a guitar player.  If a guitar player can neutralize a watermelon from 20 feet ‑‑ and this is with live fire, by the way. 


GLENN:  Do you ‑‑


NUGENT:  We would shoot while the other would take the target shots.  So there was that tension of live fire.  And this was done in a scenario ‑‑ and I understand it wasn’t real bullets coming at us and it wasn’t people screaming, running around. 


GLENN:  Please. 


NUGENT:  But dear God in heaven, doing nothing is not an option.  Training, having a firearm to neutralize an evil gun maniac is a way to go, and we train for that.  And I wish is I would have been in the theater that day. 


GLENN:  So do I.  So do I.


NUGENT:  Glenn, I don’t mean to monopolize here, but heroism, warrior action was performed that day by men who dove in the line of fire to save their loved ones.  They were a warrior but they were unarmed warriors. 


GLENN:  Look.  Ted, this is the same story over and over and over again, and you know as well as I do one of the safest countries in the world is Switzerland.  Because you’re required to have an automatic weapon. 


NUGENT:  A real machine gun. 


GLENN:  Right.  You’re required to have it.  Why?  Because they know.  The best way to defend ‑‑ why do you think Switzerland is never overrun?  Because they’re all defended ‑‑ every home is defended by the people in the home.  And let’s look at Chicago.  Play the audio from Chicago, will you, Pat?  Listen to this audio from Chicago.  And nobody’s talking about this.  Here’s a city that’s got gun control out the wazoo. 


NUGENT:  It’s a gun‑free zone. 


GLENN:  Yeah.  Listen to the audio here. 


VOICE:  Six people are shot within 15 minutes on the city’s south side.  One teenager is dead.


REPORTER:  Nancy Lou is at area two police headquarters.  She has details.


REPORTER:  The city’s homicide rate is up by about 39% so far this year.  Faith leaders called for a stop to the gun violence, and one pastor said bluntly, “We are tired of doing funerals.”  Community activist Andrew Holmes is also urging local radio stations to stop playing gangsta rap music which he believes has only encouraged all this shooting and killing. 


GLENN:  Of course it has.  I mean, Ted, you know, does music affect people? 


NUGENT:  God knows it affects me, but in a beautifully positive way. 


GLENN:  Right. 


NUGENT:  And it does affect people negatively.  If you talk about crime and you celebrate crime and you glorify, you know, evil and criminal activity, yeah.  And it’s been going on for years now. 


GLENN:  And nobody’s talking about that.  Nobody on the ‑‑ nobody in the news.  They’re talking about gun control, gun control, gun control.  I’m not talking about music control.  I’m not talking about movie control.  I’m saying, can you recognize that that plays a role?  Nobody ‑‑ you should be licensed.  You should be licensed to make a movie.  You should be licensed to make music.  How ridiculous is that? 


NUGENT:  It’s all ridiculous.  Well, bottom line is Chicago is a gun‑free zone but Rahm Emanuel like Mayor Daley uses tax dollars from citizens who they force into unarmed helplessness to pay for their armed security detail.  This is unbelievable. 


GLENN:  Okay. 


NUGENT:  And more people should join the NRA. 


GLENN:  Okay. 


NUGENT:  More people should do their homework about real firearms and real legality of firearms and ammunition.  Everything reported about this shooter and his so‑called armor‑piercing ammo.  And remember, Glenn, they wanted to ban hollow points because it does too much damage.  Well, hollow points won’t go through the walls because they’re ‑‑ because they disrupt in the target.  There’s so much inform ‑‑ misinformation out there that I pray to God you’ll talk to Bill O’Reilly because his ‑‑


GLENN:  I’m on his show tomorrow night. 


NUGENT:  He’s screaming that people can go to the local florist and buy a bazooka. 


STU:  (Laughing.)


GLENN:  Okay, Ted, let me change subjects real quick.  I would like you ‑‑ and just shoot me an e‑mail on this.  I want you to go to and I want you to read the story on the East River monster.  This is, there’s three pictures of this thing.  Have you guys seen this on The Blaze yet?  There are three pictures of this animal that has washed up on shore from the East River and I ‑‑ and nobody knows what animal this is.  I don’t ‑‑ and you know animals.  Maybe you’ll know.  It is the freakiest looking animal I’ve ever seen.  You see that, Stu? 


STU:  I’m going there now, though. 


GLENN:  It’s a freak ‑‑


NUGENT:  I will freak it out because I love freakish animals, especially with garlic and butter. 


GLENN:  No, you don’t want to eat this one.  If you have any idea, maybe it’s a dog?  But it’s ‑‑ it doesn’t look like a dog.  I mean, it has fingers. 


STU:  They had one of these that came out recently, though, and it was proven to be a fake, right?  I mean, I don’t believe it.  The Montauk monster.  That’s what it was.  And that one wasn’t real. 


GLENN:  Well ‑‑


STU:  Right? 


GLENN:  I don’t know.  I don’t ‑‑ this looks pretty ‑‑ I mean, this is freaky looking. 


STU:  That is really, really ‑‑


GLENN:  Very spooky. 


NUGENT:  If you want to save strange animals, be sure you open a hunting season on them and then we will manage them for maximum productivity. 


GLENN:  Ted, thanks very much.  I’ll talk to you soon, my friend. 


NUGENT:  Ytah, God speed, Glenn.  Carry on, my friend. 


GLENN:  Have a good rest of the tour.

Glenn’s latest studio decoration will make Al Gore cry

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Glenn unveiled the latest set piece in the Dallas studio today and it’s quite a show stopper. Standing over 10 feet tall, this imposing and majestic piece makes quite a statement – but best of all, it will make people like Al Gore cry. America, feast your eyes on Glenn Beck’s real life polar bear!

Photos: The stages are being built…

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