Glenn Beck presents an alternative to Levi’s “uniform of progress”

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You may remember the monologue Glenn did on GBTV a few months ago deriding Levi’s for it’s advertising campaign celebrating revolution and progressivism. He announced today that he had a response for them – a new line of jeans from his own clothing line, 1791!

“Levi’s said they wanted to be the uniform of the progressive movement.  Okay.  Great.  Good for you.  I’m not going to boycott Levi’s.  I don’t really care.  I’ve worn Levi’s since I was a kid.  If that’s what Levis wants to do, Levis can do that,” Glenn said.

“Now Levis, I remember when Levis were like $20, maybe 15. Levis aren’t that anymore. Now, they do make a pair of Levis here in America, you know, the way they used to make them, but I think they’re $250. It is extraordinarily expensive to make jeans in America, especially quality jeans. Well, we did our homework and it’s taken about a year since I did that rant where I couldn’t take Levis anymore and I said I wasn’t going to wear Levis anymore, but it’s taken us about a year to get ready for this. We did our homework on Levis. We found out that there is a mill still in North Carolina. It’s the oldest operating loom in America. It is a loom that Levi Strauss, when they stopped making them in California ‑‑ and we’re talking about in the Eighties 1800s ‑‑ they took off. They were miner pants, and they took off and people started wearing them. Well, they couldn’t keep up in California, so they had to ‑‑ they had to outsource from California to North Carolina. And this loom that made this fabric, made this fabric, the Levis fabric that came off that loom in the late 1800s was the same loom that was making the fabric when James Dean was wearing it, when you were wearing it. In fact, it’s the same fabric that all of us who are my age wore when we were a kid. Levis, Levis does their $250 jeans there, you know, if you want to have that special jean. The Levis that you now buy in the shelves, regular Levis, that’s all made in China. Because they’re working with and for China. And they’re going to be the progressive uniform, you know.”

“Well, we approached this mill and asked them, could we, could we buy that same exact fabric. The answer was, “Yes, we can make that for you.” Good. We then went to ‑‑ we then went to places all around the country and tried to find a group that could actually put a great jean and make it in America. Can you make it in America? These jeans would be about $300 if we sold them the way Levis did. I don’t even know the price. I think they’re like $120. 100% made in America. It has the copper rivets, it has the button fly, it has the exact fabric that, if you’re my age, you grew up with. The exact fabric that the miners used to use in the 1800s.”

“Announcing: The new American jean, 1791.”

“Go to and sign up if you want to be the first to be alerted when you can buy this. It’s a great jean, made here in America.”

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Excellent, win the nation back one step at a time.

    • Greg Williams

      Not at $120 a pair.  Get them down to $50 and he’s got a winner (and add some freedom in the crotch area – see’s FOM jeans).  I not against buying “made in china”.  Isolationism has never worked.   I am just against giving “foreign aid” to other countries, where we have no control over how much of it goes into the personal bank accounts of the current tyrant.

      I bought a GMC Acadia last year, and there is no way anyone will convince me, that it is 100% made in America.  In fact, I wonder if the buttons on these jeans are “made in the usa”.  We don’t have an unemployment problem because jobs have gone overseas.  We have a government & union problem with companies being able to pay a reasonable wage for the work needed.  Most of the jobs that our corporations tend to outsource or move overseas are those that require little skill to accomplish.  We still lead the world in manufacturing and with our minimum wage, our poverty level is way above anything the world would call poverty.

      • Anonymous

        I’m with you, Greg.  $50 sounds much more reasonable for a pair of jeans.

        And you’re right about the unions.  Their wages, healthcare costs etc. have

        been one of the reasons for companies to send their business overseas.  Sad.

  • Anonymous

    Are these similar to the Levi 501 “shrink to fit.  I see that they have the button fly.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glenn, have you heard about the new invention?  It’s called a ZIPPER.

    • Laura

      Have you heard about my new shirt it states:

      Annoy a male liberal, slap the little bitch!

      • Anonymous

        I’ll bet that you have a lot of wierd tattoos and probably at least one piercing.

    • Tim DiDonato

      im a big fan of Glenn Beck and 1791 and i believe he mentioned button fly over zipper fly because it was authentic to the earlier time of jeans which goes with his aesthetic of 1791.

      • Anonymous

        Really? Did George Washington and Thomas Jefferson wear jeans? I don’t think so. I don’t think they were invented until long after 1791. I like Glenn Beck too, but not enough to use buttons on my fly.

  • landofaahs

    Levi’s don’t wear half as long as they used to.  They also don’t fit the same.

  • Steve Williams

    Who can afford $120 for jeans? Not this guy! I balk at spending more than $30 for jeans. I buy mine from the local department store for less than $20 a pair. I’ll take the other $100 and spend it on more important things. I do not see this as an alternative, I see this as a highly expensive alternative. I have $20 jeans that are more than 5 years old and they are just fine.

    I like what Glen is doing and I agree with him we need to bring things back to the states where they belong. I guess if some Americans can afford to spend that much on clothing so be it, I myself am a thrifty shopper and would never spend that much on one article of clothing. I actually quit buying Levis when I started raising a family because they cost so much 20 years ago. Now that Levis has a socialist agenda and make their products overseas I will never buy anything of theirs again. Maybe I’m just old fashiioned but come on $120 for jeans? That extra $100 would pay my electric bill for the month. I follow Glen because I believe he is an honest man with alot of integrity, I will not however give up what little money I have to live on to buy his lavish products…sorry!

    • Memphis Viking

      I used to wear Levis exclusively, until some years ago when I found out Levis donates to a bunch of gun control organizations. 

  • Anonymous

    I know this mill!  They make awesome denim.  USA Made and Union made.  Good to support a local company and keep some history alive.  I tip my hat to you Mr Beck.

  • Tim DiDonato

    unfortunately if you want made in USA clothing its going to cost around that much. People today have become a product of consumtion and will buy from all these cheaper stores that make all of their product from china and thailand etc. and we all have 15-20 shirts at home that we never really wear. we need to start to buy quality even if that means fewer items. We did this to our selves and we need to bring it back, bring textiles back to the USA! people in america work hard to make quality american made products and need to get paid fare. with a fare salary comes a slightly more expensive product. I think its really great what 1791 is doing and yes it may be expensive to some but if I’m buying $70 or $80 dollar jeans, i’d rather hold off on the made in china jeans i was “going” to buy and wait another month if need be and buy something of quality and know that my money went back into our economy and into a factory workers paycheck that is proud of their craftsmanship. if you can’t afford them at least support them and pass the word along to a friend and help give and keep jobs in AMERICA!

  • Jay Curtis

    Someone has hacked the address… I keep getting “server reset’ and it redirects to

  • Semisi

    Hey the link isn’t working for

  • Anonymous

    Louis T. Biesuz — Export Pa.

    I ll  try a pair .But they need to get them down to < $ 100.oo delivered and with tax paid — I often buy 1 real good item [  good –not fancey name or lable ]  It often is better then 3 cheep items —Example 1 good LL. Bean or Deluth  -t-  shirt last 3 times longer than 5 paper thin and to short t shirts elswear  .   Thank you and good day !!!

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