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Marketplace Op-Ed Series: Nebraska Star Beef, an American tune

This story is about my brother Dale Klute. He’s faced adversity. He’s been down, but never out. At one point in life, he literally had nothing but the shirt on his back, and then built something. Something on his own that had nothing to do with access to highways or bridges.

Failure of leadership

The mainstream media will try and tell you that the threat of radical Islam is overblown, but the truth is our leaders are ignoring the threat at every opportunity.

The latest More-On Trivia

The American Revolution occurred in which country? How many years in a decade? These question seem simple enough…

From the Project: Will it become illegal to talk about radical Islam?

The Project Parts 1 & 2 can be viewed ON DEMAND now on TheBlaze TV. Click Here to watch! One of the biggest themes of the documentary series The Project is the idea that anyone trying to question the ties between the religion of Islam and acts of terrorism carried out by groups like Hamas and […]

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