Glenn: Good news in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

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Tonight on TheBlaze TV, Glenn looked at some of the positive stories that have emerged in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. A dump truck driver rescued people who were trapped in flood waters. Restaurants are giving free food to residents without power. People are travelling from across the country to affected areas to help groups like the Red Cross. At a time where it would be easy to rely solely on the federal government to take care of them, these stories show that Americans can and will help one another when the need is there.But despite the efforts of individuals, the left is acting like any criticism of FEMA and big government borders on treason.

“You don’t wait for somebody else. We got this, we can do this. Let’s roll,” Glenn said. “We’re not programmed to wait.”

“The only thing we need to do is remind ourselves who we are and how we got here: We are men determined to be free,” he said.

Glenn explained that countless individuals throughout history have fought back against big government, creating the ideals of freedom and independence that have come to define America and its citizens. He used the example of William Tynsdale who was killed for “heresy” after being the first person to translate The Bible into common English. Even though he lost his life to push civilization forward, his actions influenced all of modern history.

The story of freedom is filled with stories like Tyndale’s, and Glenn said that if people would simply bend to the will of big government those stories would never exist.

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MSNBC politicizes Romney’s efforts to help people

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It really takes an extra special effort to spin handing out emergency supplies and donating to the Red Cross into an attack, but MSNBC is of course up to the challenge. When Mitt Romney decided not to stump and instead turned it into a relief effort, MSNBC was so not down with the choice.

“I can’t take it. I can’t take it,” Glenn said. “If you don’t do what FEMA said, if you don’t do what the Red Cross said, forget about it. I have news for you. We’ve already loaded up trucks. Mercury One has trucks ready to go. As soon as the roads are clear ‑‑ and it may be going out today. As soon as the roads are clear, we have trucks that were already loaded. What are you talking to me about? And we’re doing it on our own. We don’t need the Red Cross and we don’t need FEMA. That is the way Americans have always done it. But look, if you don’t play a game exactly the way that you’re supposed to play in this big federal system, you’re crazy ‑‑ you’re crazy. You’re a dangerous ‑‑ you’re a dangerous individual.”

“I swear to you if MSNBC, if the ‑‑ if Jesus were running against Obama ‑‑ and I know that’s tough because then there would be two Messiahs running. But if Jesus were running against Obama, NBC’s report would be, ‘And in Columbus, Ohio today, Jesus of Galilee, while on the campaign trail, calmed a nasty weather system that was threatening the residents of the area. Even though the Red Cross has specifically never asked for the seas to be calm. All the Red Cross wants is cash donations. They don’t need people changing the weather patterns. After calming the weather in Columbus, Jesus was approached by a blind man and healed him. Is this just a coincidence that this all happened in Ohio? I don’t think so. Jesus is clearly politicizing the healthcare debate and taking a swipe at ObamaCare at the same time here. You’ll remember it wasn’t long ago that Jesus was kicked out of his own country for performing similar stunts. Plus many on the campaign trail are reminding us today that Jesus was actually born in Bethlehem. And as you know, that makes him not a natural born citizen and thus ineligible to be president. But there’s something else. Bethlehem is also located in Palestinian territory, and electing a man from that area would send a very clear message to our closest ally in the region, Israel, that they no longer have our support from this so‑called Jesus character.'”

Watch some of the manufactured outrage below. First, Andrea Mitchell:

She said, “And then you’ve got the image of Mitt Romney doing what they say is not a campaign event in the same space they were going to hold a campaign event. They say they are making collections for hurricane and storm relief. Chris Cillizza, first you. We checked with the Red Cross. The Red Cross said, well, they are always grateful for donations but this is not what they need or want. That they always tell people please donate money because we have packagers, wholesalers, they have their own distribution system and to now get these canned goods from the Romney event in Ohio and have to first package it. Used clothes they have to clean. They can’t go directly to victims. So what they need is donations of blood and donations of money. It does seem like a thinly veiled. Why Ohio? Why choose Ohio for storm relief?”

“Why in Ohio? Why not in Pennsylvania? Why not in New Jersey? Why in Ohio? Well, he happens to be in Ohio, A, he has the ‑‑ he has everything already set up in Ohio, B, and you can put it on a truck and ship it out. I mean, are you really kidding me?” Glenn said.

And then Martin Bashir:

Huffington Post doesn’t think libertarians would have helped in Hurricane

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Liberal site Huffington Post posted a blog claiming that Glenn lived by “the objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand” and would have left millions of people to suffer rather than lend a helping hand to those affected by the disaster. Thankfully Big Government was there to rescue everyone! How could we ever survive without their help? Glenn presents a different solution on radio.

On Huffington Post, author Sanjay Sanghoee wrote:

A big thank you to all our political leaders who made this possible.

But this piece is not about politics, Paul Ryan’s budget plan which advocates slashing funding for federal emergency services, or even about President Obama’s deft handling of this crisis. It is about a highly dysfunctional philosophy that millions in America live by – the objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand – and which we need to reject once and for all. The best way to illustrate just how myopic, and indeed dangerous, this philosophy is, let us imagine how Rand and one of her current torch-bearers, Glenn Beck, would likely have responded to Hurricane Sandy had they been in charge (ironically, Beck has flip-flopped on Rand and considers her selfish, but given his own every-man-for-himself philosophy, that is pretty rich).

“So I have an ‘every man for himself’ philosophy,” Glenn said.

Do “every man for himself” people start charities intended to help those who are hit by disasters?

“I mean, we had two truckloads of stuff ready to go from Mercury One before the hurricane hit,” Glenn said. ” Here’s what we’ve raised in 24 hours:  $111,394 by me mentioning it on the air about four times.”

“You can donate two ways:, there’s just donate to and that one goes to any kind of project that we’re working on.  But if you go to the disaster relief fund, you donate on that one.  It has to, by law, only go to this disaster.  So every single dime goes to this disaster.  So you want to donate?  Do that.  Already $111,394 just in the last 24 hours.  I know this audience can do a lot better than that.”

“But we are not selfish people and I’m tired of being called a selfish person.”

“Who wrote this stupid article?” he asked. “I’d love to compare percentages of how much you give to charity. Mr. Huffington Post writer, compared to what I do.  I’d love to.  The dollar in the end doesn’t matter.  The percentage, I’d love to compare that, sir.”

The WORST Obama comment of ALL TIME

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For the past several weeks The Glenn Beck Program has been counting down the worst Obama comments to date – from I don’t want them punished with a baby’ to ‘bitterly clinging to guns & religion’ and everything in between. Which comment do the fans think is the worst of all time?

It all came down to Obama telling Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility”, and his speech to La Raza where he said ““Some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own — and believe me, right now, dealing with Congress…believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting.”

And the winner with 74% of the vote was “Last Election”!

WATCH the winner “Last Election”

WATCH the runner-up “Bypass Congress”:

NRA President David Keene weighs in on 2012 election

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Will an Obama victory mean a huge spike in gun sales? That’s the prediction that Glenn made on radio this morning before he interviewed David Keene, President of the National Rifle Association. Glenn explains his prediction and talks to Keane about Tuesday’s election and where Romney and Obama fall in terms of the second amendment.

Transcript of the interview is below:

GLENN: I’m going to make a prediction. If Wednesday Obama has won the election, the biggest day of gun sales in the history of the world will be that day. There will be more ammunition and more guns sold in the United States than any place at any time in the history of the planet next Wednesday. And let me make another prediction: If Obama wins, you are going to be very angry that you didn’t buy your gun in advance because they’re going to be hard to get, and ammunition will be hard to get. Because there will be a run on ammunition. Maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t think anybody ‑‑ anybody who is an NRA member has any doubt on how much of a friend President Obama is to guns, and everybody will want to be grandfathered in.

David Keene, he’s the president of the NRA. He’s with us. How are you, sir?

KEENE: Just fine, Glenn. Glad to be with you.

GLENN: Do you agree with the prediction that I just made?

KEENE: I sure do. You know, right after his election in 2008, because of his history and because of what he said during that campaign and because of what he said right after the election about wanting to reimpose the Clinton gun ban and tax ammunition and the like, gun sales went way up because people were fearful that he was going to go after their guns. And the same thing’s going to happen now because even though for the last year and a half like most liberal politicians, he’s tried to downplay his position on the Second Amendment, during that town hall debate he got a question, as you remember, and I don’t think he expected it. But he came out of the closet. It was if he said, okay, regardless about what I’ve said about supporting the Second Amendment, I don’t. I’d like to reimpose the Clinton gun ban, I’d like to go after sidearms and when I get reelected, I’m going to do it.

GLENN: You know there’s ‑‑

KEENE: So gun owners and everybody that believes in the Second Amendment who saw that debate knows that this is the same guy who campaigned against guns last time, who was an anti‑Second Amendment activist back in Chicago, long before he ever thought of running for public office and that if he gets an opportunity, he’s going to go after the Second Amendment.

GLENN: Let me ‑‑ let me ask you this: Why is it so close in Colorado with so many gun owners in Colorado? There’s no ifs, ands, and buts on the friendliness to guns with Barack Obama, and anybody who says, “Hey, transmit this to Vladimir; I’m going to have a little extra flexibility after the election,” that’s frightening.

KEENE: You know they did essentially the same thing to Sarah Brady of handgun control. He told her, “Right now, right now I have to operate under the radar, but I’m going to deliver for you.” That’s essentially the same thing he told the president of Russia: Let me get past this election and then watch my dust.

GLENN: Where’s Mitt Romney on guns?

KEENE: He’s committed to the Second Amendment. You saw that in the town hall debate. When Barack Obama said I want a whole bunch of new gun control laws, Mitt Romney came back and said we don’t need any new laws. We need to prosecute criminals, we need to support the Second Amendment. Not only that but he’s got on his ticket Paul Ryan who, you know, I thought about this the other day. I’m a Wisconsin boy and I grew up about 15 miles from Paul and I’ve known him for a long time and he’s probably the most genuine outdoorsman nominated for either office on either ticket since the days of Teddy Roosevelt.


KEENE: I mean, this is a ticket that will be good on the Second Amendment and I think will be very good in terms of expanding the outdoor opportunities and the hunting opportunities and sporting opportunities for the American people. So I think there’s absolutely no choice for anybody who’s interested in the shooting sports or anybody who supports the Second Amendment or for anybody who’s interested in being active in the outdoors.

GLENN: Yeah, I don’t ‑‑ I mean, you know, I know everybody makes the, you know, outdoor and the hunter, you know, claim but that’s not why the founders put that in there.

KEENE: No, it is not. It’s not the reason.

GLENN: Yeah.

KEENE: It was put in there, as George Washington said at the time, a free people ought to be armed. And, you know, Glenn, whenever I think about it, I think about a banquet that took place in Moscow a few years ago honoring General Kalashnikov who during World War II invented the AK‑47 and it was on the occasion of his 85th birthday. Mr. Putin got up to toast the general. He’s one of Russia’s few heroes. And when he finished the toast, General Kalashnikov got up, looked him in the eye and said, “Mr. President, my dream is of a country like the United States governed by men and women not afraid of an armed citizenry.

Think about that. Most people in this world can only dream about the kind of country in which we’ve lived since the founding. And it’s that that distinguishes us from the rest of the world.

GLENN: Well, we’re sitting here now, we’re looking at Department of Homeland Security and everything else and we just take it at the airport. We just take it. When they come to our houses, you’re like, well, what am I going to do? Because they’ve lost their fear of the American people. And the more you regulate guns, the more we ‑‑ I mean, the first thing that happened is what’s happening now: We disconnect from the Constitution. We don’t know our rights, we don’t stand up for our rights. We don’t even talk about our rights. We talk more about your rights than our responsibilities, and we’ve lost the founders’ understanding of the Constitution. But the only ‑‑ the other thing is carrying a gun, having a gun ‑‑ having a gun makes the government fearful of its citizens as it should be.

KEENE: Well, that’s what the battle about the Second Amendment is really about, Glenn. It’s not about crime. If it were about crime, then the folks who are anti‑gun would look at the empirical evidence of, for example, the fact that in every jurisdiction that has allowed concealed carry, violent crime has dropped.

GLENN: Well, I mean ‑‑

KEENE: They would realize that in those jurisdictions where guns are restricted, what they’ve done is they’ve disarmed victims and allowed predators free reign, Chicago being a great example. But it’s not about guns, it’s not about crime.

GLENN: Exactly.

KEENE: It’s about the values that the Second Amendment and an armed citizenry represent to a government that does not believe people should have the freedom to make their own decisions.

GLENN: We have a ‑‑

KEENE: That’s what it’s about.

GLENN: We have a real split in America. I mean, it’s amazing how half of America’s going one way, I’d say even a third of America’s going one way and, you know, the remaining part of America’s going the other way. Today in Oklahoma, I think it’s today, you can now carry it openly. Now it’s not concealed carry anymore. You can wear it on your hip in Oklahoma.

KEENE: Well, there are a number of states where that’s legal. 49 states allow concealed carry in one form or another. Barack Obama has said in the past that he favors a federal law that would ban concealed carry in all 50 states, including the 49 that now have it. I don’t know about the other seven ‑‑

GLENN: Holy cow.

KEENE: ‑‑ that he has in his mind.

GLENN: Wait. So you mean that he’s for the holster?

KEENE: No, he’s not for the gun.

GLENN: (Laughing.)

KEENE: He doesn’t ‑‑

GLENN: Because I’m okay with that, too.

KEENE: This is a guy who has said in the past, Glenn, that he doesn’t think any American citizen has the right to privately own a firearm. He supported legislation that would ban the possession, sale, and manufacture of handguns in the United States. This is a guy who has been committed to stripping Americans of their gun rights throughout his entire professional and political career.

GLENN: But he is smart enough to know that he’s never going to get around ‑‑ and this is what people say: Oh, he’ll never get around the Second Amendment. Yes, he will, by doing things like supporting the 500% increase on the tax on ammunition and gun sales.

KEENE: Yeah, exactly. A lot of people don’t realize that all of this is of a piece. If you increase the taxes on ammunition 500%, 1,000%, whatever, you’re making it more and more difficult for average Americans to own firearms and use them, to be involved in the shooting sports, defend themselves. You can do the same thing by taxing guns, as his former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel wants to do for gun sales now in Chicago and Illinois.

GLENN: And bullets.

KEENE: Do all of those things, or you can eliminate gun dealers. And he’s been harassing gun dealers and reduced the number of them since he’s president.

GLENN: Big time.

KEENE: Think about this: When the Supreme Court issued the Heller decision which guarantees the right to individually and privately own firearms and said that in the District of Columbia ‑‑ because the original decision was about the district ‑‑ that you have a right to defend yourself by keeping a firearm in your home. The District of Columbia government said, “Okay, we recognize that, but you’re going to have to buy it here in the district.” The problem was there were no gun dealers that would sell to the general public in the district. And without the gun dealer, that right became an academic rather than a real right. There are all kinds of things. If you ban the manufacture of firearms, then what good does the right if you can’t get them. In other words, there are a dozen, more than a dozen ways by bypassing the legislature, through regulatory harassment, through licensing, through executive orders, through a UN treaty that the president of the United States, if he’s hostile to the Second Amendment and has a government that follows his orders, can get at the Second Amendment. And this is a guy who, if he can, will do just that.

GLENN: David Keene, president of the NRA. Thanks for being on and thanks for all of your hard work in this election season.

KEENE: Thank you.

GLENN: You bet. The NRA has done an awful lot in trying to get the word out because the Second Amendment is up for grabs. If this guy gets on again, mark my words: You better be at the gun store first thing on Wednesday if you want to be able to get one because they are going to go ‑‑ they are going to fly off the shelves, fly off the shelves. Ammunition. And as he continues his second term with more latitude, you will find things harder and harder to get. If you’re smart, you might want to ‑‑ you might want to do it this week.

Obama-style Halloween: Redistribution of candy

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Comedian Steven Crowder paid a visit to a local church’s “trunk or treat” event over the weekend to pull an “Obama-style” prank on a few young trick-or-treaters.


TheBlaze reports that after being repeatedly chastised by the pint-sized trick-or-treaters, Crowder concludes that even children think it’s most fair “to be able to keep what they’ve actually earned.”

Apparently America’s youth are less open to “hope and change” than its voters are.

“Even the kids know it’s inherently wrong,” Pat said after watching to video.

And it is wrong.

Glenn pointed out that this isn’t the first time this time of “prank” has been done to help open people’s eyes. There have been videos pranking college kids about “redistribution of grades” and the reactions are very much the same.

So why, when it comes to voting, do the youth tend to vote for the “redistribution” candidate?

“Because it’s the easy way,” Glenn said. “Because people believe something that is absolutely untrue:  That they can never get out of their own station.  They believe in the European model, which is not the model of America.” 

In Europe, if you’re in the upper class — an “aristocrat” — you’re always going to be that person or keep that title. But if you’re in the lower or middle class, you’re not going to be able to work your way out of that station of life.

“If you say, “My dad was a truck driver and I want to be something more,” in America you’ve always been able to change that station,” Glenn said.

The left believes in the European style, they don’t think people can make it on their own. Their protect people from failure, while putting a ceiling on success. They believe in a system that says, ‘if I want it, I’ve got to take it from someone who has it.’

“That’s a lie,” Glenn added. “In America that’s a lie.”

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