Democrats offer laughable deal to avert fiscal cliff

“He is pushing the financial cliff. He wants the financial cliff. He wants us to go over.”

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Epic letter from “bitterly disappointed” Brit dad to kids

“if that doesn’t describe how screwed up we’ve become, I don’t know what does, man.”

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UK putting sick/disabled babies on ‘death pathways’

The most powerful gift you can give a soldier

Glenn interviewed Rose Tennent of Quinn and Rose fame about her book titled Thanking Our Soldiers, a compilation of letters from her radio listeners of inspirational stories.

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World unstable: U.N. votes for Palestinians; Muslim Brotherhood seizing power in Egypt

“What you’re seeing happening right now in the streets of (Egypt) is what you will see in America.”

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Follow Glenn’s Travel Blog from his Agenda 21 book tour!

Liberal painter ‘shocked’ that Glenn was reasonable during interview

Rand Paul – the only one left?

Glenn interviewed seemingly the only politician with a spine on radio today

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Stand up for the real meaning of Christmas

Wow: 53% of Dems actually like this