Democrats offer laughable deal to avert fiscal cliff

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Glenn talked about the fiscal cliff today and the ridiculous deal put forth by the President which proposes no spending cuts and actually another massive spending increase. It was so laughable that Mitch McConnell actually laughed in Geithner’s face over the proposal.

“The president has given the Republicans such a deal on the financial cliff that there’s no way he could ‑‑ there’s no way anyone could possibly say yes to this. He is pushing the financial cliff. He wants the financial cliff. He wants us to go over. Why would that happen? How could that possibly be the case with the president? Because the Obama tax cuts then come. He wants to get rid of the Bush tax cuts, have us pushed over the financial cliff, ridicule and paint into a corner. And quite honestly, let’s be honest. The GOP, they’re the Whig party. It’s over. It’s over for the GOP.”

“He wants to go ahead and rip apart the GOP, which he will, and he’ll win because he has the press, and then institute the Obama tax cuts. So he’ll be a hero to anybody who is not paying taxes now.”

Oh, and by the way, if you want to make a charitable contribution to a university, God forbid, you want to make one to a church, you want to make one to a homeless shelter, you want to make it to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, you better do it now because they’re also now offering, as a way to get over this financial cliff, they’re offering the removal of the charitable tax deduction.”

Isn’t that the first thing he tried to do when he got into office? Answer: Yes. Why would you do that? Who is that going to help? Who is going to be helped by that? Certainly not the people who are at the lowest rung of the ladder. Certainly not the people who are ‑‑ who have cancer, certainly not the people who have to go to a charitable hospital, a Catholic hospital. Certainly not those people who go to churches, give to churches. Certainly not those people who go to soup kitchens. You will be dependent on the federal government. The federal government won’t be able to handle it. It will collapse and it will ‑‑ it will be able to go into a new global system.”

Epic letter from “bitterly disappointed” Brit dad to kids

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On radio today Stu read excerpts from one of the more incredible letters you’ll ever read – from an extremely disappointed retired British nuclear submarine captain to his ‘underachieving disappointment’ children. Is it over the line? On the money? At least two of his children aren’t speaking to him until he apologizes.

“This is the greatest letter of all time,” Stu told the audience.

The letter reads:

Dear All Three

With last evening’s crop of whinges and tidings of more rotten news for which you seem to treat your mother like a cess-pit, I feel it is time to come off my perch.

It is obvious that none of you has the faintest notion of the bitter disappointment each of you has in your own way dished out to us. We are seeing the miserable death throes of the fourth of your collective marriages at the same time we see the advent of a fifth.

We are constantly regaled with chapter and verse of the happy, successful lives of the families of our friends and relatives and being asked of news of our own children and grandchildren. I wonder if you realise how we feel — we have nothing to say which reflects any credit on you or us. We don’t ask for your sympathy or understanding — Mum and I have been used to taking our own misfortunes on the chin, and making our own effort to bash our little paths through life without being a burden to others. Having done our best — probably misguidedly — to provide for our children, we naturally hoped to see them in turn take up their own banners and provide happy and stable homes for their own children.

Fulfilling careers based on your educations would have helped — but as yet none of you is what I would confidently term properly self-supporting. Which of you, with or without a spouse, can support your families, finance your home and provide a pension for your old age? Each of you is well able to earn a comfortable living and provide for your children, yet each of you has contrived to avoid even moderate achievement. Far from your children being able to rely on your provision, they are faced with needing to survive their introduction to life with you as parents.

So we witness the introduction to this life of six beautiful children — soon to be seven — none of whose parents have had the maturity and sound judgment to make a reasonable fist at making essential threshold decisions. None of these decisions were made with any pretence to ask for our advice.

In each case we have been expected to acquiesce with mostly hasty, but always in our view, badly judged decisions. None of you has done yourself, or given to us, the basic courtesy to ask us what we think while there was still time finally to think things through. The predictable result has been a decade of deep unhappiness over the fates of our grandchildren. If it wasn’t for them, Mum and I would not be too concerned, as each of you consciously, and with eyes wide open, crashes from one cock-up to the next. It makes us weak that so many of these events are copulation-driven, and then helplessly to see these lovely little people being so woefully let down by you, their parents.

I can now tell you that I for one, and I sense Mum feels the same, have had enough of being forced to live through the never-ending bad dream of our children’s underachievement and domestic ineptitudes. I want to hear no more from any of you until, if you feel inclined, you have a success or an achievement or a REALISTIC plan for the support and happiness of your children to tell me about. I don’t want to see your mother burdened any more with your miserable woes — it’s not as if any of the advice she strives to give you has ever been listened to with good grace — far less acted upon. So I ask you to spare her further unhappiness. If you think I have been unfair in what I have said, by all means try to persuade me to change my mind. But you won’t do it by simply whingeing and saying you don’t like it. You’ll have to come up with meaty reasons to demolish my points and build a case for yourself. If that isn’t possible, or you simply can’t be bothered, then I rest my case.

I am bitterly, bitterly disappointed.


“You do not wake up the day after reading that letter and feel good about your life,” Stu said.

” I will say this, though:  So many people that I know, so many need that letter written to them.  So many people that I know need somebody to step up in their lives and give them that message.  It doesn’t have to have mom written as ‘Mum.’  It doesn’t have to have all the fancy language, but it needs that general point.  So many people need to learn ‑‑ I mean, and we’ve seen this with this last election.  How else could that happen if so many people didn’t need that message?  There’s no way Barack Obama wins a first term, let alone a second term, if that isn’t the case.”

“I mean, what needs to happen ‑‑ what needs to happen is this letter needs to come from our Founding Fathers.  One of our Founding Fathers needs to somehow get up out of the grave and start writing.  I mean, I don’t know, get a Facebook page, tweet us in 140 characters or less.  It’s tough to get into ‑‑ it’s a long letter.  So it might be tough to fit in 140 characters.  But man, we need someone like Sam Adams.  You know, you need to crack open a beer and instead Sam Adams floats out like a Genie and he needs to give us that message.  Because if that doesn’t describe how screwed up we’ve become, I don’t know what does, man.”

UK putting sick/disabled babies on ‘death pathways’

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Glenn shared a horrifying story on this morning from the UK: a doctor admitted that sick and disabled babies are being put on “death pathways.”

Sick children and even disabled newborn babies, are reportedly being discharged from NHS hospitals in England only to die  slowly at home or in hospices in an unfathomable manner. The innocent children are being put on controversial “death pathways,” once only thought to have involved elderly and terminally ill adult patients.

One line from the report that shocked Glenn read, “”Once only thought to have involved the elderly and terminally ill adult patients.”

He noted that this story is even more shocking for us [in the United States], because unlike England, we don’t do this to the elderly either.

The Daily Mail has more details on this tragic story:

The investigation, which will include child patients, will look at whether cash payments to hospitals to hit death pathway targets have influenced doctors’ decisions.

Medical critics of the LCP insist it is impossible to say when a patient will die and as a result the LCP death becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. They say it is a form of euthanasia, used to clear hospital beds and save the NHS money.

The use of end of life care methods on disabled newborn babies was revealed in the doctors’ bible, the British Medical Journal.

“And what is the reasoning behind allowing, starving children to death?” Pat asked.

According to the doctor in the report, the disabled and sick children are being put on death pathways because, “They are not going to have a good quality of life,” Glenn answered.

“That is Third Reich,” Pat responded.

“It absolutely is,” Glenn said. “And who is responsible for the policies of the Third Reich?  Read their own letters.  We’ve read them on the air before.  Read the letters from the leaders of the Third Reich and the leaders of Nazi Germany and the eugenics program thanking American progressives for the ideas and the excitement level that they’ve been able to sell it to the German people.”

The most powerful gift you can give a soldier

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Glenn interviewed Rose Tennent of Quinn and Rose fame about her book titled Thanking Our Soldiers, a compilation of letters from her radio listeners of inspirational stories that demonstrate some of the best ways we can thank our men and women who serve in the military.

Transcript of interview below:

GLENN: We have Rose Tennent on here with us. She is from Quinn and Rose mornings here in Pittsburgh and you guys, I just did an interview with you guys a few minutes ago and do a lot of interviews with a lot of radio people, as you can imagine, and you guys are two of the best morning people on the air in the country. You get it like nobody else gets it. You are really great.

TENNENT: What a compliment coming from you because we really have tremendous respect for you and what you’re doing.

GLENN: Thank you very much. You wrote the book Thanking Our Soldiers: Random Acts of Gratitude and Generosity Towards Members of the Military and I wanted to talk to you about it because I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. This is just, these are letters sent to you saying this is what I did.

TENNENT: Right. I started a segment on this show and you know how things like that can just snowball, right?

GLENN: Right.

TENNENT: And I was talking, and I never talk about things that I do, if I gave to someone or ‑‑ I like to do that in private.

GLENN: Private.

TENNENT: But there was a particular story that I had to share with the audience because I thought it was humorous but at one time I was at one of my favorite restaurants and I saw two or three service guys being led to the back room and I thought, you know what, I’m going to pay for their lunch. I’ve done it before. So I told their waitress that. And she kept coming back to my table and asking me, are you sure you want to do this, are you positive. And I didn’t understand why she kept asking that question and I assured her, “Yes, just give me the check when they’re done.” Well, it turns out that those two or three guys were being led back to a group of 15 other servicemen and women that I didn’t know about. So it was a pretty hefty tab. So I just, I told the story simply because I thought it was amusing. But once I told that story, I started to receiving e‑mails and letters from our listeners telling me what they’ve done to thank a soldier and it became a regular part of the show, or segment.

GLENN: Give me the more unusual. What’s the most common and what’s the most unusual?

TENNENT: The most common is picking up a tab.

GLENN: Right.

TENNENT: And the most unusual, I thought this was very clever. A woman would drive the same route to work every day. And she actually worked in her own community. So at one point she noticed that at the four‑way intersection a home right there at the intersection had a large sign that said, “Welcome back from Afghanistan.” And she thought, “You know what? I don’t know those people but they’re in my community. So she wrote a thank you note to them and she put in a little gift to them. But you don’t even need to do that. She said, “Thank you for your service. You don’t know me but you are taking ‑‑ you are protecting my freedoms. You are preserving my freedoms. You are making a sacrifice for me and my family. So you need to know about me.”

GLENN: You weren’t connected with people who are grateful for, as we are, grateful for our military. What has been the reaction here in Pittsburgh with people on Benghazi, that we let four guys die?

TENNENT: It’s astounding, isn’t it? I mean, this is ‑‑ that’s why I love this book because while our government doesn’t seem to have the back of those who serve and protect us, we need to make sure we have their back. But I’ve got to tell you something about Benghazi. I was having my hair done and I asked the girl that was washing my hair, what do you think about Benghazi? She goes, “I don’t know who he is.”

GLENN: Which reminds me, More‑On Trivia is coming up in about 25 minutes.

TENNENT: That’s true.

GLENN: We had the More‑On Trivia, what was it, a couple of weeks ago where we talked about Benghazi?

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: And that was, somebody said somebody at Wal‑Mart.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: That’s who Benghazi is, somebody at Wal‑Mart.

TENNENT: Oh, no.

GLENN: And they didn’t know, they didn’t know who he was as well.

TENNENT: Wow, that’s amazing.

GLENN: It’s ‑‑ since the election ‑‑ first of all, were you as shocked as we were that the election was going to ‑‑

TENNENT: Absolutely. I did not expect that at all. I didn’t think it was going to be a landslide. Some were predicting a landslide.

GLENN: I was.

TENNENT: I never believed that. But I didn’t think that Obama was going to win a second term.

GLENN: And were you shocked that less people went out and voted this time on our side?


GLENN: Really?

TENNENT: I wasn’t. I talked about that a lot. No, I think that there was ‑‑ I think that people were ‑‑ if you looked around Pittsburgh, the signs were, “Fire Obama.” They weren’t “Hire Romney.” You know, and I think the enthusiasm level was way down. I don’t think that we had a strong enough candidate and I don’t think he was able to bring us through.

GLENN: Is it because he wasn’t liberal enough? He wasn’t liberal enough? Is that why? Because that’s what the GOP will have us believe now.

TENNENT: They keep telling, keep moving a little more to the left, keep going to the ‑‑ keep moving. We’ll tell you when to stop and it’s just a bunch of baloney.

GLENN: So what do you think people are actually saying? Do you think people ‑‑ A, do you think people have given up? Because quite honestly I am the ‑‑ I am the, “Let’s go, keep go, let’s going.” I’m that guy.

TENNENT: I know. You’re a cheerleader.

GLENN: Even I’m like, “What difference does it make.”

TENNENT: I know. It’s so hard to fight that, but you know what? We’re Americans. That’s what we do. We fight for liberty. Even if I go down fighting, I’m going to fight. I don’t care what it takes, I’m not going to run away. I’m going to stand firm.

GLENN: But here’s what it is. I have every intention. I’m not going to sleep, and I will, with my dying breath.


GLENN: The Constitution now and forever.


GLENN: With my dying breath.


GLENN: So I got that. But it’s like now you’re saying, “Hey, let’s get all together and let’s write our congressmen.” Who was it, Rand Paul was on yesterday, right?

PAT: Yep.

GLENN: And he said, “You’ve got a right, congressman Boehner.” And we looked, we got off the air and we looked at each other and we went, are you going to do that, Pat? Nope. Me, either. I was just like, it’s not going to make a difference.


GLENN: These clowns, why do it?


GLENN: Do you think Boehner’s going to change?



PAT: He’s not. But Rand’s, Senator Paul’s point was that if a million people did that, then ‑‑ but a million people were saying, “Are you going to do that?” “No.”

GLENN: (Laughing.)

PAT: It’s unfortunate but especially after ‑‑

GLENN: Because we don’t believe in them anymore.

TENNENT: No, we don’t.

GLENN: The Republicans are the Whigs.

TENNENT: When you look at the numbers, especially ‑‑ well, I’m thinking back to the midterm elections, that historic election. But there were so many people that felt that congress just did not represent them, that they did not have ‑‑ they said ‑‑ I remember reading the polls, that the TEA Party members had a better grasp on what was important for this country and what was needed for this country to move forward than those serving in congress right now. And they are absolutely, they were right. And it remains true to this day. They really don’t ‑‑ they haven’t got a clue.

GLENN: What do you think’s going to happen ‑‑ go ahead.

TENNENT: Go ahead.

GLENN: What do you think’s going to happen with the fiscal cliff?

TENNENT: I keep telling them walk away from the cliff, walk away from the cliff. Really. This is propaganda, this is a big event, this is fabulous for Obama, he’s created it. You know, it’s a big story. It’s the big event. And I just, I want congress to move away from it. I don’t want them to give in to this. Because it’s been sensationalized. It’s overdone. Walk away from the cliff.

GLENN: It’s really, and it’s amazing to me how the Republicans are always in a lose/lose situation. The left ‑‑

TENNENT: They are.

GLENN: ‑‑ is extraordinarily ‑‑


GLENN: ‑‑ brilliant.

TENNENT: Yes. Clever, manipulative.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. Evil.


GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: The problem is they’re also about three steps ahead of the Republican Party.

TENNENT: They are.

PAT: All the time. And the Republicans are in a, like you said, Glenn, a lose/lose situation right now. If they do something about it ‑‑

GLENN: They lose.

PAT: ‑‑ they lose. If they don’t do something about it ‑‑

GLENN: They lose.

PAT: ‑‑ they lose.

TENNENT: And they’ve set him up. We’ve been set up.


TENNENT: You know, you’re absolutely right.

GLENN: Every step of the way.

TENNENT: Look at Marco Rubio. The Democrats and the mainstream media, they recognize our rising stars before we do.

PAT: Oh, yeah.

TENNENT: Marco Rubio is a star.

PAT: Yes.

TENNENT: And they know that. So what do they do? The first thing that GQ asks him is how old do you think the Earth is? What? Are you freaking kidding me, how old is the Earth?

PAT: I know.

TENNENT: And then what does Jeb Bush, Jr. do? He weighed in on it.

GLENN: Wait a minute, wait a minute. She avoided the answer. She wouldn’t give the answer: How old is the Earth?

TENNENT: How dare you ask me such a question when we’re talking about some serious matters. You know, I’m one of those Christians and I think that, you know ‑‑

GLENN: I think it’s four years old.

TENNENT: Yeah. Uh‑huh. But then Jeb Bush, Jr. weighs in: That was kind of a weird answer to that question. I mean, they’re already ‑‑

PAT: Oh, yeah. They’re trying to set up Jeb Bush.

TENNENT: He hasn’t ‑‑ Obama hasn’t even been sworn in yet for a second term.

PAT: Yeah.

TENNENT: And already they’re setting it up.

PAT: They’re giving us another false choice.

TENNENT: They are. They are.

PAT: Between Biden or Hillary and whoever their nominee is and our farthest left‑leaning candidate. And it would ‑‑

TENNENT: You’re right.

PAT: ‑‑ be Jeb Bush. Unacceptable.

TENNENT: Just such a thing.

GLENN: When we were in New York, I sat in very powerful meetings with the media and they ‑‑ the people in the media on the right, they were all for Jeb Bush. And I’m sitting there going, “Are you out of your mind?”

PAT: The worst.

GLENN: Jeb Bush?

PAT: No.

GLENN: Can we stop with the Bush trilogy? Stop.

PAT: Let’s hope it doesn’t become a trilogy.

GLENN: We’ve seen the first two. I don’t want to buy a ticket for the other one.

PAT: No.

TENNENT: That’s enough. You know, can I just tell you about this real quick?

GLENN: Yes. Yes, yes.

TENNENT: I just want to encourage people because even just saying thank you is a very, very strong act of kindness toward our military. One man in particular. Because there was a section also in the book about you how the ‑‑ those on the receiving end feel about receiving those acts of kindness and gratitude. And one man in particular was on a 15‑hour flight from Germany to Chicago coming back from some time that he spent in Bosnia and they had offered him an upgrade and he offered it to a family of six because he thought, when are those four kids ever going to have a chance to sit in first class. So for 15 hours he said he watched that family and the kids giggling and laughing and running around first class. He said that was a blessing to him. He didn’t mind that at all. He said but God had another blessing for him. When he got off the plane in Chicago, this little girl, he watched as a little girl jumped off her seat, 5 years old he said, came running towards him and, of course, the mother’s running behind her wondering what the heck is going on, ran up to him, curled her finger at him and so he got down on one knee, put his ear to her mouth and she said, “Thank you.” Threw her arms around his neck and hugged him.

GLENN: Wow. That happened in Chicago?

TENNENT: That happened in Chicago. He said that that was one of the best days of his life second only to the birth of his child. And then when he talked to the mom, she said that the grandfather who served in Vietnam had told this little girl, whenever you see a soldier, tell them thank you. He said that meant more to him than any other act or any other gift could possible mean.

PAT: What a phenomenal story.

TENNENT: Just those words, two words, “thank you.” Unbelievable. So there’s a lot in this book. It’s very moving. But you know what it does? It gives you ideas and encourages you to give. And this is the season of giving, right? And we can never repay the debt. Never repay it. But we can start to make some payments.

GLENN: The name of the book is Thanking Our Soldiers: Random Acts of Kindness, Random Acts of Gratitude and Generosity Towards Members of the Military. I have told my kids since they were that small as well. Every time you see a soldier, you go up and thank them. And when my kids were smaller, they would. Now they’re in that, you know, that awkward ‑‑

TENNENT: There’s an awkward stage.

GLENN: That awkward stage where some of them are like, I’m not ‑‑ Dad, that’s embarrassing. But it’s true, and it makes a difference.

TENNENT: It does.

GLENN: And thank you so much.

TENNENT: Yeah, thank you so much for letting me talk about it.

GLENN: Available on Amazon.


GLENN: You can just order it now, Thanking Our Soldiers by Rose Tennent. Thank you very much, Rose.

TENNENT: Thank you.

GLENN: God bless.

World unstable: U.N. votes for Palestinians; Muslim Brotherhood seizing power in Egypt

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Glenn started the radio program today talking about the latest disturbing move by the U.N. in which they voted in support of Palestine. As Glenn predicted, the world is lining up against Israel – the latest power grabs in Egypt by the radical Muslim Brotherhood only make the situation more dangerous. As protesters rise up against Morsi, Obama is silent. Where is he?

“We’re on the road. We’re in Pittsburgh today and we’re on the book tour for Agenda 21. But we were watching on the bus tour last night. We’re watching the UN vote for Palestinian statehood and I thought to myself, this is exactly what we said was going to happen, exactly what we said was going to happen. I believe the people waking up and standing with Israel two years ago actually slowed this down, maybe gave us a little bit more time, but this is exactly, playing out exactly as we said it would. They would go to the UN, it would just sweep, and it would be on the verge of the entire world turning on Israel,” Glenn said.

The United Nation voted to give Palestine a non-member Observer State status yesterday in a landslide of 138-9.

“How did this happen? This happened because Hamas went over and started bombing Israel. Hamas a terrorist organization. The world and the media started looking at Hamas and saying, “Oh, the poor Palestinians” and condemning Israel.”

“So what does he do? He goes over and he’s a broker of peace. He’s, ‘Egypt is going to bring the peace to the region’ and he, quote, convinces Hamas, end quote, that they should go in the direction of peace. Okay. He doesn’t get it done until Hillary gets her butt on a plane and goes over there, makes out with Morsi.”

“Anyway, they go over to make it appear as though the United States had something to do with this. No, it was Morsi. We went over and endorsed Morsi. That’s what we did. By her going over, we endorsed Morsi. And the whole world said, “Oh, thank goodness for Morsi, thank goodness for peace.”

“The very next day he takes control. Now, he’s got control of the house ‑‑ of the parliament and the Supreme Court. Who has control? The Muslim Brotherhood, controlled now by the Muslim Brotherhood. But they haven’t finished their constitution yet.”

“So he seizes control and now finishes the work on the constitution with nobody else, and it’s the work on the constitution? Sharia law. So now we have a Sharia law‑loving dictator in Egypt and the world says nothing about it. Protests are back on the streets in Egypt. There is a pro democracy movement in Egypt. The people are now on the street saying, “We don’t want a dictator.” But what happened? Those same people were throwing their lot in and saying, “yes, we don’t want a dictator, let’s get rid of Mubarak,” and the Muslim Brotherhood who said, “We have no power or no designs on any kind of Sharia law thing, we have no designs on any kind of power, we’re with you,” and I warned you at the time: The Muslim Brotherhood, they are the ‑‑ they are the most well organized and they will seize power. That’s exactly what happened and now our president is repeating exactly what he did in Iran and not standing with the people who want real freedom. And they will be crushed.”

“What you’re seeing happening right now in the streets of (Egypt) is what you will see in America. Mark my words. In the next five years you will see this very thing: Somebody seizing power, real democracy movement standing up, but who will stand up for them? No one. No one will stand up for them just like no one in the whole world will stand up for the people who are standing up for freedom and real democracy and a constitutional republic in Egypt. No one will stand with those people. We certainly won’t. And if we don’t, the world has no place to run.”

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Liberal painter ‘shocked’ that Glenn was reasonable during interview

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Since the left cannot argue with fact, they resort to smears. If all one knew of Glenn Beck is what they read in the media they most likely believe Glenn is a flaming irrational jerk. That’s exactly what the liberal artist who created the Obama as Jesus poster thought – until he sat down for an interview with Glenn last night on TheBlaze TV.

Check out the a portion of interview in the clip below:

This morning on radio, Glenn reacted to his interview with Michael D’Antuono.

“We came under attack because I stood for an artist who I disagree with, I stood for his right to paint Obama as a crucified savior. It’s obscene but I have to do it. We had him on last night,” Glenn said.

“He expected me to tear him apart. Think of this. He expected me and my producers to be lying to him because my producers said ‘Glenn doesn’t necessarily agree with your art. And it’s going to be a respectful conversation.’ He expected that he was walking into a booby-trap and they were lying,” Glenn said.

“Think about this: Would you be friends with anyone — would you invite them over to your house or would you go over to their house if they were the kind of people who say, ‘Hey I’m having a Friday I’m having a big party at my house. I’ve called everybody I know, and they’re coming over to my house. But I’ve brought you know that guy that we all hate. I’m going to bring him in and I’m going to rip him apart. I called him, and I told him ‘Come on, over we’re going to have fun and we’re going to be friends.’ He’s going to come over to the house and we’re going eviscerate him for 30 minutes. We’re going to laugh at him.’ Would you ever trust that person? Would you ever like that person? Would you feel sorry for the person that nobody in the room likes? I know I would. I would stand up for that guy.”

But that’s exactly what the media does. Glenn said that more often than not, the mainstream media invites people into ambushes. They bring on guests that they think their audience will hate and end up just savagely attacking them on air once they get them in front of a camera.

“Maybe the press should examine themselves on the left and the right because that’s what you are. You’re a psycho,” Glenn said.

“We tried to understand that not only are we inviting guests into our home, but you have invited us as a guest in your home. The world doesn’t resolve around 6:30 news time any more. We don’t boss you around and tell you what time you’ll get this show. What time you’ll do it, and how you’ll get it,” Glenn continued. “We know you have other choices. You’ve been kind enough to invite us into your home.”

Rand Paul – the only one left?

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Glenn interviewed seemingly the only politician with a spine on radio today, Senator Rand Paul. While many Republicans are displaying a readiness to just throw out everything they said they believed in and cave to Obama, Sen. Paul is trying to hold the line. Check out the interview today in the clip above and find out how to get involved HERE.

Stand up for the real meaning of Christmas

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We all know about the war on Christmas. It’s been going on probably since the beginning of Christmas. Up until now we’ve treated the Christmas haters as harmless, lost souls who need help. But is it time to start taking them seriously?  Glenn thinks so.

Wow: 53% of Dems actually like this

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