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TheBlaze TV’s interest in Current was dismissed by Gore in favor of al Jazeera, but the media seems more concerned with Glenn’s dealings while ignoring at the prospect of Gore being ‘aligned’ with the network that spews anti-American propaganda. More details on the shocking purchase move on radio today came during Glenn’s interview with Brian Lilley from Sun News.

Transcript of the interview is below:

GLENN: We go to Brian Lilley. He’s a broadcaster out of Ottawa, Canada on Sun television network. Sun is trying to do very much the same thing that we’re doing with TheBlaze up in Canada. These are like‑minded guys and freedom lovers and really, really wicked smart. I feel a little embarrassed because I always know more about what we’re doing here than I know about Canada. But he ‑‑ Brian has ‑‑ hi, Brian, how are you, sir?

LILLEY: Oh, good to talk to you again, Glenn.

GLENN: You ‑‑

LILLEY: But I’m calling with an apology really.


LILLEY: Because we’re giving you in a way ‑‑ this is my apology on behalf of all the people in Canada to all the people of the United States of America because we gave birth to what is soon to become Al‑Jazeera USA because before Al Gore bought it, Current TV started out as the U.S. operations of our state broadcaster, CBC. And I can tell you they didn’t really change editorial direction when Gore bought them and I don’t think they will change editorial direction all that much with Al‑Jazeera at the helm.

GLENN: Well, that’s why he’s selling it to them. He said that. I mean, you know, here’s the amazing thing: His life goal was to build this, you know, network to get the word out. They’re firing everybody. They’re going to fire all of the people that built this network and then build ‑‑ you know, Al‑Jazeera will build their own, you know, thing. There’s no mention of all the employees that Al Gore is pleased as punch that he’s made $100 million on but all these employees are all gone. All just you gone.

LILLEY: It will allow them to continue to fly in his personal jets with limos in the back to give speeches about how you and I need to reduce our global footprint.

GLENN: Brian, understand I won’t do this on your show but if you’re on my show, you have to say “about” not “aboot.”

PAT: You have to.

GLENN: I’ll say aboot on your show if it makes you more comfortable but just something ‑‑

LILLEY: I’ll watch that.

GLENN: I don’t know what happened. What happened to you in Canada where that happened?

PAT: That’s weird.

GLENN: I mean, of all the things to be different on, that’s not the thing I would choose, like, we’re going to say “about” differently. What’s that?

LILLEY: My youngest daughter, that’s my excuse. It’s aboot…(inaudible) right now, you know?

GLENN: Yeah. So how do you feel about ‑‑ I mean, your perspective ‑‑ because I’m not convinced ‑‑ let’s put it this way: The Wall Street Journal, the Business Insider, the Huffington Post, everybody is now kind of talking about this story about our failed bid for Current instead of saying the former vice president of the United States just sold his network and said he’s ideologically aligned with Al‑Jazeera. How does that ‑‑ what does that say to you in Canada about America?

LILLEY: I’m not shocked. And again I go back to the fact that this started as a CBC operation and there’s these connections that go between CBC and the international left and Al‑Jazeera and what’s going on. The guy that headed up Al‑Jazeera, English when it started is a gentleman named Tony Berman, and Tony Berman has since retired. He used to head up CBC news division here in Canada, the national broadcaster funded with a billion dollars a year from taxpayers, and he left CBC to go start Al‑Jazeera English. And he took a bunch of people with him. He since retired and now he’s ‑‑ this is even more scary. He’s teaching journalism students at a university in Toronto. That is more frightening. But he took a lot of his employees with him including a guy named Avi Lewis. I think he’s still there. Avi Lewis’ father is very famous. His name’s Stephen Lewis because he’s still going around the world as a special agent of the United Nations dealing with AIDS. He’s the go‑to guy on the AIDS issue. They are all socialists, international leftists, connected him with Al‑Jazeera, connected him with Al Gore. Avi Lewis’ wife is Naomi Klein who wrote Shock Doctrine. She’s a hero of the American left. They make millions doing this, by the way. They make themselves very wealthy. But it is a global leftist ideology and that’s why it wraps up so nice together.

GLENN: Thanks a lot, Brian from Sun News in Canada.