Dr. Benjamin Carson answers questions about his political philosophy and ambitions to run for office

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Tonight on TV, Glenn interview Dr. Ben Carson, the man who made a huge splash in the news when he gave a speech calling for a flat tax rate, a reformed healthcare system, and an end to political correctness – all in front of President Obama. Glenn talked to him about the speech and his political philosophy during an extended on air interview.

Glenn spent a lot of time talking about political philosophy with Dr. Carson, and asked him where he fell on “The Freedom Scale”. Carson said that he was as close to the Constitution as possible.

“I want the government to provide the military so we don’t get invaded by somebody and destroyed. I want the government to provide the roads so I can get from point A to B. In terms of taking care of my day to day needs, I want to do that myself. I want my community to do that. And I can band together with a group of people  and we of like mind we can decide we can take care of ourselves,” Carson said. “That’s how we did things in the beginning.”

Dr. Carson said there has been too much of a tendency for people to now look to the government to provide for them. He said we have as a country have forgotten that America was supposed to be a nation “for and by the people”, not the government.

Dr. Carson also stressed the importance of education, which he argued can help a society regulate itself by understanding the basics of economics and self control. He pointed specifically to the housing crisis, where people didn’t either understand or care that they were buying houses they couldn’t afford.

At the end of the show, Glenn went into a lightning round of questions, and included one asking if he had plans to run for political office.

“I leave it in the hands of God,” Dr. Carson said.

Part 1 of the interview:

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Part 2:

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Keep it up! Get TheBlaze movement is on fire

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“The social networks are what these media companies care about,” Glenn told listeners this morning. Adding, “they care about phone calls, and they care about their Facebook pages — Twitter.  They really, for some reason, care about that.”
Glenn’s right. The cable and satellite providers that have been contacted by TheBlaze audience do care about what’s happening on social media. Why?

Because it’s public.

Requests have poured in, not just from callers, but on the Facebook pages of these companies. Their walls have been overwhelmed by customer requests to have TheBlaze added to their TV lineups.

“Our audience is the best,” Glenn said. “This is the thing that people don’t understand about you.  You have gone through the crucible for the last five years.  You have gone through hell and back again.  You have been there.  You’ve done your own homework.  You’ve asked yourself the tough questions.  You’ve fought along the way. Sometimes you win.  Sometimes you lose.  But you are not a wallflower.

“Five years ago you may have sat back,” he added. “Not anymore.  They don’t know that. These media companies they don’t know.”

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Rand Paul talks to Glenn about Hagel, Brennan, and the sequester

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Yesterday, Glenn learned Senator Rand Paul was one of four Republicans to vote in favor of the confirmation of Chuck Hagel as America’s new Secretary of Defense. Hagel has a very controversial history, once referring to the United States as the “biggest bully” on the planet and holds a concerning record on Israel and Iran. Needless to say, Glenn doesn’t believe this is the man who should be advising the president on national security issues, and wanted to ask the Senator about his decision.

This morning, Rand Paul joined the radio program to explain his decision to vote in favor of Hagel’s nomination, where he stands on the nomination of John Brennan as the CIA director, and what’s going to happen with the sequester.

“We beg you, help us understand your decision to vote for Hagel,” Glenn said to Rand.

“I hope I can,” the Senator responded. “You know, a lot of people have been confused by this. I’ll try the best I can to try to explain it to you.

First of all I was the deciding vote to filibuster him.  The only way to defeat him was filibuster. The only way to delay him was through filibuster. The only way to get information on him was through filibuster. So we had 41 votes.  I was called and lobbied hard from the other side to change the 41. I was the 41st vote to keep the filibuster going.

Within three days many Republicans announced they weren’t going to filibuster anymore, yet we didn’t get any information, which is why we have filibustering.  We never had 51 votes to defeat him, but we had 41 for a while. 

We come back the next week and I vote again to filibuster him — i was one of 27, but that’s when the game was over. There was no stopping him when 27 voted. 14 people bailed on us, and that’s when Hagel was nominated. 

On the final passage I did vote to allow him to go through, mainly because I said all along that the way I treat political appointees is that for the most part I give deference to the President.  I will fight tooth and nail to get information and to get information in advance. But, in this case, I decided that no information came forward that would have eventually disqualified him.”

“I can respect that.  You’re an advise and consent kind of guy,” Glenn responded.

But Glenn still seemed skeptical. Before letting Paul transition into the bigger battle approaching with Brennan, Glenn had a few more on his Hagel decision.

“But why do you vote to support him?” Glenn asked. “Why wouldn’t you vote ‘present’ or ‘no’? I mean, you’re fine with him? you’re fine with Hagel?”

“Well, no. It one of these things where i don’t treat it the same as an issue. I treat it as a presidential nomination to a political office,” he answered. “I think the president does have the right to form his cabinet. I voted for John Kerry and I got some grief for that,” he continued, “I agree with nothing that Kerry represents … I just have made the decision that on these type of appointees, unless I can find information that they’ve taken money from a foreign government or given us information that was not accurate, then I go ahead and let the president make his political appointees.”

The senator went on to explain that he also had bigger goals in mind. He explained that he wants the Republicans to stick together and help him get information on Brennan and that his role, in being a part of the filibuster team, will now allow him to get help with the Brennan nomination.

Brennan, currently nominated for the position of CIA Director, has made concerning statements about limitations on drones strikes — basically that he doesn’t have any. This is something both Glenn and the Senator find disturbing.

But, if Rand Paul is trying to be consistent on his votes, will he vote for Brennan if he makes it through the hearing? That’s what Glenn wanted to know.

“I’m going to do everything I can to stop him until there’s a public pronouncement from the White House saying that they won’t kill Americans on American soil without judicial review,” Senator Paul said.

“I think the leverage of the filibuster with this is what I’m using to try to get the White House to admit publicly – and if they do admit publicly that they will not and do not claim the authority to do drone strikes in America – basically I will have created a precedent,” Sen. Paul explained.

Senator Paul went on to add, “Even though it’s not a law, it’ll have been a president admitting that he doesn’t have authority. And no president (Republican or Democratic) likes to ever admit that they don’t have the authority.”

Glenn had one final question for the Senator. And this time he got a answer he really liked.

“Please tell me the sequester stands,” Glenn said.

“I think it does,” Paul responded.

He added that he has a bill the shows you can do the sequester with zero layoffs. It proves to the President that there are places where spending cuts can occur without job loses — his plan cuts $85billion in one year through not hiring new workers for federal jobs when people retire, cutting foreign aid, and decreasing federal salaries to match the private sector.

“The sequester is just a slow down in the rate of growth,” the Senator said. “It’s not even really significant cuts over 10 years. The president is parading a bunch of police and firemen who aren’t even paid for by the federal government. He’s being dishonest with us.”

Glenn responds to his libertarian critics

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On radio this morning, Glenn shared an article that his friend and prominent libertarian, John Stossel, emailed him entitled, “Glenn Beck Begs/Harangues Libertarians to Accept Him & Others Who Are ‘trying to honestly learn.’” The story first appeared on Reason.com yesterday, and writer Matt Welch, a self-identified libertarian, criticized Glenn for openly supporting and identifying with libertarian principles.

“I am not begging anyone. I don’t care if you accept me or not,” Glenn said in response to the article’s headline. “I really don’t care, however, I do care about the country. I do think [libertarians] have an opportunity that is historic. I think you can put your chair back at the table, which hasn’t been at the table for 100 years.”

In the article, Welch writes:

Ann Coulter’s libertarians-are-“pussies” remark provoked a lengthy, rambling, and very interesting response recently from broadcasting provocateur/entrepreneur Glenn Beck.

“Look, the only reason why I am a provocateur – you have to present things in an entertaining way to get people to understand it. I mean I could sit down with the best of them and have an intellectual talk. I am not doing it for the money or anything else. I just want to get it to be consumed,” Glenn said.

The article continues:

I recommend you listen to the whole 18 minutes, in which Beck, who has been identifying more and more with the “libertarian” label, complains bitterly about being subject to withering philosophical “litmus tests” by skeptical libertarians and Ron Paul supporters (some of whom he calls “more fascist than anyone in the Republican Party”), declares his full-throated support for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) as a presidential candidate (“Rand Paul is your best shot right now”), apologizes for originally being in favor of the PATRIOT Act and warrantless wiretapping (“Boy, what a fool I was”), mentions that he’s been having plenty of off-air conversations about libertarianism with Penn Jillette, and above all beseeches libertarians to take advantage of their historic opportunity to change the direction of the country.

Criticism aside, Glenn made it clear that his primary goal is to ensure there are credible libertarian voices bearing heard and taken seriously. These next 12 to 18 moths present a remarkable opportunity for libertarians to come to the table and offer an attractive alternative to the same old, tired ideas the Republicans and Democrats currently offer.

“The world is changing. It is changing. It’s sand underneath your ground,” Glenn concluded. “What you think you know you don’t. Who you think your allies and enemies are, you’re wrong. The world has changed overnight. Change with it.”

White House threatens Woodward: You will regret this

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Veteran journalist Bob Woodward, the man behind one of the most famous pieces of investigative reporting the world has ever seen, is now saying he has been threatened by a senior White House staffer after reporting (correctly) that President Obama is responsible for the impending sequestration.

“I can’t believe they would go after Woodward,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Remember when I was on Fox, and I said, ‘Who is going to be the next Woodward and Bernstein?’ Turns out, it’s Woodward – except he still refuses to really take a bow.”

During an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Wednesday, Woodward explained that the President is displaying a “kind of madness I haven’t seen in a long time” for citing looming budget cuts as his reason for not deploying an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf.

Woodward went on to do an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN later that afternoon, in which he explained the White House is not happy with his characterization of President Obama. Below is an excerpt from the interview:

BLITZER:  Take this behind-the-scenes a little bit, the allegations being hurled against you right now.

WOODWARD:  Well, I mean.

BLITZER:  You’re used to this kind of stuff.


BLITZER: Share with our viewers what is going on between you and the White House.

WOODWARD: They’re not happy at all and some people kind of said, ‘Look we don’t see eye to eye on this.’ They never really said though – afterwards, they said, ‘This is factually wrong,’ and it was said to me in an e-mail by a top White House…

BLITZER:  What was said?

WOODWARD:  It was said very clearly, ‘you will regret doing this.’

BLITZER:  Who said that?

WOODWARD: Well, I’m not going to say.

BLITZER:  Was it a senior person?

WOODWARD:  It was a very senior.  It makes me feel very uncomfortable to have the White House telling reporters, ‘you’re going to regret doing something that you believe in, even though we don’t look at it that way, you look at it that way.’ I think if Barack Obama knew that was part of the communication strategy – let’s hope it’s not a strategy…

“He hopes it was not a strategy? What do you think, Bob, they’ve been doing to Fox and people like me,” Glenn asked. “Five boycotts. Five. It’s never happened before, in the history of America. This is the guy who found the enemy’s list from Nixon. This is the guy who exposed – he should know better than that. I contend he does. Either that or I don’t know even know. He’s got to know better than that. He’s not a fool.”

POLTICO later identified the senior White House staffer as Obama economic adviser Gene Sperling. It seems as though Woodward and Sperling had a conversation that became very heated, and, in an attempt to smooth things over, Sperling sent Woodward an email in which the “you will regret” this language appeared. You can see the entire email HERE.

While the White House has since come and said that “no threat was intended,” Glenn sees an eerie parallel between what is being said about Woodward in the wake of his comments and what Glenn has dealt with in the past.

“Hang on a second. If they are employing the tactic they have employed on us several times, here’s how it happens,” Glenn said. “Look at the names, and see if you can find this pattern so far. You’ll have administration officials. You’ll have Center for American Progress. And you will have George Soros. It won’t go any deeper than that yet. But then you’ll also have sympathy groups – religious groups and sympathy groups will come out against him. So who do you have so far?”

Stu went on to report that the Administration has commented, in addition to damning articles in The Nation and Huffington Post. Meanwhile, Neera Tanden, president of Center for American Progress, tweeted, “My amateur advice: stop cooperating with Woodward in the first place.”

“Attention Bob Woodward: they’re already starting to make you regret,” Glenn concluded. “The White House comes out and says, ‘We’re sorry he read it that way.’ But they’re beginning to smear him. They’re beginning to make him look like an old man, out of touch, and they are signaling the end of his career. This is the way they do it. They don’t come out and whack you in an alley.”

A few words with 1791 Design Manager Tim Didanto

The new normal? USDA says food stamps are good for the country

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The USDA (the same group that uses tax payer dollars to host diversity training sessions with lessons about how pilgrims were “illegal aliens”) is now saying that food stamps are good for the country. In fact, on the USDA website you can download your own poster that says, “Food Stamps Make America Stronger”:

Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

TheBlaze has reported that under the Obama Administration, food stamp usage has grown nearly 50 percent – from 31 million people in 2008 to 47.7 million people as of February 2013. To put that number in perspective, the number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the entire population of Canada.

The USDA is openly touting the alleged economic benefits of the food stamp program. According to its website:

• Every $5 in new food stamp benefits generates almost twice as much ($9.20) in total community spending

• If the national participation rate rose just 5 percent, 1.9 million more low-income people would be able to spend an additional $1.3 billion on healthy food. This would generate $2.5 billion in new economic activity nationwide.

Additionally, the USDA claims, “In fiscal year 2009, the average monthly SNAP benefit per household was approximately $272. These benefits, funded by federal dollars, create business when they’re redeemed at your local food retailers. Eighty-six percent of business, totaling $25 billion, were redeemed at the nation’s 35,000 supermarkets. The remaining benefits, totaling $3.6 billion, contribute to the viability of 121,000 other firms, which include grocery stores, convenience stores, combination stores, farmer’s markets, and other retail food stores; plus wholesalers and meal services.”

“This is unbelievable,” Glenn said to open the radio this morning. “What are they doing to us?”

Based on this campaign, it looks like what was once considered a temporary aid for Americans who had fallen on tough times is now the new normal – one that will require the ever shrinking tax base in this country to foot a big bill.

EXCLUSIVE WEB EXTRA: Watch Glenn sit down with the inspiring teen who walked 10 mi in the snow for a job interview

The story of Jhaqueil Reagan, the 18-year-old Indianapolis teen who walked 10 miles in a snow storm in order to get to job interview, has made national headlines because of Reagan’s remarkable dedication and work ethic. Reagan did not get the job he trekked through the snow for, but he did get a job at Papa Roux Po Boys and Cajun Food after the restaurant’s owner, Art Bouvier, saw Reagan on his way to the interview that snowy day.

Glenn exclusively sat down with Reagan and Bouvier to get their reaction to the story that has restored a lot of people’s faith in America’s youth. Reagan, who lost his mother at the age of 17, credits his father for instilling a strong work ethic in him from an early age. He explained that although his family never had a lot of money, his dad worked his “fingers to the bone” everyday to provide for them. For his part, Bouvier explained that he did not hire the teen for publicity’s sake, but rather because he was so inspired by Reagan’s obvious dedication. Both Reagan and Bouvier are “very grateful” to have found one another, and they look forward to working with one another for years to come.

WATCH the full interview here:

Can people who believe in liberty come together?

On tonight’s TV show, Glenn spent time with three prominent Libertarians discussing how people who believe in peace and freedom can come together and push the country back towards the Constitution and away from big government. Alongside Jacob Hornberger, Jack Hunter, and Zachary Slayback, Glenn addresses key issues such as drug legalization, a “litmus test” for conservatives being part of the conversation, and more.

Watch Part 1 of the interview below:

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and Part 2:

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