Dr. Benjamin Carson answers questions about his political philosophy and ambitions to run for office

DETAILS: Get all the info on Mercury One’s Man in the Moon weekend

Join Mercury One in July for Glenn’s Man in the Moon event!

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Keep it up! Get TheBlaze movement is on fire

Rand Paul talks to Glenn about Hagel, Brennan, and the sequester

We beg you, help us understand your decision to vote for Hagel.

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Glenn responds to his libertarian critics

“The world has changed overnight. Change with it.”

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White House threatens Woodward: You will regret this

“They’re beginning to smear him. They’re beginning to make him look like an old man, out of touch, and they are signaling the end of his career. This is the way they do it. They don’t come out and whack you in an alley.”

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A few words with 1791 Design Manager Tim Didanto

“As a young company, it takes a lot of work to roll out a new product, but each one is so exciting for us.”

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The new normal? USDA says food stamps are good for the country

EXCLUSIVE WEB EXTRA: Watch Glenn sit down with the inspiring teen who walked 10 mi in the snow for a job interview

Glenn sits down with Jhaqueil Reagan and Art Bouvier for an exclusive interview.

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Can people who believe in liberty come together?

Watch highlights from Glenn’s special on Libertarianism

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