Are you behind on your preparedness? The Marketplace has a great deal on a Go Bag

Why is Obama suddenly ramping up vs. North Korea?

Why all of a sudden is the United States running war drills with B-52 bombers near North Korea?

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Cyprus now wants to take 80%

Reason Magazine’s epic response to Jim Carrey’s stupid music video

Dana Loesch schools Piers Morgan, Van Jones on gun control

“I’m tired of the inflation and lack of education when it comes to using terminology about firearms. Let’s use accurate terms so people know what we’re talking about.”

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Glenn to Stu: backstabbing Brutus

“America, don’t you feel bad because he had to get up and then get to work?”

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WATCH: Could this be the new world power structure?

Will Cain weighs in on the same-sex marriage controversy during Pat & Stu

Will Cain is not afraid to look past the rhetoric and talking points to find the truth

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System X = State Capitalism

“What they are building will be used for great and terrible evil.”

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SOS: Stand against ‘most important’ piece of fundamental transformation

Four years ago Glenn talked about the machine progressives were building. The new framework that once ready, they would be able to turn on and fundamentally transform America. What does Glenn feel is THE most important piece of that machinery?

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