Don’t Miss: Mark Burnett’s “The Bible” mini-series kicks off this weekend

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You’ve been waiting for someone in Hollywood to make something, anything of real value in the entertainment world. Survivor creator Mark Burnett has done it – an epic 1 hour mini series that cost him $25 million to make. Glenn has seen the first 4 hours of the series and talked about how good the thinks it is on radio today!

  • Sam Fisher

    If the world does not end tonight then I am watching the show but if I see one wrong teaching I will stop.

    • Anonymous

      Amen to what you’ve said here.

    • Christy

       Sam, I don’t think you will see any wrong teachings because, as I understand it, they followed the Bible completely so that no one would be able to say anything like that. The special effects are really good, and that was done to get the kids to stay with it. You know how lame Christian movies are…the kids are completely turned off and not interested.  They have video games and videos that are so fast moving and real, it was important that this series followed along the type of realism and special effects they are used to.
      I am very much looking forward to watching this one, and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

      • Sam Fisher

        Well I have been before as far as the history channel was concern. I am just playing this on the side of skepticism until I see it.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn – I have not seen it and will reserve judgement for or against until then.

  • Sandra Grabman

    A trailer for this is at I’m so pleased that they’re apparently not using big-name stars in this mini-series because that would’ve distracted us from the Bible’s content. I plan to watch.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn I love you man, and I’ve read your books, Overton Window, Common Sense, An Inconvenient Book, Being George Washington, and The Original Arguments.  5 great reads and I plan on getting to the rest of your books in due time, but I know this one book that’s way better than all of them combined, yes the Bible.  The Word is so fascinating in and of itself (the best work of non-fiction in world history) that it promotes itself.  I’m sure it will be a great mini-series though and probably as awesome as you say it is, just remember that the Word is the best series of all.

  • Kathy Cashion Petrie

    O’Reilly promoted The Bible on The History Channel by having them on his show.

  • John Prewett

    Kudos to Mark for producing the Bible programs and to you for plugging it.  Good on ya !

    • Anonymous

      I not only agree with Mr. Prewett, I am most elated “The Bible” is trending in the number 2 spot an hour and half after the show aired.  Thank you again Glenn (as well as Joel Osteen but I don’t know if he paid for his own commerials) that you got the word out so generously.  God bless you and your family and may God bless us all. 

  • The Kirby’s

    I made a point to TIVO it.  Haven’t TIVO’d anything in years.  If its good, I’ll buy the DVD set and  give it to all my family for gifts.  Kids don’t want to read anymore (sadly).  But since ‘movies/games/music’ has pushed our youth towards the dark side, then its about time that ‘good’ starts pushing them back.  Kudo’s to Mark Burnett and Downey.  (Not a Jr. LOL) And btw, shame on Hollywood for not picking this up, though not surprised at all.  

  • Judy Gilder

    Glenn, I know what your next and most important restoration is.  You have a right to be afraid as it will the most heartbreaking.  You and David Barton will need each other to see this one thru.  I already have some books to send to you and David  but don’t have any idea where to send them.  Thank you for all that you do

  • mspatdev

    I hope that a lot of people will tune into the Bible show. Maybe their souls will turn back to God and to keep the USA free from the far-left radical socialist, muslim. The U.S. needs more freedom loving shows instead of Hitler, shoot-em up murders in games and the screens. That is why Obammy wants to be a movie-star to have the movies back more horror movies and games. That way he can take all of the guns away. Go Bible shows. We love and want more on T.V. then all of the garbage that is on. May God Always Bless America especially now and the future.

  • Anonymous

    re: Roma Downey, JR???
    Why do you ALWAYS have to play the Clown, no matter how serious the topic? Just wondering…

    PS Bill O’Reilly had Roma and Mark on his program a night or two ago. Sounds like this series will be a “Don’t Miss” event. Nice that they’re starting it during Lent.

  • Anonymous

    I am not surprised that Glenn Beck likes Mark Burnett since they have similar backgrounds.

    Glenn Beck lied to and betrayed his first family in order to fulfill his love for drugs and alcohol.
    Mark Burnett admitted to his second wife, while cheating on his first wife (how many times Glenn cheated is still unconfirmed), that he only married the first time to get a green card.

    Now Mark Burnett is onto his third wife.  Glenn is probably a little jealous since he is now 1 behind Mark and 2 behind Rush!

    • Anonymous

      Did you have anything useful to say here?  Or are you only capable of dwelling on other people’s past sins?  

    • Anonymous

      Life is about kindness and forgiveness. Try one of the two.  Thanks.  Oh, and smile more.

      • William Vining

        Sounds like life is about hypocrisy for those two guys,

        • Anonymous

          Stick them in a box, if you must, to organized your little mind. Life is change. You don’t know a thing about them. Stop being negative. Rejoice! Be happy! Go live your life, help your neighbor and do not harm. Peace to you.

        • Anonymous

          Stick them in a box, if you must, to organized your little mind. Life is change. You don’t know a thing about them. Stop being negative. Rejoice! Be happy! Go live your life, help your neighbor and do not harm. Peace to you.

    • Jeanne Theunissen

      You know, there are a LOT of people who went down the wrong path in life early on who got straightened out later, and God usually has a lot to do with that. So don’t judge who a person is now by what they did in the past.

      • Anonymous

        I probably would say a word about how evil and shady Glenn has been or is if he didn’t pass judgement on others.
        If he would stop passing judgement, lying and forcing his views down America’s throat I might be more lenient.

        • Anonymous

          Uhm, Beck is NOT passing judgment.  Beck is NOT lying.  And Beck is NOT forcing anyone’s views down anyone’s throats.  Quite the contrary, that would be you idiots on the left doing that.  What total hypocrites you libtards are.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have cable. Will this series be available on Amazon Prime Video or other channel through Roku?

  • suz

    friday carson interviewed burnett and he (carson) seemed genuinely interested in the story.  it was a good interview.

  • Anonymous

    I always enjoyed the series Touched by an Angel..Roma Downey is such a sweet, pretty lady, Glad Mr. Burnett is telling us God’s story. 

  • Faith Bates

    This should be one of the most talked about series to be on TV in a long time…and the most watched . So please don’t be one of the few people to miss this great historical event. Have all the members of the family watch. It should be enlightening as well as interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Oh man, I love fairy tales.

    • Anonymous

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What it is for you, is not what it is for millions of others. OK, right?

      • Anonymous

        Millions of others?  There’s about 2 BILLION Christians in the world.  

  • Jeanne Theunissen

    Wish I could see it, but I live in Australia, and even if they showed it here, we don’t have cable, and our antenna’s broken, so we don’t have the free channels, either. Never bothered to get it fixed, because we probably wouldn’t watch TV even if we did have it. Would much rather watch DVDs with no commercials anyway.

  • Loly Castro

    I waited for it and was very disappointed!!! As a Bible student I don’t like it when Bible illiterate people hide the real facts, reasons of what God does. Hopefully people will not learn that the Bible is the way it was presented. This was a politically correct version. 

    • TylerDurden

       The Abraham being told to kill his son is just as offensive as ever. Not a god worth worshiping.

      • Anonymous

        Abraham being told to kill his son was just a test for Abraham.  God sent another offering in place of Abraham’s son.

  • Anonymous

    I think that they did a nice job with this show. The work that went into this was astounding, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is only opinion of course, but this video is very useful for learning the Bible, yet in some ways appears to be even more exceptional for those who already understand the Bible, and need a refresher. Looking forward to the next show in the series. Unfortunately I washed this show down with The Vikings, which imediately proceeded it. It was sort of like drinking a glass of milk after you eat cranberry sauce.  

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I was hoping this program would have a better sense on accuracy than I saw in the first  episode.  I have read th bible and I noticed half a dozen innacuracies that jumped out at me right away.   I’m glad people are watching it but I do hope they decide to read the real thing for themselves.

  • Bucky Lee

    As a Mormon how can you endorse this?  Wasn’t Jesus born in upstate New York?

  • Joan Jones

    The Bible miniseries is completely straying from the scriptures. After about 20 minutes I turned it off in disgust. Abraham’s wife Sarah as a dirty, unkempt, shabbily dressed  frump is an insult to what the Bible says about her. Lot & his wife also looked like street people. What’s the point of changing the facts? The ark leaking? Give me a break!!  And how about the non-existent sodomites in Sodom?? Pure garbage! Anyone who praises this work of deceit doesn’t know the Bible at all!

  • Anonymous

    Before commenting on the TV series, I want to preface my remarks by explaining my background so those that disagree will understand that it is more than just an occassional opinion offered without any involvement with the Bible. For more than thirty years I have studied and researched the bible in Hebrew,Greek and Aramaic. I have a degree in Theology and am currently certified/qualified as a lay pastor in my church which I have been a member for twenty plus years.
    I watched the first part of the series and noted that instead of calling it “the Bible” it should have been named— “One man’s personal intrepretation of bits and pieces of the Bible with Omissions”. It should have had a disclaimer at the beginning of the series stating that what you are about to see–is not based  entirely on scripture alone and that is has numerous omissions and gaps. That it has been edited to show only “snapshots” of bible stories. It is therefore not any different from Aesop’s fables or children’s fairtales. As the series thus far is “much ado about nothing” It saddens me because those individuals that do not read ,study or research the bible on a regular basis will  have no idea that what they are seeing IS NOT the Bible. Most people will come away with no understaning of God’s word as He intended it for us. The producers could have saved the 25 million dollars and better used the money to promote a Bible study series than a “Comic book” version of the bible.
     The series drasticly jumps from one part of the bible to another with out any explanations and leaves serious gaps in the history of the In the book of Revelation 22:18,19 scripture notes that God prohibits any additions or subtractions of His word. Most bible students agree that that this warning applies not only to the book of Revelation but also to the rest of the Bible.God’s word is divinely inspired and as such considered Holy. The prohibiton against tampering with God’s word applies to both the written word and of course the spoken word. Unintentional omissions or mispoken words used to identify a phrase or scripture are not considered tampering with or attacks against God’s word,but intentional omisions or additions attacks the completeness of the Bible.
    According to the series, when Arron tells Moses that God spoke to him about his return. They omitted the fact that Exodus4:27-31 states that “The Lord said to Arron. “Go into the dessert to meet Moses.” So he met Moses at the mountain of God (not in Goshen where the series shows he greeted Moses) It also omitted all that transpired between Moses and Aaron and the elders of Israel. Prior to this it shows the burning bush,but doesn’t show or explain that Moses didn’t just walk out of his tent and see a burning bush,but Exodus 3:1- 22 states that Moses was tending the flock of Jethro the priest of Midian on mount Horeb, the mountain of God –as well as all that God told Moses( all of which was omitted). The series shows Moses killing an Egyptian in front of several witnesses,but Exodus 2:1-15 states “Glancing this way and that and seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.”( Moses buried him alone not a Hebrew slave as the series showed.) In the scene where Abraham is tested by God to sacrifice Issac they failed to note that Abraham took two of his servants with him and it took  three days to get to the place that God had told him to go. Not close to his encampment as the series shows Sarah running from the tent to meet Issac only a short distance from the camp. Genesis 22:1-19 explains all the details that the series omitted. Again and again the producers assumed creative license to omitt or altar God’s word to achieve their own designs. Under the bannar of “Christanity” they use God’s word for entertainment purposes,but fail to provide the meat, the soul, or the body to a mere skeleton of what they chose to falsely name “The Bible” The Bible from beginning to end is about realtionship NOT religion. Relationship with Jesus Christ. Cults have used the term “Christian” and have added or subtracted from the Bible to create their version of “Christanity” Numerous religious denominations have been created by extracting scripture from its biblical context and placing their intpretation of scripture on the Bible. “Religion” may be entertaining with all kinds of programs. songs, music, garments, bells and whistles,but God’s word from Gensis to Revelation is His personal message from Him to us about Who He is, what He desires for us and the Good News about His free gift of salvation through our realtionship with His son  Jesus. The answer–Jesus Plus nothing!
    If the TV series is primarily concerned with entertainment then maybe their money is well spent. As a series claiming to represent  “The Bible” or possibly/ remotely bringing people to Christ —-in my opinion it is a failure and they wasted their money. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” If you think the omissions are ok and don’t matter then you probably are #1` a “cafeteria christian” one who choses what he likes in the bible and disgards the things he doesn’t like, #2 a Christain in name only because you aren’t a Buddist or some paganist, #3  a devout “religious” person who is caught up with your own denomination or cult and follows all their rules and regualtions to the letter and never questions Why? Then there are those “Christians” that go to a “church’ and sit in a pew,but don’t read,study or research the bible or have any realtionship with God or Jesus. They just take up time and space.
     I hope you are  none of these and indeed have a true realtionship with Jesus, that His will is yours,  you know what you believe and  are not decieved by the false prophets , preists,pastors or preachers.

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