Glenn: “After what I have learned this week I’m a changed person.”

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Just a few minutes ago our jib operator Justin came up to me. He said, ‘Glenn, out of all of the things you’ve covered in your life where does this fit in importance? And I said ‘Most people are going to think this is maybe 20 or 50.’ In the last 50 years this is we’ve had the Watts Riots, and the death of the Martin Luther King and the things that I have covered in the last 40 years, I would say this is top five. Maybe number 2. And possibly number one in importance. Number one, is clearly the World Trade Center bombing.

I want you to listen to me carefully for the next 20 minutes.This is very, very important. What we do going forward from here will determine the fate of our nation. Make no mistake. This story is number 2 because of what I know. What we do will make this the most important story of our lifetime. What’s happening now is very important. What happens in the aftermath will make it the most important, because it will either save our country or we will be done.

We’ve had a press all week that has been celebrating the idea that this might have been a Tea Party person that wanted to perpetrate this crime. Now never before in my history have in my history of broadcast, in my history as an American, have I ever heard the press gleefully wish that they want an American to be responsible for an American tragedy.

I’ve never heard people want to believe the worst in people. It;s what makes us America. We trust each other. We like each other. We want to believe the best in each other.

But our media wants to believe the worst of about 50% of this country. When I talk about progressives, I’m not talking about the average person. I’m talking about maybe 8% of our population that they truly understand what progressivism is. I believe the average Democrat, even the average progressive doesn’t really know what they’re doing. I mean they think they do. They’re not. They have not done the years of homework and study that I have on that movement.

I still believe the best in our country. But hear me clearly – after what I have learned this week I’m a changed person. After what I have learned this week, I believe our country is over. America is dying and breathing her last gasp. If we do not resuscitate on this story, we close the lid and close the book on our country and begin to write a new book. Now that doesn’t mean that you’re not the author. That there’s not a constitutionalist that is the author of the new book. It just means what we have is over and a struggle begins for a new Republic.

That sounds awfully dramatic. But when you have the press not only rooting for it to be a white American that blew up Americans, but then on top of it, in total denial that Islamic extremists even exist, and that caliphate is somebody that anybody wants. That Jihadists even exist.

Think about the thing we were discussing passing this week. Gun control because we have to be able to protect. Because the government can protect you. We were talking about talking about making it more difficult to buy guns while somebody just blew the legs off American citizens. With what? Guns? No. With something that my grandmother used all summer in her kitchen.

At the same time we’re talking about comprehensive immigration reform on things that nobody has even read. Meanwhile who has been blowing the legs off of our citizens? People who are foreign nationals here on a Visa. Here under amnesty. Because our immigration, and amnesty situation is so screwed up, that these guys did they really escape persecution? We’re finding out now that mom is in jail because she was a thief. This summer she was stealing. We just heard the audio of the dad back in Russia. He sounds pretty much like an extremist.

But that’s not the worst of it.

I want you to listen carefully. Yesterday, the F.B.I. released the pictures of and video of two men they say were suspects in the Boston bombings. These are the one was killed last night, and the other hopefully being killed right now. They say they believe the two men carried and placed the two bombs that killed the three innocent Americans including an eight year old boy and injured more than 200 Americans.

Absent from their announcement was any mention of the Saudi national. Now the documents were brought to our attention at TheBlaze, and those documents indicate that this guy is scheduled for deportation next Tuesday due to issues related to national security. The document goes on to say that the individual is linked to the Boston bombing. That’s what the federal document says.

This is the same person that we were initially told was a person of interest. This was the Saudi national in the hospital. His apartment was in Revere, Massachusetts. It was raided. The items were removed. And then we were told he was just a possible witness. And then we were finally told by the authorities he had nothing to do with the attack in fact he wasn’t a witness to the crime. Why was he in the hospital? How did he get to the ground zero? What was he doing there? He wasn’t even a witness? Really?

This guy who wasn’t a witness is suddenly being deported next Tuesday, whisked off our continent to go back to Saudi Arabia, and he wasn’t even a witness – yet the documents he’s being deported voluntarily on terror charges linked to the Boston bombing.

I want you to hear me clearly. If you think everybody in the government is bad you’re wrong. The only reason TheBlaze knows this because we have several — I can’t count them on both hands – several sources who’re brave, valiant Patriotic Americans that work in all departments at all levels of this governmnent. Who have contacted TheBlaze one way or another, and said “help, help, help.”

There are several dedicated Americans in the law enforcement community that decided they could not stand idly by, and let the truth be swept under the rug. That a deportation order was being issued. It was issued Tuesday 4:00 p.m. by an organization or a government entity that most people have never heard of called the National Targeting Center. It’s a little known federal antiterrorism division.

After reporting this on yesterday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement categorically denied, calling it grossly in error. ICE claimed there was a Saudi national in custody waiting deportation but it was completely unrelated to the Boston bombing.

After that the story discrediting me and TheBlaze was carried by a number of national media outlets, and some of those national media outlets were given the story by “The Blaze” top executive to top executive. After a number of those media outlets discredited us or tried to with the ICE disclaimer, we received another call from yet another Patriotic citizen in our government. This one from a high ranking congressional aide who told us that the deportation order that we had just reported on had just been requested and delivered to his boss. He requested anonymity to protect those who had secretly ordered report, but read to us the eight page report that we reported yesterday and throughout the day.

Director of the Department of Homeland Security, the head of the department that you created to keep Americans from having their legs blown off, Janet Napolitano yesterday was asked about the Saudi national and his pending deportation. She refused to answer. ICE angrily mocked our story calling it false. The F.B.I. has changed their story about the man every day since the bombing. Made no mention of him at yesterday’s news conference., even though there is still a standing order of deportation and on the documents it says linked to the Boston bombing.

Now you ask yourself, what’s going on? Why did the President just happen to stop by when a Saudi official happened to be in an office?

Anybody who has ever been been around Presidents, Prime ministers, kings, knows. I have done it myself. ‘I cannot meet with that person.’ ‘Glenn, you’re going to go into this office and you’re going to talk to him.’ ‘I don’t want to talk to him. Who the hell is he?’ ‘Go in and talk to him.’ Five minutes in, ‘Hey Bill’ ‘Oh Glenn’ ‘Oh Mr. President how are you?’ That’s the way it works.

Why was the President meeting with somebody unscheduled earlier this week? A Saudi official. Who is this Saudi man who was in the hospital, given a new international cell phone and apologized to according to him in Saudi press? Who is he, I wonder? Why would anyone linked to the bombings be deported? If he’s involved wouldn’t he be prosecuted? If he’s a witness why wouldn’t you want him to testify? Why would you allow someone who was standing by the bomb be deported? Why would he leave? And why hasn’t anyone in the media taken an interest in finding out why? Why are they silent?

“The Blaze” is interested. And TheBlaze will not comply. We will not sit down. We will not shut up. We will not be intimidated. We look hard into looking who he is. Who he’s connected to, and why he seems to be offered a ticket to freedom even though he’s been linked to bombing. Don’t believe me? Don’t believe me. Six Congressmen have verified.

One of our brave sources asked me to do something very specific and when I was told to do it I said ‘That’s crazy talk. What does the hell does that mean?’ They told me what it meant. I can’t at this time tell you what it means. But I want to do it one more time.

On Monday I reveal everything we know. So let me just say this to those at the highest echelons of government. No the tagging system. They know about events. Not files, events.

Let me send this message very clear: We know who this Saudi national is. It is in your best interest of the integrity of the people of United States of America. It’s best coming from you, not from a news organization. It’s best coming from you. You have until Monday. We have information on who this man is. And listen to me carefully. In your little “event” world, we know he is a very bad, bad, bad man. I know that doesn’t make any sense to you right now. But on Monday it will.

It makes sense to somebody in Washington.

I don’t bluff. I make promises. The truth matters. I’ve had enough of what you’ve done to our country.

I thought I had heard and seen it all. I thought I didn’t trust my government. Oh no, no, no, no.

There is no depth that these people will not stoop to. They have until Monday and then TheBlaze will expose it.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We are seeing the absolute corruption of the administration, the media and the Democratic Socialist party. 

    They are determined as a whole to fundamentally transform our nation into a nightmare where only a few rule the masses, and they have entered the end game of their agenda. One group allied with them is the Muslim Brotherhood who are determined to bring down the last bastion of freedom in the world, and with that, the end of our Republic.

    What matters now, in the aftermath of the Boston bombings, is how each of us choose to deal with the matter, and how we deal with our own government that seeks to impose more and more control over our lives.

    Will we choose as a people to rebound stronger and more determined than before? Or will we collapse into a corrupt morass of slavery to a communist government under Obama?

    • mspatdev

      I totally agree with you. Very well spoken. I have liked you values and words all along these sites. May God Bless You and your family.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I understand the documented connection between the administration, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Radical Islam. Those are beyond any doubt to anyone who studies out the matter in detail.

    What is the overall connection between Radical Islam and the Media? 

    There is something being missed and I have a gut feeling its going to be critical for the revelation of the truth and exposing the dangers to the people of America.

    • Henry Felter

       My feeling is money. Islam with it’s oil money has entered into the US banking system, into the stock market and into the boards of US corporations. They are becoming the puppet masters, they are the reason we aren’t allowed to drill our way out of dependence. Politicians are bought or just steered into a direction. Be interesting also to see where so many of the environmental groups really get their big contributions

    • Anonymous

      Snow, I suspect it’s money, financing, the usual whore that plies her trade on every level. I imagine many in the media have sold their souls to the devil, whatever form he takes.

  • Anonymous

    obumhole and his moslem brotherhood would sure love to seize control of the military.  That black son of a bitch.

    • Anonymous

      While I share you anger and disdain for the man, calling him black only plays into liberal hands.  No matter what the truth is, if they can paint us with the racist brush then they have a better chance of others not listening to what we say.

      • Anonymous

        Trust me Marjiellen, no one with a lick of common sense listens to anything that the followers of Glenn Beck have to say. If you can’t tell that he’s a liar, then you have nothing to add to American discourse.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t take everything he says as gospel, but how often has he been right?  Van Jones?  Arab Spring?  And as far as discerning who is a liar and who is not, I suggest you take a good look in the mirror and at Obama before you tell me that I have nothing to add.  Which by the way, last time I checked this legal, taxpaying American still had the constitutional right to freedom of speech. 

          • Guest

            He’s wrong about Arab Spring. There was no conspiracy with Western radicals to bring about a Caliphate. He pulled that out of his rectum!

            Van Jones WAS a communist. He lied every time he called him a communist. Is Beck a drunk? No, he WAS a drunk.

            Beck has the freedom of speech all right, but only gullible fools think that he’s honest in any way.

          • James Barrs

            The Obamaites have you well trained guest. The truth is still the truth & no matter how many times you spout the Obama/communist lines, that doesn’t change. You are a liberal troll & ANYONE with a lick of sense can see that. But, in America, even idiots like you have the right, at least for now, to be stupid. By the way, if your communist/socialist society comes into existence, you will be 1 of the 1st arrested & sent to rehab camps, not the conservative Americans.

  • SettingAside

    Glenn: Absolutely nothing is beneath your enemies and I’m praying for your safety and that of your family. May our Lord bless you and keep you protected. Thank you for all you do for our country. We appreciate you. Blessings.

    • Guest

      Tool alert!

      • Guest

        Yes, Vicky. We know you’re here. Thanks for the warning. Now leave!

        • Anonymous

          “Now leave” because YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

          Yes, Momma, I can’t spell, Grizzley, I’m here to let the people know about Beck’s lies and hypocrisies. 

          • Elena

            Then have the courage to sign your own name.

          • Independent Tom

            Liberals by token of their mental illness are never courageous, liberals by definition are cowards, cases in point being all these mass shootings… lefties, every last shooter.

          • Tom Musso

            The only thing you are exposing is your stupidity and ignorance.  

    • Erika Mary

       I worry about Glenn too.  You know what happened to Andrew Breitbart  before he could disclose his big news.

  • Guest

    “Glenn delivered a passionate monologue on radio today and explained why citizens need to demand the truth.”

    OK, I demand that Glenn Beck STOP LYING! That won’t happen, but for a proven liar to talk about demanding truth, it’s just mind boggling hypocrisy.

    In other words, just another day on the job for America’s very own Joseph Goebbels.

    • Guest

      STFU Vicky. You’re a raving lunatic spouting the same bullshit lies for the last 3-4 years. “Guest” yourself all you want, victor Tiffany, we all know who the real reactionary, lying sack of bs really is! YOU! Same ol same ol. Day after day. Year after year. Your hypocrisy is the same time after time. No original thoughts. Same cult of personality. Same ol Hermann Goehring wannabe. Too bad no one gives you the time of day or takes you seriously. Thank you for another opportunity to play Whack-a-mole!!!

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for demonstrating that you don’t have a clue as to what a reactionary is.

        Cluelessness and following Glenn Beck, America’s bullshitter in chief, fit like hand in glove.

        Of course, you don’t defend Beck. You can’t defend Beck, so you attack his critic in manner suitable to the elementary school playground.

        Keep it up: the whole world is watching.

        • Anonymous

          You are the same poser as Guest, theBeckhater! You are so transparent in support of yourself when all who know you well ignore you. You really think you’re smart enough to fool the thinking people here? Dream on. Your delusions should comfort you in your downward spiral of hate.

          PS the world is NOT watching you!

          • Guest

            No, the world is watching gullible reactionaries fall for Beck’s line of BS.

            “Administration officials told The Hill on Thursday that news reports about the student injured in the bombing are confusing him with another student from Saudi Arabia who was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for violating his visa.”

            Read more: 

          • TWF

             I don’t trust anything The Hill reports, sorry. They proved that they’re an opinion blog with their little dig about how “t3h science is settled” in the Limbaugh article.

  • Anonymous

    Guest, what do you know about Joseph Goebbels?  Glen Beck is not part of Obama’s inner circle like Goebbels was to Hitler’s circle.  Glen Beck is asking questions, tries to find answers and always says: “Do your own research.”  This is what you definitely could not do in the Third Reich!  Everyone in America should ask questions what is going on in Washington these days
    and why the administration is hiding so many things from the American people.  Are you so brain-washed that you will not see what is going on?  Is Glen Beck asking for “Total War” like
    Goebbels did in 1943?  I do not think so.  The propaganda you might be referring to is coming from the left more so than from the right.  Know your history before you compare that time with
    what is going on these days or you will be the one who will have to repeat what people endured
    during the time Hitler was in power.  Dictatorship anyone?   

    • mspatdev

      That is so very true. I have listen to Glenn and researched everything I could remember. I started in 2007, when I first heard Obammy’s name. Alot of things were on the internet, but they have been taken off. But there is alot of people who knows exactly what kind of person Obammy is. 

  • Doug Wilson

    I will be praying for you Glenn. I am call my elected officials to look at this.

  • Teresa Maher-Barton

    Glenn, Be so very careful………….You are dealing with the 
    Devil and he will stop at nothing. I love you and your show for bringing to light the truth about delicate subjects. You get the job done. Congrats………… to you and all that take this mission on to tell the truth. The Devil is always trying to trick humans. You put him in His place and throw him out. Go……………Glenn!

  • Ron Johnson

    If it’s so vital and explosive, why not say it *now*?  By Monday he might already be back in Saudi Arabia.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn… I am proud of how your not afraid to stand up for what is right. Obama can hide behind the office of power being our president. But he can’t hide the truth from those of us who want to truely know it. And in these days of distrust, disaster, deaths, FEMA camps and burial places (one which is right down the road from me as I watched them build it). You need to be very careful for yourself and those you love. It isn’t beyond Obama and his administration to bring about a tragic accident involving you or your loved ones. Watch your back…. and have someone you trust watch your back as well.


  • Anonymous

    Glenn, we will be praying for the safety of you, your family, and all those associated with you.  Thank you for your courage and your heart.  May God bless you.

  • Anonymous

    Snow, I suspect it’s money, financing, the usual whore that plies her trade on every level. I imagine many in the media have sold their souls to the devil, whatever form he takes.

  • Anonymous

    Why did only 2 conservative talk radio reporters get this leaked mystery Saudi national  message? Yours and Michael Savage. Sounds like a government cover job to me!

  • Joe Villa

    Whatever Glenn.

    You first predicted America was come to an end when Obama was first elected.  You predicted America would fall in 2012 if Obama was re-elected.   Beck you also predicted Romney would win 48 states in a landslide.

    Sorry Glenn, you have lost all credibility.  

    • Anonymous

      Have you taken your head out of your ass for at least five minutes to see what’s happened to this country since he’s been elected. I’m going to post some reading material, (which obviously doesn’t relate to you because you don’t read), and magnify the problems presented in them by an order of ten thanks to Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood infested White House.

      Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld, (CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood), That’s Conspiring to Islamize America by Gaubatz and Sperry
      Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America by Brigitte Gabriel
      Slavery, Terrorism and Islam, (and Holocaust in Rwanda), by Peter Hammond
      The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism by Andrew G. Bostom
      The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew G. Bostom MD
      A Concise History of the Crusades by Thomas F. Madden
      The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America by David Horowitz
      Ivory Towers On Sand: The Failure of Middle Eastern Studies in America by Martin Kramer
      Indoctrination U: The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom by David Horowitz
      Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores by Michelle (the hottest woman on the planet) Malkin
      Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington by Paul Sperry
      American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us by Steven Emerson
      The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America by Andre C. McCarthy

      • Joseph Wert

        How about Arkon Duvaul’s History of Secret Societies?

        I’m going to tell you that Radical Islam is no more Islamic than Zionism Is Judaism, And that you and everyone else that regurgitates nonsense here have accepted the Antichrist in your hearts.

        You ought to concern yourself with the worlds first religion still practiced today in secrecy The Mother Of Harlots is mighty among the earth 

        • jen

           yup.  they have the antichrist driving them.

      • Jill Jordan

        whoa dude THANKS!!

    • Tom Musso

      Not with me he hasn’t!  If you don’t think he’s credible, then why don’t you get the hell off of this site and go over to MSNBC?

      • Scott D Troy

        Because TM, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on people that incite and encourage misunderstandings.

        • Dave Elliott

           which is exactly why we keep up with MSNBC

          • Jeannie Vargo Veegh

            Because who wouldn’t keep up with what nutjobs like Chris Matthews & the Rev Al Sharpton have to say…..

          • Thomas McIntyre

            oh yeah the ever so credible msnbc LOL.. yeah go ahead they’re the BIGGEST pathetic excuse of so called journalism…

          • lovispoonful

            I don’t because they have nothing to say that I am interested in hearing and I have no intention of wasting my time that way.  I don’t appreciate such blatant stupidity as on MSNBC.  I listen only to the #1 news show – Fox, not the bottom of the barrel – MSNBC.

        • Eric Dickinson

          Like CNN and MSNBC

          • Bud W

             cnn and msnbc  are wothless

        • Anonymous

          That is another reason for you to go back to MSNBC!

        • Lolly

          Then why aren’t you keeping an eye on MSNBC?

        • Matt Worner

          And when you ignore the warning cries of the watchman on the wall, on YOUR head be the destruction of yourself and those unto whom you spread the words of the father of lies.

        • Joe Verdecanna

          then you should keep eyes on w.h. and soros

        • David Trout

          Inciting misunderstanding is what the libs do! Because they have no real ideas to offer us!!

          • Anonymous

            Well, we agree with the first half of your statement. As for ideas, the libs DO have LOTS of “ideas” to offer us, but we’re not taking!  (Because most of their ideas/concepts/schemes, if not all of them, are quite distorted, twisted, sicko, dishonest and juvenile, among other things.) 

          • Bishop Johnson

            labeling yourself a conservative or a liberal takes away thepower of critical thinking your group does that for you 

          • Jan Dinkins

            No, the dems,limbs, communists, incite divisiveness, hatred and violence.

          • lovispoonful

            Bishop, I am an independent thinker and think for myself, thank you.

        • Kyle Sainz

          if Glenn is bluffing is he doing it for money or cointel or both?

        • dave pitts

          Like the President? He has has a duty to explain himself like every other American President, yet he hides behind the office. Are you justifying letting go a person of interest in a bombing that killed an 8 year old American? If this is not the case the President needs to explain to the American people why he let this person get on a plane after he was called a person of interest by the Police. If he does not, he is inciting a misunderstanding.

          • Robert Annable

            Didn’t Bush quickly send the whole Bin Laden family home to Saudia Arabia on a plane from Orlando when all US air flights were grounded.

          • Robert Annable

            Didn’t Bush quickly send the whole Bin Laden family home to Saudia Arabia on a plane from Orlando when all US air flights were grounded.

          • Robert Annable

            Didn’t Bush quickly send the whole Bin Laden family home to Saudia Arabia on a plane from Orlando when all US air flights were grounded.

          • Robert Annable

            Didn’t Bush quickly send the whole Bin Laden family home to Suadia Arabia on a plane from Orlando when all US air flights were grounded?.

        • Liz Wojcik

          You are a traitor to your country and to everything that is good, Scott Troy. You will also suffer.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, there it is! Hah-hah…
        Tom, was afraid you’d broken the Disqus LIKE-O-METER with your remark, but now the LIKE has finally registered.  LOL!

        1118 Likes! Not bad for a quick, pithy response!

      • Anonymous

        Hurry Tom… Run out and by more guns!! RUN! RUN! The Gov’t and the Obama Administration are closing in on you.. and they are about to take all of your guns! Lol.. Your crazy just like Beck and everyone that ‘Liked’ your comment.

    • Lori Lynn Kerwin

       I am so distrustful of our government, that I couldn’t guarantee Romney DIDNT win 48 states in a landslide!! I think they allow us this charade of voting just to keep us feeling as if our choices matter. The puppet government in the White House (and not just THIS administration) simply goes on with the show, wipes its’ feet on the Constitution and doesn’t give a tinkers damn about your life, your rights or your country. Its’ all about their power. Period. And bottom line Joe, our government has lost all credibility.

      • Christina Thompson

        I do believe that the election this last November was rigged…There is no place in any state or county that would vote 100% for someone, there will be at least one that opposes Obarfa and this happened more than one place….We need a recount and have his dumb  Marxist ass shot for treason and running this once great nation into the mud…..

        • mspatdev

          Actually the votes have been deleted and the rest have been for Mr. Soetoro. I have a lot of friends thru out this nation and they have told me many things about the Unions and Obammy.

          • MZAZ

            George Soros owns the company that counted the votes. Gee, what does that say??? The election WAS RIGGED…

        • Kevin C. Walters

          Christiana we all know what you mean by rigged!! Its code for a racial slur.  We know what you mean by rigged!!! No I am not a lefty wacko I don’t really believe that just showing how stupid they are when pulling the race card.



          tr.v. rigged, rig·ging, rigs

          5. To manipulate dishonestly for personal gain: rig a prizefight; rig stock prices.

          rig election!!!!

          • Debbie Fields

            when was race mentioned oh yal by you!!

          • Dan Weissert

            It’s very easy to rig an election since they forced the computer voting on us. Hack into the system, and you can make the results show any numbers you want them to.

          • Just A Thought

            Kevin, did you read the definition you yourself posted. Rigged means manipulate, dishonesty for personal gain. I want to know how that could be a racial slur. You sir are a troll that just throws out key words to get attention. Well guess what, we Patriots that love America are not effected by your key words. If the truth be known ~ that’s what you see in yourself and hate. You do not see it from any of us. We plainly say what we mean….

          • Alexander Cooke

            if you couldn’t tell that kevins comment was laced up and down with something called sarcasm i feel bad for you.

          • Alexander Cooke

            don’t worry kevin, i understand that this was sarcastic and facetious. 

          • Lynda Jones

            only dumb ass pulling the racial card sucker is YOU!!! try again !

          • Grey Wolf

             excuse me are you that much of an idiot? i know be being a marine we aren’t the smartest people but come on racial slur for a party rigging an election…when does a political party classify as a race…

          • Anonymous

            To clear it up everyone, it was a bit confusing,  he left a comma out.  After he said “that, just showing how stupd they are…” meaning the other side would take everything as an insult, etc.  

          • Karlene Robins

            A race is a competition, which I am all for, thus , I must be a RASCIST.  What color did you say you are?  Wait, I DON’T care. Can you do the job?

          • Obama Challenge

             Kevin you are a dishonest divisive propagandist for obama.

          • Obama Challenge


            Wow! my comment was deleted 2 times now.  Glenn Beck is
            still censoring the truth about Obama’s – use of stolen SSN, forged b*rth
            certifica$e, forged Selective Service Registration, loss of US citizenship when
            he was known as Soebarkah the Indonesian citizen, and his Harvard education
            being paid for by radical Khalid Al Mansour and the Saudi’s.  Glenn you
            could have exposed all or some of these verifiable facts a long time ago, but
            instead you have sat back and let America be destroyed from within. 
            Everything above is verifiable by fact Glenn.  You are part of the enemy
            forces destroying this country by remaining silent.

        • Lynda Jones

          AMEN!!! And put Clinton and the rest of his confederates in that line with him!!!

          • Grey Wolf

             excuse me Lynda but are you saying Confederates
             as people of the south?

          • Eric Ulven

             Confederates – allies or accomplices one has/is united or banded with. To be in league with.

          • Allan Hamilton

            Hey Grey, can you keep your mind on the problems at hand? “Confederate” was a word looong before the seceding states adopted it as an identity and it means exactly what Eric pointed out. You and your knee-jerk reactions driven by a nano second long attention span don’t contribute anything to the topic on the table.

          • Johnny Mclaughlin

            Lynda please don’t call them confederates it is a disgrace to us southerners .

        • Kelly Stanis

           I believe Romney did win…I believe the election was for show…I believe that both sides knew what was going on…I believe that they wanted Romney to take a brave stand and look good..but fail miserably…Notice that Romney isn’t around anymore…he is hiding in the private sector…anyone who lost the election like that would fight…notice how he has stood down…I also know that Glenn is correct..higher odds are with him more then anyone else! We need to organize and get ready because the way we live life now is disappearing…FAST!!!

          • Beverly Gunnell Bluth

            Romney and his wife believed with every fiber of there soul that he would win, (or they would not have gone through that tough process)…….I have inside information on that fact! Even the secret service and the reporters that covered him in the months leading up to election believed he would win…….most everyone on the republican side believed he would win……Billy Cunningham, Wayne Allan Root, all the predictors predicted he would win, even most polling…… was the magnitude of the cheating that went on that people did not account for………….Romney is not in the senate, he is not in Congress, he is not an elected political official……he doesn’t have the opportunity to be in the public eye as much………. he was treated so horrible by so many people for so long, I don’t blame him for taking a break! 

          • Catherine Nelsen

            If you ACTUALLY believe Romney has “stood down” you are NOT up to date with your knowledge!  CHECK it out – don’t trust the liberal media – they only report what THEY want and HOW they want!

          • Anonymous

            Not just that the voting was rigged, but the election campaign itself as managed by the MSM was oriented exclusively around nonsense and away from anything meaningful. With a fair campaign & a fair election Romney might well have carried 48 states.

          • Debra Gannaway

            The entire Federal Govt, both parties, except for a handful of folks (Cruz, Lee, Paul), are all on the same side.   I completely agree, Kelly, they meant to lose. That’s why Obama didn’t even try hard in the first debate, he knew the election was already rigged for him to win.   Then it looked so bad, he had to at least try in the next debates.   Time to make a new country, a new government and throw all those bums out.  

          • Bill Kohler

            Kelly-what you believe is total and utter nonsense. Just saying.

          • Anonymous

            I totlly agree with everything you say and have read alot about this.  O was put in to be a puppet for a very bad agenda and he is carrying out their orders.  Notice how terribly upset he was that his gun policies were shut down and he had a meltdown on TV because he lost?

        • Harleydog Hilton


        • MZAZ

          Christina Thompson – I agree with you 100%. George Soros owns the company that counted the votes. Gee, what does that say??? The election WAS RIGGED… I also believe BO’s first election was rigged. Who in their right mind would vote for someone with the Muslim name of Barack Hussein Obama??? His name alone sent shivers up and down my spine. It should have done the same to every red blooded American. 
          BO before politics
          Father – Anti-Colonist
          Mother – Communist
          Grandfather – Communist
          Grandmother – Communist
          Pastor – Black Liberation Theologist
          Ghost writer – Terrorist
          BO advances communist policies
          BO promotes Firearm seizure
          BO is disassembling the military
          BO is arming Muslims Jihadists
          BO is funding Muslim JihadistsHow does one raised by Communist convert to Christianity??? They DO NOT. Once a commie always a commie. I used to ask libs “How stupid are you?” but then some people started taking this as a challenge!

          • Obama Challenge


            Wow! my comment was deleted 2 times now.  Glenn Beck is
            still censoring the truth about Obama’s – use of stolen SSN, forged b*rth
            certifica$e, forged Selective Service Registration, loss of US citizenship when
            he was known as Soebarkah the Indonesian citizen, and his Harvard education
            being paid for by radical Khalid Al Mansour and the Saudi’s.  Glenn you
            could have exposed all or some of these verifiable facts a long time ago, but
            instead you have sat back and let America be destroyed from within. 
            Everything above is verifiable by fact Glenn.  You are part of the enemy
            forces destroying this country by remaining silent.

        • Anonymous

          You should be arrested Christina Thompson.

        • Brian Davies

          What’s funny (and I don’t mean humorous) – is that some counties showed more than 100% votes ….. how is that even possible?

        • Bill Kohler

          Christina, If you do a Google search for the original article that reported on the “100%” voting areas for Obama you’ll learn that these were voting districts in concentrated urban areas that had virtually no registered Republican voters. So it really wasn’t surprising that in these districts, where there were no Republican voters, that no votes were cast for the Republican candidate. Also, there were some voting districts in other areas that went 100% for Romney. 
          Read. Learn. Then post. 

        • Ambrosia Rose

          statistically speaking even ONE person would have accidentally voted for SOMEONE else besides obama even if it wasn’t Romney …..anyone who doesn’t believe the fix was in is in total denial, plain and simple.

        • morgan painter

           What is there to recount?
          It was 90% electronic. Zip-zap, a little spark here, a little change there. Your vote could be for anyone, maybe even Donald Duck.
          We better get back to paper ballots before the next election or there can be NO trust in the leadership.

      • LibertyDwells

        Consider, in 2008 Obama took Indiana by a .9%, thanx to Bob Barr.  It would have been a virtual tie otherwise.  Still he made a 10% gain over 2004.  But in 2012 he lost to Romney by 10.5%.  Everything he gained in 2008 was gone in 2012.  In a state that, thx to state government and in spite of federal incompetence, was doing ok.  There was no dramatic problem that should have changed Obama’s numbers.  Other states in far worse shape still voted for him in the 2008 pattern. 

        Just in one state did he take this sudden drubbing, and in one other he lost a similar percentage(but still won).  Statistically and historically this is unheard of unless there is a clear reason that impacts a specific state.  So why the statistical collapse that showed up no where else.  it’s an anomaly and statisticians hate anomalies with no legitimate explanation…

      • Artie

        The government and the media lost that during Viet Nam and Watergate.

        • Anonymous

          It’s called cheating big time.  Go check out those states you are talking about and see how some of the cities votes were over 100% of the registered voters and then I tink you may come to the conclusion that it was all rigged. 

      • Ginny Knorr

        I feel the SAME WAY. Glenn seems to be our only hope.

      • John Michaud

        you are distrustful of our government? my guess is that you just stumbled on why gun sales are through the roof and ammo is so hard to find. lori you are not alone and in good company. semper fi

      • Mark Hubbard

        i agree  i still have not met anyone who says they voted for obama,if he is so grat people would admit to voting for him

      • Lewis Dorfman

        Lori, I agree with you.  The only trust I have is in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Come Lord Jesus!

      • Terrie Berrie

        When the vote counts from many county’s in Ohio came back and not one singe vote was for Romney….FRAUD!!

      • Bill Kohler

        Right, Lori. Romney really, really did win 48 states, but the Obama daughters threatened to kill him if he spoke up, so he didn’t claim what was rightly his. How do I know this to be true? Because I just said it was. Enough for me. Enough for you too?

      • Anonymous

        I am with you on that Lori, that is why they want to silence anyone that will try to educate the American People on what is going on, that is why they want the conservative radio gone, that is why they want the Tea Party blamed for the wickedness that may take place.  My thought as I was listening to Glenn Beck’s broadcast, I wouldn’t be surprised of what could happen to him, I shall pray for his protection!!  It has never been entirely cleared up what happen to President Kennedy either, if you read any information about what was going on during his term in office and what the following president really stood for, there has been some conspiracies going on for sometime.  What is happening to our country now is just downright ungodly and is being taken over by an ungodly group.  Just because someone says I believe in God doesn’t mean they believe the God that created us, it may mean they believe in their God!!

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you 100 % Lori!

      • Matt Worner

        Shakespeare had it right.  “Something rotten is there in the state of… Massachusetts.” (Not to mention the other 49.  Or is it 56?)

      • Kristin Thomas

        Amen Sister!

    • old boh

      The Tea Party has a lot of wishful thinking.

    • Kenneth Wardell

       Joe Villa,

      If you really think that Mr. Beck, has no credibility and is just blowing smoke; you of all people should be excited at his promise of “exposure” as if it turns out to be over blown or not factual, then he really will lose credibility on a wide scale even among his fans…However, I tend to believe he is a decent man, who would not make a statement without a reason…  even if you disagree with him on every aspect of his ideology… if he can expose wrong doing by the government on any level (and by members of any party — he never specified any person or department….) then whether you are liberal or conservative you should applaud him 

    • Steven Dodd

       Ever hear of voter fraud?

      • Anonymous

        Yes I have and it ran rampant in 2008 and 2012. 

    • Michael Gibson

      Joe you are a dope.  Look around you tool.

    • Dennis Spring

      So you are saying Glenn has lost all credibility to you, maybe you should open your eyes and look around Glenn and his crew are the closest we have to having REAL journalist in this great nation

    • Steve Covern

      You know who has truly lost more credibility than anyone? The Federal Government of the United States. How can you really offer the Feds any benefit of doubt these days? They only want to expand their power. 

    • Brian Sanchez

      Joe’s a rent-a-troll, just ignore him.

      • Byron Sablich

        Can you mindless jerks stop using the word troll? It is and you are “really annoying!!!!!!
        This President is the most corrupt Pres we ever had. The ruth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.

        • Joseph Wert

          But we pay the womb nation state to protect us from anything confounding to our thought how could this god we have created be corrupted?

    • Laurel Lathrop Marble

      If Glenn is not credible anymore than it’s a waste of your time listening to him. Actually here is a person who is not credible at all — and by his own words. Listen carefully:

    • RaDonna Marshall

      So Joe why are you reading this, if Glenn lost ‘credibility’ following the last election? 

    • Alex Sharp

      Joe, with all the voters fraud going on Mitt won! Actually Ron Paul won I think that scared Obama the most! Believe it our grassroots are not going to stop and we will always stand up for the values  of our country! 

      • mspatdev

        I agree with you. Mitt did win, but Mr. Soetoro and all of this radical friends and unions made sure he won. He did not do it honesly and he lies, lies so much. There is a lot of Dem. places that had over a 100% voting and there were Republicans in their districts that voted and their vote was not counted. What gives?

    • Barbara G Lovejoy

      ahhh Joe? America has fallen since 2008 and it continues to fall even further because of Obama. He won by voter fraud! Isn’t it strange that Romney won all the states that have voter ID and lost the states that don’t? Andrew Breibart was killed for what he knew about Obama and was going to expose him for what he really is..a radical Islamic Muslim whose sole agenda is to bring this Country to her knees!! Don’t believe Glenn, I just received a message on Facebook saying how Obama had visited that Saudi national in Mass General but didn’t visit a man who lost both legs on Monday! Don’t blame Glenn for that Romney prediction, both Dick Morris and Karl Rove got it wrong too! WE ALL GOT IT WRONG!! We underestimated how far Obama would go to win! He’s pulled tactics like that his entire political career!! A woman in Ohio was indicted for voting for Obama 6 TIMES!! 

      • mspatdev

        I was hoping that Romney would win, because I did not want to see this country go further down hill. I knew that Obammy would win only by voter fraud and all of his goons help. Well, Obammy is fraudulent, lier and very dishonest to the American People. 

    • Blacksmith Drinker

      Then go troll a liberal land of rainbows and puppy dogs site.  go sprinkle your fairy dust where other mindless drones will appreciate it

    • mspatdev

      America is a heck of a lot worse since Obammy has won his 2nd election. It is not any better. Has a lot of people gone to work and life, like they did in 2005? He has not made it better and he doesn’t care to. Romney would have won, but you see we have a fraudulent person in the w/h. His goons, czars, chicago dictators and unions frauded the American people in giving our country away to Obammy.

    • LibertyDwells

      The US did enter the “beginning of the end” when 0 was elected.  Since his dubious “re-election” the nation is generally in free fall.  Unemployment, inflation, paper-currency production to jack up the markets, gun-grabs, terrorism, Benghazi, ongoing Fast & Furious scandal…So other than Romney(to some unknown degree) what has he been wrong about?

    • Levi James

       It’s a shame we can’t have this conversation in person, friend

    • Lynda Jones

      Romney probably did win in a landslide if our Attorney General did his job and checked out all the reports of multiple voting my many for Obama… or the election fraud that went on in not one, but many states in Obama’s favor.  If Carter and his gang had overseen this last election like they do for other Countries this election wouldn’t hold water!!!!

    • Braden Myers

      @Villa,,you think this is a fly by night process? Nope,,evil is like molasses in winter,,it takes time for the cancer to take hold,,people like you forget about this in time, then you like right now support this communist enemy we have as president.

    • Michael Qualls

       Joe, or Mr. Maddow you sir are clueless. Maybe you should watch and listen to his shows rather than invent things about them.

    • Anonymous

      Well Joe…the reason Obama won is because he rigged the election with all the liberals who worked the voting stations.. It was obvious that alot of the machines were rigged that if someone voted for Romney, the vote would transfer and count for Obama. IJS

    • yuval Brandstetter

       It means America is more resilient than Glenn gives it credit for. What America cannot believe is that people wish it the worst because of what it is, rather than what it does. They pooh-pooh the idea that Iran wants all the Jews dead, for Islamic reasons. That takes the basic belief in the goodness of man-kind which is the basic American ethos and tears it up. As it should because some ideologies, Nazism, Islam, white and black supremacism, subsume humanity in favor of murder, in every person exposed to them. That is something that even Glenn “extreme” as he is, cannot yet say. Which is why America will suffer many more 911’s and Bostons and Daniel Pearl beheadings before it truly changed course.

    • Deborah Justice Cutrell

      Glenn was right when he said our country would fall if Obama was elected.  Don’t you have eyes?  Don’t you have ears?  Are you so blind and so deaf you can’t see what is happening all around you?  WAKE UP AND GET OUT OF THE OBAMA NIGHTMARE.  

    • Anonymous

       America has fallen, can you not see that?

    • Stephen Fancher

       Romney would of won if it wasnt for voter fraud and tampering

    • Anonymous

      Amen, all those that pulled that rabbit out of the hat
      are marginal, at best. No more ohh this is it moments OK ONE thing one needs to
      remember it’s a TALK show, entertainment at best. That’s it, more. Hyperbole at
      best. Don’t know what it means look it up. It fits the bill.

    • Artie

      Obama’s term isnt over yet is it? Are you so blind you cant see what Obama and his minions are doing? And LOTS of people predicted Romney would win, including all the polls. There’s a rat in THAT corn crib too.

    • Anonymous

      Glenn could not reasonably predict that there would be counties in key states of the 2012 election where obama would get essentially 100% or more of the vote and then the illegal voting activity would not be prosecuted.
      This country is in serious trouble.

    • Ralph Scavone

      your telling me it basically hasn’t Joe?

      Have you bothered to tabulate his EO’s in the last two years?

    • Linda Back

      It seems to me he’s very credible.  It takes a while to destroy a country like ours.  Seems to me Glen was absolutely right.  The destruction is becoming evident and I don’t know if there is a way to turn it back at this point.  I pray there is but I don’t have a lot of hope unfortunately.

    • Susie Sowers Pingleton

      Hey Joe, get out of your mom’s basement.  Glenn has never been wrong in the past 5 years we have awakened to just what is going on.  You are a paid troll?

    • Susie Sowers Pingleton

      Hey Joe, get out of your mom’s basement.  Glenn has never been wrong in the past 5 years we have awakened to just what is going on.  You are a paid troll?

    • Anonymous

      Joe, is this the America it was before Obama was elected? I would say not.
      Romney didn’t win, too bad for us because neither did we.
      Most media, reporters, commentators, editors skew the news, go to press without fact checking – this was only too well displayed all this week following the marathon bombings.
      And the problem with that is the public follows along, perpetuating falsehoods through social media without even bothering to verify the source. Stories have more than one side…
      Glenn offers us the other view…the one liberals don’t want to see, the ones many don’t want to hear.

    • Krystal

      So Joe . . .are you a perfect being so that you can be judging someone else?
      Since when is this world all or nothing?  You are a very sad human being!!!

    • Norbit Peters

      Trolling Joe?
      I think I hear your pals at the Kos, Salon, Slate, Mother Jones, msnbc, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, the AP, etc. calling?

    • Marie Therese

      Yeah Joe Get off GLENN’S site then!  Why are you here go over to NBC or MSNBC.  YOu will be more at home there!

    • Mark McQueen

      Hey Joe…We ARE falling and Obama is pushing…you seem to think it will happen overnight.

    • Jeffrey Willis

      whatever.. ?  

    • Hal McAdams

       Gee whiz Joe, do you ever clear the crap out of your ears when you pull your head out of your ass to speak?

    • Anonymous

      He didn’t count on a stolen election.  The dems would do ANYTHING to stay in power because to them, it’s all about power over You and Me. This is no longer a nation of “we the people”. We need to stop them before they destroy what’s left of the country.

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing Glenn didn’t forsee  the enormous amount of cheating the Obama’s, the unions, and the acorn people  did for re-election.  I hardly knew anyone who would vote for him.  Just check out the cities and see that over 100% of the voters voted for Obama and that will tell you how large the cheating was.  I don’t care if you want to believe me and I could care less if you call me names but the people would do that are not very clear thinking indiviuals.  Somewhere their wires have been crossed or maybe  burnt and their opinion means nothing.

    • Joanna Drake Mahan

      Joe Villa, do you really not see that the end of this country, as we’ve known it, has come?  Are you actually that blinded by the Pied Piper’s flute?  Are you one of the many rats following his as he dances along tearing us down more and more with ever step he takes?  Wake up, open your eyes, and see for yourself.

    • Real Namish

      Joe, you just keep drnking the cool-aid. Leave the thinking to those of us that have a brain.

    • Rework Oh Ryan

       America isn’t falling?  What country are you living in?

      • Donald R Turlington

        We are on the way! This is NOT the country I grew up believing in!  We are SO far from it!   WHY!  We’re all Equal..NO WERE NOT! Everyone gets a fair shake, NO THEY DON”T. Our country is founded on the Constitution, REALLY, WE DON’T GO BY IT!  Fair & Equal treatment! YOU CALL THE TAX SYSTEM FAIR! Elections are the Best handled in the world! RIGHT! OB WON 100% of a ( several really ) DISTRICT. This doesn’t even happen in a communist controlled country! Immigration, WHAT, A JOKE!  These Folks Broke the law….What do they get ????  Go ahead, Drive down the road at 70 mph in a 55, See what you get!  Go into Wal-Mart and steal something..See what you get!  ALL foreign ILLEAGAL ( oh wait, the govt. say’s their Un documented)  IMMIGRANTS have BROKE THE LAW!  Do you see a pattern yet! WE AS A COUNTRY are FALLING!  try to pass laws going against the CONSTITUTION ( 2nd amendment)  Take the guns because kids got shot, But we Kill 1000’s a day doing ABORTION!  What the $%^&* is wrong with you!  This is NOT THE COUNRTY I WAS BORN INTO< OR WANT TO LEAVE MY CHIDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN!  GOD help us!

    • Rick Meyer

      You epitomize the A&I Theory I too believed when I was a young lad. That is that my arrogance was only exceeded by my complete and total ignorance. I too believed i knew it all, and listened only to the few fellow followers of the theory, that did not know what they did not know. Your closed mind reminds me of a horse with blinders on. I now know that I need others, believe in God, and Jesus as my savior. You think I am stupid, but the odds bear my way of thinking even for a bleeding heart liberal like yourself. If there is a God i go to Heaven, if there is a God and you do not believe you go to hell, and if I am wrong I have lived a life of dedication to a belief and nothing happens, while you also have nothing happen. Sad commentary for people who refuse to listen and instead tend to talk to much.

    • David Alder

      Joe, I don’t have a political preference but common sense tells you there is something very wrong in the world and it has exposed itself on America since Obama became president.  His presidency isn’t over yet and there are huge signs that America will fall with everything he has done to care in America.  I don’t know how blind some of you get to believe whatever is spewed at you and I can’t even comprehend how you get that brainwashed.  These are the worst days I have seen in America.  Look around and you can see that, unless you are one of the people living off Obamas welfare plan while you get to contribute nothing to society, maybe that is how you see it differently.  

    • MZAZ

      Mitt would have won if this election, BUT like BO’s first election was RIGGED.

    • Linda Goodson

      Doesn’t say much for how you spend your time if you think he has no credibility yet you are here reading his every word. Actually, the reason you are here is you know the power of the truth and you want to try to quash it.

    • Robert Samsel

      Joe get your head out of your ass or go to MSNBC. The time frame may be off but it’s happening faster as each day go’s pass’s. 

    • William V Keifman Jr

      your a moron joe.  America is coming to an end.  Romney should have won but the election was fixed and we know it.

    • Hunter S. Thompson

      America is falling. LOL. We are watching it. 

    • Patricia Ulloa

       I think that what no one could predict, was the rampant voter fraud in this election. There’s always been some amount of voter fraud in every election. But nothing compares to the election fraud reports of the last two elections, and more so in the latter. When you have dozens and dozens of precincts voting 100% for Obama, and many precincts even having more votes than registered voters, (more than 100%!),  you don’t need an audit or a re-count to know there was something very wrong there. In addition, Obama took most of the states where they do not require a photo ID, however, he did not do well and even lost in the states that do.

    • Michael K. Hurder

      he’s right.  As long as the liar-in-chief is running the show, the USA is doomed. You’re kissing the ass of an anti American asshole Joe.

    • Anonymous

      how do you know Romney/Ryan didn’t win more states? how difficult is it to rig a percentage of voting machines in swing states and a few others for good measure? I doubt barry, the disaster in chief, won that election fair and square.  

    • Deborah Ehlers Gatwood

      I do believe Romney won, the rest is chicago politics. Criminal

    • Robert Hutton

      NO-one knows the day of my coming saith the LORD, but AMERICA has had its card marked Joe Villa. The Book of Mormon ****YES the BOOK of MORMON**** clearly states that in times of UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, this sick nation would REAP THE EAST WING.
      Google it.
      Mosiah 7:19-33.
      The People AND the Government are THAT unrighteous and the end is closer than you imagine, though 2012 was never on the table. There is a seven year war to come yet. Your President could yet lead the armies at Har Magiddo though.

    • Terri Sparks Binion

      He has not lost his credibility.  He is the only one honest enough to tell the truth publicly about this administration.  It is time for us to pull our heads out of the sand.  We are surrounded by corruption that will destroy us if we don’t take our country back.  Too many people have died for the freedoms we have and we don’t have a right to allow those deaths to be in vain.  Wake Up America, this is our home and we are free…………………………….

    • Brian Davies

      Joe, the only reason Glenn is not credible to you ….. is that you’re a lib trolling on a conservative site.

    • John Michaud

      glenn has said over and over that he sucks at picking when. pretty damned good track record at what

    • Marilyn Mauerman

      Joe Joe Joe, you don’t think America has come to an end… as we know it, it has. Romney won and you know that also, it’s just Romney is an honest man with integrity, while Barry has to lie, cheat, and bomb his way for georgie (soros) boy.  Get off his site and kiss Obamas feet.

    • Catherine Nelsen

      Joe, Glenn’s predictions are pretty accurate – since BO has been in office, the US has DECLINED and has been attacked without BO doing much of ANYTHING EXCEPT to cut our defense budget thereby putting all US citizens in harms way!  His credibility has grown in fact!

    • Alice Ramos

      GLEN WAS RIGHT !!! facts are countless voting machines were tampered’ and it’s a fact known by many now’ that Mr .soaros the billionaire co owns the voting machines that were used in OBAMA ELECTION’ so they were tampered with’ and I hate to pop your bubble’ but you are a sheep!!! america has come to and END’ with Bama being in office’ He dose not plan on going away!! it is not business as usual!!

    • Rick Spears

      About the Romney Loss Glenn was just a bit too optimistic. As far as other things he has said would or might happen he has always stated the timing is not exact.Our country as founded has ended. People are willing to be sheep and let government do everything. The aftermath of the Boston attack is evidence of it.

      The majority of the people up in Boston are defenseless. That 19 year old could have been shot by a citizen, but no they want to sit back and let government shut down their city and cower in their homes.

      I would have respected the officials call to stay inside however if I had seen him he would be dead. He was a traitor to my nation. As such I have a duty to protect my family and neighbors if threatened.

      Since Obama/Bloomberg and others like him have succeeded in taking away so many of or rights in the BILL OF RIGHTS and CONSTITUTION so many people have been TRAINED in the public school system to be submissive and subservient that I fear for the future.

      Has anyone thought of why back in the cold war era why sinarios like what happened in the original movie Red Dawn DIDN’T happen? Its cause WE ARE ALL ARMED. To invade a nation where 5 out of 10 citizens are armed is impossible. However now I wonder. I wonder if those countries are sitting back and just waiting for the LIBs to win out and disarm us all and then BOMM they swoop in and invade. Remember we have MORE OIL then the middle east. Russia and Iran would love to exploit that.

    • Kyle J. Merriam

       With all the voting fraud  are you sure Mittens did not win 48 states?

    • Gaile

       Romney would have won if the election has been legit. Glenn is right re Obama  & his destructive agenda for America. Glenn can’t help it that God is having mercy on us by giving us more time. Do you see anyone else with the heart & courage to start a network against all odds so we can hear real news? Someday soon you’ll realize that Glenn’s been correct all along. GOD BLESS HIM!

    • Terrie Berrie

      America DID came to an end as we knew it when Obama was elected. Several MSM and cable news stations predicted a white extremist (Tea Party) bombed Boston. Did they finally lose credibility?

    • Ron Jossendal

      He got the first two right,anyone can were this country is going!

    • Mike Ashley

      Obama is in the process of destroying this country.

    • Anonymous

      if you hadnt noticed, America is still falling……..

    • Valli Saliba

      America as we knew it is slowly coming to an end. America is falling. You’ll see it soon enough. Obama only won because of voter fraud. Google the similarities
      between Hitler and Obama. He’s evil. 

    • Dan Scammell

       Wake up Joe….America is coming to an end as we know it everyday since Obama took office.If you haven’t seen all the proof of voter fraud then you aren’t paying attention…Stop watching MSNBC for your news..

    • Trent Anderson

       Joe your a Dumb@ass!!!

    • Maritza Deleon-Goodspeed

      Election was rigged.  “They picked the winner” before a vote was cast.  This is not in our control or Glenns.  If you listened to the promises obama made to russia and and heard valerie jarett quote that they have the courts and the election in the bag…maybe you would understand that the elections are just an illusion of choice.

      • Anonymous

        what was it he said to Putin right before the election………I’ll have more “flexability” after the election

    • Anonymous

      he would have won in a landslide if not for the voter fraud

    • Carol Martin

      only lost his credibility with u are probablly an obummer supporter any way, believing all his bs. chill out on the kool-aid its causing brain damage

    • Anonymous

      True on 1st two accounts. The America that we know has come to an end and America did fall in 2012 in case you haven’t seen the unemployment numbers and statistics. We have fallen but we aren’t dead yet! There is still breath there. I will take 2 out of 3 any day. Oh, let’s see where Chris Mathews is in his predictions!

    • Donna L. Schoening

      – – if Glenn has ‘lost all credibility’ why are you posting here???

    • connie daniels

      the end is ongoing, open your eyes and just because Obama won did not mean Romney did not take the election. there was mass fraud going on , not little events here and there  States had more voters than were registered voting, people voting multiple times, poll workers knowingly allowing it, 100% votes for Obama which is impossible. I know for a fact in Ohio there have been many charges brought already and more to come. People who were not even citizens who possessed ID taken by the busload to vote and handed ID as they left the bus. Poll workers who did not ask for ID, which is a requirement in Ohio along with a current utility to verify address. Not to mention all the incidents of voters pushing the Romney link and it showed up for Obama. No I am afraid we are going down hill the bottom approaching faster all the time. 

    • Anonymous

      America is failing; Obama and his henchmen/cronies/palace guard media are just hiding that fact from you. When the SHTF–and it will, oh it will–you will be dazed and confused, desperate and still deluded, wondering what happened. Ha, people like you will turn into MSNBC to find out what’s going on, and you’ll hear bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

    • Matt Worner

      America IS coming to an end, Joe.  Prognosticators never get the time line exactly precise.  And if you believe in hopeful electioneering hyperbole I’ll bet you believe in “hope and change” too.

      Drink your Kool-Aid.

    • Walle Walker

      Obamma won some districts with 110% of the vote, and some with not 1 vote for anyone but him. There are always 1 or 2 for Mickey Mouse or Opra etc. As far as America coming to an end. IT HAS. He has spent more than all the other presidents and has driven this country to be morally and finical bankrupt. A civil war is a match away Joe. Please tell me what he has done right?

    • Pamela Perkins

       I guess we will wait until Monday, then. Seems your worried , or you wouldnt be here checking it out in the first place, Must be losing his freebies is worrysome to the pathetic NON WORKING< FREELOADER

    • Robert Truss

       Just looking at the way the voting was rigged and the people who voted more than twice, I’d say Romney should have won. Just like 90% that was really 4% and had been trumped up.

    • Christopher Huber

      But hasn’t it? Hasn’t it changed? Changed & not for the better? America has always been thought as a Christian nation. One with many Christian traditions of many faiths. Now Muslims just see us as the Great Satan. They send sleeper cells & warped fanatics to kill people. They know they will get free medical care & schooling. The guy, in the military, Major/now Col., his Beirut family told him, we OWED it to him, and he should come to Lebanon to kill Christians & Jews. That is they way they think. We owe them & if they want to, they can kill us, and since we aren’t Muslim, it doesn’t matter. How do you deal with a society & radical thinking of a Faith/cult  that is that mentally defective?

    • David Trout

      America is eroding away with all these events!! What else would you call it but the end!

    • Diana Lazarian

      4+ years under the leadership of the empty chair and Americans are still in a world of hurt and it isn’t getting any better.  Score One for Glenn Beck.  On Romney winning  . . . can’t blame him for wishful thinking.  Frankly, we all lost on that one.

    • John Sharp

       Joe..When I read your misguided rhetoric..I had a ‘flash back” to when I was a kid over in Ellensburg, WA.  ( around 1936-38 ) &  we had a ‘General Store’ we went to for supplies..& in that store e there was ALWAYS a barrel containing great apples..&  the store owner had me go thru the barrel every..  time I came sort out the one’s that appeared to start to ‘go bad’..Watching Glenn since he was @ CNN then to Fox..& going over his ‘scope of predictions’ he shared with us..based on HISTORY  repeating itself..if he were  a player in the Baseball Major League..his ‘batting average’  would be up in the 900’ comparison to the ‘correctness’ of his predictions..especially about the middle east, Muslim Brothrhood, Califate, etc..One good thing about my ‘job’ of picking out the ‘bad apples’ game me some earned expertise on recognizing misguided ‘bad apples’ when they spout their uninformed intellect..You fit there VERY NICELY, Joe..

    • Dave Crash Craddock


    • Michael Reed

      This coming from someone who never REALLY listens to what Glenn Beck says! Go ahead and keep your head in the sand. You can remain clueless till they start rounding people up for “detention!”  (extermination)

    • dave pitts

      Economically it is well on its way to the end. Just let the Fed stop manipulating interest rates and it is depression time again. Does 1929 ring a bell. Only this time you have 47% of the nation that thinks someone owes them and Obama has created such a division that they actually believe hard working Americans, who are successfu,l owe them. If they can no longer collect from the GOV because they are broke – where do you think these people are going to look for their well being. If it comes to that – and I hope I am wrong, there will be civil war.

    • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

      I don’t think Beck fans look at him as a prophet or anything like that. I know there is always some fringe as there is in any large group of people. (I like to call them “Beckies, sort of a parody of ‘Trekkis”)
      Beck has a healthy obsession with history and he knows history repeats itself. He’s been right several times in his predictions.

      When Beck said Romney would win, he didn’t say he’d win by 48 states. Actually, it was electoral college votes and he sort of bet on how many states would go red. Besides, that was not a prediction. If you watched Beck more thsn 2-3 times, you would know when he makes a prediction. For one thing, he said he sucks at politics. He said he’s always wrong when he predicts something in politics.

      Off the top of my head…
      1. Beck predicted the Arab Spring before it happened when he was on Fox.
      Everyone laughed at him.

      2. During the Arab Spring, Beck predicted the Muslim Brotherhood would get their members in leadership positions. Everyone laughed at him.
      Well, it isn’t over yet, but Egypt did “elect” a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. If you were paying attention then, everyone said this would never of many facets in this wacky, wild Arab Spring”. (Picture me, holding a pipe in my mouth, pretending to be an elitist).

      3. Beck predicted the situation in Greece before it happened.   He said when the govt ran out of money, the people would take to the streets. There would be riots, blood spilled, suicides, hunger, etc.   Beck was right. You might say that it was an obvious prediction. Not true! Everyone thought Greece would get bailed out. They eventually did, but not before there was chaos.
      4. Beck predicted that if Obama won his second election, gun and ammunition sales would spike the following day. On 11/7/2012, gun sales skyrocketed.

      5. Beck predicted Tanias was going to fall a year before it happened.

      6. Beck also said that middle east will eventually merge together and create a caliphate. This was BEFORE Gaddafi  was forced out. The media went crazy laughing at him. Now two years later,  it is not uncommon to hear the mainstream media talk of a possible caliphate. It was a fairy tail when Glenn first brought it up.

    • Nadine McKenna

      Romney would have won in 48 states if the voting system has not been corrupted.  Example Cayahooga county in Ohio, 972k registered voters, every single one of those registered voters voted for Obama.  wouldn’t that seem unusual hat not one person in that county 

    • Daniel Emerson

       America has come to an end

    • Lesley Perry

      You are not living in the real world and I believe Beck!!!

    • Anonymous

       yea of little Faith…. Keep up the good work Glenn and please be safe. Godspeed!

    • Anonymous

      What he said is exactly whats going on. America is going down…
      The problem is that you think it would be overnight, and obviously its not.

    • Jubal Harshaw

       A dinosaur, elephant, whale, or even a gerbil doesn’t die “instantly.”  It may be minutes or milliseconds, but it is not instantaneous.  A country doesn’t fall in an instant.  But the US is circling the drain, propelled by the progressives and aided by the media.  Remember:  the person that tries to exist with his head in the sand risks someone using him as a bicycle stand.

    • Renee Chamberlin-Williams

      @Joe Villa…Romney did win, if you discount the the fraudulent votes for Obama in several states. And sadly, America has fallen since the 2012 elections. It’s Americans that are not down and out. We will fight to regain America. At some point, hopefully, people like you who have blind faith in a “much too large” federal government, made up of men and women who are only interested in their own wealth and power, will become aware. If not, are you willing to die fighting for their wealth and power? What of your rights? What of the future of your family? Wouldn’t you prefer to fight for them?

    • Anonymous

      about:  “Sorry Glenn, you have lost all credibility.”
        Sir, if you ever hope to have credibility, you will begin to see the forest instead of examining a few leaves.  Your sampling of what Glenn said is woefully devoid of the multitudes of things that he has uncovered and been right about.
        I suspect that you already have your mind made up about our corrupt rulers, and that no amount of evidence or truth will cause your eyes to see, nor your ears to hear.  Even on the Day when the Lord descends from the heavens, you may be one of those who will still shake your fist at Him.
        Continue to give praise to Obama and his minions for all the free stuff that he gives.  (Stuff that has been purchased with our money).  I have worked since I was 15 years old, and I find it offensive that my portion of the budget goes to those won’t help themselves.  I am totally for helping those who CAN’T help themselves.  We are called to do that.
        I am neither a democrat nor a republican, for the vast majority of them are theives and liars….. voting for only those things that will get them re elected.
      My allegience is first to the Creator and then to my country (not the men and women in power who seek only their own desires)

    • Geri A. Legg


      • Anonymous

        Turn off the caps lock lady… you look like the fool.

    • Debbie McCoy

       NOPE..not with me! This country HAS come to an end..the America we KNEW is no longer! O’Bama built that! Glenn has told the ABSOLUTE TRUTH at every turn and if YOU don’t know this, you haven’t watched him much! EVERYTHING he predicted and told us has or is happening. AS FOR THE ELECTION..Romney DID win! it was rigged and we all know this~States were called for O while the POLLS WERE STILL OPEN! People still standing in line to vote..and believe me, I know people that WERE standing in line to vote when it was called! Go ahead and stick our head in that Arab sand because you will see and it’s not gonna be pretty!

    • Poul Munk-Madsen

      Joe, pal have you looked into voting fraud cover ups???

    • Jim Strom

       Joe , you are a moron .  I love libs who are beholden to corrupt demoncrats

    • Mary Davis

      I don’t think you quite understand. America has come to an end. The old America anyways. 

    • Angel Nova

       Joe, of course Glenn did not lost his credibility.  He was telling the truth and if only you followed all the details of the last election, you will stop talking like that.  Obama won that election through massive voter fraud.  The voting machines used had most of Obama’s name readily printed for him , thanks to his master and owner, George Soros, illegals were registered in record numbers to vote for him, and Somalian Muslims were also shipped in the millions to wote for him….. There were only 51 million votes for Obama most of which are questionable.  Romney had 48 million.  Obama did not win big time and he thinks he now owns America!

    • Robert Harrold

      America is almost the USSA under o’Marxist. Can we fall any further? If o’fundamentally change has his commiecrat way, we can. Every single poll was way off. Many of us were overly optimistic out of justifiable fear of what did happen which was o’he who would be Caesar offering class warfare to the ‘bread & circuses’ voter. Credibility? Get yourself a couple.

    • Thomas McIntyre

      you’re nothing more than a truth denying liberal moron – go ahead – keep denying the truth and dont say no one ever tried to warn you – obumer stole the election with MASSIVE voter fraud… 60+ % of exit pollers (many of whom were democrats who voted for obumer in 2009) came out saying they voted for Romney – but thats ok – keep drinking the libtard coolaid and dont come crying when your beloved leftist morons “dont have your back” in the time of need that’s fast approaching…

    • Willam Stadly

       Mitt did win Obama and progressives use massive voter fraud in all the battle ground states. we honest folks know what happened. payback is due for all you progressive cheaters and Un Americans. soon! !!

    • Jd Weitzel

      I’m pretty sure that the 48 state landslide was a joke. I listened to that show.

      Health insurance premiums are set to go up 80% next year as a direct result of Obamacare, the govt is more worried about allowing illegals in and disarming the population than it is fixing the burdens it keeps placing on the people.

      Of the people, FOR the people, BY the people… Not a aristocracy like we have now.

    • lovispoonful

      Glenn probably didn’t figure that Obama was win by fraud.  You need to look at Obama and not Beck.  Obama has most all credibility – not Beck.

    • William R Nicholson

       Joe , maybe you do not mind losing your rights as a citizen and following a petty dictator whom is ignoring any constitutional limits on the presidency. It may be advisable to start caring , if not about Your country and rights , to start caring about the country and rights your children and loved ones will inherit. The country has been fundamentally changed and it has been just as the founders and Glenn predicted. The governed have given up their rights and freedom , in exchange for a false promise of security and government freebies ! This exchange agreed to was the start of all the charismatic leaders power in the past. Learn history of Mao, Lenin, Hitler and Mussolini ; the history is there to be learned . If you fail to learn from history , it will repeat itself …….

    • Melissa Anders

      Do you ever even think about him actually being right. I mean really. How ignorant is our society these days. The government has control over everything. Us Citizens have nothing anymore. We have no rights anymore as we have nothing. If the government can get into each and everyone of our computers and see everything that we are doing don’t you realize that they can enhance the votes over their own computers. Think about it we vote on computers now there is not such thing as paper being used anymore and even if there was it could easily be discarded. The government is in control the people are no longer in control and everyone is too scared to step up. I believe in Glenn beck he is correct about so many things and he is doing what is right with ratting out the gov’t there is so many things out there that happen on a daily basis that it would keep people locked in their homes and scared to take a step out not to mention keep their kids out of school. So before you go judging over one little thing take a look around you and realize that u do not see the evil within the world and you do not see the death that occurs everyday because the gov’t does not let it become released and the cops themselves hide it because they themselves fear it

  • Anonymous

    “Administration officials told The Hill on Thursday that news reports about the student injured in the bombing are confusing him with another student from Saudi Arabia who was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for violating his visa.”

    Read more: 


    • Guest

      Key words “administration officials”. Those are people who are part of the democratic socialist regime from the White House. Administration officials are part of the Obama Propaganda Ministry, the spinners of the untruths, from the Department of Lies and Confusion. They are the cover-up artists!
      Those who use their powers of comprehension and reasoning skills know better than to believe the propaganda from the White House Media office.
      Lets hear what Beck has to say and the proof he brings to light. Until then, shut your yapping trap.

      • Anonymous

        Key words, Momma, I can’t spell, Grizzley, “Glenn Beck said.” He is a lying, absurd, reactionary propaganda who makes his gullible followers — like you — believe that Obama is a “Marxist” and/or “socialist.” But only morons believe that nonsense.

        Fact: the publisher of The American Conservative believes that Obama is a centrist, as does former Reagan adviser Bruce Bartlett.

        Actually, it’s YOU who doesn’t care about what reasonable people have to say. Beck is not reasonable. He thrives off gullible, hateful racists…like you.

  • Anonymous

     “A thousand shall flee at the threat of one, at the threat of five you shall flee till you are left like a flagstaff on the top of a mountain, like a signal on a hill” Isaiah 30:17

  • Guest

    “This story is number 2 because of what I know. ”

    Except…”Administration officials told The Hill on Thursday that news reports about the student injured in the bombing are confusing him with another student from Saudi Arabia who was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for violating his visa.”

    This story is a number 2, straight from the bull.

    How many suckers actually believe this BS?

    • Anonymous

      Who are you? The propaganda police disguised as an unwanted Guest? Seems to me there’s more BS coming from your comments than anywhere else!
      You SUCK!

  • Guest

    “The F.B.I. has changed their story about the man every day since the bombing. Made no mention of him at yesterday’s news conference., even though there is still a standing order of deportation and on the documents it says linked to the Boston bombing.”

    Except: “Administration officials told The Hill on Thursday that news reports about the student injured in the bombing are confusing him with another student from Saudi Arabia who was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for violating his visa.”

    So Beck is twisting a confusion between two people into a “story.”  Uh huh, and that is supposed to move some moron to call for Obama’s impeachment?

    Hmmm, I wonder why he doesn’t mention that to the gullible who read his lies and believe his nonsense?

    • Guest

      What makes you so sure that Beck is confused and you are not?
      Mention what? That you twist Beck’s words to suit your lies and hypocrisy?
      Please, you’re boring and obtuse. Stick to your liberal democratic socialist newsletters. I’m sure they enjoy your lunatic rants on the steps of the Ithaca Courthouse.

      • Anonymous

        That was the Binghamton courthouse, oh ignorant one.

        I doubt Beck is confused. I suspect that he knows he’s fooling some of the people all of the time. It’s a very lucrative business you know.

        I don’t have to twist Beck’s words. Unlike you, I check their accuracy.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, be very carefull this weekend. I, like you, have come to the conclusion that I do not trust my government. Stay safe. No accidents.

  • TylerDurden

    Glenn is losing it.

    • Anonymous

      Obama has lost it.

      • Steve Covern

        Our entire system of government has lost it. If you think the guys with the D or R next to their name care about you, you are sadly mistaken. 

    • Guest

      Not really. Just another day on the job. He’s been like this for years. He makes a fine living jumping the shark.

  • Anonymous

    Go after them Glenn.The truth matters and it will be released.We got cowards in our government.Expose them too.Unbelievable.I cannot believe it.God help us.

  • suz

    thank you for your needed presence which cannot be expressed adequately.   

    in constant prayer for glenn and his staff that bring the truth.

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering if the reason I can’t see the video related to this is the “Pay-Per-View Patriotism” I see with Fox and others like Glenn Beck here. I’ve been raped by the cable/internet companies. And both Fox and Glenn Beck aid and abet these corporate monsters. I’m finding the Internet less and less accessible.

    “It’s Time to Break Up AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner and the Rest of the Telecoms.” AlterNet / By David Rosen and Bruce Kushnick
    Today’s telecoms provide overpriced and inferior service, and are systematically overcharging the hapless American consumer.'s_time_to_break_up_at%26t,%C2%A0verizon,_comcast,_time_warner_and_the_rest_of_the_telecoms/

    “How the Phone Companies Are Screwing America: The $320 Billion Broadband Rip-Off” AlterNet / By David Rosen and Bruce Kushnick
    Americans are stuck with an inferior and overpriced communications system, compared with the rest of the world, and we’re being ripped off in the process.$320_billion_broadband_rip-off?page=entire

    • Rachael

       Your computer must be broken. I was able to watch the video just fine.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to get the truth out. Praying for your safety, God Bless.

  • Independent Tom

    Liberals are always desperate to misdirect away from their habitual violence and felonious, criminal enterprises by “talking up” a conservative mass murderer, but the fact is, mass murderers are almost always lefties and conservatives are almost always law-abiding.

    • mspatdev

      Amen, Amen

    • Ted Johnson

      LOL, what?

  • Anonymous

    Take good care.  If this is war, pre-emptive release is always to be considered.

  • Anonymous

    And how we’re getting screwed by BOTH the Dems and Reps:

    Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage and the Family by Stephen Baskerville
    The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men by Christina Hoff Sommers
    Purple Heart’s Final Beat – A Soldier Suicide Story
    Plunder: How Public Employee Unions Are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives and Bankrupting the Nation by Steven Greenhut
    One Nation Under Arrest: How Crazy Laws, Rogue Prosecutors and Activist Judges Threaten You Liberty by Reosenzweig & Walsh
    Mean Justice: A true account of a prosecutor’s power and betrayel by Edward Humes
    The Man by Irving Wallace (The “Black” President we should have had.)
    Snitch: Informants, Cooperators & the Corruption of Justice by Ethan Brown
    The Innocent Man by John Grisham
    Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case by Stuart Taylor Jr. and KC Johnson
    Vince Flynn’s “Term Limits” as a solution to our political problems.

  • donaldcassidy


  • Mary Arellano

    I am sick to my stomach….

  • Mary Arellano

    I also hope that Glenn isn’t “shut up” by the government…..  I know it sounds like a thriller movie, but who knows???

  • pslinger

    Be careful Glenn. Don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position like Andrew did.

  • Nathan

    glenn is mad

    • Anonymous

      …and he’s angry.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, get more sad, sorry ratings on Monday promising more drivel. You drama whore who can’t even work a five dollar corner.

    • Political Preston

       LOL!!! Really? How much is he getting paid to run and operate is own network? You go squabble over a corner, we’ll take the whole city. Small mind dude.

  • Terry Slaughter

    Can you say “Narcissist”?

  • Judi A Hagthrop

    When will America realize that they need Jesus? Seriously, how much more is it going to take?

    • TWF

       They won’t, sadly.

  • Alma Wilkinson

    Anyone think The Blaze will not be here on Monday? You don’t give people like these advance warning of your intentions–unless you have a death wish–you’re daring that they don’t want to create a martyr.

    • Anonymous

      I think the Blaze has lost a lot of credibility, not that it had much before.

  • Anonymous

    FYI –

    Here’s some NEW information on 9/11 —

  • Jay Wren

    You wrote, ” Because the government can protect you. We were talking about talking about making it more difficult to buy guns while somebody just blew the legs off American citizens.”  I think you need to proof this better. You SHOULD say, “Because the government CAN’T protect you.”

    • Rachael

       he was meaning it sarcastically as in, “don’t worry, you don’t need your guns. the government can protect you”.

      • Jay Wren

        That makes sense now Rachel. Sarcasm is hard in print because you don’t hear the tonality. Thanks for the help. And I’m sure we all pray for Glen’s safety.

  • Tiffany Kessler

    Praying for you, your family, and your staff – may a hedge of protection from God above surround you all!! God bless and THANK YOU!

  • TheCannabisWhistler

    Stay safe and bundle up this weekend.  Wear something appropriate… May I suggest something in a nice shade of kevlar?  Seriously…  Stay safe Glenn.

  • Rachael

    Here’s the thing “liberals”, fellow conservatives and libertarians who like to dismiss what Beck says: Why would he put his credibility and his lively hood on the line if this was just a way to get ratings? Hmm? How come pretty much everything he’s ever predicted (no he’s not psychic) has come true? By dismissing Beck, you are dismissing the fact that there are people within every level of government who see what’s going on and are willing to come forward because they don’t like it. Perhaps the reason Beck gets these kind of stories is because as we’ve seen in the past, the other media will not do the story. I don’t need to list examples here because if you have a functioning brain, you realize that is a fact. Glenn Beck is not talking about false flags, chem trails, and other Alex Jones truther nonsense here. He’s asking and answering questions most cowards in the media wouldn’t dare.Give this man the benefit of the doubt on this one and don’t immediately write him off like those in the media you claim to despise do.

    • Joseph Wert

      GB does not want you to know about the ages old Mystery Religion of Babylon still practiced today in secret, or how mighty this religion has become on the earth today. You have been hoodwinked; for he is a member. If you don’t care or think I’m a troll or nuts it must be the same reason nobody ever gave a damn about the Christians being burned at Waco or how the world laughed at the John Birch Society. I’ll leave you with this if you don’t know where this is going. Christ didn’t lie to the Thessalonians he delivered his kingdom to them in their time, and what he delivered them from was very real and a constant threat.

  • Steve Covern

    Glenn I will go as far to say, I have hated you for a long time. That is changing. You seem to be the only person in media who is questioning the events that unfolded in Boston. I hope what you are promising to release on Monday is true. I cant believe I am going to say this. This time, I am rooting for you. Please expose the conspiracy. Depending on what you uncover, you have a supporter for life. 

  • Tyler

    While I am not a fan of Becks pseudolibertarian materials, And while some of his views are laughable (goldline much?) He seems to occasionally stumble into something legitimately of interest.

    Perhaps this is one of those times, and I’ll tune in, but I won’t hold my breath.

  • Erica Rose

    Mr. Beck, I do not think you should wait until Monday, if what you’re saying is true, and I kind of trust you after reading two of your books and watching the Blaze a while (I WAS a liberal until last December) waiting will not make the truth any more true, and those who are lying and covering up the truth will deny it and continue to lie whether you hold back or speak out now.  If, as you say, America is dying, and I have no reason NOT to believe you, then I would think time is of the essence, and you must make all haste, if you are to save the patient.  Just saying…

  • Steph

    6 members of Congress have verified this information (as stated in the article).  Praying for our nation, Glenn, his family and all brave patriots in America.

  • Anonymous

    Nice try Joe Villa. Typical indoctrination tactic. No matter what the truth is, make sure your agenda dominates. Sure. Glenn makes mistakes and he’ll be the first to tell you that. But consider this: he’s risking his personal safety with this pending information. Do you really think he would do that just for ratings? But if he’s right, then what about you? Are you willing to risk your life by ignoring the truth? By the way. America did fall in 2012. It just didn’t die….yet.

  • Anonymous

    GO GLENN!!!!! Dont hold back! We are counting on you!

  • Bartow Irby

    Glenn, I enjoy you wanting to sell me lifelock and gold and stuff to keep ur feeble show on the road, there’s a reason you were let go from CNN and FOX, you’re crazy,,,absolutley shithouse rat crazy,,,,,there is no evidence of the man that wasnt there,,,this mysterious Saudi guy.You are a bad soap opera, and have you no shame sir?

    • Anonymous

      Shrug, we will see on monday.. lol. 

  • Lou Ellen Brown

    Please take all kinds of precautions! You are one of the few “newspeople” I feel are trustworthy, and I do not want to hear anything bad happening to you. I will pray hard for you to be safe.

    • mspatdev

      I agree with you. As in Pres. Clinton’s administration had a few people that died with out any reason,  excepted being killed. Obammy’s government does not forgive anyone. They will kill anyone and that is why they wanted those small airplanes to kill USA citizens.    What a shame.

  • Stephen LoneWolf Cline

    If it’s so damn important why are you waiting until monday? You can’t possibly believe that they will come clean. The last person that pulled this stunt died of a mysterious heart attack.

  • RaDonna Marshall

    Judge Napolitano On Government Faking Terror Plots
    Reported in 2011 but we still need to be aware

    • Wilhelm von Überlieferung

      It goes back further than that, to the founding of neoconservatism itself by Irving Kristol and the maturation of the art & science of public relations in the 50s and 60s. Neoconservatism is just a big lie, nothing more than Trotskyite Communism with a facade of American conservative values and pro-Israel rhetoric. Real traditional American values have been left by the way side.

  • landofaahs

    My first gut reaction would be Bin Laden’s son.  Heck, it  could be OBL himself.  I don’t trust this administration any further than I can throw the world.  All we have is a liars word that Bin Laden is dead.  But frankly, it could be that a connected family in Saudi could cause trouble there and foment an embargo of oil.   Since our idiot bought off by the communist enemies of America such as The environmental whacko’s have stopped us from energy independence, Obama would suffer big time in his little poll ratings.  But it’s just a thought and it could be some other evil reason. 

    • mspatdev

      How do we know that Bin Laden is really dead? No one has seen his body except a few people. Obammy has probably threathen their lives, families and everybody else. He was facing an election and needed VOTES. Votes for having 11 million immigrants in the USA. How about Benghazi? He needed votes for putting a good man in prison with a U-Tube movie that was made in July and not in Oct. 2012.

  • Ginny Auldridge

    I can’t wait.

  • Ryan Lane Coleman

    Why can’t you (Glenn) and Mr. Jones just lay every thing you two disagree on and join together for the love of all that is holy! “A house divided amongst itself cannot stand”

  • Karyn McNicoll

    Yes… the first thought I had was that you, Glenn Beck need to watch your back.  I still say that Andrew Breibart was murdered.  Thanks for all you do.. But please watch out..

  • Anonymous

    You realize if Glenn was serious about “going public” with this truth about the Saudi National, he’d name his government sources. If you can’t name sources, the information cannot be considered truth. Thats a basic concept in journalism.
    Why is the “media” not focused about the Saudi who was standing by the bomb? Because he wasn’t there, because he was not involved. The Blaze and Beck don’t have definitive evidence for any of this. 

    Why is Beck focused more on the Saudi National than the two people who were definitively involved? I try to like Beck but he keeps preaching doomsday.

    • mspatdev

      You know Boston is having a hard time this week with many of their people and other peoples of other states/countries being killed and hurt. Last night, April 18 or 19,  one of the killers was killed and the other on the run and finally he was caught, April 19. Boston is celebrating, let them have some freedom and fun. I believe what Glenn is saying most of the time, as you will. You radicals ought to go and visit MSNBC where your doubts and lies will go with there agenda.  Glenn is a good person. He sees and feels things that most of you don’t or want to. He has been proven right in a lot of things. Why does Mr. Barry Soetoro want Glenn and even Fox News off of the air if they weren’t a threat to the Far-Right Socialist, Islamic Extremist, Jihardist and Radical Muslem’s?   Mr. Soetoro doesn’t like the USA. 

      • Anonymous

        I fail to see how any of this relates to what I’m saying. Glenn has no concrete evidence connecting the Boston bombing with the Saudi National’s deportation. If he actually had the memo with the deportation, he’d post a copy of it on his website! He didn’t! His “Patriot” sources don’t have names. Until he puts a name to the source or releases the document, its all speculation in a witch hunt for another Arab terrorist.

    • Anonymous

      Ya its like buy GOLD it’s the only way to go. Hell who
      can afford gold. The gold diggers. I have noticed it’s always THE END OF THE
      WORLD AS WE KNOW IT CRAP. ya what’s that dum ass that keeps popping up with the
      , he has predicted this on the economy and predicted that , you see or hear ,
      YET this fool hasn’t proved yack, But still the sky is always falling . Get real.
      For all you hangers on, don’t forget its HYPERBOLE, entertainment A PAY CHECK.
      Marginal reporting at best. WHY, NOTHING ever changes. Until then, it’s JUST
      talk, TALK , TALK> You get press we get NOTHING for the over hype. But the smart ass , with the MSN or CNN idea. Its the same  but on the liberal side of the fence. no diff.

    • James Machie Jr

      I have yet to see any of the proof that the two people they say were involved actually were. Not saying they weren’t because I don’t know. But if you think about it we are basing our assumptions on what the government is telling us. And we all know how honest our government is when it’s trying to cover it’s ass.

      • Anonymous

        Are you kidding? They were photographed at the scene! The Boston Police, not the Feds, have confirmed those two men were the ones who placed the bombs. With no others involved! Why is this so difficult to understand? They were from Chechnya! Not the Middle East!

        Beck’s chasing a ghost in this Saudi National. 

  • Wilhelm von Überlieferung

    Similar to how Michael Chertoff got the Israeli nationals presumed to be Mossad agents immediately deported back to Israel after being detained with questionable video footage and traces of explosives on 9/11, before they could be thoroughly interrogated or charged with a crime.

  • Anonymous

    Do it now! Release the information. Bring this corrupt administration down.  For the love of all that is sacred, someone needs to act to stop this madness, this abrogation of the duties of the federal government ; its a corrupt administration, it needs to be overthrown – maybe instead of waiting for a coup or a revolution or an assassination of its evil leadership, it can be toppled by the power of truth. 

    Long shot, but maybe.  What is there to lose ? Release it!

  • Jack Fry

    Glenn, Alex Jones and other have bee trying to warn us all for a very long time! Are we in the Biblical last days already? Before our grand children even having a chance at a good life like we got to have?

    • mspatdev

      They way this country is going, and Mr. Barry Soetoro spends and spends, our grandchildren aren’t going to have a good life. They will be working two jobs just to make ends meet and pay, pay all of the taxes that Soetoro governments wants them to pay. We may be under U.N. Socialist govenment and Mr. Soetoro will be playing king of the USA and the World.

  • Superpoints Referral

    Explain this video from Suspect 1. Who was ran over by car, shot up and had shrapnel causing his death, or lastly died of cardiac arrest. Looks alive well and naked to me folks! One video has already been banned bettter download it while ya can!!

  • Superpoints Referral

    Then explain to me how that man with no injuries getting in a police car ended up looking like this???

  • Lori Calton

    Looking forward to hearing the the news…and I sincerely hope it is credible and provable. We all know too well of this administration’s uncanny ability to deflect. In the meantime, please fix the grammatical errors in this article.

  • Thomas King Clark

    How many true Americans are there really?

  • Rachel Clark

    Prayers for Glenn and his “Blaze Family!”

  • Gina Marie

     I pray he sticks to it this time and doesn’t disappoint us like he did about the fema camps..

  • Sarah Beth Jarrett

    Yes, please make sure you have some extra security protection.  I don’t think the evil that is behind all of this coverup will hesitate to try to stop you!

  • William Fuzi

    Hey Glenn why wait till Monday!
    No better time than the present.
    Some times it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission, so forgive me!
    This is the name of the Saudi national being deported
    for the ties to the Boston bombing.
    He is either a resurrected zombie, or he was really never killed, or maybe this is a close relative named after the dead terrorist.

    Abdul Rahman Bin Obeid al-Khalaf Al-Harbi, was born in Saudi Arabia. Few dozens of Al-Harbi clan, one of the powerful clans in Saudi Arabia, became active and influential members in Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and abroad.  
    Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi was one of the leading figures of Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and an expert in booby trapping of cars. He was one of the militants who escaped a police checkpoint in al-Khaledeyah quarters in Mecca, on 11/04/2003.
    Two days later, on 11/06/2003, Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi was once again involved in exchange of fire with the Saudi Police in Suwaidi neighborhood of the capital Riyadh, in which nine police officers were lightly wounded.
    Another three days later, on 11/09/2003, Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi led the Al-Muhaya Bombings in the capital Riyadh. He together with Nimr bin Sahaj Al-Bogomy, now (06/2009) in custody, fired at the guards to pave the way for the car bomb designated to the compound.  Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi was engaged in a series of clashes in the Al-Muhaya Aftermath
    On 04/12/2004 evening Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi commanded the Al-Fayha Shootout in Riyadh.
    Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi was killed, eventually, in Mecca, on 08/16/2004, in the vicinity of the Grand Mosque, when he attacked security officers who were trying to apprehend him. He was trapped by the Saudi security service following the interrogation of four militants captured in Medina in 06/2004 (see – June-2004).  T

  • josh c

    if i walked down the road to go camp with a backpack will i get stopped or shot? i’m scared of the gov

  • Wolf Wylde

    Im with ya Glenn . . I have lived a life that has brought me into contact with both the best and worst of people.
    Yet always when the worst was encountered, their shone upon the horizon the lone helper, the one with more mercy than hate in their life.
    I despise these liberals, these socialists, these commies.
    They LIE and have been lying about America, and American People.
    We are NOT perfect, Americans are NOT Saints . . but by and large, wrong or right has no other country ever at least tried in good will to help other people.
    You have to see and learn the worst that humanity offers . . . to understand the true meaning of charity and compassion.

    I crawled all the way to skid row, and clambered up again. I did it through my own efforts. Yet . . . ALWAYS and ever, when I was tired . . there was some stranger to lend a hand. Always when things got dark . . . there was someone who understood and had just the right words.

    America has forgotten how beautiful her people are under the constant onslaught of these despicable vermin behind various causes and factions.

    America Rocks . . . and it would be a true tragedy to allow her to fall under the likes of Obama and his mentally ill supporters.

    It is time, past time . . to re embrace Freedom, for only in Freedom of Spirit and hope will Humanity as a whole thrive, and come to terms with its wrongness, and learn to embrace its rightness. One Human, one soul at a time.

  • Bonnie Mott McBride

    WHY DO THEY DESERVE ANY TIME ? THEY DESERVE NOTHING >>> NOT EVEN ONE SECOND !!!!  YOU DON”T SCARE THEM … they don’t care what you have . They have gotten away with everything corrupt , & treasonous  , & NO ONE has done anything to stop them. Just ALL TALK , & THREATS from everyone. We have a DICTATOR laughing at you Glenn Beck. I love you & everything you have said & done, but what good did it do ? I have learned more from you than i have from anyone … ever … but it’s not helping save our country. But thank you very much anyway for all you have done . BMM

  • Jeremy Rich

    the sheriff in az got mailed a bomb. watch your back. expose these criminals. i want to hear it.

  • William Fuzi Here are some pictures of the Saudi national, and the Saudi diplomat who set him free.

  • Lori Wilson Unitt

    Remember Glenn,  Andrew Breitbart  went on national news telling every one he was going to expose someone.  Please be careful and God bless you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    Well ovomit will probably call it work place violence when they catch the accomplice,and since he’s a member of ovomits brotherhood he will ask for his release,or give him all the benefits of the Fort Hood shooter,who by  the way does whatever he pleases because he to is one of ovomits muslim brother.If you think your pres does not cover for these people your a fool and a dumb ass,the goal of all muslims is to murder Americans,plain and simple,isn,t it amazing how ovomit is never around when tragedies happen,except of course when he saw our seal die,and gave the stand down order.  WAKE UP AMERICA!!.

  • Anonymous

    The powers that be will kill you Glenny. They don’t have a choice. They can’t have you exposing them. This goes to Barry S. He will drone you. That’s where we are heading. Truth tellers will be silenced. Very surprised if Glen lives to Monday. Godspeed Glenn Beck.

  • Charles Lucy

    Carl Marx called them willfull idiots. People who bought into communist agendas and furthered their goals without realizing it.

  • 2jeffwilliams

    I’m going with the “we’re done”.The time of reckoning has arrived.The haters have to move now,or they never will be able to.Right now,there’s an unmeasurable force being unleashed.

  • Ken Wells

    The Saudi of interest was one of the bombers, they have pics of him with a black back-pack … with others..!

  • Kelly Kafir

    Holy Crap… I hope Glenn is still alive by Monday…

  • Lynda Jones

    Dear Brother Beck, You are a true Patriot in every sense of the word.  But please be mindful of the long reach of these people … guard your Loved Ones and Yourself, these are some very dangerous people!!!  My Our Father in Heaven watch over your and protect you.  And yes if Monday comes and they haven’t come clean … expose them for the evil people they truely are!!!

    God Bless and Keep You

    • mspatdev

      Amen….Amen to Beck. He is a true Patriot in every sense of the word. Please be mindful of the long reach of all of Obammy’s freightening people as they are some very dangerous people.  Yes, guard all of your loved ones and yourself.  Our Father in Heaven is watching and protecting you. If Monday comes and the people haven’t come clean……..expose them for the evil people they truely are. If they do anything to you, you will have the USA and the World behind you.

      God Bless You and Keep You. You will be very blessed. We are living in the worse of times. I agree with you. 

  • Braden Myers

    Hell yeah Glenn blow the lid off this and stand tall knowing you exposed the evil that lurks among Washington.

  • Michael Qualls

    BE careful Glenn don’t end up getting Breitbarted by this Terrorist in Chief

  • Kilo Whiskey

    I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say Glenn. I don’t care what people say about you. I think you are a highly intelligent man and i have the highest respect for you. You were the one that started me on the road to my awakening. I thank you for that. I do hope you and your family stay safe and i hope you at least recorded what you will say on Monday. I wouldn’t put it past the rogue elements of the government to try and silence you before Monday’s deadline. Stay safe Glenn and God bless you. -From a Patriot.

  • Paul Gregg

     I agree with Snowleopard, historically people who buck the system, whatever it happens to be, usually have “accidents”. Look at JFK, RFK, MLK, and the list goes on. Be careful and have a backup plan.

  • Bob Justice

    All I can say is PRAY. Pray that God has mercy on our nation. A nation in moral decay Pray Pray Pray

  • Grey Wolf

    Glen i know who it is also and i was informed from a friend of mine on the inside also…yes very bad bad bad it the best way i know to describe this person also….don’t think there is words that describe how bad in the English language..i hope they do inform the people because after the lock down and the breach of the rights of the people in Boston while they pushed the “Marshal Law” training BS stating they didn’t have to ask to come in….the people are primed for war to defend there rights we all saw that also guys better tell the truth or be ready for the people to be pissed….i pray you do whats right because i don’t want my kids and grand kids to see a civil war in there life time…

  • Muie Zog

    still the zionist shill, regardless of what you know about the “islamic radicals”.


  • Anonymous

    TheBlaze and Glenn Beck will do everything…but admit they are wrong.

  • Mark Steele

    with the “wait till Monday” idea? It stinks of sensationalism. Maybe
    it’s a tactic to get the other side to show their hand, but I don’t care
    for it. Islam is a Satanic religion, I think Ob☭ma is possessed, and
    the pieces are being put in place for the worldwide attack on Israel.
    The U.S. is finished, but why does that even matter when we’re facing
    the prophecies of Revelation right down the road? My attitude is to
    worship God, sit back, and enjoy the show! I
    think Ob☭ma will destroy the U.S. monetary system, resulting in a
    worldwide currency failure, setting the table for the antichrist to
    waltz in with a worldwide solution as he condemns Ob☭ma and tells
    everybody that if they just accept his plan (666) they can all buy food
    again, and return to a normal peaceful life.

  • Anonymous

    To echo a few others, Glenn:  WHY WAIT?

  • Nick Shappell

    Just another ratings whore tactic to divide the country into left and right while the banks march us further to tyranny.  Sorry Glenn,  you are part of the problem.  Not the cure.

  • Nick Shappell
  • Nick Shappell
  • Gospel Harmonica

     I really believe Glenn has something to say and is telling the truth. But why all the drama and wait until Monday. It’s like a movie trailer tease. Whats up with that ?

  • Nick Shappell

    ratings… Pure and simple  Hes paid to stir up controversy,  Meanwhile the bank sponsored terroism continues while the rest are dumbed down by “infotainment”  

  • Nick Shappell

    welcome to the grand illusion

  • Cyberquill

    The left were gleefully hoping and praying the Boston bombings were carried out by a white American Tea Partier, and the right were gleefully hoping and praying those bombings were carried out by foreigners or immigrants motivated by Islamic jihad. 

    Now the gloating is on the right. Congratulations. 

  • Nick Shappell  George carlin tells the truth more than Glenn does.  Obey me and tune it Monday!!!!—-Glenn

  • Mike Tool

    OK lets get a proof reader in here…

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, sounds like another one of the Bin laden clan.

    Be careful Glenn, be very careful, and I hope you prerecorded the answer and have given copies to many people for your safety.

  • Michael Brunner

    look around you Joe Villa. It is falling. And it will hit bottom soon.

  • Patrick Heese

    glen you are a true american if the people in this government are this bad watch your back brother

  • Deborah Justice Cutrell

    God bless you, your family, your crew and those fine men that stood up for the truth.  TRUTH IS NOT NEGOTIABLE.  

  • Anonymous

    This is across the board ANYONE WHO PREDICTED ROMNEY TO
    WIN I NOW LISTEN TO LESS THEN 10% OF THE TIME. Reason they did not know diddle
    about diddle with their moment by moment ground breaking analysis. To think
    they had some crystal ball and yet to be so wrong was the great deception last election.
    Way too many were not even in the ball park on that night. Therefore they know crap,
    it’s a dice throw. Unless it’s a (this is what they want analysis view point). To
    sum it up, it’s a talk show. Talk not fact, so they all are out there saving
    their bacon jobs. The only ones that were right were the liberal press with o’s
    win, because ALL of the so called conservative sites were WRONG. So we don’t want
    to hear their in depth nothing on this subject. Wishful thinking but not
    factual.  I now give the yah right, until
    they prove it a fact point of view.

  • Anonymous

    May GOD protect you Glenn and your Family, your Staff and Collegues and Associates. May justice prevail and may GOD’s Righteous Rule be established in the US of A. Be safe and take care. Thank you for your courage. 

  • Anonymous

    Impeach HIm! Enough is enough! He should be tarred and feathered and tried for High Treason and gross betrayal to the nation. He betrayed his Ambassador to Libya among a thousand other counts. He never sent a representative to GB for Lady Thatcher’s funeral, even though Britain is one of your closest alliesl. He has insulted our Prime Minister BN on several occasions and treated Israel with great Chutzpah, asking us to walk in the shoes of the Arabs who live south of our border. He has crossed the Rubicon and the Die has been cast – no turning back!

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone investigated the irony that there was a ‘planned’ bomb drill in Boston on the day of the marathon….and then this occurred.  Was this part of a set up? 

  • Guest

    “This story is number 2 because of what I know. ”

    Number 2 alright, straight from a bull.

    The Blaze didn’t have much credibility before, but screwing this story up:

    “Administration officials told The Hill on Thursday that news reports about the student injured in the bombing are confusing him with another student from Saudi Arabia who was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for violating his visa.

    The first Saudi student is not a suspect in the Boston bombings but was hospitalized after the attack and questioned. Authorities also searched his apartment in Revere, a suburb of Boston.

    The second student, who was arrested for an administrative immigration violation, has not been charged with a crime and is not believed to have any connection with the bombing, according to an administration official.”

    Read more: 

    “TheBlaze is interested. And TheBlaze will not comply.”

    TheBlaze has NO credibility; they have, like Beck, an agenda.

    • Charlotta Jones

       I have news for you The saudi student IS involved :WAHHABIST TERROR

  • Christine Kingsbury

    Did anyone listen to the Boston Bombers’ uncle? So many foreign nationals are grateful to live in the U.S. They come from a region of poverty and oppression and love this country, wanting just to live in peace. The common denominator is not skin color or nationality, but a radical belief system, such as Islam.  

  • Anonymous

    Hey Beck I love you buddy BUT If this info is so ground
    breaking and We need to know. WHY, that is WHY wait until MONDAY. If this
    tidbit is so earth shacking and heads will roll why the HYPE. Sorry after the
    Romney debacle I don’t just sit around wringing my hands for your or anyone’s
    late breaking, ground breaking news nugget. Sorry this type of over hype is red
    meat for the hangers on . If it so grand in scope and the world is going to
    change then, WHY the hold up. Like I said I love you buddy but next week’s pay
    check is Not going to ride on this type of over hype. We all have heard this
    over drive stuff for a while, MEANWHILE NOTHING CHANGES .OK So let’s tone it
    down a notch or two, nothing is going to change, no heads will roll and it will
    be business as usual. RIGHT! SO BLAZE ME some truth bro.

  • Anonymous

    The idea that the president should be impeached for what is happening in Boston is a new low, even for the most vicious of the Obama haters. You don’t have to be a supporter of President Obama to understand how wrong it is to be spreading hate and division at this moment.

    The behavior of some on the right is disgusting. They are a national disgrace, who are completely incapable of coming together and joining the rest of the country during a time of tragedy.

    Glenn Beck and others on the right who are peddling their conspiracies and hate, are the antithesis of everything this country stands for.

    They are un-American, and a source of shame for us all.

    The truth has no agenda, but Glenn Beck and his faux “news” site, TheBlaze, certainly does have an agenda. Even Beck’s supporters understand this about him.

  • Stephen Flynn

    Glen I have been a long time fan.  Being an old Marine I have a good intuition for bullshit artist like Chris Matthews and Piers Morgan…you are the real deal my brother.  I am sorry I dont live closer to you to help protect you because sooner or later the left is going to send someone to kill you.  You are the only one pushing them and with the SACK to stand up and always tell the truth.  I know you tell the truth because I have routinely checked on your stories.  Thats why I admire you so much.  I am a hell of a lot older and slower than I use to be but buddy if you ever get truly worried give me a shout out and I am sure I can round up some of my veteran friends to come help protect you and your family.  I know you have been forced to hire a bodyguard.  God Bless and keep doing what you are doing brother.

  • em

    please be careful Glenn, because we all love you very much

  • Olen Thomas Giles

    if its who i think it is…i knew the bastard wasnt dead…too convenient…obamas ratings were WAY down

  • Anonymous

    If hes a Saudi chances are hes a Osama follower or possibly a Royal family member on a terrorism watch list……

  • Martha Lee Vincent

    Glen Beck, be very vigilant,  and I hope you have bodyguards.

  • Dlynn

    As I see it, the weak people of this country have been awakened by this half black person we are supposed to call President.  The fact he got elected twice just goes to show the depth of our problems.  This man has done more to drive a wedge between Blacks and Whites than anyone in many years.  He truly will be the death of this country as we know it.  Bring it on Glen.  I just hope the weak minded in this country care enough to take action on your information.  Sadly most will blow it off and continue to just sit and watch as the boat sinks into the sea. 

  • nancypwilson75

    Glenn you better expose this now.  It may be too late if you wait til Monday.

  • Anonymous

    Joe, is this the America it was before Obama was elected? I would say not.
    Romney didn’t win, too bad for us because neither did we.
    Most media, reporters, commentators, editors skew the news, go to press without fact checking – this was only too well displayed all this week following the marathon bombings.
    And the problem with that is the public follows along, perpetuating falsehoods through social media without even bothering to verify the source. Stories have more than one side…
    Glenn offers us the other view…the one liberals don’t want to see, the ones many don’t want to hear.

  • Anonymous

    Joe, is this the America it was before Obama was elected? I would say not.
    Romney didn’t win, too bad for us because neither did we.
    Most media, reporters, commentators, editors skew the news, go to press without fact checking – this was only too well displayed all this week following the marathon bombings.
    And the problem with that is the public follows along, perpetuating falsehoods through social media without even bothering to verify the source. Stories have more than one side…
    Glenn offers us the other view…the one liberals don’t want to see, the ones many don’t want to hear.

  • Odegaard Joel

    your a dolt this kid did nothing and if he did prove it but if he didnt you and the rest of the press have made it impossable to ever lead a normal life in this country there probly deporting him for his own safty

  • Cindy Forsha

    Excellent teaser!

  • James Tarasiewicz

    Hey Glenn, I actually was watching you when you said this. The thing is though, whether you believe it or not God is moving in this country. I was in a revival this week that had white churches and black churches, Presbyterians, Baptists, Full Gospel, and other denominations come together as one church ! It all happened in little old Chesterfield county South Carolina ! ( In case you didn’t know this was the first county to secede from the Union.)  The week of services is over but we are going to continue to meet as ONE CHURCH weekly ! People are missing out ! This is a move that I believe will sweep this nation ! Glenn have hope once again ! The leaders(pastors) are beginning to wake up and lead as one ! 

  • Toni Mitchell

    Please be careful Glenn……we need you around and I think they would stoop at nothing to silence you.  Please take all precautions for you and your family….and God bless you for what you do.

  • Melissa Slaughter


  • Anonymous

    Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean no ones out to get me. Stay safe Glenn, don’t get Brietbarted. I am so thankful of those you are calling heroes. Not just for whatever you are discussing but for all the other information they have provided. There should be a citizens medal created to honor those who come forward this way. Even though it may not be publicized today. It would be a fine legacy to show our appreciation. Sort of like the medals given to Tony Mendez.

  • Jeffrey Willis

    America is in a deep sleep waking up is not an option because it`s just about,,just about,, too late.

  • Anonymous

    You are awesome Glenn.  This is so obvious and the liberal media ignore it.  Be careful…thank you so much for reporting the truth!

  • Cindy Phelps

    I believe Glenn & the Blaze over any of these news organization!! I can’t wait to hear what he has Monday!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, take the information to the father and family of the two young men. They are having trouble believing they were the masterminds of the bombing. I believe they are correct. there has GOT to be more to this story. Perhaps they and their families were threatened if they didn’t do this and then used as scapegoats.

  • Scott Taylor

    Glen..My roommate swears he saw on tv 2 nights ago a Boston cop be told on camera that one of the suspects had broke out of the car they had him in by kicking out the side windwing on the back door and escaped..Then silence on the subject..Did this happen?Can anybody confirm this happened?

  • Teddy Simon

    Glen YOU are an IDIOT

    • Ken Wells

      Teddy you’re a Creep & Stupid

  • Dawn Metzger Schoenhals

    Go get ’em, Glenn!!!  We are all depending on you!!!

  • Anonymous

    If there is an information bomb to be dropped, I hope it’s a big one.

  • Anonymous

    Monday will come.  That is for sure.  I’ll wait and see.

  • Anonymous

    I think the real story here is practicing the lockdown of a city for 24 hours. Testing public obedience and the coordination of such a force. Which seems to have gone very well. 

    Maybe this fits with the mk ultra conspiracy, maybe it was the Saudi dude, maybe the brothers just went nuts. History will eventually give that up.  But I wouldn’t call a force probably the size of the British Army, and probably as well equipped, necessary, or a bunch of heros for taking so long to track down one badly injured teenager. At least one policeman was killed of course so condolences to to all the victims and relatives.  

    And to see all those drunken flag waving Americans on the streets, celebrating their own imprisonment for so long and thanking ‘them’ for it..

    Job Done.  

    • Stacey Clay

       Zoo6 when I saw those people celebrating I thought the exact same thing. I realize they were glad he was caught but what happened to them by the “police force” was very troubling to say the least. I do believe we are watching history in the making. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Can’t wait til Monday. I hope Glen stays safe.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve changed my mind Stacey, don’t let them take your guns from you!

  • Ross Butterfield

    I believe that America is gone and that we live in Babylon times now. I would like to see America come back with values and family values work values….. GOD. Read Revalations in the Bible it tells all. I believe that it talks about America (Babylon the great) the same.

  • Linda Patterson Roper Beaty

    Why wait?  Bring it out now.  Most of us suspect it anyway.

  • Mike Fisher

    I think the Saudi is related to Obama….look at his picture.

  • Gary Owens

  • Anonymous

    will you be talking about the above story when you’re on the radio or wait for the blaze to announce how deep we are with middle east hierarchy.. 

  • den estr

    The question should be why did the crowd tackle Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi? They saw him do something & then running from the scene. Who were the people who tackled him and someone needs to question those people to find out the reason they thought he was involved.

  • Randy Jorgensen

    If the muslim world don’t react to these bombings, then they must condone it.

  • Faith Rose

    I mourn for our nation. Thanks for all you do, Glenn Beck

  • David Alder

    Glenn, please keep bringing out the truth, the lack of trust within the US govt is at an all time high, i don’t know what is wrong with people but this craziness needs to end. 

  • Kris Rose Hahn

    Glen has said for a long long time, he may be wrong on timing, matter of fact, he thinks he USUALLY IS wrong on timing, but he’s rarely wrong on events! I have learned to listen to him, and know that what he says is truth. Anyone that trashes him only does so becuz they do not have anything substantial to counter with, so they go to the progressives default, and trash him personally. go figure. Listen, watch….. he will be right…. He doesn’t shoot his mouth off with stupid crap like the progressives do.

  • Edna Utter

     I know you are careful but there is so much at stake here FOR THE BAD GUYS.  We would not like it if a “drone” made a mistake over your house.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Glenn that America is finished, and this Boston event was the turning point. Benghazi was a turning point in the same vein, that showed us that our corrupt government is willfully taking us down.

    What will come of all this?

    Also, I’m like Glenn and can’t put a timetable on events coming up, but we can see the things that are being presaged by current events. 

    I can see what will likely happen in the near future. America, having abandoned Israel, will stand with the rest of the world in the attacks on Israel at the Valley of Hinnom, or Gehenna. Then the Second Coming will come.

    As Glenn says, the turning point is here, and the corner has been turned.

    Remember Benghazi.
    Remember Boston.

    Laus Deo

  • Lisa Thompson

    With you on this Glenn..keep up the good work. Mr. Obama met with the King of Saudi Arabia on Wed….went to Boston on Thurs…hmm. When he met with the King, they discussed this soon to be deported person, as he is a member of the Royal Family…can’t have them arrested and jailed. Obama made a deal to send him home; also the reason for the cancellation of the FBI’s 5 o’clock press conference. Any OTHER American President would have FIRST gone to Boston, and then to meet with the King…..but not our fearless leader, Hobama

  • Anonymous

    Told you. Told you way back in the 90’s that this is no longer the U.S. of A. — at least, not in anything but name.

  • Anonymous

    You got that right.

  • Tom Long

    I also heard that Michelle Obama purportedly visited the same Saudi National that’s to be deported. Why, if true, would the First Lady be visiting a known terrorist suspect just prior to his deportation???

  • Kimberly Schoenrock-Williams

    I have told my children and my parents, our country as we know it, is done, over, gone.  We will one day be taken over by either the Muslims or the Chinese.  I hope I am dead before this happens, because I can’t bear the thought of watching it.  We’re an armed, God fearing, Patriotic family, but that isnt going to be enough.  God Bless America.  Please, Please, be safe, Glenn.  We know what the government can do.  We been witnessed to assassinations over the many years, and we don’t really, truly know who was the mastermind of them.  You’re threatening some Very Powerful People, as disgusting as it is to even say that.

  • Sidney Allen Johnson

    John Doe number 2 being whisked away into non existence…again?

    • Anonymous

       yes, but not after an attorney can make some money or publicity.

  • sebastiang

    May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Rom 15:13)

  • sebastiang

    James 3:17-18 
    But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness.

  • Anonymous

    Well, it seems that all of you Glenn Believers must have been sleeping after 9/11 when your buddy, George W Jr. flew all of Bin Laden’s relatives out of the States on a private jet when every other plane in the USA was grounded. And then, the whole bunch in Washington created a fake monster named “Iraq” which should have been named “Saudi” and you bought the whole lie and helped through your support of the big lie to contribute to our country’s financial demise.  George W with the rest of the Carlisle group laughed all the way to the bank because they made fools of all of you. And now you have the audacity to say that America is going to the dogs because of this President??? I am honestly beginning to think that the Republican party has become nothing but a bunch of gun-slinging racists who are so filled with hate that they cannot even see straight anymore! They cannot find goodness and human decency in anything and only seem able to be masters of distorting the facts. Your attitude is what is destroying America!

    • TWF

       It doesn’t matter what happened twelve years ago. What matters is that we’re awake now. It may be too late, but we’re here.

  • Dawn Branham

     what is this    
    and this???                       

  • Freedom fighter

    Maybe they gathered all the evidence from the Saudi national travelers apt. and hit it in a fertilizer plant in West Texas. 

  • Anonymous

    A friend of mine directed me to this page by placing a link to it on my facebook page.  You people are nuts.  And Glenn, I’ve seen enough of your interviews and talking points to realize that you are an absolute con.  Needless to say, I’m unfriending the crazy lady to sent me this link.

    • Anonymous

      You are blind to the truth.   Sad you have to unfriend people with different views.  Glenn has been proven to be right again and again.   You have to no examples of him being a “con”.  You are blinded by the wolf in sheeps clothing.

  • sebastiang

    Ephesians 4:29-32 
    Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

  • Kim Humphries Teer

    Glen, please be careful out there. I know I don’t have to tell you but watch your back… and it’s not the terrorist I fear, it’s our on, Or used to be anyway. Take care good buddy!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I was listening to Public Radio yesterday and heard an interview with someone.  I’m sorry I don’t have more details.  I was in a hurry to get home.  There was a blurb from someone that I believe was a slip up.  I you could try to investigate it.  The man was talking about the two Russian men (suspects).  He mentioned that on the day the event happened, the Russian President offered help with the investigation.  He then quickly added, “that was before we even knew they were, , , ”  I believe that he mistakenly gave information there that he should not have.  I hope this helps.  The date of the interview was April 19th, 2013.  I heard it in Lawton, Oklahoma around 5:30-5:45 PM.  

  • Hunter S. Thompson

    It’s easy to kill the small time guys and their families, but when you constantly announce shit like this the people expect death on these kind of people. The government instead does the opposite because it almost discredits people. Like “Oh, how the hell is he getting away with saying this shit without gov’t intervention?”… Easy he’s just a nut so let him “lie” while we discredit him on the mainstream media. We know he is not a nut, but then you loop with that question. Then they hire trolls to toy with peoples heads anyway…. All I know is that I want Monday to come.

  • Barbara Nichols

    I truly believe that O-bomb-a is just a fox in lambs wool. He tries to act like he’s all about standing up for Americans for show but I believe he’s right in the middle of all of the terrorism that is taking place in this country and wants this nation to be destroyed and to be defeated. With the help of Acorn and other such organizations that constantly change their names to avoid getting caught, I know without a doubt both elections were rigged that he supposedly won. It was verified that he had been involved with Acorn in the first election, but the retarded media other than Fox News slid it under the rug like it was nonexistent. I don’t trust this fruit cake, never have, and never will! How can you trust anyone to be an American President in this day and time with a name like “Barach Hussein Obama?” None of these names are American and never will be in my book!

  • Michael K. Hurder

    You go Glenn.  Kick some ass.  PLEASE!  I’ll stand with you.

  • Karlene Robins

    A race is a competition, which I am all for, thus I must be a RASCIST. What color are you?  Wait, I don’t care.  Can you do the job?

  • Johnny Quest

    now that you have been advised of what our government is, its time to informe you the cult of mormon faith is about. im just saying glen, compare it to the bible (KJV) and see that all the items to the mormon teaching can not stand up to the true word of God.

  • Jill G

    I am thinking this man who will be protected by being deported on Tuesday is blood related to someone very bad….I am guessing here and just have a gut feeling.

  • Michael Nappi

    I appreciate your work Mr Beck but could you possibly deliver the news without so much drama?

    • Anonymous

      That is Beck’s style,he’s kind of a drama Queen!

  • Nina Carey Buzzerio

    ~You Have Our Attention!!!!~

  • Kyle D. Massengale

    True Patriots, Glenn Beck, will not try to use our national security to boost ratings.  If you have something that will protect the people, then why do you wait until the next news cycle???? What are you really trying to do, Mr. Beck?? I have respected much of what you offer, however, this is beyond the brink.  If you are so concerned then why do you wait? If it is truly a matter of security and righteous reporting then why are you not just coming right out with what you have?  If this is a hype then you, sir, have done just as much damage to our country as the terrorists because you now have moved people even further away from trusting the truth and instilling more skepticism to the cause of truth.  Please stop doing this type of self hype and come out with what ever you have.  Stop this type of self grandiose behavior and act as a true patriot and let the truth be known now.   If you do not fulfill your bluff then you will be considered by truth seekers to be just as much threat to the truth and justice as any other self promoting pablum spewing editorial columnist.  

    • Anonymous

      Waiting because all news that is usually released on Friday, gets swept under the rug or not reported.   Monday is a good day to do this.

    • Guest

      “will be?” Glenn Beck IS a threat to truth and justice. You’re almost there, now spend some time following up on your suspicions.

  • Anonymous

    If this is that earth shattering, Glenn, then you must tell the American public now so we can stop this deportation and make certain this ‘terrorist’ remains on American soil so he can be prosecuted to the fullest!   Was he the $$$$ man?  Did he conspire with or perhaps pack the explosives in the IED?  What is the connection?  How many more of these ‘incidents’s are planned on American soil?  What is the connection, if any, to Benghazi?

  • Kent Martin

    IMO the communist are taking the country and the people JUST DONT CARE!

  • Anonymous

    Beck is getting more and more like Alex Jones,just too much!

  • William Baker

    I saw online it was in the New York Post that a Saudi National was in custody at the hospital . so I know this is true

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see the Homeland Security and/or the CIA exposed for their recent involvment in the planning and attack of Boston. Then pulling a L.H.O. on their trained muslim patsies. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn I never trusted the government. Governments are never to be trusted. America is fallen because its soul is gone. Look at this country really hard. Protect your own and live according to the bible and the constitution. Be willing to sacrifice life for the cause of freedom. I asked a co worker what happened to ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for it. Heck a democrat said that. John F Kennedy would be considered a right wing nut case.

  • Anonymous

    Have you seen this?   US Senate declares the entire US a battleground…and a live video from CNN shows what looks like a missile hitting the plant in Texas.  Is our country attacking us to bring Marshall Law?

  • Nancy Briner Layko

    Why wait until Monday?

  • George E. Billings

    After her husband bowed so low he was checking out King Abdullas fly and this from THE most arrogant president ever, don’t you think there’s just might be a connection?

  • Jack Marturano

    IF it is that fucking important why wait until monday? why give them the time to cover it up? yeah lets not do anything for 4 days it’ll get better! and you shout that you want to protect us? yeah I’m sure ratings have absolutely nothing to do with it!

  • Randy McVean

    The federal goverment uses the national media as a tool. The head of NBC is in the pocket of Obama or vice versa. Anyone with half a brain understands that this is NOT your grandparents United States of America. Our downfall started with Franklin Roosevelt and has continued to Barack Obama. Glenn Beck is a true patriot and I pray for his family and him. We need to stand up for Glenn Beck and stop being afraid of the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for reporting the truth.  Have you seen that the Senate has declared all of the USA a battleground.. that is what it says at this site.  … Have you seen the CNN videos that show that a missile hit the plant in West, Texas?  What is going on?

  • Ron Gilbert

    Anyone remember Beck saying that he could not debunk FEMA camps being shown as death camps for US citizens and how he was going to air his findings that night on his show while doing an interview? 1 hour prior to his show he squashes it and nothing is ever said about it again. He probably received a number of threats to shut him up. Now he is making another bold claim that he is going to show us on Monday everything he knows about this story. I wonder who is going to get to him this time to shut him up?

  • Jill G

    I am thinking this man who will be protected by being deported on Tuesday is blood related to someone very very bad. I just have a gut feeling based on looking at him in the pictures I’ve seen and on everything I’ve read. I see a resemblance.

  • Mangus Colorado

    Here is how we fix it for all times – Restore States rights and powers – end the IRS, EPA, NDAA, HLS, HHS, obama care and all other alphabet agencies that are not within the authorities of the four corners of the States Compact called the Constitution . .—group-overview-and-proposal.html

  • Wendy Windsor Sweigert

    May God continue to be with you and your team…you are doing a great service to a nation whose leaders have lost their way.  Thank you for waking us up.  God bless!

  • Randy McVean

    See my comment below…

  • Anonymous

    The Saudi connection; two interviews to shed some light on the dynamics in the middle east.  Please listen; it is eye opening:

  • Mary Hill Frey

    I think you are right.  People disappear whey they get too close to the truth involving the Government.  Don’t forget Whitewater, how many were murdered there?  Be very careful Glenn, we need people like you to speak out and tell the truth, God knows our own Government hasn’t for years.  Was this another False Flag incident? 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn…Shine your spotlight on this evil thing…LORD bless and keep Glenn and his family and friends and co-workers strong and safe.

  • Robert Hutton

    COURAGE is sadly lacking in the media. Glenn Beck has it in BARREL-LOADS. He also has GOD on his side the same GOD who caused the CONSTITUTION to be written by men He, GOD, Raised for the job. Glenn Beck is IMPERFECT, but I would rather hack Glenn Beck and FIVE HUNDRED Barack Husein Obamas. The Obama lost the license to practice Law, yet the Masonic Demons who RUN AMERICA found them fit to Lie like SWINE in the White House.

    I look forward with similar courage to Glenn Beck on Monday.

  • Karlene Robins

    Offensive language!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Lee Fears

    Stay safe Glenn.

  • TL Cox

    You haven’t changed squat … Your still out there stirring up the same pile of crap … If you have anything whatsoever that is so important to the American people then let’s have it now … 

  • Ray Brown

    Glen, you need more corespondents?  Go to Patric Henry College, they teach conservative Christian kids how to do Journalism.  Please check them out. 

  • Joker Jim

    I can see why you moved to Texas. God speed, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    Wondered what was going on with the connected Saudi. Smelled coverup when they announced deportation. Obama has to go.

  • Barbara L. Little

    After watching all the news coverage this week and reading news reports, it is my firm belief that Obama is behind all of these attacks. I also believe our Gov. was involved in the West Texas explosion… why was FEMA there in Waco the day BEFORE the explosion? Just like with the Saudi National that was on the watch list and they were going to deport anyway. They allowed him to stay to get the “job” done in Boston and now are sending him back… FTS!!! Obama and his brotherhood/sisterhood of muslims in our Gov. positions are behind these things, of that I have no doubt. I have no doubt that I am on a domestic terrorist watch list and at some point will be killed or simply disappear, along with many others like yourselves. God bless us and keep us all!

  • Debra Bryant

    People, Romney also owns one of the companies that counts the vote.  Romney is no angel,  You people really are quite pathetic that you are still brainwashed by the media after men like Alex Jones, Glen Beck, and the wiki leaks dude, along with private Manning and a host of other brave men and women that have risked their lives to wake you up and you choose to still believe the lies!  Rest assured, consequences do follow actions.

  • Anonymous

    OK we have the information so what do we do with it ? Will any of them admit to it ? Will it change any thing ? Seriously Glen we’re with you. And would like to see things done the way they should be. But HOW ? We voted ..we bitched..we complained..we hollered ….so whats the answer. How much can we do…revolt…how many so called Americans will stand up…when and where..I’m ready…. 

  • Thomas Fowler

    A Saudi Royal perhaps.

    • TL Cox

      Remember this headline ?

      Saudis flown Out of US 9/13/01
      Under FBI Supervision

  • Roberta Joyce Rodgers

    Be careful Glenn or you will end up like Brietbart

  • Anonymous

    I have added this to my FB page, and it keeps getting deleted? I posted it this morning, and told my husband to go and check it out. The actual post is there, however when you click it, it states it has been removed. I have no idea how this could be done on my page, when I am not doing it. I am again, going to repost.

  • Melanie Schefft

    Yes Glen,  factual news reporting is imperative, especially now.  Why, however, are you waiting until Monday?  This sounds like sensationalism.  We have enough of that in the news.  I cannot wait to join the world of journalism, where I might make a teency difference where truth in reporting is distinct from opinion reporting.  It is not good journalism when that line becomes blurred.  I love your site.  You blend fact with opinion well, for the most part, but this waiting until Monday needs some substance.  It sounds too much like an ad.  Instead, perhaps you could call for another rallying of folks to write letters or gather somewhere in response to the tight lipped lies that we are being fed about this Saudi individual who is apparently being protected.  Those reasons need to be exposed.  You never know, maybe they are good reasons and we Americans just may understand.  Come out with it government!  This silence breeds more frustration and discontent.  Common sense is certainly NOT very common!

  • Celeste Wilson

    Please pray with me for the safety of Glenn Beck, his family and crew… these people are evil and will do anything to advance their nefarious plans.  If you don’t believe Glenn, then you just haven’t been paying attention!

  • Wayne Brown

    Nothing like giving a heads up to your enemies Glenn!

  • Denise Strong

    I pray for your safety this weekend, Glenn.  I, too, believe this government will stop at nothing in its effort to forward their progressive agenda, and unfortunately you and your family may be seen as collateral damage to them; just like that 8 year old child in Boston.

  • Daniel Mulholland

    You are part of NWO and Illuminati Beck.You are a agent for Lucifer and a Satanist.I am not fooled by you at all.These other people are.You NEVER have programs on the real happenings and about Israels complicit bombing of 9/11

  • Tao Zen

    Jesus fuck and the retards come out of the wood work. Thanks Glenn for being stupid and leading the stupid.

  • TL Cox

    Did everybody forget about Saudis flown Out of US 9/13/01
    Under FBI Supervision ?

  • Ry King

    Glenn I am actually really rooting for you, and I am hoping this announcement will restore my faith in you as a journalist. I stopped listening awhile ago when you started attacking the truth movement, but it sounds like you just saw what we have all been seeing for years. It’s too soon (as we haven’t heard your information yet) to say I’m proud of you for standing up, but I sincerely want to be. You have always been a good guy, though I feel you may have had some puppet strings attached when you were in fox’s clutches. Anyway, I am only asking a question here. Do you believe these two suspects could have been FBI encouraged fall guys to cover up what this administration was really up to? Why were there individuals dressed up like black water (or navy seal attire) agents? why did one have a backpack, set it down near the blast area and leave? I don’t know what you know, but what I have researched from day one, indicates something incredibly sinister. Also, why does the main suspects bag not even look remotely close to the actual bag used? I hope you have looked into this, if not, please do, because I sincerely believe these two men were patsy’s, and if so not only were people killed by a bomb, but a great injustice was done as well, to cover up something more deplorable.

  • Anonymous

    Of course the two bombers had support of some kind. It would be naïve to believe otherwise. Cell’s are usually 4 person operations, so where are the other two individuals? Who transported them? Who gave them the money to live, buy supplies,etc..These are important questions. we must be expedite this information to prevent any other loss of life or property. We have a MSM media who becomes more irrelevant everyday, because of their failure to stand down from their position of political correctness. The New Media has risen, the genie is out of the bottle. Beck is correct, we want answers, no we demand them. Citizens is this country will no longer be stalled or ignored on important issues like Benghazi, Fast and Furious and other grievous events where we are stonewalled for information. Sick them Glenn. 

  • Anonymous

    Something happened with the election results. It makes no sense Obama won. There are what many call Secret Combinations that are in many parts of society. Can’t wait to see what happens on Monday. Glen may God protect you, you are a thorn on evil’s side, be careful.

  • James Lo Tempio

    If its so earth shattering, why are you waiting? Sounds to me like you are as bad as the liberal media, working up your readers (me), and with holding information.  If it was THAT big a deal I would think you would say so right away instead of waiting till Monday.

    • Anonymous

      Because most news stories get buried over the weekend.   Monday is a good day.

  • Anonymous

    Something is just not right, here.  I haven’t trusted GB since his bashing the truth about what in fact is a Natural Born Citizen, and for a fact, O is NOT a NBC.  He may be a citizen, but he is NOT a NBC.  Period. End of story.

  • Barbara Rogers

    Many prayers being lifted up.  Just to go on the record Glenn.  We are very proud of you and all who work for you…and for the few but loyal Americans within this corrupt Congress and Admin. who are putting everything on the line for this country.  God Bless you all…be safe..

  • Anonymous

    Snowleopard, whenever the issue matters to me I search for your level headed posts.

    My prayers always follow GB and his associates.  I believe in him.  I believe that God has a special mission for him.  That fact alone makes him a HUGE target.   He has his detractors, and then there are evil forces which work behind the scenes to destroy him and what I perceive to be his mission.  

  • Mark Hubbard

    i dont know what he has to say on monday but only the few that subscribe to his station will ever hear about it .Glenn better be careful he might be the first victim of a US based drone attack, i wouldnt put it past obama to do this

  • Chris Voris

    “No government ought to be without censors, and where the press is free, no one ever will. If virtuous, it need not fear the fair operation of attack and defence. Nature has given to man no other means of sifting out the truth whether in religion, law or politics. I think it as honorable to the government neither to know nor notice its sycophants or censors, as it would be undignified and criminal to pamper the former and persecute the latter.” –Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 1792. ME 8:406

  • Anonymous

    Stay safe!

  • Anonymous

    Will this be on his radio show or his TV show?

  • Stephen Peele


  • Missgto

    Dear Glenn, I pray for you, your staff and family.  Thank you for all that you do with so much courage, and not for the fame, but because it is the “right thing to do”…you are so rare. I have much disgust for those within our Government, and for the media outlets who hide behind political correctness, and they sure have a strange way of showing love of country, truths or care for future generations.  I can not understand their agenda, it feels so wrong.  God please keep you close and safe.  Much love to you and your organization.   

  • Anonymous

    God bless you and your family Glenn. Thank your for your love of the TRUTH and our great country that is dying. Your are bold and brave. 

  • Anonymous

    So how long do we take what they are doing to US??? There is no vote that will stop this type of evil. This will continue as long as obama is NOT STOPPED OR EVEN CHALLENGED!! This is getting out of hand and DEADLY BEYOND CURE!! ITS TIME THE AMERICAN TAKE THE OFFENSIVE and DO WHAT THE JUSTICE DEPT REFUSES TO DO!!! PLEASE GOD HELP US NOW!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for having the courage to expose the truth. America by the people, for the people with liberty and justice for all is in grave danger. We are with you Glenn. The Truth is with you.

  • Luke Rakoske


    You are that one fish swimming upstream out there. How do I know? Because I am also a fish swimming upstream. My family prays for you, my friend.

  • Howie Torres

    God Bless,and thank you for refusing to stay silent.

  • Emily Rose Shelley

    Glenn, reveal the truth but watch your back.  Remember what they did to Breitbart, and his coroner.

  • Laura Moore here Glenn, hoping you actually read the comments on here I have no other way of getting this to you… please check out the link.

  • David Light

    Why wait until Monday?  I guess the guy will be deported by then and this will all be hoo-ha!

  • Linda Ames

    Glenn…I look forward to Monday. I believe it is all now a runaway train, no one is able or willing to get it off the tracks.  Those driving the train are many. I am not talking just about Boston, but the whole direction of our country. Some think it is just Obama. It is much bigger than one person. Scary times.

  • David W. Andrews

     You go Glenn, real Americans are behind you 110%. I don’t know what you have, but I’ve been telling my wife that there is more to this story than is being told. My son, whom I have not spoken to came to my home and told me he does not believe anything the news is saying. He never gets involved in anything political. This tells that even the youth that never looks at the bad, sees through the Media’s crap, and Government lies.
      Thank you for standing for the truth and risking your well being for all of us that don’t have much of a voice.

  • Bonnie Cox

    Glenn Beck is a False Flag’s best distractor

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn. Please be very careful.  You ARE a patriot! I’m nervous for you.

  • Mary Oele

    I think you are right, Glenn.  Americans have to stand up about this and start to be as loud as the liberals.  Our problem is that we are too polite. We need to create as much of a fuss as the liberals do, except over things that matter.  This matters.  It is necessary to shine the light on the president and what he is doing and to do it now!

  • Jim Lewis

    Glenn as a former Criminal Investigator I believe I would say to you.  “CAUTION”  First Why would these people come to you instead of going to the Senator’s directly?  This may well be a way to discredit you and what you stand for.  All I am saying is that this is the way folks in Washington think and breath today.  Discredit those who they cannot shut up any other way!

  • Bonnie Cox

    Yes, it was our government.  Glenn Beck wants to sell you on a Caliphate.  It’s a lie.  The war between the Jews and the Elitist Muslims is a lie.  It is a false battle on top of a real war.  And Beck and and the writers of this script are the WWF wrestlers who congratulate each other backstage after the “show”.

  • Bonnie Cox

    Glenn Beck is an accessory to Government sponsored mass murder.  Congratulations Beck.  Now why don’t you tell them the truth?  Because if you did, you would no longer be on the air and you know it.

  • Bonnie Cox

    Glenn Beck is a “lightworker”  . . . with benefits.

  • jim mckinnis

    I await your disclosure on Monday–Thank you

  • Kyle J. Merriam

  • Obama Challenge

    Glenn, it is partially your fault that Obama is still destroying this country.  You failed to report on election fraud 2012, obama’s alias Soebarkah and his loss of US citizenship confirmed by State Department documents, an obviously forged Hawaii birth certificate and the Hawaii corruption around it confirmed by Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, and Obama’s Harvard education being paid for by radical Khalid al Mansour and Saudia Arabia to name a few major failures.  I hope that you have finally woken up to the fact our federal government, especially under aka Obama, aka Soetoro, aka Soebarkah.  The federal government is compartmentalized and only a few really know what’s going on with Obama’s fraud crimes, like illegal gun runner and Eric Holder.

    Time to wake the heck up and do something to save this country if you mean what you say Glenn.  Search everything I have said.  It’s all true.

  • Teri Nealand

    why are you w aiting till Monday?  This only gives them time to cover up and make you look stupid.   Say RIGHT NOW

  • Mick Anthony Casanovaa

    I have life and government shattering information! Tune in Monday to find out! 

    Give me a break 

  • jim mckinnis

    Having once worked for the government and seen and heard information which was completely at odds with what the public was given as the ‘truth’ and knowing how one’s career was in jeopardy by disclosing it, I appreciate anyone who risks his life for disclosing deceit–I also despise the ignorance of a public that cannot think for itself, cannot see deception when the evidence incontrovertibly reveals it. To Joe below, decide on Monday–till then, all bets are off. If you think this week has not shifted the paradigm, welcome to the future…America indeed hangs in the balance…

  • mc squared

    very interesting, but why do we have to wait til monday for more info to be revealed? this is the kind of thing that makes you sound like a soap opera saying tune in next week..

  • Mick Anthony Casanovaa

    Suspense sells, he’s just building up his audience i’d suspect. 

  • Emily Rose Shelley

    I keep wanting to believe the best about my leaders, but there is a betrayal going on that cannot be ignored.  Remember this?

  • Anonymous

    I want to be as objective as I possibly can here.  Glenn, in many ways, is a much needed source of journalism in a world where media has been bought and is rarely to be trusted.  On the other hand, I get tired of Glen’s sensationalism.  That is why I quit watching his show on Fox.  He is selling a product and needs the sparks and fireworks to draw in customers.  I get it, Glenn.  Just please don’t think we are all gullible.   Tell the truth, support your stories with facts, and do it without making it a side show.  I may come back and start watching you again if yu do.  Until then I am leary of believing all I hear from you even though I do not want to miss out on hearing the truth for the sake of my family and my country.  I pray for the best for you and your family and that history will tell the story of a man who stood for truth when everyone was telling lies.  I pray that history will say you made a difference.    

  • Susan Heckman Foltz

    May God protect all of us “good” “truth-seeking” citizens of the United States of America.

  • Lisa G

    I believe that all of you are either wealthy people who don’t want to have to pay your fair share of taxes, or beer guzzling, pickup truck driving, shotgun toting, ignorant, delusional rednecks.  All of which this govt needs to fill crop dusters with lithium, and spray each and every one of your homes.  Was the death of the police officer and the car chase where the young men were throwing bombs at law enforcement all staged too???  Your last Republican president is responsible for the decline of this country.  He made it impossible for any democrat to succeed.  I do believe however, if Obama was white, he would be labeled one of the best presidents ever.

    • Nellie Elizabeth-Palmer Strawn


    • Anonymous

      Can we not just agree to disagree on things without talking about murdering each other? Not looking for a fight here, just trying to find some common ground here, Lisa.  We are tearing our country apart and the ditch between us has become as big as the Grand Canyon.  Have a good day :-) 

    • Steven Krejci

       Amazing how you threw out almost every label and stereotype in that rant of yours. Ending with the atypical “racist” remark. So “progressive”. I hope that plane hits YOUR dwelling,first. The ONLY half-truth you stated was that the Republican side was responsible too. Still was 100 times a better man and elected official than this foreign-born Muslim. Your puppet wouldn’t make the top 45 Presidents. Except in the minds of a Liberal.

  • Carla Howe

    And you sir, are taking advantage of a situation to boost your ratings…enticing people “to stay tuned to Glenn Beck”! How sad it must be to crave attention so bad that you would with hold  information like you are ending a season cliffhanger. If you have information that is so riveting, so important that it needs to be addressed, then why not give it rather than making a grandstand effort to get your name in the forefront. Stop trying to tear this country apart with all of your conspiracy theories. You no more care about this country than you care for our President and have taken every opportunity to try and destroy him. Show some responsibility to your listeners and to this country that you claim to love and stop trying so hard to promote yourself. Everything does not fall at the President’s feet or those of us that support him. I would not necessarily call myself liberal or right wing but a person that follows the example of my Lord. You sir, should take heed to remember that you are a child of God and follower of Jesus Christ as well, so you proclaim….and I don’t believe that our Lord would approve of the strife and rift you are trying to cause between his children!

    • Nellie Elizabeth-Palmer Strawn

      Ty for making it even more clear as to why he stated that the information would be so much better coming from them “then a news outlet”  Because let’s face the American people have lost faith in news media.  I think Beck is brilliant in this attempt because as per your statement you have closed the case on it.  You wouldn’t have believed anyway it he was to bust it wide open now would u?  

  • Hastings Lamb

    Whatever it is you have on Hussein, I hope it will be enough to get him and his entire administration along with Pelosi, Reid, Bloomberg, Sharpton, Biden, Kerry, Clinton, Jackson, Holder, and the 2 SCOTUS hussein appointees tossed! I can only hope it proves treasonous on the part of Barrack Hussein Obama!

  • Anonymous

    Do it now.  Do not wait. Do not threaten.
    Just do it.

  • Grizzly

    Is it possible that this Saudi National actually has nothing to do with the bombings and it was an initial mistake to catigorize him as a person of interest?  Now, out of fear for his well being in the city of Boston the Saudi official meets with Obama to request deportation in order to keep his citizen safe?

    I initially thought that the Saudi National had everything to do with the bombings but now that it comes out that these brothers are from Russia, it makes less sense to me.  

    Interested to see what Glenn has to say on Monday

    Does anyone have the link to read the deportation document he keeps referring to? I would like to see it with my own eyes.

    • Mary Muñoz

      If they are going to help the Saudi then they need to help the other people they had plaster all over the media.  Two other guys in their teens were posted one wearing a blue shirt and bag and his friend in all black and a white hat as well. The guy were blue is 17 and now scared to go out or go to school in fear people with think just because he had a bag which had his running gear in it will think he had something to do the bombing all because of media as always jumping without knowing anything.  I still haven’t seen where the guy they shot and killed plus the guy they have now dropped bags, robbed the 711, shoot the police officer, carjacked a man, through bombs at cops in a shoot out.  Yes I have heard the media report on it saying it is so but other then that nothing just a video of them walking down the side walk with backpacks on which there were other people in the same video doing the same thing with backpacks.  Yes a tragidy happen people died and lost limbs horrible and uncalled for.  You have got to give me more then just saying this happened you better have it on video that this two men you claim did it were indeed the one’s that did it. As of right now we have death and severe injuries and a lot of talk.  The backpack you go showing that blew up into pieces doesn’t even match the backpack either one of the two suspect were wearing. The so called pic floating of Suspect#1 so called dead body doesn’t even match all his pictures nose doesn’t match and ears are not the same a fast look at sure seems like the guy but studying the photos they don’t match up. I am still in waiting that you have hard core evidence against the now suspect #2 in custody because suspect #1 is from what we have only been told has been killed.. Hope you truly got the right one now and aren’t letting the one behind go. We shall see.

  • Papa&Honey

    Keep going Glenn. The day of reckoning is coming despite your words or actions. You cannot stop it. 

  • Nellie Elizabeth-Palmer Strawn

    No one will believe it anyway.  People have lost faith in the news media and he knows this.  Giving the government the opportunity to present it first is brilliant, cus everyone believes them!  Smart move! 

  • Papa&Honey

    Glenn, the day of reckoning is coming. You know you cannot stop it. You can warn people, can encourage people, you can love people, but you cannot stop the evil that will encompass this earth. Expose all you want, but please, don’t show so much hate. You are feeding those that are hoping you will react as you do. Show more compassion for the hurting Americans that are truly down trodden, that have lost home, family, and life. Dispel a message of sorrow and humility, but not hate. Love ya brother.

  • Nellie Elizabeth-Palmer Strawn

    In agreement!  I think people fail to realize that the true definition of knowledge and wisdom is knowing the extent of their own ignorance first!  That is why all one can do is laugh at it :) 

  • Nellie Elizabeth-Palmer Strawn

    In agreement!  I think people fail to realize that the true definition of knowledge and wisdom is knowing the extent of their own ignorance first!  That is why all one can do is laugh at it :) 

  • Pam Kuecken Leitermann

    Dear Glenn, Don’t back down what ever you do and please be carefull! Our government is not ours any longer it belongs to a crime syndicated mafia organized by GS and runned by King O and his minions!  

  • Brad Smith

    Glenn, why wait?  Why not expose it NOW?  They don’t deserve the courtesy of your patience.

  • LuAnn Mills

    thank you. 

  • Wolfman Thomas

    Americas changing liberal overpopulation legal, illegal immigration population from a what can I do for my country to a what America can do for me country = more government control and less freedom. Now we can also ban all running and sports and large crowd marathons,guns, black powder, pressure cookers, and over reaction media circus what the hell is going on in America and all over the world ?. Janet Napolitano should be fired for letting these terrorists shoplifing bastards come and go as they please in and out of the USA until the next media circus time

  • Amber Roth

     I am also concerned about Glenn’s safety. Please be safe. I will be praying for your safety and the safety of your family! May God be with you in this stand and protect you in this hour.

  • Cory Johnson


    • JamesJinSC

       hey dumbass, bush has been out of office nearly 5 years – isn’t it time to give responsibility to zer0?

      • Nellie Elizabeth-Palmer Strawn

        oh lets not forget the Bush had a majority Democratic House .. your argument is invalid… catch up Cory your behind :)

  • Cory Johnson

     Oh and Beck, I found at-least 4 typo’s at the beginning of this article…might want to fix that 

  • Obama Challenge

    Wow! my comment was deleted.  Glenn Beck is still censoring the truth about Obama’s – use of stolen SSN, forged birth certificate, forged Selective Service Registration, loss of US citizenship when he was known as Soebarkah the Indonesian citizen, and his Harvard education being paid for by radical Khalid Al Mansour and the Saudi’s.  Glenn you could have exposed all or some of these verifiable facts a long time ago, but instead you have sat back and let America be destroyed from within.  Everything above is verifiable by fact Glenn.  You are part of the enemy forces destroying this country by remaining silent.  Obama should be in jail not destroying the country.

  • Kai Jackson Vannoy

    Isn’t it interesting that those of us who study and research al that is going on and try to tell others about our findings are minimalized and called conspiracy theorists fringe, and right wing extremists by the press that is in the pockets  of those (who are in the 1% by the way) that wish to destroy our constitutional republic. This I not the nation I was born into and I never dreamed I would see a day when being a proud American Patriot would be considered so un-American by so many people who do not understand what being an American even means. I once took an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against “ALL” enemies foreign or domestic , with my life if necessary. I  do not have a death wish but liberty for all purchased with the blood of patriots is a far better thing than our progeny living under oppression without hope or freedom. It is no longer about parties or left & right ideologies it is about preserving a way of life and stopping those whose highest ambition is wresting the power from the people. May God keep and protect all Americans and may God bless America.

    • Nellie Elizabeth-Palmer Strawn

      Applause!! There is no other way to put it into words!!!!  It is about the better of this country (THE WE THE PEOPLE) and NOT about WHO (THE INDIVIDUAL) is right or wrong.  Let’s only hope and pray that those that are so clouded by their own ego of wanting to so badly be right, that they will come to the fundamental fact that when you hold your ego so close to your position, when that position falls, as it so often does, your ego will fall right along with it!

  • Anonymous

    Starting in 860 BC, prophets began telling the Northern Kingdom of Israel that the Assyrians would destroy their nation and take them into captivity. They warned against the rampant immorality and corruption that was destroying their nation. They were also warned that the aliens among them and their pagan practices were corrupting their culture & society. The Northern Kingdom fell in 722 BC.
    Around 845 BC, prophets began telling the Southern Kingdom of Judah, that they would be taken into captivity and that their nation would be utterly destroyed. Some people listened but most did not and the ancient Babylonians took Judah captive in 586 BC & laid waste to the land. Then came the Medes/Persians.
    ALL of these conquering nations exist today except that they go by different names, i.e…Iraq, Afghanistan, Persia (Iran), etc… We are still fighting that ancient battle and if America continues its on its destructive path, OUR nation will be destroyed and taken into captivity. We won’t be driven out of the U.S. but we will be subject to foreign laws (Sharia for example) & ruled by a foreign government. As in ancient times, we have been given a series of warnings – progressive disasters warning of us our fate.
    Is anyone listening?

    • Nellie Elizabeth-Palmer Strawn

      I think this is great to bring this up.. but sadly the ones that need to read it thoroughly and do their own research and to use their own critical thinking will not do so.  The blind will remain blind and the deaf with continue to be deaf because it is so much easier to live that way.  But Max again thanks for sharing this it did not go unnoticed by me :)

  • Janelle Dykhuis

    God Bless Glenn and the Blaze staff, may he protect all of you.  We are all stepping into the fire.  I’ve had my doubts this whole week about the action in Boston.

  • Rhonda Gregory

    Please please be careful, watch your back. This evil administration will stop at nothing to protect that dictator wanna be in the white house. He has gotten away with so many crimes we dont want you on that list. After making the announcement yesterday about giving them until  Monday I am sure you are on very dangerous ground my friend. Please stay safe I am praying for you and your family’s safety. God speed

  • Dixie Dyer Williams

    Glenn, thank you for all you do to get the truth out there!  My husband and I will be praying for you, your family and co-workers safety.  May God bless and keep you all.

  • Anonymous

    Question with boldness, unless Glenn doesn’t like the question.

  • Anonymous

    oh my God. This guy really might be clinically insane. He is no patriot. Patriots are not people casting spells over others. Sad.

  • WOB

    Glen, I have watched you for several years and have grown to both admire you, at times, and abhor your behavior on other occasions.  This is one of those occasions where I abhor your actions.  If you truly have evidence that someone involved with the bombing is being whisked out of Country to protect them, then get that info out now, don’t wait until Monday.  If you have evidence that says these two Chechnyan brothers were not operating alone, then get that info out now.  Drop all the big talk and how what you know has made you a changed man … enough grandstanding!  Get the word out – NOW!

  • Anonymous

    Glen clearly you aren’t as informed as you think you are.  Did you read what you wrote here?  You can’t possible believe the stuff that comes out of your mouth.  It doesn’t make any sense.  People weren’t hoping that it was an White American Christian that committed the bombing because they want to believe the worst in people.  They simply wanted to believe that it was a White American Christian because it would set this country back decades in equal rights had it been a non-American, non-white, Muslim.  Hey guess what most of the people behind the mass killings in the US have been White Males and wait here is another kicker….many have been Christians.  And yet we (society) choose to profile, harass, discriminate against those who appear to be of Mid-Eastern ethnicity because they are “evil” and can’t be trusted and will blow us up.  Or better yet who we think are different from us or how we believe…ooooo no the terror of someone having an opinion and not suppressing peoples rights!   

    It’s the same reason why you hope that Obama fails…it’s not because he is a Democratic and it darn sure isn’t because he is Progressive.  It’s the same reason you (a privileged white male…note I am a White Male as well) fight and spread lies about why things are happening, why you oppose gay marriage, why you want tighter immigration policies (which by the way you wouldn’t be in what you call “America” if it weren’t for immigration or do you think you just magically appeared here in your “America?”), and why you want to surpress the middle and lower economic classes.  It’s because you sir are an extreme bigot.  

    The fact that you feel like “America” is “dying” I find absolutely repulsive.  However, maybe it’s a good thing because people like you certainly aren’t the type of people that I want to have in my America.  People like you are not the type of people I want leading us.  People like you are not the type of people that I want educating our youth.  People like you are the type of people that should be forced to take that one way trip to Mars.  In fact I would like to help pay for you to go on that one way trip.  

  • Anonymous

    Why is your old Alma mater Fox News being silent about this ????  Don’t you still have friends there ??

  • Jerry Alexander

    Glenn..make sure you are not the only one with this information.Send DVD`S to as many as you can.

  • Judy Rinicker

    Glen love you & love your show. You are a lone voice in this wilderness that is the USA.. God be with you & stay safe…will be watching Monday….

  • Mary Elizabeth Morse

    Please Please Glenn watch your back and your families. We need you here. You seem to  be the only one who is brave enough to get the truth and warn us. It is scarey to say the least, but at last we know. I so wish I could afford the Blaze and watch you when you are actually talking. But as luck would have it, I am still unemployed, and have to watch evry cent. God Bless you and keep on keeping on. We love you.     Mb from Sacramento 

  • Russ McMullin

    “I’ve got something super duper hyper important to tell you!!!!! The fate of our nation hangs in the balance and I have the super secret scoop! You MUST know this information! So, tune in Monday.”  Monday?

  • Pat Connors

    Well there is way too many losing credibility on either side of any isle, I hope you have something of value to show us on Monday, But the masses have shown nothing but false innuendo and or some maybe this or maybe that, Someone need to stand up with a pair big enough to show us something we can use as a nation and quit feeding a frenzy that is doing nothing for anyone.

  • Gail Cobile

    Poor Joe.  The great state of Virginia had 10,000 DEAD people vote for Obama!   No one who has followed the corruption of this entire administration believes he won the election fair and square.  It was stolen and bought! 

    Get a grip and pay attention.

  • Anonymous


    Watch your 6, and that of your family’s, also. You are absolutely right, they will stoop to what ever depth they need, to carry out their malevolence against this country!!!! 

  • Anonymous

    I just listened to your commentary and can’t wait till Monday, We however, as much as we’d like to, can not afford to support The Blaze. We are about to start retirement, on June 1st and will not have the finances to do so. That is a whole other story. We (my husband and I), are happy they caught the second bomber, but now ask the question,”Who will pick up where they left off?” We believe there is a person or persons “out there” that will do just that and that our loose immigration laws, are giving them a helping hand. 

  • Rayetta Hull

    You may think I am crazy but for the life of me I cannot understand why you, Alex Jones and Gerald Celente do not join forces and bring out everything that is going on in our country.  Stop fighting amongest yourselves, join forces, let us join you in taking our country back.  Goodness, God only knows time is quickly running out.

  • Daniel Drake

    ddrake1usa@yahoo:disqus .com Daniel Drake
    I found out the word azaan…  it’s arabic means call to prayer and it is the same as the oath of all muslims In egypt Obama said he loved this in his speach… this is true he is a muslim  

  • Daniel Drake

    an arbic word Obama used in his egypt speach is azaan it is the call to prayer it is also the oath a muslim would take as becomming a muslim Obama took this as a child he is a muslim…

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t you just put the info out there for all of us to digest and react to? Why are you telegraphing your punch? You truly aren’t a fighter. Don’t spar with them go for the jugular first shot.

  • elisabetta barini

    God bless you Glenn Beck, you are the ONE who really understands and says THE TRUTH !

  • Melissa Katsmom Votano

    “The list of people I trust is so short I’m not even on it.”  Rusty Shackelford.  I cried last night over the abject hatefulness that I have seen on every site I visited yesterday.  All these people are screaming for heads of who did this on a stick in the town square but they scream at the top of their lungs, in the same breath about how these same people killed others and how horrible it is.  I don’t like what they did but to behave like a bunch of villagers in a B-horror film is so wrong because if we can do it to everyone we disagree with then we can do it to anyone at all for any reason we deem fit.  Be careful Glenn Beck because these days speaking the truth can get you killed.

  • Scott D Troy

    No one & no news outlet was hoping that it was a white American that attacked & murdered innocent people from the US and many other countries. The media and authorities cautioned us not to immediately blame or focus on any one group as the terrorists so that the correct people could be killed or captured. Most Americans wanted closure, understanding and action not political rhetoric that has too often divided our country rather than strengthen our understanding of each other through thoughtful, meaningful discourse. 

    • Anonymous

       You poor naive person.

  • Dave Elliott

    I put these boys, the brothers,  in the “Lee Harvey Oswald” status.  They’re patsys.  I’m thinking the man being deported is the mastermind of this.  His cronies probably promised these boys doing the actual dirty work, transportation out of the country and a sack full of money.  And once the bombs exploded…… had no knowledge of them.  I’m also wondering how our “president” fits into this plan….

  • john doe

    he’s talking about the male and female nationals that were at the boston marathon watching it. both of them were seriously injured. they fbi looked at them FIRST as suspects and the media jumped the gun. obama and his wife visited them and probably apologized to them because they WERE NOT suspects in the bombing. 

    you “kids,” and i say kids because you are so easily fooled and manipulated, need to actually pay attention to the media. research the garbage this man says and you’d know he is, yet again, trying to start garbage conspiracy theories to promote his own name.

    stop being sheeps. stop being ignorant fools. educate yourself rather than idolizing one man and his extremist actions (glenn beck). 

  • Dave Elliott

     And Liberals, don’t call me a kook… are the ones that said George Bush was responsible for 9/11

  • bucketnutz

    The Obamunist regime and his army of Media hoars will march over any reality that anyone such as Glenn brings to the streets and before it is over they will stomp the truth into the dirt.I am ashamed of my country and the despicable acts that it has perpetrated in the name of World Governance

  • Jo Lana Farris

    Prayers for Glenn Beck.  He will need Divine Guidance and protection!  God Speed Glenn

  • Bill Weaver

    I can think of one good reason to deport the Saudi national, although I am afraid our government does not have this in mind.  That is, so he can be apprehended on foreign soil and taken to Gitmo for enhanced interrogation.

  • Joanna LaFond

    Sure wish Beck would run, the only one out here who speaks the truth!

  • john doe

    he’s talking about the male and female nationals that were at the boston marathon watching it. both of them were seriously injured. they fbi looked at them FIRST as suspects and the media jumped the gun. obama and his wife visited them and probably apologized to them because they WERE NOT suspects in the bombing. 
    you “kids,” and i say kids because you are so easily fooled and manipulated, need to actually pay attention to the media. research the garbage this man says and you’d know he is, yet again, trying to start garbage conspiracy theories to promote his own name.

    stop being sheeps. stop being ignorant fools. educate yourself rather than idolizing one man and his extremist actions (glenn beck). 

    • Rebekah Anne Keegan Stevenson

      No “john doe” he is talking about someone else altogether that walked away before the bombs went off. Let it play out. How are you so sure that you are not the sheeple? No one idolizes Glen Beck he is just another American who is sick of the bullshit our government is pouring down our necks. Idolize? That’s what all these people are doing to the current pres. who is shredding our country to pieces

  • john doe

    he’s talking about the male and female nationals that were at the boston marathon watching it. both of them were seriously injured. they fbi looked at them FIRST as suspects and the media jumped the gun. obama and his wife visited them and probably apologized to them because they WERE NOT suspects in the bombing. 
    you “kids,” and i say kids because you are so easily fooled and manipulated, need to actually pay attention to the media. research the garbage this man says and you’d know he is, yet again, trying to start garbage conspiracy theories to promote his own name.

    stop being sheeps. stop being ignorant fools. educate yourself rather than idolizing one man and his extremist actions (glenn beck). 

  • Wade Meyer

    It is sad, Glenn, that we have to infiltrate our own enemy occupied government.

  • Carol Martin

    be careful glenn, may god bless you and keep you and your family safe

  • Candice Lee-Harvey

    I can’t wait for Monday!!!

  • ben marshall

    Glen, you still focus on “WHAT” they do
    rather than “WHO” they are. 


    First, regarding the Saudi young man was tackled by Boston bystanders, he
    likely had injuries from that incident. Hospitalization is level-one protection
    for people until they can be relocated. We had a potential
    angry-mob syndrome developing. He was associated with Al
    Qaeda at least by close relatives. It is possible
    that independent threats and individuals are here in America having the
    same hatred for America yet
    they are not connected in any immanent tactical planning or even know
    each other exists.

    That he was going to be deported, is a good thing, accelerating it was likely
    due to his own safety. I doubt he was directly associated with
    these Chechnyan youth’s operations. Don’t go off the deep end like
    Jones smearing your otherwise good observations.

    Now for my first line up there, if you have been “studying these things
    for 40 years” you are omitting serious attributes of why America is
    facing ” fundamental change”. 


    Do you know who invented the term
    “counterculture”? DO you understand who the Frankfort
    School members where and why they were
    exiles from Germany to America
    in the 1930’s? They are the forefathers of the
    Modern American liberal left. These men are communists who
    designed the very ideologies to fit American culture,
    Marxism-light, socialism  to infect us and turn our culture to what
    it is becoming today. BY there their social engineering 
    they are the ones who have yanked the old school democratic party to what
    it has become today.


    You simply focus on what they do, not who they are. If you
    did this kind of research in the CDC, we would soon die of the
    pathogens you claim to have studied for over 40
    years. Simply shouting “Polio” every day
    doesn’t really develop strains of vaccine to eliminate it. So what that you shout what it is? To develop the strains you need to
    break down its very proteins and molecular nature. You need to know who they are.


    Max Horkheimer is one of the principles of the Frankfort School,
    German communists hated by the Third Reich and exiled first before
    WW2 broke out in Germany.( He invented the term “counterculture”). They fled
    to America intent
    upon engineering us to a state that could not duplicate
    the culture of Germany
    which fell to the “Authoritarian Personality” IE Adolph H. Max devised his strategy that would be to remove “truth, absolutes and
    universals” so that our culture would not rise in nationalistic pride to
    follow a fascist leader like Hitler. So he wanted
    to eviscerate all truth, which obviously means to
    destroy Christian culture which is the strongest belief system in the
    world, which has produced American Exceptionalism, by the faith of our
    founders, forefathers and even the moral lineage of Jefferson’s “we hold these truths”. 

    I could go on and on, but I have been studying
    the Bible for over 50 years. Truth is the product that Jesus came to
    bear witness. I will give you two quotes (below) that sum up and identify
    exactly who the players are, the core conflict
    between traditional American liberty and atheistic Judeo/Bolshevism (liberals)



    Our government is being hijacked, just ask Artur Davis,  specifically the democratic party. This is
    being done  by atheistic Judeo/ Bolshevik
    socialists, out to confiscate wealth, and power from conservatism to
    “fundamentally change this nation”.


    They are bribing votes by entitling the masses with our
    money. If they can’t suck them into union labor, or SEIU et al, or into the
    government work force, or at last resort, making as many as possible into
    welfare wards of the state. They are institutionalizing victimhood status for
    minorities.  They ignite social fires
    & class warfare, then station “fire trucks” around the corner to
    quickly come to the heroic rescue of the very fires they started. A mechanism of the C & Pivon syndrome.


    “Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm
    Christianity. In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the
    culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by
    transforming the consciousness of society.” ~ Antonio Gramsci, atheistic Jewish
    Italian communist


    Here’s a prophet for you:


    ~ Winston Churchill in Illustrated Sunday Herald, Feb 8,

     “It my well be
    that this same astounding race may at the present time be in the actual process
    of producing another system of morals and philosophy as malevolent as
    Christianity was benevolent, which if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably
    all that Christianity had rendered possible. It would almost seem as if the
    gospel of Christ and the gospel of Antichrist were destined to originate among
    the same people.”

    • Chuck Grandstaff

      B S BS BS BS I claim shenanigans, First of all why was this ‘so called’ by stander even near the site? Why/how,who classified him as a person of interest when the “scene” broke from act two? Then by act four-five declassify him to a poor helpless Saudi National who is injured and in the hospital? Let alone set for deportation come Tuesday.

  • Anonymous

    After reading this article, I am a changed person! I am so grateful for what this man and all the patriots working behind the seens do to get the truth out! God Bless and he will, all of you!

  • Wade Meyer

     Genesis 25? was it where an angel told Rebekah that two nations struggled within her.  She produced Esau first and Jacob had Esau by the heel.  Nicknamed ‘heel grabber’. These were not identical twins but birth twins.  Later Esau stupidly sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew that Jacob had cooked.   Jacob, in the lineage of Jesus, is described as a peaceful man.  Esau as a hunter gatherer knuckle dragger and war-like the beginnings of the branch of peoples destined to be who are Islamic. He together with Abraham’s illegitimate son Ishmael, the mocker, became the seeds of the Arab peoples.  Yet God was faithful in his promise and made both great nations, yet salvation would be through the Jews.

    • Anonymous

      There is no salvation required in Judaism. Keep your religion to yourself, fascist.

  • Anonymous

    Remember what was said during the Benghazi hearings? ” For me the Taliban is on the inside of the building.”

    The former regional security officer in Libya, Eric Nordstrom, recalled talking to a regional director and asking for twelve security agents.“His response to that was, ‘You are asking for the sun, moon and the stars.’ And my response to him – his name was Jim – ‘Jim, you know what makes most frustrating about this assignment? It is not the hardships, it is not the gunfire, it is not the threats. It is dealing and fighting against the people, programs and personnel who are supposed to be supporting me. And I added (sic) it by saying, ‘For me the Taliban is on the inside of the building.’”

  • Glenn Strick

    Praying for your safety, Glenn …    

  • Anonymous

    Is beck still whining his racist rant against an innocent man? What an asshole.

    • Brian Davids

      I’m not willing to blindly believe Glenn just because he says so, but it seems to me as if you’re playing “let’s cry racist”.

      Here’s a question for you.  How did they manage to gain the knowledge of building an Al Queda style bomb?  And don’t say that internet magazine, because you simply can’t get it.
      Here’s another fact for you.  Saudi Arabia has financed 2000 people to go over to Syria and fight for Al Queda allied terror groups.  You think the Saudis are sweet and innocent, time to think again.

      • Anonymous

        I think the Saudi government is terrible. I thought so even when Bush was kissing them on the lips and chartering planes for them after 9/11. They allow no civil rights there and it’s a mistake to think they are an ally.
        However, beck is accusing one Saudi person, one student, simply because of his nationality. We already know he wasn’t involved.

        And yes, you can learn about those bombs on the Internet. Lots of white supremacist groups and other nasty organizations have instructions or links to instructions on their sites.

  • Joel Lynch

    I have pity on those that truly believe there is a conspiracy around every corner. Guess what? Sometimes things are exactly how they seem. Republican or Democrat, there is no secret power struggle or hidden war. People invent these problems to avoid answering tough questions.

  • Joseph Ventimiglia

    Let the light of truth expose the darkness in the hearts of USA leaders.Thanks glenn But Gods LIght is the only lite that shines eternally!

  • Joel Lynch

    Why does that sound so familiar? oh right… terrorists…

  • Joel Lynch

    where’s the evidence?

  • Anonymous

    Seems like a lot of civil servants are willing to risk their jobs to let the truth be known.  I thought Libs always supported whistleblowers.  Maybe not so much when they are reporting the secret workings of their King.

  • John Dawson

    Lloyds of london sued Saudi Arabia for their losses in 9/11 because 17 of 18 were SAs and Saudi Arabia pd. P.Bush issued NO FLY edict ut dozen  or so SA princes flew out anyway. How many countrys are named for 1 family?

  • Richard Downey

    Our government has fallen to such depths of corruption that the only thing that’s going to straighten it out will be a massive asteroid collision with earth. Then we can start over again in a couple billion years.

  • Debbie Benefield

    Who were the congressmen? 

  • Charlene Geren

    Remember Brietbart!!!

  • Joseph Brown

    If this is true, and it is something this bad, then these Congressional members need to stand united and accuse the President formally with treason and start impeachment.  I am tired of the predictions of this or that.  It is blatantly obvious Obama is up to no good and he has cohorts up and down the aisles of both houses of Congress.  We either stop it now or we get what we deserve. 

  • J.c. Smith

    Glenn, one more question you can ask about that person.  Why did Michelle O visit him, and not visit any of the injured in the hospital?

  • Tracie Carter Hans

    And didnt M.O. visit him in the hospital too?

  • Roger Bradford

    Glenn Beck, since ’94. Radio, radio, speak the truth no-matter what the rest say. You are a patriot. Nothing less, credibility 100% based on good intentions.
    joevilla is not good. maybe go home….

  • seamusrmoney

    Yeah, um, one problem. The Saudi student isn’t being deported. Dumbass.

  • moxie

    Romney probably did win!!!!! I don’t trust this government at all. They want to do away with the 2nd amendment….. the last vote was to close. Loose that people we have lost! To much going on  not to believe Glenn! Stay safe Glenn!

  • Tamara Baker

    I want to know why the administration quickly labeled the Boston incident as an act of terrorism unlike Benghazi and why they said they want to get to the bottom of it, yet never did in Benghazi. I want to know why they are deporting this possible witness, too, and look forward to hearing who this person is and why they’re trying to sweep them away, like OJ and the missing glove, when it clearly seems there is a connection.  I know that they’ve been saying for a long time that terrorism could be homegrown and in this case of these two brothers it is absolutely true.,..and just like in 9/11, its a slap in the face to know that they took advantage of our country by lashing out at us. Hearing the distressed uncles plea yesterday as he lashed out at their actions is a clear reminder that we all make choices…the brother who visited and trained during his recent visit to Russia, made the choice to come back here to carry out an act of terror killing innocent people…his younger brother made the choice to join him in this cause and continue the killing with his brother the next day….the uncle’s wife is choosing to deny her nephews actions, their father in Russia is choosing to deny their involvement…everyone has choices and every choice has consequences…good or bad…I’m glad that you’ve made the choice to continue to be the messenger of the news and what goes on behind the scenes that the average person would never know about unless you did. It is my hope and prayer, that there are still enough Americans who believe in the principles upon which this country was founded and the Constitution, to keep this country together. Thank you for all that you do, Glenn. Thank you for keeping us informed….as a true reporter and messenger of the news.

    • Little Mikey

      More of the Bin Laden extended family or are they Russian natives?  

  • Judi Mott

    Glenn look out for the drones. seriously.

    • Anonymous

      All glen does is drone. On and on.

  • Ani Payne

    Be careful Glenn, I’m concerned for your safety.

    • Anonymous

      Are you threatening him?!?!? Sure sounds like it.

  • Anita Hines

    God bless you and please please please be very careful. 

    • Anonymous

      Did someone sneeze?

  • mdarcy60

    He is passionate about his cause for the Truth and What is Right…not Who is Right.  

  • Charlene Hughes

    We are praying for Beck, his family, friends and all who work for him! Don’t forget to pray for those who are helping to expose the Real TRUTH about what is going on in America!! Thank you all for your bravery….May God’s Grace, Love, Peace and Angels protect all of you!!!

  • Brian Johnson

    It gets worse!  Moochelle Obama visited this one in a Boston area hospital.  At the time he was under suspicion of being involved in the Marathon bombing.  His name is Abdul Rahman Ali Isa al-Salmi al-Harbi   Google that name.  Obama needs to be impeached ASAP!   

    • Anonymous

      Lol. Good luck with that.

  • Anonymous

    Gee Glen, if the WH will stoop to this level, why not lie about BO’s eligibility.  BO is a fraud and WILL do anything to bring this country down.  The media is of course on his side and so are heads of important government entities.  The CIA, Homeland Security, FBI.  They are all in on the scam.

    • Anonymous

      Lol. It’s all a vast conspiracy by the jooooooooooz!!!

  • Sidney Mitchell

    I payed close attention to the news coverage of the bombing suspects. I watched all three major news channels (Fox, Cnn, Msnbc). I do not recall anyone on any channel saying that they hoped it was an American that did the bombing or anything about Tea Part relations. I did however see Fox and CNN make some wrong reports about a dark skinned man being in custody and being transported to the federal building in Boston. CNN did say that most likely it was a person of middle eastern decent. I also seen were FOX personalities were asking questions about a possible cover up or conspiracy about the bombing. I am not pleased with our government or the actions and policies of the POTUS, but to make rants like these helps no one and only provides fuel for further confusion. 

    • Anonymous

      Did you happen to read the bloggers on the HP.  They were all excited when the pictures came out and were thrilled it was probably a “Teabagger”.  Some said they were hoping it was an American.  Chris Matthews was all about the Right Wing Extremists.  Shep from Fox mentioned the Right Wing Extremists no matter what they were talking about.  Every act of violence is blamed on the Tea Party by the left until it is proven otherwise. Try looking it up. You must not be paying attention.

  • Anonymous

    How much have you been drinking Glenn?  Your thoughts in the above piece are frenetic at best.  Slow down for us simple folks and tell us what you are trying to say without jumping around aimlessly and repeating yourself.

  • Freeman1776

    Sounds interesting and I’ll be watching to see what happens Monday. However, if anyone recalls, Beck was going to blow the lid one day off of the FEMA camps. He prepared us for that in the morning, and said by his next airing, he would blow the lid off the story. Well, when the next airing came that afternoon, Beck was acting like a spanked little dog who backtracked and didn’t have a story anymore.

    So, maybe now he DOES have a story, but his credibility with many of us is tarnished. If he is really got a scoop here, I hope he doesn’t do the back paddle once again. Lets see some guts this time and give us the story and let the chips fall where they will. No more appeasing the big shots of the media or government.

  • James Barrs

    Be careful Mr Beck. Please leave this info where other patriotic Americans can find it if something happens to you. I hope, for all of our sakes, that you remain safe & release this information & possibly it can help restore our Republic to what it was intended to be. GOD bless you Mr Beck & GOD bless the USA.

  • Anonymous

    I pray that someone else will push this story forward.  I, too, believe the First American Republic as we know it, is ending.  When honesty and morality at the highest levels of government were lost, so was the nation.   
    We must be prepared now to help found the Second American Republic based upon the principles of the Constitution prior to amendments in the 20th Century.
    Hopefully, Glenn can stay safe until Monday.  I have no hope in the Obama Administration doing the right thing.  

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you must press this issue with all vigor.

  • Anonymous

    OMG!  I can’t believe the drama.  Stop manufacturing fictitious plots for ratings.

  • Lorrie Rodriguez

    Please make sure, that whatever you know is know by others – with proof!  What your 6……they (you know who they are) will stop at nothing to silence their tyranny!

  • Kenny Keeton

    Look it is no secret that Diplomatic Immunity is out there especially if it is a Saudi national.  I say this I will always wonder if Osama Bin Laden is really dead, We saw Hussein, We didn’t get to see anything of Bin Laden which makes no sense given the fact that We had been looking for Him for more than a decade.  But I agree with a previous poster Mr. Beck please watch your back.

  • Nancy Niceta

    Dear Glenn – We can’t Thank-you enough for all that you do. I Think of you all the time. My Love and Prayers to you, your family and staff.

  • Kelly Huey Butler

    I heard early this morning that the POTUS and is wife “visited” this Saudi national.
    What in the H.E.L.L. do they think they’re doing??????

  • dharbach

    Please stay protected so you don’t end up like Brightbart.

  • Amy Kotner

    Lock and load Glenn. Good patriots like you have a way of meeting untimely demises. You and your family are in my deepest prayers. May the Lord keep you safe.

  • James Barrs

    The islamic terrorists won’t quit as long as we provide them  a path to Paradise. I believe that their religion is flawed & false but they believe that it is true. They justify their actions with the belief that dying in the service of their false god will leave them in Paradise with an endless supply of wine & virgins for their eternal pleasure.  Therefore the only solution that I can come up with for the islamic terror problem is 1 that can only be used on non-American islamic terrorists. The Constitution for the United States applies to the USA & her citizens. Non-American islamic terrorists aren’t protected. If found guilty in a court of law the islamic terrorists MUST have Paradise removed from their future. No death penalty. They should be sentenced to unclean life with no possibility of parole. Shackles should be welded around their ankles with logging chains & heavy weights attached. He should be led out of his prison, before sunrise, by the beard & placed in a farrowing house or slaughter house until 1 hour after sunset, EVERY day for the rest of his life. He should spend EVERY day in hog waste or blood. This punishment should be filmed daily & sent to the Al-Jazeera network to show islamists how we will punish ANY & ALL islamic terrorists. When the terrorist finally dies, a hole should be dug in a pigpen. The bottom & sides should be lined with hog waste. The terrorist should be dumped in the grave & covered with hog waste. If allah wants him after that then let allah dig hrough the hog waste to get him. If they become unclean, they remain so until the following sunset. Make them unclean until after every sunset so that they become unworthy of Paradise. If they can justify their actions through their religion then we should be able to punish them with whatever it takes to  ensure that no wine, virgins, or Paradise awaits them.

    • Tim Stewart

      Two of our forefathers commented on Islam during the time of the Barbary Wars. They knew then what the US gov’t refuses to recognise today.                                             John Adams. He [Muhammad] declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind. The precept of the Koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God the faithful follower of the prophet may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective. The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force.

      William Eaton, Consul to Tunis (1799-1803). Considered as a nation, they are deplorably wretched, because they have no property in the soil to inspire an ambition to cultivate it. They are abject slaves to the despotism of their government, and they are humiliated by tyranny, the worst of all tyrannies, the despotism of priestcraft. They live in more solemn fear of the frowns of a bigot who has been dead and rotten above a thousand years, than of the living despot whose frown would cost them their lives.

  • Joe Hunter

    Well the truth will be revealed I think here.  If Beck can back up his claims with hard evidence, enough to verify a  criminal cover up, then we will know he is absolutely trustworthy.  I have trusted him for a long time because he always checked out his stories beforehand.  If he makes a mistake (which he has in the past) in reporting due to incorrect information, he admits it and sets the record straight.  I think this is going to be big and just like Benghazi, it won’t go away.

  • Billy Duarte

    They won’t kill Glen, why? Glen dies, it proves whatever he has is true.. Glen lives.. it shows that he might be a nut. Sorry folks, Glen ain’t gonna die. 

  • Anonymous

    I saw a lot of people “hoping” it was a White American who commited this bombing.  I am with Glenn that it is disgusting for Americans to “hope” that a fellow American wanted to kill innocent people.  It would be like my family be murdered and my “hoping” it was my cousin and not some stranger. Sick people!

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    How can a person of interest in the Boston Bombing be deported back to Saudi Arabia while an investigation is still going on in the Boston Marathon Bombing?Don’t you think it is too quick to deport if he needs to be asked any more questions or is there more to this than we know.Glen Beck says he has the answers and the proof as to what really happened.Monday we should know and in my opinion as a concerned American I think we need to be aware of all news from Washington made by the people who work for us and supposed to be protecting us.If one American innocent civilian has to die in an attack it is one too many.Think hard on this one.

    • Petunia Skrebble

       In case you didn’t know, it has now been proven that in 1921, when Britain gave the Saudi’s control of Arabia from the Ottoman empire, that the British put Khazar Zionists in as the royalty of Saudi Arabia, they are not arabs, they are khazars,  and htey have been working with the International Rothschild bankers and their kingdom, Israel, ever since.  So, when they send a Saudi back, its because they don’t want you to find out he is working for Israel.   They wrote it all up in their protocols.

  • Carole Rogers Metzger

    THANK YOU Mr. Beck. PLEASE keep reporting as you have in the past, and hopefully will continue to do so for a long time. The American people NEED truthful information, and things that will make them go “hmmmm?”. The sheep mentality of some of these kool-aid drinkers that have posted on this site are unreal. So with Boston, we are going to have another Bengahzi?? Just sweep it all under the rug? I am SO GLAD that the gun bill DID NOT pass the other day, and in fact sent out the list on facebook of everyone who voted to trample on our constitution. I am very proud of the men and women who participated, rushed in & cared for and protected the people of Boston & surrounding areas. They DID their jobs, even people whose job it was not. Somehow, I just KNOW Obama will make this “his” plan & victory…always taking the credit.
    Keep on Mr Beck, America needs you, I need you! 

  • Eleanor Allen

    Don’t Worry About Glenn Dying They Might Not Stop At Trying But God Has A plan For The Wicked And Glenn Beck Is A Honorable Man Who has A Mission From God To Fulfil Regardles Of What The Anti Christ Think,God Is Alive And Well!!

  • Sue Ann Bruns

    praying for your protection… that the angels of the Lord would encamp around about you and defend you as you stand in this gap…. to everyone… look up your Redemption is drawing near, seek refuge in the Lord Jesus Christ

  • Joan Zakrocki


  • Jeff Shaginaw

    Beck made these exact same cryptic accusations/threats/promises over the
    so-called “Benghazi e-mail cover-up scandal.” He demanded the highest officials in government come clean on those e-mails before the election or he’d expose every e-mail and every politician responsible for the nefarious cover-up. Well, the election came and went, but Beck didn’t follow through on any of his accusations/threats/promises. Instead, he quietly dropped the whole thing and hoped no one would notice. I fully expect the same cowardly behavior from Beck on Monday.

    • Joan Zakrocki

      we will see if the facts of the deportation and reason are true, soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you owe Alex Jones and Ron Paul a HUGE apology. 

  • James Dracy

    I just can’t believe that Obama would deport someone so quickly, I mean, we’re still waiting to deport Aunt Zetuni and uncle Oingo Boingo.

  • Matt Worner

    Glenn, I hope Tanya and the kids are bunkered down safely, and that you are armed up to keep them that way.  There are facts that people  in high places are somewhat loath to have revealed.  The father of lies is the father of all lies, and he is behind the criminals in our halls of government.

  • Bob DiCenzi

     Beck consistently demonstrates all the unstable behaviors of a dry
    alcoholic which include grandiosity, judgmentalism, intolerance,
    impulsivity, ADD, indecisiveness and blindness to truth. In short, Beck,
    Limbaugh, O Reilly, Hannity, Palin, O Donnell, Coulter and others like
    them who think they are conservative are all guilty of perverting truth,
    history, facts, religion and the US Constitution when they open their
    big mouths. They are all idiots who live in and speak to some alternate
    reality of stupid red necks that feed off of fear & hate mongering
    while being fed a steady dose of extreme right wing lies.

  • Jock Doubleday

    Glen could have been a changed (informed) person years ago if he had paid heed to the incredibly in-depth and on-point research of Alex Jones. Glen has had a willfully flat learning curve for years and years.

    P.S.  It is almost certain that the fertilizer plant explosion was meant to occur on the anniversary of the Waco attack (April 19). the Illuminati’s CIA had to move it forward two days because of Alex Jones’ amazing expose on Wednesday.

    The fertilizer plant explosion on April 17 was meant to be a distraction from 1) the unraveling Boston Marathon false-flag perpetrated by Craft paramilitary personnel (whose motto literally is “Violence Does Solve Problems”) and associated groups and from 2) the New York Times April 16 mention of the bipartisan indictment of Obama for war crimes in the “World” section, “U.S. Engaged in Torture After 9/11, Review Concludes,” by Scott Shane, published Monday April 16, 2013 NYT.

    The last day of the three-day emergency preparedness drill at the fertilizer plant in West, Texas was canceled on the day (Thursday April 18) because the plant had already been blown up. The drill (there’s always a drill associated with modern false flags), preparations for which began on Tuesday April 16 at the plant, allowed the Illuminati’s henchmen to plant bombs set to go off on the Waco attack / Oklahoma City bombing anniversary of April 19. However, they needed to advance the date two days due to Alex Jones’ amazing outing of Craft “backpackers” at the Boston Marathon. One group or other of the psychopathic minions of the Illuminati, probably the CIA, used a missile to blow up the plant Wednesday evening, April 17.

    Google video title: “Tell me this is NOT A MISSILE IN TEXAS??”

    Thanks, Illuminati and their financiers at the House of Rothschild.

  • Dorrae Fortado Frederick

    Will we ever get anything that resembles the truth from our gov’t again? 

    Lies about Fast and Furious.

    Lies about Benghazi.

    And anybody that reports anything near the truth with fact and figures, is called a terrorist and racist and threatened? 

    What the hell is/are we willing to put up with?

    Gun control is voted down and our pres has a fit and says he’s going to do it anyway? 

    It isn’t about guns, it’s about control and we all know gun control only ends well for those who control the guns.

    Just sayin’.

    • Petunia Skrebble

      Amen, another truth teller, thank you.    We are increasing in numbers.  Both left and right have been lied to and that is why Glen was released from Fox.  He was getting way too close to the truth.   He just needs to go a little deeper and he will be there and will surpass Alex Jones, since Alex can’t NAME NAMES….. DUE TO HIS FAMILY WHO ARE ALL JEWISH and he is afraid for them.   If Glen speaks truth to power, then we will have achieved the ability to overcome these animals killing our people.  This is a propoganda, disinformation war.   They need us divided in order to prevail and right now we are uniting like never before.  Even those on the left are seeing the light.  I know, I have a blog and they are emailing me with confirming their knowledge.  Its encouraging like never before.   WE ARE ALL AMERICANS FIRST AND PARTY SECOND.  UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.

  • Becky Banagis

    There is NO America…She has died without a fight. All she had was us hollering..and no action…GOD BLESS THE USA! GOD BLESS TEXAS!

  • Phil Fischer

    We careful Glen, were all praying for you in Washington and we love that you took a stand.

  • Phil Fischer

    Were praying for you in Seattle. Yes, I am the only conservative Christian here, but that’s better because the Lord hear’s my prayers.

  • Petunia Skrebble

    Glen, you almost had it.  Its the foreign occupiers of our government and they are pagan satanists called “Zionists”.  Are you aware that mossad agents flew into Boston just before the bombing?  Who controls the media?  Who just bought 2 billion rounds of killer ammo?  Who bought 2400 unarmed drones to kill people with? who bought 2700 armoured vehicles to patrol American streets?  Who sits on the citizens advisory board of Homeland Security?  SPLC AND ADL. 

    Who has been calling Christians “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS?”  Who has been calling Ron Paul supporters, BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT, domestic terrorists???  YUP, THE SPLC AND THE  ADL  who also train law enforcement at the FUSIA centers they control, to be brutal to anyone on the right.    This is beginning to look just like Palestine.  Well, because of all of this NO ONE IS GIVING UP  THEIR GUNS….. NO ONE.   NOT EVER.  WE ARE A FOREIGN INVADED, INFILTRATED AND OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT WITH 32 DUAL ISRAELI CITIZENS IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND SLEW MORE IN THE PENTAGON AND INTEL, AND HOMELAND SECURITY which is acting like the gestapo of Nazi Germany. 

    The expose is complete, everyone knows and the entire world is waking up.  We know now who the real enemy is.  No World war with anyone except the Zionist bankers and israel. Chertoff gave Israel immunity in the Patriot Act for anything she may have done on “9-11″.  What does  that tell you?  Glenn, you are way behind.   Since 1967 when Israel murdered 39 sailors on the USS Liberty,  they have killed more Americans than all Muslim countries put together.   So what do YOU suggest we do about it??? 

    • Todd Clemmer

      We get it.  You hate Jews.  At LEAST use your real name when posting.  Don’t be a coward.

      • Petunia Skrebble

         I like Jews just fine,  I hate khazar pagan satanists who pedophile children as the arrest of numerous rabbi’s have proven and the talmud ok”s  it.  These are Khazars that do not have one ounce of Jewish blood in them.  YOU NEED TO GET YOUR PUSS OUT OF TV AND START RESEARCHING.  there is tons on this, even a Jewish  person wrote  a book about it so the Jews would not get blamed for what these bogus Jews do in their name.  It’s called “The Thirteenth Tribe”…. and they hate Christians.    They were the ones that financed the Russian Revolution in 1917 and murdered 63 million Christians.  Wake up and get rid of your ignorance.    JEFFERSON SAID “A NATION THAT EXPECTS TO BE IGNORANT AND FREE, EXPECTS WHAT NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL BE. ” 

  • jay l

    Give me a break… A “stay tuned” cliffhanger for the weekend.  The only thing earth shattering about this is the way he is embarrassing himself.  A complete ratings stunt.  His “shocking information” will be quickly discarded by the rest of the world under conspiratorial duress.  

    • Petunia Skrebble

       Aaah, one of those paid disinfo guys coming to try and turn it all around.  Too late, and too bad.  LOL 

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s time that we the people start banding together to expose this administration for what it is, to assert our rights to liberty and take back our God inspired nation!! I keep hearing “I am only one person what can I do? I can’t make a difference.” It is time that we, each of us start saying I can make a difference! for if we all stand up together we cannot be ignored!! I will make a difference- I will stand with Glenn and the Blaze on this and I will make sure that everyone hears it from the roof tops. I hope everyone who reads this will join me and we can shout with one voice as one freedom loving nation!! remember that we have the constitutional right to assemble and make known our grievances against a tyrannical government!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Kris Alderson Smith

    Glen, you have my support…please stand strong…please do not back down.  In addition to the questions you have been asking about the Saudi national…I’m asking these questions…What did our government know and when? It has been reported that a foriegn government alerted the US government that the older brother was suspected of terrorist activity alliances and involvement two years ago. The FBI had conducted several interviews with the guy. Does the government really expect us to believe that he was not at the top of the list of suspects in the Boston bombing? It really required putting his photo out to the public for identification? And if a foriegn government suspects his involvement in terrorist activities, we are supposed to believe he’s not tied to an organized group or terrorist cell…he’s simply a “lone wolf”? I’m certainly not an expert in the field of terrorist investigation, but I do have common sense…and my common sense tells me this is just the beginning…yet our government wants us to believe that by apprenending so-called “suspect #2″…it’s all over…they’ve got the two “lone wolves” and now we all can rest easy!  I pray that Monday you have evidence that can help prevent yet another “cover up” by this administration!!

  • Laura StraightUp

    Glenn can’t be silenced. If they were dumb enough to try, this info is still coming out. The only way to silence them is to block all forms of communication, and that would only prove their guilt. Best for this administration to come clean before their own dirt pile smothers them to smithereens.

  • Sharon Egger

    Glen, I agree with snowleapard, if you truly have info that is going to be earth shattering, I hope you have great body guards.

  • Christel Platt

    I don’t know why I got so emotional at the end of this, I immediatley broke into tears when he said “I thought I had seen it all” and that its much worse, I shed tears for other Americans, and their families, and I shed tears for my own children. Had I woke up sooner, I would have never brought them into such an evil place, its my job to protect them, but sometimes I feel like one tiny person who doesn’t know what the best thing to do is anymore…I feel broken.

  • Bud W

    A bunch of nothing mark my words, Glen has claimed before he had earth shattering news and it turned to nothing, any wagers?

  • Deanna Bogue

    THE REAL TRUTH>Stew Webb
    The Two Boston Bombers Killed in Liechtenstein, DHS and Zionist Main Stream Media claiming the two 7-11 Robbers are the Terrorist, all Bull, NSA and Israeli Mossad behind Boston Bombing. 

  • Aaron Parish

    the government does not do terrorist attacks duh. you were making fun of someone last week who said the same thing

  • Dawn Folts Bauer

    I do not think that they thought the explosion was going to be as big as it was if it was a staged event.  But imagine after 911 how the media was all over the place and hinting around about President Bush, who I still greatly admire.  There are some strange things going on in our government including the fact that they seem to be pushing Eric Holder around.  We are not being told the whole story again.  I had a fear there was a hostile takeover that is occuring but maybe it is just as Rhahm Emanuel stated – never let a good tragedy go to waste.  These people have a social agenda and will achieve it by any means. 

  • Jeremiah Alleman

    Bad, Bad Bad. 666… is that who it is?

  • Carlos De Souza

    Why wait till Monday ???  Why ALL the secrecy, Glenn ???  OK, I’ll wait till Monday, but I think I have a fair idea what’s going on here.  

  • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

    Sounds like the drama king is at it again.  Grow a pair and be a real American again and quit whining.  It attitudes like Glenn Beck that is an embarrassment to this country, and if there is any decline, it’s because of people like you.  Stop being in denial!  Most of the terrorism in this country is not from Arabs, Mexicans, African Americans or Asians.  They tend to be white, white, white.  Face the truth like a man and stop being a wimp. America is the MOST POWERFUL country in the world with best economy, military and foreign policy.  Deal with it.

    • Ray Williams

      they also happen to be on the left, left, left.

      • Patrick Galbraith

        they also tend to not leave their names, names, names, nor do they cite objective facts, facts, facts to back up their fallacious claims, claims, claims

        • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

           Facts Facts Facts and Claims Claims Claims,

          Boston Marathon bombings  – U.S. citizens (ethnic Chechens)
          Southern California shootings Christopher Dorner, (African American)
          Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – Adam Lanza (white)
          Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting – Wade Michael Page –  (white)
          2012 Aurora – James Eagan Holmes, (white)
          2011 Tucson – Jared Lee Loughner (white)
          Austin IRS attack – U.S. citizen (white)
          Fort Hood shooting – U.S. citizen (Palestinian)
          Holocaust Memorial Museum  – Von Brunn –  U.S. citizen (white)
          Knoxville Unitarian Church  Jim David Adkisson – (white)
          Virginia Tech massacre –  Seung-Hui Cho (South Korean national)
          Beltway sniper attacks –  John Allen Muhammad, Lee Boyd Malvo (African Americans)
          2001 anthrax attacks – Bruce Edwards Ivins (white)
          Columbine High School – Eric Harris/Dylan Klebold (white, white)
          Oklahoma City bombing – Timothy McVeigh/Terry Nichols  (white, white)

          THE TRUTH HURTS.

  • Roy Cam

    Great and thank you.

  • Guest
    • Guest

      Scooping Becks poop.

  • Ard Porton

     oklahoma, newyork,….boston

  • Chris Farrell

    Mister Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is an enemy agent of Islam practicing taqqiya. The ‘Manchurian’ ‘Mufti’ from Mombasa must be taken into custody and charged with the criminal usurpation of the presidency. He should be prosecuted by military tribunal and, if found guilty of the most sinister crime perpetrated against the American experiment in government of the people, sentenced to death by firing squad. Then we should give him a nice Muslim burial like he ordered for his Muslim Brother from the Hood, Osama. A ceremonial body wash and a nice wrap in white linen, then have a rag like himself read verses from the Koran as we slide his corpse off the deck of a United States Navy aircraft carrier. I do not know if the flag was lowered to half-mast for Osama, or if the Navy Band was ordered to play, but rumor has it that he was given a 21 gun salute. Funny thing that there are NO WITNESSES from the Navy vessel who can confirm that they saw Osama’s body. The Navy Seals who participated in the mission who could testify as to what transpired in the raid on Osama’s purported compound continue to die under most suspicious circumstances. Dead men tell no tales.

    • Petunia Skrebble

      Not likely, Obama was kissing the feet of Netanyahu when he recently went to visit, and on his mothers side of the family his grandfather is a dual Israeli citizen and that makes his mom one also, and that passes onto her son, Obama.  Dream on.   No one is convinced anymore that Muslims did the dirty deed.   Not when Cheroff puts immunity into the patriot act for Israel for whatever she may have done on 9-11.  Go check it out  for yourselves. 

      EITHER YOU WANT THE TRUTH OR YOU WANT WHAT  you hope is the truth, and if you don’t finally face truth, you will lose your country.  its that simple.  Time to belly  up to the truth bar and face reality.  I can assure you, you will not like what it will be like if Rothschilds bankers take control of this nation.  Slavery will be your future as its already becoming, with both parents having to work to pay the bills to companies the zionist bankers own.  They own the MSM, they own the oil companies, gas companies and in 2008 they bought up all the food companies, so you now work for them and their price fixed profits and you may both have to get a second job to pay for the increased utilities due to oil and gas prices rising since they have a monopoly now on energy. Good luck.

    • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

       You are a freakin idiot

  • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

    FYI – Most terror attacks are committed by WHITE U.S. male citizens.  Dealing with immigration, gun control or Obama’s birth certificate won’t help you idiots.  Guess what. YOU are the problem.  Maybe, you need to start looking in the mirror.  Hmmm.

    Boston Marathon bombings  – U.S. citizens (ethnic Chechens)
    Southern California shootings Christopher Dorner, (African American)
    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – Adam Lanza (white)
    Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting – Wade Michael Page –  (white)
    2012 Aurora – James Eagan Holmes, (white)
    2011 Tucson – Jared Lee Loughner (white)
    Austin IRS attack – U.S. citizen (white)
    Fort Hood shooting – U.S. citizen (Palestinian)
    Holocaust Memorial Museum  – Von Brunn –  U.S. citizen (white)
    Knoxville Unitarian Church  Jim David Adkisson – (white)
    Virginia Tech massacre –  Seung-Hui Cho (South Korean national)
    Beltway sniper attacks –  John Allen Muhammad, Lee Boyd Malvo (African Americans)
    2001 anthrax attacks – Bruce Edwards Ivins (white)
    Columbine High School – Eric Harris/Dylan Klebold (white, white)
    Oklahoma City bombing – Timothy McVeigh/Terry Nichols  (white, white)

    Us liberals just want peace, happiness and equality for everyone.  :)

    • Pat Barton

       Idiot.  Terrorist attacks worldwide since the Irish Republican Army gave up: Islamists.  You liberals are stupid.  Ignore the truth.  Islamists will kill you just as quickly as those brave men will blow up an eight-year-old boy.

      • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

         Most of the terrorist attacks in the United States are committed by people with your skin color Pat.  Now go play your favorite games Mahjong, Chess and Cribbage, and leave the big boy conversations to the rest of us.

      • Joe Verdecanna

        thanks Pat, its in the Koran.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like a Heinz mixtures of ethenic groups, black, white, Korean, Palestinian.  Muslims have the only religion that wants to kill you if you aren’t a muslim, If you are a muslim then become a Christian they want you dead, if you draw cartoons of their religious leader they want to kill you, nasty religion.  Liberals want peace, are you nuts?  Liberal media said they were hoping that the Boston bomber was a white conservative, why kind of creeps are those that are hoping a fellow American would kill and maim.

      • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

         They were not hoping it was a white conservative, it’s just that it usually is a white conservative….

        Boston Marathon bombings  – U.S. citizens (ethnic Chechens)
        Southern California shootings Christopher Dorner, (African American)
        Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – Adam Lanza (white)
        Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting – Wade Michael Page –  (white)
        2012 Aurora – James Eagan Holmes, (white)
        2011 Tucson – Jared Lee Loughner (white)
        Austin IRS attack – U.S. citizen (white)
        Fort Hood shooting – U.S. citizen (Palestinian)
        Holocaust Memorial Museum  – Von Brunn –  U.S. citizen (white)
        Knoxville Unitarian Church  Jim David Adkisson – (white)
        Virginia Tech massacre –  Seung-Hui Cho (South Korean national)
        Beltway sniper attacks –  John Allen Muhammad, Lee Boyd Malvo (African Americans)
        2001 anthrax attacks – Bruce Edwards Ivins (white)
        Columbine High School – Eric Harris/Dylan Klebold (white, white)
        Oklahoma City bombing – Timothy McVeigh/Terry Nichols  (white, white)

      • Anonymous

        Here’s my question:
        If one believes that God is all powerfull and omnipitant then, why would it ever be necessary to perform any worldly actions on behalf of God?
        Why not actually be submissive to Gods will (the fundimental definition of Islam and all other religions which are built around a diety) and let God solve the problems in the way God determines is proper?
        We are after all, meer humans and are extreemely small in comparison to the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!!
        BTW, Jerks come in all colors, sizes, shapes, nationalities, sexes, etc.
        The effort to find a consistant pattern is a waste of time.
        The world is what it is untill all decide to effectively understand the differing philosophies of culture and agree that no one has the right or justification to deny another Life, Liberty, or the Persuit of Happiness.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

    • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

       Too bad Glenn Beck doesn’t have a broken spirit or contrite heart.  He is too full of himself.  He could use a little more humility, less ego and more respect for his President.

      • Anonymous

        Good for you Glenn, we need you to be watchful, I do not have any respect for our commie president.

      • JamesJinSC

         serious trolling…  still only 5/10… try harder

      • Pamela Peltonen

        Get thee behind me Satan

  • Stephen L

    Glenn, if you want to be takin seriously ever again by those of us that are educated…
    You need to return the 50 million dollars to the Saudi Prince, Alaweed bin Talal. Denounce your
    Mormon faith that has the same goals as Islam & expose Obama for being an illegal president &
    appologize to the birthers for a week on TV & Radio so that none of your braindead
    worshippers miss it.

    • Anonymous

      Alaweed owns a percent of twitter (I assume you probably use twitter), he owns stock in citigroup, he owns a lot of stocks, big deal.  Alaweed wields no political power in the house of Saudi, the prince is the richest man in Saudi Arabia, he is friends with Obama. The Mormon faith does not teach their followers to kill those that aren’t Mormons.

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell edits this? How are you supposed to take this seriously when you can’t even get past the first paragraph without being linguistically assaulted by incomprehensible syntax and misplaced punctation? 

    • Blue Bird

       It’s called a transcript. Watch the video if you can’t follow the text.

  • Jason Skibniowsky

    listen to you guys bickering like kids, pretty lame!
    I enjoy the honesty coming from the BLAZE. I Thank Glen and his crew for doing a excellent job at everything. I don’t listen to any other source and if I do I will check here to make sure I have all of the information. You’re THE MAN GLEN!!

  • verick burchfield

    Glen, I began to listen to you after 9/11. You said just give you six weeks. Well, i’ts almost twelve years later and this is the first time since your in depth reporting on the Oklahoma City cover up that I have heard you truly put it out there for your country. I will pray for you and those you love as you have a target on you that Breitbart wasn’t able to bear. I will be listening Monday and I hope that you have something truly important, and nothing watered down. There is more to this story, there always is, I just hope we all get to hear the truth, but even if we do, will it matter? The American people will be back asleep in two weeks. The NFL draft and the NBA playoffs are coming Glen. then it’s Summertime and well, everybody get a good tan, you’ll need a base when you start working at your FEMA camps.

  • Shawn Neely

    Thank you, Mr. Beck. My gut has been telling me there is something fishy about the way this whole thing has been handled. I don’t trust Obama on anything. I am 38 years old, and he’s the worst president of my life time. I just hope the country wakes up soon. Or we are in for some real hard times.  If a president ever needed to be impeached, it’s definitely him!

  • Tommi Atkins

    So now it’s just this yellow journalism? No evidence to give credibility to your accusations, you will say anything to sell your show and get the ratings to line your pockets at the expense of our peace of mind? This is cowardice, and I plan not to listen to this sort of chicanery. You have offered absolutely no evidence…but enjoy stirring the fires of distrust in a great nation, shame, shame.

  • Tommi Atkins

    So now it’s just this yellow journalism? No evidence to give credibility to your accusations, you will say anything to sell your show and get the ratings to line your pockets at the expense of our peace of mind? This is cowardice, and I plan not to listen to this sort of chicanery. You have offered absolutely no evidence…but enjoy stirring the fires of distrust in a great nation, shame, shame.

    • Zach Nielsen

       Isn’t it a bit premature to be posting that. Let’s hold on for Monday, shall we?

    • Texaslady68

      Yellow Journalism?  That is what they train the lapdog media puppies to use. What you call “cowardice”, I pray will bring  IMPEACHMENT in order to stop the evil in the White House and the corruption that is that destroying this country.

      In the past 7 months, there have been two terrorist attacks that have killed or injured 100’s of Americans. The first attack was on September 11, 2012, in Benghazi and it became the worst COVER-UP in the history of cover-ups!  The administration had at least 8 versions of  what happened. With each version, the mainstream media would  spin and spin the new web of lies. I guess you considered that “credible”.  
      Are you even aware that there were 30 survivors and not a single one of their names have been released, no pictures, no interviews nothing. To this day, no one has been punished except for the families of the people that died. Now there may be evidence that cover-up is under way for the attacks in Boston. You say you will not listen which isn’t a surprise.  Half this nation is now comprised of people just like you. Living in this weird alternate universe and out of touch with reality. The blinders are on and you just don’t want to hear it!  I keep wondering if Jim Jones has been reincarnated. In this world there is good and evil.  The only one “stirring the fires of distrust” is the serpent that you call President. 

  • Jack L. Avery

    On Google search, type in “Is Obama Gay?”

  • Wolf Moon

    Excellent.  He’s got something big.  I’m sure of it.  We will likely get damage control on the Sunday news cycle.  I’ll bet Axelrod will be up all night on this one.  POPCORN!!!  WOO-HOO!!!

  • Mary Ann Blanton Boyce

    I just have to ask…If Mr Beck had some really earth shattering revelation about our government and it’s involvement in some sort of cover-up or nefarious activity….why on earth would he put off announcing this “life changing” information until “Monday”. Mr Beck puts the likes of PT Barnum to shame. His “skills” as a charlatan are unprecedented….I’ll give him that much…he’s a “showman”, and he’s got a lot of folks duped….and he’s making a fortune doing it. 

    • Blue Bird

      Cause he’s giving the administration a chance to come forward.  Comprehention is not your strong suite, eh?

  • Stephen L

    No, ” The Mormon faith does not teach their followers to kill those that aren’t Mormons.”
    but the goal of overthrowing this Christian Nation & forcing thier fake religion down our throat is the same.
    Research the White Horse Prophecy.
    Research Joseph Smith stating he would be the next Mohammad.

  • John Kountouris

    There is a youtube vid up called “LOOK ! Proof That Craft or Blackwater Agents did the Boston Marathon Bombing Event !”… watch it.  It’s the smoking gun…it shows the younger of the two accused young men WALKING PEACEFULLY away from the bomb scene with his BACKPACK STILL ON HIS SHOULDERS!  This same vid shows several Blackwater operatives BEFORE the bombings walking around the scene with BULGING BACKPACKS and DETONATORS in their hands;  once the bombs go off the SAME Blackwater operatives and now FLEEING the scene WITHOUT their backpacks.  It’s all there.  

    I do NOT trust you, Beck, because you have served the Zionist Jews for too long.  THEY control this country and are behind all these the bombings and terrorist attacks (INCLUDING 9/11); THEY control our Congress; THEY control our foreign policy; THEY spy on America repeatedly and get away with it; THEY created Homeland security and are training our military and local police TERRORIST tactics to use against AMERICANS; THEY want want world domination!  WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!  Read my book, CONSPIRACY OF THE JEW WORLD ORDER (Kindle).

  • The Firewall

    The most simple explanation would be:

    * The Saudi kid was not involved in the bombing
    * The subject overstayed his visa
    * a “cover-up” was created out of concern for his safety and privacy.

    Let’s face it: Any terrorist incident involving a Saudi will surely inflame the American people and strain relations with a regime that has a tenuous hold on power.Worse, and something no one seems to want to talk about…you think Afghanistan was bad when the Taliban took over? If Saudi Arabia were to disintegrate, like most of it’s neighbors, the world will see a wave of well educated, well funded murderous Wahabists unleashing their cruel lessons on their victims using any technology their minds can tool.

  • Anonymous

    brietbart died a few days before running films about obama and the election…i’m just saying, stay safe, glenn. 

  • Stephen L

    Not Blackwater. Craft International.
    Beck does not serve the Jews. He serves the Saudi’s.
    Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal runs it ALL. You probably pay your mortgage to him.
    Learn all about Glenn Becks financer…

  • Charlie Primero

    Glenn Beck should be thrown in prison and tortured for spreading these sick Conspiracy Theories.  

  • Steve Abrams

    Glenn you gave Bush a pass on 2 illegal wars and 9.11 being an inside job and now you are flipping again to suddenly want to call Boston a conspiracy.

    Glenn you are a millionare you have no idea what being an average American is about you have life good in your expensive Penthouse.

  • Steve Abrams

    Glenn could care less when Bush and Cheney allowed 9/11 to happen and Glenn still does not care.

    Because the crimes Republicans commit are 100 times worse than any Democrat Glenn feels its necessary to ignore them

    Now Glenn is only interested in stories that smear us good Democrats we are the working people.

  • Steve Abrams

     9/11 was an inside job and really showed the level of corruption that Bush and Cheney were about.

    9/11 has been proven to be an inside job.

    The crimes by Bush and Cheney are on the level of Hitler

  • Melinda Weer

    Pastor Lankford prayed for you tonight on the Hagmann & Hagmann report. I am not a fan of yours, but I join the pastor in praying for your safety through the weekend. God bless.

  • Tomb

    Only thing Glen has to worry about is his own drug addictions.


  • Norman Hoffmann

    Don’t worry Glen. There are certain people in this country and around the world who are protecting you right now as we speak. 

  • Lisa Orosco

    did anyone besides me notice how the time of the bombings just sort of changed from 2:10 to 2:50 while the broadcast was happening? What happened to those 40 min.??

  • David Busener

     What does it mean that some people WANTED it to be an American bomber? Mr. Beck has his good opinions. I believe it means that if it was a jihadist we will eventually have to go and kill a bunch of Islamic terrorists and demand that the rest of them change basic tenants of their religion. How likely is it that they change their beliefs? Not likely. Jihadists and their sympathizers are determined.  We will have to purge our country in a manner that will be VERY unpleasant. Horrific is another word. It means those FEMA mass graves will start to fill up with muslim terrorist bodies which will infuriate those who are peaceful, thereby escalating the action. So, it’s EASIER to want someone else to take the blame. It’s convenient to politicize a white American.  Now, it’s not politically correct to say these things but I see this as a good opportunity to use my right to political free speech, tho it may scratch the ears of some.  I have had no doubt since the early 80’s that terrorism will be the vehicle of the ‘commotion’ or ‘war’ in all places, as prophesied in the Bible and other scripture (yes I believe in the God of Israel). Why terrorism? because total world war would leave nothing left, but terrorism is do-able and most accurately describes the mayhem seen by the prophets. 
    Islam is satan’s vehicle and men n women of good conscience will have to fight them and kill them as the plague it is – and keep going till they surrender, which may never be. Radical Islam is not an ideology that is reformed without blood. We are going to have to roll up our sleeves and secure this country – all of us, not just the ‘government’. There will be good peace-loving Muslims fighting against terrorism right beside us. The fight is with Islamic jihadists and their roots, not with all Muslims. Is this not right? American Muslims will have to make a choice to fight with us or fight against us – just as loyalty to this country and to freedom is one way or no way. That is the nature of this war.  It’s a tough dirty bloody commitment. Freedom always has a price.  Our liberty is at stake. Our right to peacefully worship (or not) is at stake. Roll up your sleeves.   
     btw, if Beck knows something so serious, then why wait till Monday to tell us? If it’s life n death, why wait one single minute? Why give anyone a ‘chance’ to fess up? If it’s so horrible, then don’t wait one second. Tell us. What a CLIFFHANGER!

  • Eric N. Loos

    Be very, very careful Glenn!

  • Dennis Wright

    Excuse me but put your hysteria aside and think for a minute!
    The Government has NOTHING! No Motive, No captured weapons, No history linking these men to previous acts, No friends or family that describe abberant behavior. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing.
    The real questions are these:
    1. Why hasn’t the government produced definative evidence or witness’ linking these men / boys to the act of bombing the Boston Marathon?
    2. Why hasn’t the government produced weapons or bombs taken from the suspects or their residences?
    3. Why hasn’t the government produced anyone that knows these men / boys and can point to any actions that would link them to anyone or anything that indicates that there is a believable motive for them to have carried out this attack or that they would have had a motive for carrying out this attack.
    4. The Government and that is all government from the city to the feds, doesn’t have anything that would convince a normal person of reasonable intelligence that these men did this horrible thing. There is no motive, no evidence, no history that links these men with these acts. The Government has NOTHING!

  • Anonymous

    We are in an abusive relationship with our government. When is the most dangerous time in an abusive relationship?  When the victim of the abuse begins to stand up, and makes plans to leave the relationship.  Glenn is standing up.  Very scary time for we victims of government abuse.

  • Jay J. Gonzalez

    God Bless you Glenn Beck,you are a true patriot! Thankfully we have you and some in government who are willing to risk everything to save our Republic.We stand with you!

  • dave pitts

    I wait for the day real Americans stand up, but you have to ask how we do that. America as a nation has never fought until provoked. If real Americans, not just titled because they jumped a fence, fight in the name of agression to kill fellow Americans, we will have less credibility going forward as a nation. If the Progressives cause us to defend ourselves and our nation then we stand for the values and freedom that has made us the greatest nation on earth, not as an oppressive force. Personally, I look forward to the day in which I can make the forefathers proud. Even if it is in my death to this great nation, but that has always been my mentality since I was a teen. I am former military SF and after an injury I went back to school and became a nurse so I could continue to serve real Americans and our nation. I am currently a AF officer.  

  • Tom maat

    glenn,,, I fear for  your life. seriously. please enable security, or find a secure location until after announcement. don’t  join the ever expanding list of dead, maimed, or missing. PLEASE!

    • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

       Glenn is very safe.  He is just another crazy white conservative in denial about the truth and paranoid about the future.  He is on his way to a mental breakdown because he actually talks himself into believing the lies and the hype.

  • Maria Manalio

    Yes Watch you and your family Glenn, this was the first thought I had… Thank you for the MIND blowing Info Glenn.. I have always admired you and what you stand for… MONDAY SHOULD BE VERY INTERESTING, Stay Safe! and Thank You <3

  • Maria Manalio

    Yes Watch you and your family Glenn, this was the first thought I had… Thank you for the MIND blowing Info Glenn.. I have always admired you and what you stand for… MONDAY SHOULD BE VERY INTERESTING, Stay Safe! and Thank You <3

  • Maria Manalio

    Glenn.. I want to thank you for this MIND BLOWING info… I have watched you over the yrs and admire you for what and how you conduct yourself!!!!! Please watch you and your families back!!! I Thank You again Stay Safe!!!!!!!!!!<3 I am waiting for Monday…..

  • Maria Manalio

    And How can they let the father over here after he threatened if anything happens to his son us will hell to pay….. REALLY, 

  • Mary..Not Contrary

    Apparently ratings are low.. Glen, Rush, Fox, cannot digest and accept we have a man of color in the WH. They spew hate, incite turmoil and are the most un-patriotic group, the epitomy of sore losers.  They are the real danger . Cover-ups? don’t get me started on that Republican party. Fact for fact…lets go!!!!

    • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

       You go girl!

  • Greg Lumley

    remember what happened to Casey!

  • Anonymous

    Abrams “Now Glenn
    is only interested in stories that smear us good Democrats we are the working

    Steve, What exactly do you mean by “Good
    Democrats we are the working people”? There are Elites on both sides.  I say there is an equal number on the
    Left.  The majority of Wall Street is
    Democrats.  The Democrats and the
    Republicans funnel our hard earned tax dollars to their friends.  Just take a look at where the $800B American
    Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 went. 
    Are we better off or are we just deeper in debt?  Hard working tax payers will be paying that

    The Left have villainized
    the Tea Party since day one.  They are
    middle class people who saw the writing on the wall. They saw we were heading
    for financial ruin after President Obama was elected.  You just had to read his words to see what he had planned for us. So Americans Citizens who have
    the right to speak their mind came together. 
    The Tea Party used their right to assemble in a peaceful way and worked
    within the political system to promote changes. They were, and still are,
    called every vile name your side can come up with.  I saw a post the other day on a Left leaning blog,
    “Hopefully this is a White American.  It
    will be the nail in the coffin for the Tea Party”.  

    Your side has OWS.  They destroyed property, caused work stoppage
    and used civil disobedience to promote changes. Do you have any idea how much
    their stunts cost the “hard working tax payer”.

    I am sure you realize that the majority of the “needy”
    vote Democrat because of promises of goodies to come their way.  With the way the middle class is shrinking
    and dropping out of the work force the Democratic Party will grow.

    The Democrats are encouraging everyone to jump
    on the Gravy Train. WHO IS GOING TO PULL THE WAGON?  There aren’t enough rich people. 

    • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

       We were heading toward financial ruin BEFORE Obama got elected.  Remember October 2008?  Obamanomics pulled us out of a recession and we are in a recovery now.  Get your facts straight.  Truth is more powerful than perception.

  • TylerDurden

    Glenn is completely wrong. There are two Saudis. The one in the hospital has been cleared and is not being deported. The second Saudi is being deported for being in violation of his visa. He also had nothing to do with the bombings.

    • Anonymous

      From what I understand Glenn is completely aware of their explanation for the deportation. The deportation order wasn’t classified quick enough and the name was seen by quite a few people. It appears that this may be another “The film caused the Benghazi attack”.  Remember that one?

  • jmpetzold3

    Thank you Glen, for being brave enough to report the truth that the government wants to keep from the American citizens.  I pray that more step out in search of the TRUTH and stop the government from destroying this country.

    • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

       The only people trying to destroy this country is the far right.  Unpatriotic paranoid complainers that don’t like a man of color in the white house.  These hypocritical idiots with an entitlement syndrome have a serious delusion. They call themselves born again Christians and follow Mormons like Beck and Romney and refuse to PRAY FOR their President (who is a self professed Christian). Hypocrites.  The Federal Government is helping the country and its people.  The tea party is just causing division, sedition and treason.  Glen Beck is a drama king, and will always be one.

      • Michael Bowler

        Obama is no Christian, what’s more is you know it.

        As for following Mormons…You’re kinda thin on facts and a little thin on intellect too.

        The far right, a term that needs clear definition, does not follow Romney. Romney was the only choice available that was not Obama, and neither was much of a choice.

        As for far right, I suspect you mean people who are not like you, probably around forty percent of adults anyway. Such nomenclature is rather worthless when it is used so cavalierly unless the intent is to mislead…clearly your goal here.

  • Michael Bowler

    Something that has not been discussed is the house to house warrantless searches for the second individual involved in the bombing. How many homes were searched against the will of the occupants?

    The clear violation of yet another one of our rights, as set forth in the Constitution, is a chilling reminder that those rights have become quite subjective and are at the will of authorities rather than absolutely sacrosanct. I believe this is as important as any other aspect of the case.

  • Anonymous

    We`re in a lot of trouble people. After 9/11, I was shocked, saddened, shaken to the core, angry, confused, patriotic, depressed, disalussioned, mortified, but most of all, awakened to the nightmare that is our federal government. When I heard about this incident, in real time, I was not surprised, shocked or saddened. Don`t get me wrong, I was angry because innocent civilians were mangled, for those people I will never forgive the idiots in charge for allowing this to happen, but as far as this country goes I cannot feel patriotic anymore. For all you lefties, let`s cut out the symantics and call them what they really are”communists”, I don`t subscribe to either side, I an American, Period. I will not be cowed by political correctness. Try this on for size…”You can kiss my Red, White, and Blue ass”. Did I offend anyone? You don`t have to forgive me because I`m not sorry. I feel like the countries already gone. I`m just existing on a tiny piece of land on a continent. Too many people have let it slip away, What little hope I have is hanging on by a thread. Glenn is doing the right thing, I fear for his safety. There is a major push by the forces of evil and they are winning only because to many of us are blind. For all those in power, here`s one for ya, you know who I am, you know where I am, I`m not buying into your “Health Care” initiative. You can come and take me away if you would like, I won`t resist, but I`m not participating……”Kiss My Ass”…………………………………………………………     ……………………..Thank you, Floyd Smith jr.

    • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

       If you don’t like America anymore, then get your ass out and stop breathing American air.  Canada is to the north, Mexico is to the south.  I’ll find someone to buy you a bus ticket. Leave, please… and don’t let the red, white and blue door hit you in the ass on the way out.  We want people that love “liberty and justice for all” that will stand and fight for this country, not be a depressed pussy every time an idiot detonates a bomb.

      You thankless wimp, good luck finding a better country than the U.S.A.  Now try THAT on for size.  On 2nd thought….you’re probably too small.

      • Anonymous

        The President told the Ameerican people his plan was to fundamentally transform America.  Get a clue…you don’t “fundamentally transform” something you love. His love and yours appears to be for something other than America.  Stop with all the patriotic BS. 

        • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

           You are probably brain washed by Fox News.  Wake up, read, watch CNN and MSNBC also.  Balance your mind.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for your suggestion but I already do.  I questioned a blogger on HP about the lies about the Tea Party.  His repsonse: “Doesn’t matter if it is true. We just have to repeat it often enough.” 

      • Anonymous

        What`s the matter? Pissed off because I refuse to pay your medical bills? Obviously you don`t know anything about this country. Sorry “pal”, I`m not gonna waste anymore time on someone who`s too much of a “pussy” to show his face ….FO…..

  • Anonymous

    God bless America……

    • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

       Thats more like it… :)

  • Bob DiCenzi

     Beck consistently demonstrates all the unstable behaviors of a dry
    alcoholic which include grandiosity, judgmentalism, intolerance,
    impulsivity, ADD, indecisiveness and blindness to truth. In short, Beck,
    Limbaugh, O Reilly, Hannity, Palin, O Donnell, Coulter and others like
    them who think they are conservative are all guilty of perverting truth,
    history, facts, religion and the US Constitution when they open their
    big mouths. They are all idiots who live in and speak to some alternate
    reality of stupid red necks that feed off of fear & hate mongering
    while being fed a steady dose of extreme right wing lies.

  • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

    “After what I have learned this week I’m a changed person” Beck.

    No Glenn, you have not changed.  You are still the same drama king idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Stand up for what is right! If God is for us who can be against us? No1 there is No1 who is stronger than our God

  • Anonymous

    If God is for us who can be against us

  • Anonymous

    Yaweh Is stronger yaweh is higher than any other

  • Anonymous

    To go alone is the glory honor and all power hallelujah praise Jesus

  • Anonymous

    to god alone glory honor and power is his praise Jesus

  • Joe Malanio

    If you discovered termites in your house, do you take immediate action to eliminate or do you look for some kind of politically correct way not to harm those termites but gingerly remove them to some other place. Are you the kind of person that talks about rearranging your coat hangers while your house is burning down? I don’t know you but I know you’re all good living Americans with solid rational thinking. It’s our leadership with liquefied brains, no continuity of logic to protect We the People who put them there to “lead”. If there was a way to eliminate the “Media” (figuratively) would we have the problems we have today?

  • Joe Malanio

    If you discovered termites in your house, do you take immediate action to eliminate or do you look for some kind of politically correct way not to harm those termites but gingerly remove them to some other place. Are you the kind of person that talks about rearranging your coat hangers while your house is burning down? I don’t know you but I know you’re all good living Americans with solid rational thinking. It’s our leadership with liquefied brains, no continuity of logic to protect We the People who put them there to “lead”. If there was a way to eliminate the “Media” (figuratively) would we have the problems we have today?

  • Joe Malanio

    If you discovered termites in your house, do you take immediate action to eliminate or do you look for some kind of politically correct way not to harm those termites but gingerly remove them to some other place. Are you the kind of person that talks about rearranging your coat hangers while your house is burning down? I don’t know you but I know you’re all good living Americans with solid rational thinking. It’s our leadership with liquefied brains, no continuity of logic to protect We the People who put them there to “lead”. If there was a way to eliminate the “Media” (figuratively) would we have the problems we have today?

  • Anonymous

    To God alone is all the glory honor and power forever and ever amen

  • Joe Malanio

    If you discovered termites in your house, do you take immediate action to eliminate or do you look for some kind of politically correct way not to harm those termites but gingerly remove them to some other place. Are you the kind of person that talks about rearranging your coat hangers while your house is burning down? I don’t know you but I know you’re all good living Americans with solid rational thinking. It’s our leadership with liquefied brains, no continuity of logic to protect We the People who put them there to “lead”. If there was a way to eliminate the “Media” (figuratively) would we have the problems we have today?

  • Joe Malanio

    If you discovered termites in your house, do you take immediate action to eliminate or do you look for some kind of politically correct way not to harm those termites but gingerly remove them to some other place. Are you the kind of person that talks about rearranging your coat hangers while your house is burning down? I don’t know you but I know you’re all good living Americans with solid rational thinking. It’s our leadership with liquefied brains, no continuity of logic to protect We the People who put them there to “lead”. If there was a way to eliminate the “Media” (figuratively) would we have the problems we have today?

  • Joe Malanio

    If you discovered termites in your house, do you take immediate action to eliminate or do you look for some kind of politically correct way not to harm those termites but gingerly remove them to some other place. Are you the kind of person that talks about rearranging your coat hangers while your house is burning down? I don’t know you but I know you’re all good living Americans with solid rational thinking. It’s our leadership with liquefied brains, no continuity of logic to protect We the People who put them there to “lead”. If there was a way to eliminate the “Media” (figuratively) would we have the problems we have today?

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck, do you *really* think the Kenyan & its entourage are even *capable* of speaking the truth? Richard Nixon was a misguided patriot; this vermin is a dedicated subversive which hates America.

  • Anonymous

    At the end the viedo I thought “Seriously???!!! Are you kidding me!!??” It´s so obvious. that Beck intends to hold his audiende in suspense. This has nothing to do with journalism, but nothing more than a mere show. However, I have to admitt, Beck i a gifted manipulator, cause I am quite curious, but just in that way,what kind of bullshit he´ll spread.

  • Lesley Perry

    OMG, This is such an amazing story and for once, I am afraid for our country…..

  • Anonymous

    After all the disinformation this past week in the ‘media’, how can anybody know what is true and what is not? It’s impossible. Where is the guy they supposedly carjacked? Would love to know what he has to say. We’ll never know the truth about  what happened, and it’s designed to be that way. Maybe we should forget about our obsession with Muslims and ask what concrete evidence was used to establish probable cause for arrest, because if it is only a couple of photos, our constitution is in grave danger.

  • Rd Cargill


  • Lucky3511

    Well said Glenn, I feel you are absolutely correct. There was a further snippet about a visitor to this person of interest in hospital. Do not know if true, do know it will never make the LMS. But the visitor is frequently referred to in these columns as the Mooch. We are told the person of interest was of a family in Saudi with close ties to her husband

  • Nurse Ratchette

    My prayers are with you and your family that God’s hand will protect you. In this time of universal deceit telling the truth is a heroic act. This country needs more heroes. Thank you Glenn for being a true American. The ptb will try hard to discredit you and destroy you. Do not be dismayed as this is the way that they work. Their actions only serve to prove that they view you as a threat to their lying manipulative ways. Expose them all for what they are. God bless you Glenn and keep fighting for us.’

  • Nurse Ratchette

    Pay no attention to the government trolls… ie., Joe Villa et. al.

  • Anonymous

    Remember what they do to people…  make sure there are others that know your info in case you are “Breitbarted”. Hopefully that won’t happen since the world will be watching. God Bless!

  • Vidkun Lauritz Jonssøn

    I looked at Al-habri’s Facebook page within a few hours of the bombing on Monday. Several of his friends did, in deed, seem to be connected to the Saudi royal family – they were wearing the white and red checkered head gear worn by members of the house of Saud. I clicked on one of the friend’s profiles and noticed that he had posted video footage of the marathon bombing. There was no commentary posted with it, but it just seemed a little strange.

    There is a connection, and Barry and his administration are trying desperately to cover it up.

  • Jason Overstreet

    As a patriotic American, it bothers me that you and Alex Jones and others are in-fighting amongst the Liberty Movement.  I expect more from all of you.  You all owe it to movement and to the country to squash the beef among each other and focus on the bigger pictures. Many members in the groups that I belong are being turned off by you and Alex Jones and others that chicken fight each other.  Stop it!


    • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

       Keep fighting each other Glenn. Liberals enjoy the entertainment.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, should  any harm comes to you ar your family (God forbid) the entire country will know where it came from.  All your radio and TV listeners are all ears and watching every step of this process.


  •åre-Stølsvik/1324203260 Jan Kåre Stølsvik

    When will this Big Big Big news about the Bad Bad Bad man be released tomorrow? I’m waiting…

  • Max Grean

    Sounds like what Alex Jones has been saying for years.

    • siCho

      He’s a wacko. Everything that happens is a conspiracy, Most everything he says can be debunked. He never gets to the point, he just yells, screams and rants on.

  • Ricardo Espinoza

    Glenn- Why did you put the world trade center bombing as number 1 on your list of what you have covered in your career. I thought the day after you saw Alex Jones on the Pierce Morgan Show you were discussing  why Alex is a psycho. You thought he was a psycho for many different reason, but one was because he keeps the 9/11 conspiracy going 12 years after it happened. Yet you want to list it number 1 in your career seeing. People don’t believe this idiot.      

  • siCho


  • William A. Morris

    I hope this isn’t a bluff, but the main thing I have to say is My God Glenn, you need a competent Editor! I could barely make it through this article! I hereby volunteer, I am self educated and do not have a degree, but I am sure I could do a better job! Such an egregious display of grammar certainly does not lend credibility to this story!

  •åre-Stølsvik/1324203260 Jan Kåre Stølsvik

    The Norwegians are waiting for the Big Big Big news to be released tomorrow… about who arranged this Boston bombing shit happening…

  • Joseph Fedele

    I have listened to Glenn since he was on cnn.I always thought e was trying to get the truth out. However if by monday this turns out to be a bunch of BS I will have lost all respect for him and believe he is only interested in ratings and money!

  • Joseph Fedele

    I have listened to Glenn since he was on cnn.I always thought e was trying to get the truth out. However if by monday this turns out to be a bunch of BS I will have lost all respect for him and believe he is only interested in ratings and money!

    •åre-Stølsvik/1324203260 Jan Kåre Stølsvik

       The same with all the Norwegians… in such case he becomes the biggest lier ever on this planet…

  • Vardit Feldman

    Be careful, Glenn if you walk south, have someone walking behind you looking north   Take good care!

  • Jubal Harshaw

    All one has to do is ask the classic question:  WHO PROFITS?”   With Oklahoma City, one simply had to look at the budgets of certain agencies. Boston, on the other hand, is a bargain at ‘only’ 3 dead and 180 injured….Remember the progressives’ rallying cry:  “With tragedy comes opportunity.”  Look for more executive orders soon.

  • Cali~Gal

    Dearest Glenn, I have been very annoyed with you to the point of disdain. Long story short /cutting to the chase. I attended your rally in DC and I watched your show on Fox, followed along with your 912 project etc. It seemed you genuinely cared, or so “We the People” once thought. Then the unthinkable, the O’Reilly interview………., I will never forget those words resonating from your mouth’–, [I think they must be racists] via: the Tea Party. While shaking my head and whaaaaaaat the bleep did he just say?

     I was shocked and simply heart sick hearing those words coming from you. Why would you “disparage” so many to the MILLIONS of people who passionately love this country? Its still a puzzle to me, even to this moment.

     However with that being said, and having moved forward;  I heard your announcement while working on set and then came the many e-mails sent to me, regarding this info:

     I hope this isn’t another one of your “gotcha moment’s” and it falls flat–, because what I believe you are going to share is “extremely dangerous and foolish” but I do understand that “this info needs to be exposed” I know you have protection Glenn, but that may not be enough. Sadly, so goes the fate of Andrew BreitBart. I’m sure you know the ramifications you may be dealt with. Again, this all “rests on you” I hope it’s not just chatter, and for ratings.

    • Anonymous

      When the tea party first came on the scene I was glad, they backed and got many republicans elected.  However, as time went on the tea party splintered the republican party, I believe that the long republican primary was because of the tea party and the evangelicals, they called Romney all kinds of names (RINO, not conservative enough, his religion etc.) they hurt Romney and a lot of them did not come out to vote in the National election, so we got Obama back again.  This can’t keep happening again and again or we will never see a republican elected.  I have been a republican for most of my life but the way Romney was treated I am seriously considering becoming an Independent.

      • Cali~Gal

        Thanks for the reply. I know of what you’re talking about in regards to Romney, however, that still “doesn’t excuse” Glenns remark’s.  The Tea Party in my opinion wasn’t co-opted by the extreme right, that’s the narrative the left and the RINO’s wanted everyone to believe. Both parties are one and the same. Romney wasn’t liked by many people, not just the far right or the evangelical’s. Romney’s campaign was very weak and poorly managed. However the Right’s narrative during the election told a completely different story. And there lies the problem. I won’t go into the dirty details, because it’s all past tense now. And BTW: I voted for Romney! 

        Glenn is the subject here, and he needs to either stop with the gotcha stuff, and follow through or just leave this narrative alone. This kind of banter can get a person killed. 

        Hope you enjoy your day  :)

    • daedra75

       When did Glenn call the Tea Party racist, you nut?

      I think you need to take your meds.

    • daedra75

       When did Glenn call the Tea Party racist, you nut? I think you need to get back on your meds.

  • Anderson Fortaleza

    Well, I’ll just wait until tomorrow and see what happens.

  • Anonymous

    The most revealing thing in these comments is the fact that NO ONE calls Obama, PRESIDENT OBAMA, or Mr. President – I have never used the salutation myself, I cannot bring myself to call him PRESIDENT – I think PUPPET might be the proper salutation – He has done NOTHING for this country that constitutes calling this man a President – he has put us in such unbelievable debt we will never recover from, he wants to take away our constitutional rights as “AMERICANS”, not as Democrats or Republicans, and his Socialist/Communist views will surely destroy this country – Glenn is only trying to warn us of the impending dangers Obama is about to unleash on us, so like him or not, we better listen.. 

    • Texaslady68


      Reading your comment, I feel we are of like minds!  I have NEVER, EVER addressed this man as President!  I cannot tell you how many times that I have commented Obama is just the puppet.  Right now, we can only guess  the identity of the true puppet master that is hiding behind the curtain and putting on the “Destruction of America Show”. 

      One thing is for sure, they know Obama is an idiot and they keep him out of their way. His job is to go around the country spewing their BS and agendas, scare tactics, veiled threats, and meeting with huge corporate donors. He has met with the White House press corps 79 times over four years. Why?  Because he cannot answer the press questions on the fly because he has no idea what is going on.   The rest of his job entails throwing fancy parties with the Hollywood sickos, and golf, golf, and more golf. 

      I would be willing to wager almost anything on the fact that the White House being closed to the public is NOT due to the sequestration.  I have a sick feeling deep inside that there is something very SINISTER going on behind the closed doors.  God only knows who is roaming the halls and sleeping in the bedrooms of the House formally known as the PEOPLE’S HOUSE.

      • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

         Obama is the best President this country has had in 80 years.  America is the most powerful, influential country in the world period.  U.S.A.   U.S.A.   U.S.A.

        • Daniel Martin

          Keep chugging the kool aid bactar

      • Anonymous

        You took the words eight out of my mouth, TL68! I think he is evil and is being run by the “powers that be”. So you, too, noticed he always happens to be on vacation whenever he needs to respond about issues that matter most – the Benghazi BS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE! I wrote letters to my Mayor, Governor, and Congressman asking that he be impeached – He must stand accountable for what he has done – so, whether he’s the Puppet or the Puppet Master he is leading this country straight into socialism which is just the stepping stone to communism. And I think the Grand Puppet Master is George Soros! He is evil, if not a down right Anti-Christ! I think you are absolutely right that the White House is closed because of what the government DOESN’T want us to see – I don’t think it has anything to do with the sequestration either. I have been hoping and praying OSAMA (Obama, lol) will be impeached. And don’t you think it was comical that John Kerry took Hilary’s position as Secretary of State = as if we didn’t all see that coming after her debacle of the Benghazi situation – Another puppet! That’s for your comments! I appreciate them!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, Obama is an idiot who was the editor of the Harvard Law Review. Lol.

        But keep up your fascinating conspiracy theories. They are quite entertaining.

    • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

       stfu, He is YOUR President whether you like it or not, so suck it.  If you don’t like it, then self deport and get the F*** out.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t have to like the fact that Osama oh opps! I mean Obama is president and I don’t need to go anywhere – although, If he’s not impeached soon for Benghazi alone, it might not be a bad idea! I can only imagine what will happen when the proverbial “sh*t hits the fan” – and you my friend had better believe it will – so maybe you ought to think about getting the FU** OUT TOO! just sayin….

  • Anonymous

    Looking at the photos and behavior of the CST agents (some with identification but most without) coming into the
    post bomb scene with radiation detectors, accompanied by a bomb squad truck, hi-tech communications suv and tearing into the grand
    stands across from the bomb site, then quickly disappearing. . .does
    Beck have information that this Saudi national was to plant/did plant a
    suitcase nuclear bomb under those grand stands to create a 9/11 2.0, but
    for some reason the PTB aborted and switched to the smaller plan B? The gravity of
    such a revelation would match Beck’s characterization of the
    significance of his information. Why delay Glenn?  You’re going to be Breitbarted.  Get the information out now.  This Saudi national can not be allowed to leave like Bush allowed the 9/11 Saudi’s leave.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn… President Obama is behind the Boston bombings and former President Bush was not behind 9/11????  Selective thinking!!!

  • Anonymous

    May God bless Glenn, his family, and all involved in this endeavor.  They are our heroes in a very dark time.  Lord, keep them safe.  Evil stalks this nation.

    • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

       My God give Glenn a revelation the mormonism will send him to hell and let him know that Lucifer is not the brother of Jesus.  May God wake Glenn up to real Christianity and real truth and stop spreading lies and deception.

      • Anonymous

        Real Christianity is Judaism. Jesus was Jewish and preached Judaism. If you want to be like him, be an observant Jew. That is all.

  • GoodbyeAmerica

    Be careful Glenn…Remember what they did to Breitbart

    •åre-Stølsvik/1324203260 Jan Kåre Stølsvik


    • Bactar Orionizklockto’Shnagenl

       Glenn is safe.  Our covert operators do not assasinate irrational, racist, paranoid drama kings that use American blood to type their own show.

  • Anonymous

    There was also a vid of someone in handcuffs, un injured, being taken away on the night the older brother was killed. It wasn’t either of the brothers, who was it? Not the known Saudi….he was already in custody.  We are obviously being played as fools.

  • Brian Rich



  • Anonymous

    I’m reminded of the OKC bombing, and the convenient disappearance from public view of the Middle-Eastern-looking-type guy.  Let alone the German-guy proven FBI agent provocateur.

    And let alone the Israelis a) dancing on the top of their van across the harbor from the burning WTC towers, and one gleefully clicking his cigaret lighter in the foreground, and b) the other Israelis stopped the same day in their white van on one of the bridges, with some explosives in it, and one of them saying to the cops, ‘We’re not who you’re looking for.  The Palestinians are who you are looking for.’

    Hey, pal – we’re looking for anybody who has anything to do with terrorism brought to America.  Wherever the links lead to.  For Justice to be done; and to be seen to be done.       

    • Anonymous

      That israeli thing is a myth, too. Never happened. Antisemitic conspiracy theory.

  • Robert Ferrell


  • John Martinez
  • Anonymous

    Glenn  Correct me if I an wrong but I heard there were 4 bombs — 2 that exploded and 2 that didn’t explode.   Assuming that the Saudi placed the first bomb.  The 2 brothers placed bombs 2 and 3, the bombs that exploded.  Who placed bomb 4?   I noticed in the surveillance videos that there were 3 people with 3 (gray with black trim backpacks) walking through the crowd.  What are the odds that that in a world full of colorful backpacks there would be 3 the same walking through the crowd together.   Check out the girl on the phone (texting?) from the back.  It looks like that pack could hold a pressure cooker to me.   Are we missing one of the terrorists?  No ones talking.

    • Anonymous

      You are wrong. Just 2 bombs. No unexploded bombs. That was a wrong, first-day rumor. Two perps. The Saudi is innocent.

  • daedra75

    Are you fcuking retarded? How many posts are you gonna make asking the same thing? Today is Sunday in the U.S. You’re gonna have to wait until Monday. Understand?

  • Anonymous

    You better watch your back Glenn. Never hold a secret like that. The only thing that works is letting things see the light of day. Only in the daylight can the truth come out. You are giving them time to either shut you up or hurt others.

  • Fred Hamsayeh

    This is exactly why we need to turn our backs to Middle East oil. The problem is that the oil majors all have a huge stake in it. If we turned off that spigot, their profits would plunge overnight. We are paying for a Saudi welfare system where half of that nation’s population sit and do nothing. Both Rs and Ds are focusing on the wrong solutions. Rs want more oil drilling here, which will not produce enough oil to 100% replace Saudi oil. The Ds want electric and other green technologies which are decades away from being economical. The REAL solution is NAT GAS and it is being ignored and blocked by CORRUPT politicians and RED TAPE, along with BIG OIL:

  • Anonymous

    The Libertarian movement can only have true meaning in the republican party because republicans are the only party of individual liberty & freedom , now . The new oppressive democrat health law is proof of that , because that law violates individual freedom (the oppressive dnc health law was attempted but failed back in the 90s) .

    Leftists have been using gay marriage to demonize the political opposition and for their own leftist agenda , which is marriage is collective & community involved (“It takes a village”) therefore marriage between two people will have no meaning (many examples of this ).

    • Texaslady68

      If they think “it takes a village” to raise children then it must be a village of idiots. I was married for 10 years, and the first time he was physically abusive, it was over. For the past 8 years I have raised two children by myself.  He pays state ordered child support and that is about all he has contributed.

      My son and daughter are almost finished with high school, and are incredible! I put my personal life on hold to devote everything to them (as a mother should). They have been instilled with morals,Christian values, work ethic, and are on their way to becoming productive members of society.

      As you said, Leftists are redefining traditional marriage and families to include same-sex families, polyamorous families, and even polygamy is not as frowned upon. They use excuses like a child can never have too much love.  WRONG!  Children in this day and age need way more than love. Gone are the days of guidance and learning SELF CONTROL!!!   It is just one big love fest!

      I recently heard a man who has two women in his bed every night justify it by saying “three hearts are better than one because it means a child feels more loved  WRONG!  I loved my children with only one heart. More importantly, I taught them to follow God’s teachings, and HIS love is the greatest and most important love of all!

      • Anonymous

        That’s great, but don’t tell us you never had any help.

        Marriage has always been redefined. Traditional marriage was a contract where the father sold the daughter to the husband. No one married for love. And marrying outside your clan, let alone religion or race, is wrong. All that is gone.
        Saying it takes a village doesn’t mean a love fest (although that sounds good to me). It means discipline, too. It just means that no one is an island, and we are all affected by each other.
        People with kids benefit from tax breaks, and have other benefits that taxpayers pay for.

        I’m happy for you that you could afford to stop working. Not every mom has that opportunity. And I’m glad you got out of a bad marriage, but divorce doesn’t honor the sanctity of marriage NEARLY as much as a loving, committed, nonviolent gay or lesbian couple that stay married for life.

        • Texaslady68

          “I’m happy for you that you could afford to stop working. Not every mom has that opportunity”

          I have no idea where you got that idea. I am educated and have a great job. I have always supported my children.

          You must have me confused with the majority of Obama’s women voters who need government assistance. I have held a job since the age of 16, even while in college.

          • Anonymous

            You said you raised them yourself.
            So who watched them while you were at work 8 hours a day? That’s a big chunk of their waking hours. Did they go to a public school?

    • Anonymous

      If you hate obamacare, you love freeloaders. The main problem it solves is the people who got free health care paid by taxpayers because they refuse to carry insurance.
      Why do you love freeloaders?

  • anointing

     Hello Glenn,

    I’ll share a true story with you that involves a close friend of mine who is a Progressive. This person has a very clever mind, full of knowledge, fact is this persons level of knowledge is scary.

    What this person lacks though is common sense; because of this I am able to play this person  at will. What this means is I am able to open a conversation with the person for the purpose of extracting the real truth behind their words.

    This brings me to the point of this comment; in discussing who may be responsible for the Boston bombing this person ended the conversation with these words, ” I am glad it was an American and not an Arab.”

    After discussing this further it became very clear that what this person really feared was if the bombers were foreign backed terrorists Obama would lose his credibility because of his policy of kissing the hands of terrorists in an effort to win them over to our side.

    It is my opinion that the policies of President Obama towards terrorists has opened the door to these ongoing terror attacks in America. This President should apologize to Boston and all of America.

    • Anonymous

      Obama should resign.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not what the person feared.
      They were afraid that if the perp was an Arab or Muslim, that right wing fanatics would once again spout virulent antiarab and antimuslim rhetoric, blaming entire groups of people for the actions of 2 individuals, as people did after 9/11. Even before they were caught, a Muslim woman in New Jersey was yelled at and harassed. After 9/11, Sikhs were killed because they wear a turban, even though it’s a totally different religion. But if it was a crazy, right wing, white American, no one blames all white people.
      Obama has never apologized or kissed up to any terrorist. He killed far more than bush ever did, including bin laden.

  • Marty Hall

    Glen… been listening to you a long time… I am a Georgian LOL… 😉 my partner and I listened to you at work when we were Remodelers until this ‘Regime’ ran us out of work… I am 60 years young :) Love my Country, whats left of it, and that is falling fast. I can sense in my spirit something ‘wicked this way comes’… its an errie feeling. Nonetheless it is happening and on a continual spiral and picking up velocity. I agree with the I read, and I too feel such loss. It is a sad state we are in. I for one and for what its worth, deeply appreciate your tanacity to find the truth and the guts to tell it. Thank you Glen. I read some of the things people say about you for telling the truth and their ‘mouth calleth for strokes’ as Proverbs says LOL 😉 the wonderful thing about the truth is you can tell it the same way every time… it does not change! Thank for you hard work and keeping the faith. God Bless and keep you from harm in Jesus name is my prayer for you.. See you on the other side if not in this world. Laterzzzzz!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn. I use to listen to you when you were a true ” Blazing the Patriot Highway” Patriot years ago and then something changed about you. Call it circumstance, pressures etc… I left. Your article today made me rejoice as it did with MANY others! Welcome back BROTHER!! Damn the torpedos!! GOD bless you and you family and staff! I will now be subscribing and supporting you!!!

    Tom in Reno!


  • 13citizen13

     Glenn – know that there are millions of Americans that are behind you and support you fully.  I honestly can’t imagine where this country would be without you.  Be safe.

  • Tim Crowley

    There’s one born every minute.  

  • Anonymous

    “The More a Society Drifts From the Truth, The More It Will Hate Those That Speak It.”
     George Orwell

    Glen, Please Do Not Stop Trying To Inform Our Countrymen. Many Collectivists Will Refuse To Listen But Now and Then, I Am Sure, A Few Wake Up And Hear What You Say.

  • Harvey Halliburton

    Was going to comment but waste of time.

  • Anonymous

  • Daniel L Stalnaker

    Whats the matter you afraid of the truth? Would you rather live your lives being controlled by the minions in DC?

  • Chris Dishong

    this man is clearly a psychopath. anyone who listens to him is either crazy as well, or just stupid.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to hear the convoluted, nonspecific, unverifiable reports these claims are founded on. I also can’t wait for Glen and his willfully uninformed and dwindling supporters to try and talk their waythrough his latest batch of delusions (I say delusions because I believe that he believes what he says) but he is delusional.
    No sources will be named, the guy in Glenn’s own pics of the alleged Saudi will be interviewed by some other real news organization. Glenn will deny the noon day sun.

  • Angel Nova

    Obama can order the murder of anybody who blocks his way.  Remember his three gay homosexual lovers who were murdered just before he run in 2008 to silence them?  How about the mysterious death of Andrew Breitbart?  Glenn , be careful .  Obama has all his thugs in Chicago ready to even murder a town to protect their master.  Obama is dangerous.  You have a lot of followers who will believe you.  YOur are honest and credible.  But Obama dosn’t care, truth is his enemy.  God bless Glenn!  We are all your witness.

  • John Goh (Private)

    The Saudi national is Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi.. Please tell us more about him :)

  • Robert Harrold

    Is it true that Michelle O. visited the Saudi in the hospital before he was spirited out of the country? Are some of his relatives tied to al Qaeda? We’re his papers expired?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Actually, she gave him head, then the congressional Medal of Honor.

  • ✮ GZWarrior ✮

    It’s starting…..Chicago Police not responding  to 911 calls..

    • Anonymous

      That started long before this week.

  • Bob DiCenzi

     Beck consistently demonstrates all the unstable behaviors of a dry
    alcoholic which include grandiosity, judgmentalism, intolerance,
    impulsivity, ADD, indecisiveness and blindness to truth. In short, Beck,
    Limbaugh, O Reilly, Hannity, Palin, O Donnell, Coulter and others like
    them who think they are conservative are all guilty of perverting truth,
    history, facts, religion and the US Constitution when they open their
    big mouths. They are all idiots who live in and speak to some alternate
    reality of stupid red necks that feed off of fear & hate mongering
    while being fed a steady dose of extreme right wing lies.

  • PJ Thompson

    OK Glenn…let’s have it…I can’t wait for Obozo and his gang of thugs to be fully exposed so we can bring him down and to shut up the illiterate morons on the left…

    • Billy Clary

      their not going to tell us. =0(

      • Anonymous

        They’re. Home schooled?

    • Billy Clary

      You have until Monday. We have information on who this man is. And listen to me carefully. In your little “event” world, we know he is a very bad, bad, bad man. I know that doesn’t make any sense to you right now. But on Monday it will.It makes sense to somebody in Washington.
      I don’t bluff. I make promises. The truth matters. I’ve had enough of what you’ve done to our country.
      I thought I had heard and seen it all. I thought I didn’t trust my government. Oh no, no, no, no.
      There is no depth that these people will not stoop to. They have until Monday and then TheBlaze will expose it.( lets here, who is the Bad, Bad, Bad man?  your not telling us because they got toyou over theweekend and your scard )

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck is the biggest wind bag in the business. You regulars on this site are delusional. You put your faith in a “dry” drunk. GB is pathetic. The only thing more pathetic is you believing him. WTF, people.

  • Bill Costas

    If you have credible evidence, post it NOW. Waiting till Monday for Washington to do something is BS. All you’ve done is given them time to cover up or spin things their way.

  • Anonymous

    I keep seeing the misspelling and miss pronunciation of the word Journalist. For the last time it is spelled and pronounced Urnalist !!!! Much much more descriptive.

  • Anonymous

    Dear God, please inspire Congress to pass a April 15, 2013, anti-immigration terrorist memorial act mandating the deportation of all newly immigrated family members of a resident convicted terrorist.

  • Billy Clary

    who is the Bad,Bad, Bad man you talked about over the weekend, and what is it your going to tell us if the president don’t tell us by Monday?

    • Billy Clary

      would one of you friend me on facebook, and pm about whats going on. thanks

  • Willam Stadly

    We have a Black Crook running America. God will fix this soon

    • Anonymous

      God fixed the country by making Obama president. Bush was the devil.

  • Robb Delaney

    it all boils down to the saying.. “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer” in regards to the media.

  • Billy Clary

    please PM me on facebook, and tell me the truth. thanks

  • bucketnutz

    The only way you can get the corrupt Obamunist Media to cover a story that makes the regime look bad,,is to go around them,,go outside the country to outside news agencies, and your sources will have to be less covert if credibility is questioned.

  • Anonymous

    Note from Barack Hussein Obama to Middle East Oil Money:  “Make cheque payable to 
    account number XXXXX, bank XXXXX.  Signed:  Your servant and friend,  BO

  • Mike McKee

    Glenn, why not go further and ask the questions on why the backpacks don’t match, or the paraplegic actor used with fake blood in order to make us think the bomb blew his legs off (clearly demonstrated in images), or the fact that mercenaries from Craft International were there before the explosion for some reason, or the case where witness testimony said that the first brother was ran over by a police squad car and then shot several times (countering the explanation given by the police)? And while you’re at it, why not then join us in understanding what really happened at 9/11, Aurora, and Sandy Hook as well?

  • Anonymous

    Glenn.. I used to watch you on HLN…Those were the good Ole Days.. Remember the Pitch Forks and everyone started sending in pitch forks to the station? But then I had to stop watching once you decided to turn into a crazy lunatic and started spewing all this hatred and conspiracy theories.. But look at the bright side.. You’ve managed to score a huge following of crazy people and conspiracy freaks just like you that love listening to you spew outlandish hate speeches and crazy talk. What a shame.. and what a waste of talent.

  •!/zerses Zerses

    Time after time we see our government not doing the right things, lying to us, saying things they can’t possibly accomplish…

    When can we all go back to sane and normal? 

    Will there ever be such a thing for our grandchildren who are now 0-17?

  • Anonymous

    Oh Glenn, you are such a poor excuse for a journalist. The bombing suspect in custody is a CITIZEN. Everything you say after getting that fact wrong is useless. And there’s absolutely nothing going on with the Saudi. You are the only one saying so, but you are maligning an innocent person. Not that that’s a new tactic for the radical right.

    • Rene Thompson

      If the Saudi is so innocent,  why are we quietly deporting him under the auspice of “national security?”

  • THFC54

    Glenn Beck you are a true arse clown….fool

  • Anonymous

    yep, the muslim american-hating terrorist-aiding black president is at it again! Give me a break – you guys take entertainment (for that is what you are about, isn’t it?) waayyy to far…..If you really believe all the crap that you are shoveling down the gnashing gullets of the bloated, ignorant, racist,  un-loving, gun-totin, white right-wing ‘mericans (with a self-serving helpin of praise jesus yes please) then you really are insane and have seriously lost touch with reality.

    • Rene Thompson

      And you sir are exactly the type of person responsible for the mess we are in.  If you believe for a moment this government cares about your well being,  you are in for a seriously rude awakening.  Everyone thought Hitler was a good man,  and a good leader too,  and no one thought what was happening in Germany and in Poland was real either.  They (like you)  thought it was all conspiracy theory,  and the Europeans paid dearly for their total lack of awareness.  You will too one day,  because you are the one who is willfully ignorant and totally lacking in common sense.   It’s people like you who will reap the ugly consequences for your lack of knowledge.

  • kristine hawkins

    so what was the thing ? it’s Monday????

  • kristine hawkins

    who is the bad bad bad man, that the gov. knows about? I really want to know

    • Rene Thompson

      “Who is the bad,  bad,  bad man?”  Barack Hussein 0bama.  The Saudi national that Glenn is talking about may be a bad man also,  but he couldn’t be worse than the man that currently lives in the WH.

  • d missouri

    have any of you paid attention to excutive orders thats been produced
    have you heard his statement of treason  that the constitution is a living document
    the constitution is an agreement of the people a contract,,a mandate to those elected to office.

  • d missouri

     they are  ignoring the law,denieing an american citizen his rights , and now they are shipping someone out of the country thats tied to the bombing  so tell me who is the criminal here. i think that the terrorist they have caught should get his day in court,  and with a verdict of guilty  publicly hang him. but the thing that worries me more  is the  long term effects of what they are doing. if they can do it to one then they can do it to all.      

  • Bob DiCenzi

    beck consistently demonstrates all the unstable behaviors of a dry alcoholic which include grandiosity, judgmentalism, intolerance, impulsivity, ADD, indecisiveness and blindness to truth. In short, Beck, Limbaugh, O Reilly, Hannity, Palin, O Donnell, Coulter and others like them who think they are conservative are all guilty of perverting truth, history, facts, religion and the US Constitution when they open their big mouths. They are all idiots who live in and speak to some alternate reality of stupid red necks that feed off of fear & hate mongering while being fed a steady dose of extreme right wing lies.

  • Anne Marie

    It’s Tuesday… I want to KNOW .. EXPOSE IT. And, if it has been already, then I’ve yet to find it :-) And I’ll be looking and waiting. 

  • Carl Roger

    before I saw the paycheck for $7727, I did not believe that…my… brothers friend woz like they say truley bringing in money in there spare time on their apple labtop.. there friends cousin started doing this less than 19 months and by now cleared the debts on their appartment and bourt Citroën DS. go to,

  • Anonymous

    Did you miss Glenn’s big news on what the latest threat to your freedom is?
    Did you miss his big revelation on what CHANGES EVERYTHING?
    Did you miss the biggest news you’ll ever hear? The news that will SCARE YOU TO DEATH?

    If so, not to worry: Glenn will do it again next month. 
    Every month in fact. 
    Just stay tuned! Around here we have armageddon every couple of weeks! :)

  • Rene Thompson

    Not a big Beck listener,  but I would believe him over the 0bama administration and the filthy democrats/republicans any day of the week.  I’m tired of being lied to and tired of seeing the left destroy all that Americans have worked so hard to achieve.  Washington DC thinks it’s all about them,  but it’s not,  it’s about us as Americans….and we need to start acting like it.

  • Terry Dickerman
  • Terry Dickerman
  • morgan painter

    Glen, I want to think you really are trying to make a difference.
    But there has been no update since your “Monday warning”.
    What gives?

  • Reginald Horky

    It’s easy to involuntarily assume that some form of intelligence is behind a current DC as the puzzling decisions, but no.  In the old days, we simply regarded similar groups as cults, or apparent intelligence that is no more than involuntarily mentally deficited primordial logic applied to big words.  Yes, it’s on the sad for now and that such a cult could run the white house, but since when did we need to be afraid of that,  As the start to finish rules hold for any cult, expect the same of DC.  .     

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, it is possible that this guy was some sort of agent for either us, the Saudis or both and had his cover blown when his picture was shown on every news network.  I have nothing to back this up, but think about how the government would react if this was the case.

  • Anonymous

    what about the JFK library?? why isn’t anyone talking about that???

  • Anonymous


  • aprilyn43

    Could someone tell me why I can’t use the video of the Blaze TV, I already subscribe to receive Blaze TV through Dish Network.

    I pay $35/mo extra to receive the Blaze TV on Dish, do I now have to pay extra on this site too …???? And why???

  • JacksonBrownie

    LOL!!!!! So much for that life changing story. Now you’re being sued by the Saudi student you wrongly and knowingly accused of funneling money for the Boston terrorist attack. Where’s the LOVE Glenn? The LOVE?

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