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From TV: Glenn updates on the Saudi national

On tonight’s TV show, Glenn went into further detail on Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi – the Saudi national who was, according to two FBI sources, taken into custody following the Boston Marathon bombing. While he has since been backtracked from a suspect, to a person of interest, then to a witness, and now to a nobody, sources have told TheBlaze that there is more to this story than is being told by the media or the government.

First, Glenn explained how the two suspects from Chechnya were being radicalized by Islamic influences, and why he doesn’t believe they are the “lone wolves” the media is painting them out to be:

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Next, he went into the timeline on Al-Harbi’s story, including the exclusive information obtained by TheBlaze from multiple sources in law enforcement and Congress:

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Pat & Stu: Happy Earth Day!

The bizarre relationship between Saudia Arabia and the United States

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In addition to revealing new details on the Saudi national who, according to two FBI sources, was taken into custody following the Boston Marathon bombing, Glenn also detailed on radio today this bizarre relationship between Saudia Arabia and the United States. He also raised several questions about the Saudi student and some of the questions raised by this case.

Glenn called it: NJ Senator now going after gun powder

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Last week, Glenn said that lawmakers would try to blame gunpowder for the terrorist attacks on Boston. Not long after Glenn made this prediction, Senator Frank Lautenberg has promised to introduce legislation requiring background checks to purchase gunpowder. “He’s looking for some common sense restrictions,” Glenn said.

Why wasn’t the suspect given Miranda Rights?

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For many, last week seemed unending. Bad news, followed by bad news, which finally ended in the arrest of the youngest of the Boston Marathon bombers, 19-year-old Dhorkhar Tsarnaev. Friday evening, after a long day of breaking news and live broadcasts, while at the movies with his family, Glenn got the message that the terrorist was in custody…followed by another note that he wasn’t Mirandized. And while it may seem like he should have access to these rights remember, Dhorkhar Tsarnaev is a United States citizen.

It didn’t take long after the manhunt for the two bombers started for progressives on both the left and the right to start making the case for more cameras and drones. People were jumping right off the Rand Paul bandwagon in the name of national security.

“Let’s say an American citizen is out there,” Glenn started, “do you have to have a warrant? Do you have to have anything? Apparently not.  We have a citizen of the United States, and we’re not going to Mirandize him.  Well you’ll make into a nightmare in court.  It’s going to be a nightmare in court.  That’s something we need to look at making sure we find — you we don’t tell people you don’t have any rights because you’re a super bad guy.”

“There is a ‘public safety’ exemption for this,” Stu noted.

The ‘public safety’ exemption is the one the authorities claimed to be using on Friday evening. The problem is, the Mayor of Boston along with other authorities were making public statements claiming that the threat was over. If there isn’t a clear threat, should the government have this power to begin with?

“We all love to hate this guy — I do too.  He’s a despicable human being.  He’s a Muslim extremist.  I have no love for this guy, but do not go down the path of saying, ‘well, that guy is different,’ because you could be that guy at some point in an out-of-control government,” Glenn pointed out.

The other issue is that when an individual isn’t Mirandized, anything they say is admissible in court. Despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against the boy, it is possible that this could cause problems in civilian court.

Oddly, that is the point some in the MSM were making on Friday evening. That the courts may not need any further evidence to convict the terrorist, therefor this isn’t a huge issue. This morning on radio, Glenn made the opposite case.

“What are you afraid of?” Glenn asked. This guy — we know. We all know — everybody but his aunt knows what this guy did. It’s pretty darn clear. We had a massive manhunt. We have the pictures and everything else. What are we afraid of?”

Glenn went on to point out that letting the government be inconsistent on their application of our rights is extremely dangerous. The mainstream media, and even a few government figures, were quick to point to the right in their assumptions of who may have committed this act. “Right wing extremists” were at the top of the list before the real bombers were exposed.

“If you’re a citizen, you have rights,” Glenn said firmly.”Look, there’s a difference between a ‘good citizen’ and a dirt bag. But rights only matter when they’re hard to uphold.”

“Those rights still exist whether they read them to him or not, correct?” Stu asked.

“They do,” Glenn answered back.

However, Pat pointed out that by making the exemption that they did, they’re treating him as a non-citizen or enemy combatant. (Something that as of this afternoon as changed. The suspect will be tried in civilian court.)

But he is an American citizen. And because he was granted that citizenship, he is entitled to certain rights.

“I’m sorry, I think this guy is a despicable dirt bug but I’m sorry I will stand with anyone who will say what the government is doing is wrong,” Glenn said.

“You have to be consistent. You have to be consistent and our rights have never mattered more.”

**UPDATE: This afternoon the White House announced their plans to deal with the surviving terror suspect through the civilian court system. In a statement, Jay Carney told reporters, “We will prosecute this terrorist through our civilians system of justice. Under U.S. law, United States citizens cannot be tried in military commissions.” Get the full story at TheBlaze.

TheBlaze Exclusive: Congressional sources confirm Saudi national was to be deported for security related grounds

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This story is being updated

Monday on radio, Glenn Beck revealed further details about the Saudi national who was the first suspect in the Boston marathon bombing. Despite denials from Janet Napolitano and officials from the U.S. Immigrations and Customs (ICE) that a Saudi national was taken into custody in connection to the Boston marathon bombing, several sources have confirmed that Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was set to be deported for proven terrorist activity.

According to two FBI sources, Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was taken “into custody” Monday April 15th at a Boston after he was injured in the blast.

A source within the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) told TheBlaze that on Monday night Al-Harbi’s Revere, Massachusetts apartment was searched and property was taken out.

At 4:00pm ET on Tuesday April 16th, The Nation Targeting Center (NTC) Field Watch Commander created an “event file” calling for Al-Harbi’s deportation using Section 212 3b, which is proven terrorist activity. According to TheBlaze’s sources, tagging someone as 3b requires solid evidence.

Fox News reporter Todd Starnes has also reported, “The Saudi national who was initially detained and then ruled out as a suspect in the Boston Marathon terrorist attack had been flagged on a terror watch list and was granted a student visa without being properly vetted, sources have told me.”

Starnes report no longer appears on the Fox News website, but can be found on Townhall.

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) has told TheBlaze that he has detailed information on the Saudi national and confirmed that Al-Harbi was to be deported under Section 212 3b of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Alongside three other Congressmen, Rep. Duncan has requested a classified briefing on the Saudi national and the deportation order.

Even though sources within Congress have confirmed that the Saudi national was set to be deported under Section 212 3B, several figures in the United States government have denied or refused to answer questions on Al-Harbi. First, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refused to answer questions on the subject when confronted by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) on Capitol Hill. Then on Thursday, a senior law enforcement official with ICE told TheBlaze that reports claiming the department was deporting Al-Harbi under section 212 3B and had opened an “event” on the Saudi Arabian national following the Boston attacks is “categorically false.”

The senior law enforcement official also told TheBlaze that Al-Harbi was never in custody nor ever considered for deportation by ICE, but that the department does have a different Saudi national in custody being held on grounds unrelated to the Boston bombings.

Glenn told the radio audience that there were several meetings last week between members of the Obama administration and key Saudi officials.

On Tuesday Secretary of State John Kerry met with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud which was closed to the media. Then, on Wednesday, President Obama had a “chance” encounter with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud and Saudi Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir.

Shortly after John Kerry’s meeting with Saud, the FBI started to backtrack Al-Harbi’s status in connection to the Boston Marathon Bombing. First, he was alleged to be a suspect, then a person of interest, then a witness, then a victim of the bombing. Now that two suspects, the Tsarnaev brothers, have been killed or taken into custody, Al-Harbi seems to be completely ignored.

On Wednesday April 17th at 5:35pm ET, the event file on Al-Harbi was altered and the order to deport was rescinded.

“This is unheard of. This is impossible in this timeline due to the severity of the charge,” Glenn explained. “You don’t one day put a 2123b charge against somebody with deportation and then the very next day take it off.”

Glenn said that there are only two people who could order the change. The Director of the NCTC after getting everybody in the agency to sign off, or somebody in the highest levels of the State Department. Glenn said TheBlaze has been unable to identify who made the alteration.

On radio, Glenn said that sources are now telling TheBlaze that this case will likely be moved from The Department of Homeland Security to The Department of Justice and labeled an ongoing investigation. This will be the reason that Janet Napolitano will be unable to respond to The Homeland Security Committee’s request for a briefing.

Glenn also said that there is a heavy disinformation campaign currently being waged against this story similar to Benghazi. He believes that claims of mistaken identity, additional Saudi nationals in custody, and more are being used to discredit further investigation into this story and confuse media outlets.

As of Monday morning, no details on the “second Saudi” in ICE custody have been provided.

“Why were there were no names, no pictures presented? The fact is, an event was created for one Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi indicating he was to be deported for terrorism activity related to the Boston bombing. If this file was created with another Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi in mind, don’t you think we should know about it?” Glenn said.

“I need you to call your congressmen right now,” Glenn said. There are congressmen who are aware of this, have seen the documentation — they need your support, they need your help,”

“If we do not stand up, he is on a plane tomorrow or he is already gone.

“We demand answers from the Justice Department and this administration.”

Glenn explained that this story is just the latest example of a pattern of connections between the Saudi government and the United States that extends beyond the current administration. He specifically pointed to the fact that days after 9/11, wealthy Saudi Arabians, including members of the bin Laden family, were flown out of the country without being questioned. For three years, no one would admit to clearing the flights.

“The Bush administration would later block the investigation into Saudi involvement into 9/11, even though 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis, and would eventually force the redaction of a 28-page chapter of the 9/11 Commission report regarding foreign, specifically Saudi, support for some of the Al-Qaeda hijackers,” Glenn said.

“On January 14, 2013 President Obama met with Saudi Minister of Interior,” Glenn said. “Two days later Janet Napolitano signed agreement with Saudi minister allowing ‘trusted traveler’ status on Saudi student visitors, meaning greatly reduced security checks and scrutiny.”

“This is trusted traveler status that we don’t give to some of our most trusted allies, and we gave it to Saudi Arabia last January?” Glenn said. “So they can just walk into our country no questions asked?”

“There is a pattern,” he said. “There is a relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia the American public doesn’t know about. The case of Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi is only the latest example.”

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