WATCH: National Security experts weigh in on Saudi national story

Steve Emerson and Andrew McCarthy join Glenn on TV

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From TV: Glenn updates on the Saudi national

“They weren’t lone wolves. So who else was involved?”

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Pat & Stu: Happy Earth Day!

The bizarre relationship between Saudia Arabia and the United States

The United States and Saudi Arabia have a very odd relationship. There’s something about it that seems to trump all national interests during a time of crisis.

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Glenn called it: NJ Senator now going after gun powder

“He’s looking for some common sense restrictions”

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Why wasn’t the suspect given Miranda Rights?

“I’m sorry, I think this guy is a despicable dirt bug but I’m sorry I will stand with anyone who will say what the government is doing is wrong.”

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TheBlaze Exclusive: Congressional sources confirm Saudi national was to be deported for security related grounds

Monday on radio, Glenn Beck revealed further details about the Saudi national who was the first suspect in the Boston marathon bombing.

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Glenn to discuss Saudi national story on radio – Click here to listen