Here it comes: Common Core & unapproved iris scans

Glenn has been warning about the centralized national curriculum that would happen if Common Core was fully implemented by all 50 states. The depth of overreaches in this education plan is stunning, as evidenced by what happened recently at 3 Florida schools. Without parental permission, students were subjected to iris scans.

Glenn invited Common Core experts and people involved with the project onto last night’s TV show:

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Glenn attending another graduation

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Glenn is preparing to attend the graduation of his daughter Mary. He talked on radio today about how excited he is for Mary to graduate, explaining how she was able to overcome self doubt in order to get to this day. Glenn says he’s learned more from Mary than any other person – and he explained more on radio this morning.

“My daughter, Mary, is graduating this weekend, and here is a girl that when she was born, the doctor said she’s not going to be able to walk or talk or feed herself. If it were to happen to you, there’s no way – she had several strokes at birth and, there’s no way you would be a functioning human being. But there’s always hope.”

“It has been a white-knuckle ride for her mother and I the whole time, you know.”

“Anybody who doesn’t believe is in denial that your parents at some point in their life didn’t say, ‘Lord, just take that away from them, give it to me, I’ll do it. Please’ you don’t know who your parents are. Or maybe you do and I’m sorry for that. But every parent I know has done that. ‘Just let me — I’ll take it. I’ll take it.'”

“And she has struggled so hard. She just learns differently, and she has struggled so hard. And she graduates this weekend, and she graduates with A’s and B’s, and I am so proud of her. So, so proud of her. Remarkable girl and even a more remarkable woman.”

“I’ve always felt that I have, in the end, probably learned more from Mary than any other human that I have encountered. She has challenged me more than anything else in my life and I think I’ve challenged her. But all in a good way. And she has made me a better man. And she makes people better around her. And I’m just excited for her to now begin her journey and see where it takes her.”

“This was an important thing for her because when she was 16, 17, she thought, ‘I could never go to college. I’ll never make it.’ And I hate to sound like Yoda, but that is why she struggled so hard in the beginning of college. Because she didn’t think she could make it. And she took a break and she came home and that was the thing that I tried to break her of, was — you’re in your own way. Get out of your own way. Start to believe in yourself. Start to — start to see how strong you are. And now look at her.”

“And despite being in the university setting, she has still kept true to her values and her principles. And both of my daughters have, both of my daughters have. And that is such a remarkable accomplishment. I want to stand and applaud both of them for that.”

“Not only did they both do great in college, but they came out the other and without the indoctrination. They struggled through it and — but they came out saying I know who I am. I know what I believe. And as a dad, I just couldn’t be prouder.”

Out of touch? Obama forgets Moore, Ok

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President Obama spoke in New Jersey and botched the name of Moore, OK by referring to it as Monroe, OK. If this happened to George W Bush the press would have hammered him for being out of touch- unsurprisingly Obama got a pass. Glenn had more on radio this morning.

Glenn on RGIII: He is in control

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Glenn happened to catch an article about Washington Redskins star QB Robert Griffin III and the new house he just purchased. Glenn knows nothing about sports but commended the QB on radio this morning.

Ohio State President slams Catholics

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The President of Ohio State University Gordon Gee is in some hot water after making what he called a bad joke. His insult was directed at Notre Dame and many think he crossed the line. Glenn had the story on radio this morning.

Glenn explained that Gee said Notre Dame was never invited to join the Big Ten conference because the their priests are not good partners. He joked that “you just can’t trust those damn Catholics”.

“The fathers are holy on Sunday, and they’re holy hell on the rest of the week,” Gee said during a meeting with students and staff.

“You just can’t trust those damn Catholics on a Thursday or a Friday, and so, literally, I can say that,” he said.

Gee also insulted the academic integrity of the SEC as well as the University of Louisville.

When discussing the story on radio, Stu felt that the comments needed to be put in more context and that while they may have crossed a line, it could have been done as part of the typical joking insults between sports rivals. Glenn, however, felt like it wasn’t an excuse.

“He’s a Morman. Would you take this? Because if Notre Dame would have said that about BYU, I would be pissed,” Glenn said.

Glenn suggested trying to bring Gee onto the show to talk about the remarks, which he thought were damaging to the effort to bring people of faith together based on shared principles.

“I find it reprehensible. After all of the work that we’ve all tried to do, all of us in all religions trying to bring our religions together, the last thing we need is somebody who says something like that,” Glenn said.

What a relief!?! Holder tells press he’ll stop spying…

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According to the Washington Post, in an ‘off the record’ meeting with the press (most of whom boycotted), Attorney General Eric Holder said, “We won’t spy on you anymore.”

Who feels better?

As much as we’d like to, Eric Holders pattern of lying is hardly reassuring. Not to mention, “sorry, I won’t do it again.” would hardly cut it if there was a roll reversal. That’s the problem when you give government too much power, they don’t have to play by the same rules.

This morning on radio, Glenn read a report on the meeting that described the discussions that took place.

“Marty Barone, the executive editor of the Washington Post, said the news executives told the department officials that reporters were concerned about using their email and concerned about using their office telephones. Barone said it was a constructive meeting, they expressed their commitments to the President’s statement that reporters would not be at legal risk for doing their job,” Glenn explained. “The Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal noted that there was also renewed commitment to support federal shield laws for journalists.”

Glenn continued, “After the meeting, Jim Warren, the Washington Bureau Chief of the New York Daily News, said: “Who knows what’s going to happen if they practice what they seem to preach and try to change some laws, but we still feel they are very relevant. I think it’s sort of an opening gambit. There was some specifics talked about, more of a legal and statutory nature.”

Not exactly reassuring…

“For the love of Pete, what is wrong with you stupid people?” Glenn exclaimed after going through the report.

Judging by the attending media’s comments, the concern seems more centered on what the government can do to protect them than about government overreach.

Glenn referenced In the Garden of Beasts, a book that depicts how the horror of the holocaust were able to occur through the culture of the German people and the silence & complacency of the press. Focusing on the importance of remembering history and what happens when it’s ignored and society allows itself let the government obtain massive amounts of control bit by bit, Glenn noted that journalists should make the connection to what’s happening with the DOJ now to history.

“It’s such a ridiculous thing to dismiss history,” he said.

But not only is history being disconnected by the current generation of journalists, Glenn explained that students in schools all across the country are being taught to dismiss the important events in history that serve as a reminder of what can happen when too much power is given to the state.

On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn sits down with recent college grads, one of which took a history class that taught by a self proclaimed communist…in Texas.

“He said, ‘I’m a communist.’  And the commies are coming. And everybody laughed. Nobody got up and said, ‘Why would I learn American history from a communist?  What is wrong with my university? How could you possibly expect me to pay for a world history class being taught by a communist? Wait a minute.  You mean the people who have burned books, who have distorted history?  Those people?'” Glenn explained.

Most young adults don’t understand the danger communism poses on their individual rights. They don’t fear an overreaching, tyrannical government.

And what the students ask Glenn tonight is this: How do we possibly fight people when most don’t think that government is bad or scary?

These students, and many others like them, are being taught that the government doesn’t go bad. President Obama even gave a recent commencement speech where he encouraged young graduates not to worry about tyranny.

Of course, days later scandal after scandal began to unfold around his administration. Scandals of intimidation, overreach, and targeting. So maybe Americans should listen to the voices warning of the possibility of a government becoming tyrannical if given too much power.

Stu noted how remarkable it is that teachers and the media would scoff at the idea of an oppressive government in a world where one of the most powerful countries is living under tyranny: China.

“A place where you can’t have a certain amount of children. That’s current. We’re not talking about the ’50s or the ’20s. That’s going on right now,” Stu said. “That’s China. That’s a communist government. That’s tyrannical over its people. They won’t let you move freely around the internet and they block out free speech.”

“They kill their own people — just shoots them,” Glenn added. “China had a TV show about executions.”

Not only did China have a TV show about the executions (still taking place in their country at an overwhelming rate), it was one of their most popular television programs.

“They had people come on that are like, ‘I should have known better and I’m really sorry,’ and at the end of the episode — boom,” Glenn explained. “And it was their highest rated show, “The Execution Hour.”

But, despite the current scandals, most roll their eyes at the thought of government tyranny ever being a possibility in the United States of America. And while it may be something to roll your eyes at in today’s time, people are no longer being taught why they can roll their eyes at that. There isn’t a good understanding of the Bill of Rights and why America is different.

“What is it, the state of man?” Glenn asked. “Does man always get better or does the natural state of everything in the universe shake it apart or does it build man up? It decays.  Everything decays.”

Piers Morgan vs Jay Carney

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On Saturday’s new episode of The Wonderful World of Stu Jay Carney goes head to head with Piers Morgan on the White House scandals. Get details on how you can watch this week episode here.

Maine Doctor stops taking insurance, accepts cash only

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It’s only a matter of time before doctors begin revolting against the damaging effects of Obamacare. One doctor in Maine decided to skip the system altogether and accept cash only. Will this be what more doctors do? Glenn has more on radio in the clip above.

White House Press Corps pushes Carney for real answers

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Since the White House scandals begin to break a few weeks ago there have been brief moments of honest journalism scattered across the mainstream media. As the DOJ’s tapping of journalists with the AP, Fox News, CBS emerged, journalists entrenched with the mainstream media awkwardly found themselves on opposing ends of the Obama administration.

After 5 years of this White House, multiple members of the White House Press Corps finally stood their ground against the Press Secretary. Jay Carney found himself pinned down on a Holder lie regarding the DOJ scandal with no way to get free…so he caved.


Ed Hentry:  On the say quoted, this is not something I’ve ever been
involved in, heard of.  We know he was involved in it at the very
least.  Was he not telling the truth on that point?

Jay Carney:  Involved in what?

Ed Henry:  He signed off on a search warrant.  Are you not involved.
Refer you to the Justice Department.  You guys are inflating the
subpoena with prosecution, and I think it is — again, what the
attorney general said. Technical accuracy you’re holding onto?

Jay Carney:  I’m not.  I’m saying based on what I’ve seen in published
report and what the attorney general said, I don’t see a conflict, but
I refer you to the justice department.

“Are you blind?” Glenn asked after hearing the audio, wondering how he could possibly claim not to be able to see the conflict with Holder.

“Why are we accepting this?  We — they would never accept this from us,” Glenn noted. “They would never accept this in a private company, they would never accept anybody, if the press were there, to get answered, what is going on
with your company.”

“If they don’t play by the same exact rules, if there is not equal justice for all,” Glenn added. “See that’s what Martin Luther King was all about, equal justice for everybody. I just want an equal shot. I want equal justice.”

Jeffy targeted in Glenn rant on ‘incompetent’ staff

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Glenn was talking about some amazing entrepreneurs he had met recently, including the family who started Taco Bell. One of the keys to their success, besides the delicious tacos, was an amazing team of dedicated employees. Why did Glenn target Jeffy when hinting at his ‘incompetent’ team?

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