Here it comes: Common Core & unapproved iris scans

The depth of overreaches in this education plan is stunning

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Glenn attending another graduation

“Not only did they both do great in college, but they came out the other and without the indoctrination.”

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Out of touch? Obama forgets Moore, Ok

Glenn on RGIII: He is in control

Glenn knows nothing about sports but commended the QB on radio this morning.

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Ohio State President slams Catholics

What a relief!?! Holder tells press he’ll stop spying…

“For the love of Pete, what is wrong with you stupid people?”

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Piers Morgan vs Jay Carney

Maine Doctor stops taking insurance, accepts cash only

It’s only a matter of time before doctors begin revolting against the damaging effects of Obamacare.

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White House Press Corps pushes Carney for real answers

Jeffy targeted in Glenn rant on ‘incompetent’ staff