Jeffy targeted in Glenn rant on ‘incompetent’ staff

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Glenn was talking about some amazing entrepreneurs he had met recently, including the family who started Taco Bell. One of the keys to their success, besides the delicious tacos, was an amazing team of dedicated employees. Why did Glenn target Jeffy when hinting at his ‘incompetent’ team?

  • Sam Fisher

    Poor Jeffy they still make fun of you. Don’t worry my last job I was a punching bag to and I feel your pain.

  • Anonymous

    the look on Jeffy’s face said it all.  It really did hurt his feelings.  I watched his face as Beck talked and yeah, it really hurt him. Hope Beck apologized. Stu realized Jeffy’s feelings were hurt  at the time. 

  • killers ms

    Beck, the black glasses look better on you.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    They make fun of Jeffy all the time and I hate it. I know it’s all in fun, but it doesn’t seem very Christian.

  • Kanak Attack

    Alright Glenn, the sarcasm towards Jeffy needs to be toned down.  You make fun of him way to much and I can tell it’s hurting his feelings.  There’s a reason Christ warned against “loud laughter”.  There’s a point where it becomes disrespectful and harmful to the good spirit around people.

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