Raj Nair heads to Salt Lake City to give a behind-the-scenes look at Man in the Moon

Liberty Treehouse‘s Raj Nair hopped on a plane, flew over the Rockies, and is following Glenn and his team around Salt Lake City as they prepare for Independence Week and Man in the Moon. Check out his first two entries below:

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More ridiculous testimony from the Trayvon Martin trial

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Those hoping George Zimmerman gets a harsh sentence cannot be thrilled with how testimony is going for the prosecution’s star witness, Rachel Jeantel. Jeantel was the last person to speak to Trayvon Martin before his death. Glenn and Pat reacted to the latest nonsense on radio today.

Yesterday, Glenn read some of the tweets that have magically disappeared from Jeantel’s Twitter account that don’t paint the young woman in a particularly favorable light. In addition, during her testimony yesterday, there was an uncomfortable moment when Jeantel was forced to admit she was unable to read the letter she allegedly wrote because it was written in cursive – and she can’t read cursive.

“She supposedly wrote this letter to Trayvon’s mother saying, you know, I was on the phone with him and I know what happened and I heard it all, but when asked to read it on the stand, she couldn’t,” Glenn explained. “The prosecutor said, ‘Why not?’ And she said, ‘Well, I can’t read cursive handwriting.’ Now, she had already testified that… that was her letter, she wrote it. Can you write cursively but not read it?  How does that work out? It wasn’t her letter. She didn’t write it.”

The downward spiral continued when the prosecution tried to cover up the racially charged nature of the “creepy white cracker” comment Jeantel testified Martin said to her while they were on the phone that fateful day by claiming Jeantel does not fully understand the language.

Here is a sampling of the questioning from the defense yesterday:

ATTORNEY:  Trayvon Martin saying creepy ass cracker and using the N word, that people like ‑ people speak like that in your culture. Did you hear that?

JEANTEL:  Yes, sir.

ATTORNEY:  Well, what culture is that, where people describe other people as creepy ass crackers?

JEANTEL:  Pervert.

ATTORNEY:  I’m sorry? Do you understand what I mean by the culture, the culture that you were raised in, the culture that ‑

JEANTEL:  The area I was raised, you’re saying to say?

ATTORNEY:  Right. I’ll say it this way:  The people that you live around and with call white people creepy ass crackers?

JEANTEL:  Not creepy but cracker, yeah.

ATTORNEY:  So the creepy is the pervert part that you were talking about?


ATTORNEY:  So forget that for a second. You’re saying that the culture that you live in, in your community people call ‑ people there call white people crackers?

JEANTEL:  Yes, sir.

ATTORNEY:  And do they use the N word regularly?

JEANTEL:  Yes, sir.

ATTORNEY:  And you’re saying so did Trayvon Martin? Trayvon Martin referred to white people as crackers, correct?

JEANTEL:  I don’t recall, sir.

“Now there’s a black culture,” Pat asked. “And, by the way, it’s the same culture, apparently, that the President spoke of in Dreams From My Father, where he mentioned the culture over and over and over again.”

“Listen to that. Listen to that. Let’s listen to this logic here,” Glenn continued. “Cracker is not a problem. It’s just part of my culture. It’s not a problem. It’s not racist. That’s what she said. It’s not a racial slur. It’s not racist. It’s part of my culture. Okay… What kind of culture is that that says that creepy crackers? Well, it’s a repulsive one. It’s a repulsive one, yes.”

Considering Jeantel was once considered a star witness for the prosecution, her credibility (or lack there of) could quickly become an issue. Many on the left have come out against those who are questioning the culture and character of Jeantel – claiming those who are looking into her background are trying to ‘smear’ her. And yet, when you are reading someone’s own words – as is the case when Glenn read Jeantel’s tweets and testimony – the only person smearing Jeantel is herself.

“So let’s put [Trayvon] into perspective on who he was,” Glenn said. “That’s a culture that they should be getting away from. Isn’t it? That’s a culture we should be getting away from. That is a culture that is destroying people like Paula Deen for engaging in that culture 20 years ago. And, yet, we’re smearing Jeantel. No, we’re not. We’re playing her words and showing you what her culture is.”

“And if you don’t like looking at the transparency and seeing what your culture is, well, then maybe you’ve got a problem and that’s what this attorney did. He didn’t bully her. He made her look into the water. He made her look into the mirror,” he continued. “What does that mean for the beloved Trayvon Martin? What will that mean if I then say, ‘Yes, Trayvon was part of that culture, he did say that thing’? She knows. She knows the life she’s living is a lie. She knows that her culture is the underbelly of what culture should be. She knows it. Otherwise, she would have been proud to answer that question, but she wasn’t.”

The next great American leader? Glenn interviews him on radio today…

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Glenn interviewed pastor and former NFL player Ken Hutcherson on radio today, a man Glenn feels will be (and already is) one of the great American leaders. He understands the time in which we live and speaks with authority, profound logic and reason.

Full transcript of interview below:

Ken, welcome to the program. How are you, sir?

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: Good morning, guys. You-guys work awful early.

GLENN: I know. I’m sorry. Well, you’re in Seattle. You get up at, like, what? Noon? Ken, I wrote you last night and I said, I’ve been saying this stuff for a long time and they’ve never attacked me before. I think they’re starting to be afraid. I think this is starting to connect and make sense to people, that civil rights are the rights that are outlined in the Bill of Rights and they are violating the First Amendment, the Second Amendment. They’re violating the Fifth Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Tenth Amendment. They’re violating those civil rights.

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: You’ve got to understand pressure always determines the true character of any person. Good pressure, bad pressure, opposite pressure, but on this earth, Glenn, everyone better understand one thing: You won’t feel pressure like you’re going to feel – can you imagine any nonbeliever, any atheist, standing in front of Christ, trying to explain why they rejected him? Now, that’s pressure, my brother. And as a Christian, I don’t have that. I – Hey, I walk into a Ku Klux Klan meeting with gasoline unwound. That’s just me, because I’ve got the greatest and the baddest one in the valley on my side. That’s Jesus Christ. And Sharpton? Come on, guys. What a joke. He’s turned into a joke.

GLENN: You have – you were there – you hated Martin Luther King while – while Al Sharpton says he started the, you know, youth movement for Martin Luther King. When you were 12, you were trying to break the bone of every body of every white concern you could. You were more of a panther person. You changed, but I really, truly believe that you have – Pat and I were talking about this the other day. We are not in the civil rights movement that you went through. I mean, I hope to God no man of any color or any religion or nonreligion ever in this country has to go through what African-Americans went through and, really, in some places, are still going – going through.


GLENN: But this is – this is the same path and the time so to stop it is before it gets to the dogs. Am I not right on that?

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: The main problem that we have is there’s a lot of people, Glenn, in our society that is being discriminated against. Now, they don’t mind throwing other groups in called the civil rights movement and the lawyers and the land group that they are fighting for is homosexuals and I don’t like to call them gay because they have taken that word. Gay means you’re happy, you’re frolicking around, enjoying life, and they have stole that word and we need to take it back because when you allow those that are in opposition of you to take and determine what definitions are, then you will lose. We can’t let Al Sharpton and others take the definition of what civil rights is. Civil rights is –

GLENN: So what is the civil rights movement?

PASTOR HUTCHERSON:  – you should the Constitution.

GLENN: Say it again. What is the civil rights movement? What is it really?

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: The civil rights movement is understanding your freedom under the Constitution of these United States and if anyone tries to take those freedoms from you, you better rise up and fight and that’s what we’re doing together.

GLENN: You said to me on the plane, I’ve struggled too long as a black man to be an equal member of this society. Do you remember?

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: Oh, exactly. I said, Glenn, I fought for years and years and years as a black man to become equal. We’re still fighting, but we won that fight, even in the courts, years ago, and I have felt that freedom and I’m going to use that freedom. I did not become a Christian, Glenn, to fight that same fight again as they look at me as a second class citizen.

GLENN: So help Al Sharpton out here, Glenn, on – I mean, he doesn’t – because his religion, whatever his religion is, I believe it’s a religion of collectivism in the state. I don’t know how he – I don’t know how he says he believes in the salvation of Jesus Christ but then talks about collective salvation. I don’t understand that, but explain to him, just on the religious front, how this is a civil rights movement.

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: I think he has to understand that he has to open his eyes and open his heart because, for example, let me give you a good example. The President of the United States, if you remove his blackness, then just ask the question, is he a good President or is he a bad President for the United States? Just remove the blackness and make that decision. When it comes to Al Sharpton, Glenn, you’ve got to understand something. If you remove Al Sharpton’s blackness, he disappears. He’s transparent. There’s nothing there because he bases his whole life on his blackness. Me, I’m a black man; but my blackness has submission to my Christianity. I am an American, proud to be an American, proud to be a black American. I’m not African-American. I’ve never been to Africa. I’m an American that is black and my – and I’m proud to be a black that submits to my Christianity. I am proud to be just a man. I mean a man’s man, not a metro sexual, not one that gets his nails done. I mean a man that used to get out there and knock heads and get his fingernails dirty. I’m proud of being a man, but my manhood submits to my Christianity, but I don’t see that in Al Sharpton. Any time anything happens that attacks his blackness, he fears it and – because he has nothing else to stand on. Thus, when the real civil rights movement of everyone steps up, when we’re saying the Tea Party, don’t take being discriminated against. If a black person was kicked out of a hotel for being black down in Florida, it would be an uproar, but since the Tea Party was kicked out because of their political views, that’s going against America. That’s why we’re here going against the Constitution, with certain unalienable rights. That is the true fight we must start and we must fight today like never before.

GLENN: Here’s the thing, Ken: Most of – most Americans have not been discriminated against. We have been –


GLENN: No, no. I’m saying growing up –

PASTOR HUTCHERSON:  – that’s why we don’t fight.

GLENN: Well, I know growing up, I grew up in Mount Vernon. You live in Seattle now. You know Mount Vernon. And Mount Vernon back in the Sixties and Seventies, I don’t think I was discriminated against at all

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: Not compared to what I went through.

GLENN: Exactly right.

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: But are we going to go with the greed or are we going to go with right and wrong?

GLENN: Where was I discriminated against as a – I mean, I don’t want to be a victim. Let me just say — let me just start there. I don’t want to be a victim. I don’t want – what did you say?

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: I said, please don’t go there with me.

GLENN: Right. So when you’re talking about, you know, the Sixties and Seventies, I guess if you go back and look at it — and I just asked you to show me where I was a victim.


GLENN: I don’t care what happened in my past. I care what’s happening right now.

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: Absolutely. And you better stand like we’re going to and get ready for the shots. Get ready to be disliked. You know, the greatest – do you know what the greatest blessing in the world is, Glenn?

GLENN: The greatest blessing in the world, let me see if I can answer this, at least for me. The greatest blessing –

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: Outside of Jesus Christ being your savior, do you know what the greatest blessing in the world is?

GLENN: Yeah. The greatest blessing in the world is for me to have him as my constant companion.

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: The greatest blessing outside of Jesus Christ, my brother, is to have –

GLENN: Oh. Outside of –

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: — is to have people dislike you.

GLENN: Oh, okay. Yeah. I’m glad to say I think we have all of the right people hate us. I mean, I – you know, when George Soros threatened us and when the administration doesn’t like us, when the GOP doesn’t like us, I wear that as a badge of honor. I really do.

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: Please, Hey, can you get two badges? Let’s wear them together.

GLENN: Ken, thank you. I appreciate it, man. Thank you so much and —

PASTOR HUTCHERSON: My pleasure, my brother. Let’s go get them.

GLENN: You got it. Thank you. Pastor Ken Hutcherson, he is, I warn you, a lightning rod, a lightning rod, but he has Stage 4 cancer and is not afraid, is not afraid, and I – and I – you have to experience him. He’s actually coming down to Salt Lake City next week and he’s going to be speaking at a couple of places and one of those we added a couple of days ago and I don’t even know if there is any tickets left. What is the name of that event for Hutcherson and David Barton in the speaker series? Do you know what the name of that particular one is? Go to mercuryone.org — somebody do that for me. Would you do that for me real quick, Alex? Go to mercuryone.org and look in the speaker series and most of these are sold out, but you can still get tickets. They are – by the way, I think they’re, like, $15 a seat but all of the money goes to Mercury One and that pays for the infrastructure of Mercury One. We do this event every year so we can pay for the administration of it and we give you something in exchange. So I’m not asking you for on a donation. We pay for the administration, so then all of the rest of the years – the year when there’s a tragedy or there’s something, I can say to you 100% of that goes to pay for – goes to this particular cause and we don’t take any money. So that’s why we’re charging for the speaker series, but I want to give you something in return. But there’s one in the speaker series that we just added a couple of days ago. I don’t know if there’s tickets left, but it is with David Barton, Rabbi Lapin, myself, and Ken Hutcherson and I said I think there’s only about 2000 tickets to that and I said to somebody the other day, I said, I think this is the one – there are 2000 people, 20000 people coming to the Man in the Moon. I think this is the one that those – the people are going to – this and Pat’s education seminar that people are going to say holy cow, holy cow, they’re coming, they’re coming and I want to be a part of that because we are – we’re going to take the bull by the horns and I beg you, be prepared. Prepare any way that you – you would do that in your faith, but get the bad things out of your life, clean up your life, make amends for those things, ask forgiveness for those things. If you’re an alcoholic, do the 12 steps. Do it all over again. Do it in the next couple of months. Get it all out of your life. If you’re a Christian, renew your baptismal covenants. Understand the atonement. Get it out of your life, clean it up so you have nothing to fear, because if you are hiding from yourself, you’re never going to be able to stand what’s coming and we’ll give you more on that. And you can get the tickets at mercuryone.org.

WATCH: Obama supporters can’t answer beauty pageant questions

Pat and Stu have been making fun of Miss Teen South Carolina’s cringe-worthy answer to a question about why Americans can’t locate the United States on map for years, and Miss Utah’s recent answer to a question about equal pay for women during the Miss USA pageant was equally hilarious. This week, conservative pundit Caleb Bonham released a spoof of the ladies’ tragic answers with his “Obama Beauty Pageant” video that was filmed on the streets of Denver.

TheBlaze explains:

Contestants in the “pageant,” who were all Obama supporters, were asked to answer two pageant questions that resulted in a pair of infamous responses from Miss South Carolina and Miss Utah. Bonham even somehow got each respondent to wear a tiara that had “Obama supporter” written on it.”

On radio this morning, Glenn and Pat played Bonham’s laugh-out-loud video:

“It is so well done,” Glenn said. “And they sound – play the beauty pageant queens again. They sound just like the people that everybody makes fun of.”

Miss Teen South Carolina (2007):

Miss Utah (2013):

“That woman on the street said that same thing,” Glenn said. “She was blaming it on the lack of maps.”

“The only thing they don’t go to is what these beauty pageant queens and contestants are trying to do and that’s going to the children, go to the poorer countries, talk about how they need education there, we need better education in, you know, the Iraq and the South Africa,” Pat said in his best Miss Teen South Carolina impression.

Obviously this video is very funny. But it also shows the remarkable ignorance of the American public, who is quick to make fun of the awful answers provided by the beauty pageant contestants.

“I mean, look at what we’ve turned into,” Glenn said. “We make fun of beauty pageant people because they’re on TV and we’re, like, look how stupid these people are. They’re just nothing but beautiful and they’re dumb as a box of rocks. Well, I’ve got news for you: 80% of the people around you are dumb as a box of rocks and ugly.”

“When you’ve got neither of them going for you, man, I mean, that’s why I’m trying to educate myself,” Glenn joked. “If you’re going to be as ugly as I am, you have to at least try to educate yourself.”

Watch Glenn and Pat’s full reaction below:

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Attention Liberal Media: Glenn didn’t compare Paula Deen to Martin Luther King

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In the dumbest smear perhaps in history, one that proves the left struggles with basic language comprehension, The International Business Times claims Glenn compared Paula Deen to MLK. They needed quite a few {…} in between words to make that connection, but since when has a blatant falsehood ever stopped the left from attacking Glenn? Uh, never.

The IBT wrote:

Beck, however, defended the 66-year-old chef, stating that her past use of the word was a “violation of political correctness, nothing more.” The New York Times bestseller continued to ask, “How can people advance if we suppress any thought?” adding, “I’m not putting the N-word into any category of great thought.” Beck did, however, compare Deen’s situation to that of historical figures such as Christopher Columbus and Martin Luther King Jr.

“Where would the world be if Columbus and Magellan and other world explorers believed conventional wisdom and believed the world was flat. … Where would we be if Martin Luther King didn’t speak and challenge segregation? Where would we be if everyone in the world thought in the box?” Beck asked.

Now, it would be pretty stupid of Glenn to say that Deen was the same as MLK, right? We all know Glenn doesn’t always say things in the most politically correct or eloquent manner, but does anything really think he would compare the foremost civil rights leader of our time to the cheese sandwich lady?

So what’s the full context? Well, in a monologue using the Paula Deen story as a jumping off point – Glenn was talking about why it’s important to make sure all voices are protected under free speech, not just the ones we all agree with. Why? Because sometimes you expose some real hatred, and other times you have profound ideas that might be controversial come to the surface.

Here’s a longer version of the transcript the International Business Times decided to selectively pull – do you notice how many sentences are between the reference to MLK and Paula Deen are? (SPOILER: there are 189 words from the reference to MLK to Glenn talking about Paula Deen).

Okay, not cowardly. (Bill Maher) said that on ABC television six days after the World Trade Centers came down. He was fired for that 15-second clip. I was newly on talk radio nationwide, and I defended him. I defended him – not a popular stance, not something I did for ratings. Can you imagine…put yourself back. If you don’t remember this, put yourself back in those days. And here’s a guy on talk radio you’ve never heard of before saying wait a minute, wait a minute, you don’t fire him. He has the freedom to say those things.

I took serious heat from Conservatives on talk radio for defending him then, but I stand on principle. And when you go down the road of suppression – suppression, discouraging people from speaking their minds, striking terror in the hearts, and being a slave to political correctness by making them all go away, you’re engaging in McCarthyism, and we regress as a society and become less free. Well, we can’t become much less free and still be free at all.

How can a people advance if we suppress any thought? How can we advance if we train people not to rock the boat? I want you to know, I’m not putting the N-word in any category close to great thought. But if man isn’t free to speak, if he is afraid to speak words, whether they are politically incorrect or because they are offensive or because they’re just not fashionable scientific thought, whether it be Darwinism or climate change or creationism, we stop being the nation we want to be and start being the nation people should fear.

Where would the world be if Columbus and Magellan and other world explorers believed conventional wisdom that the earth was flat, or they were told that’s it, you’re not going anywhere; to jail with you? Where would we be if Martin Luther King didn’t speak and challenge segregation and racism? Where would we be if everyone in the world thought in the box?

That’s why it’s important we defend our right to speech, and whenever you see it under assault, even the most and maybe especially in its most vile, disgusting speech, you have to stand up and make sure you defend people’s right to say it. That’s why I defended Bill Maher. That’s why I defended the Daily Show creator just a few weeks ago. She said something stupid, and I said back off. She has a right to say it.

That’s why I defended Shirley Sherrod. That’s why I defended the artist that did Piss Christ. That’s why I defended Keith Olbermann the whole time he was boycotting me. And that’s why I defended the “chink in the armor” guy at ESPN, the writer who was fired for using a phrase everybody uses.

I’m not defending what people say or what they do or how they live their life, but I am defending their right to do it, to say it, and to live their life that way. I for one am an American that is sick and tired of knee-jerk, PC mob reaction to the fragments and soundbites of people. Paula Deen could very well be a racist. I don’t know, but you don’t either. And here’s the thing, I don’t really care what Paula Deen said years ago in her private life. It has no impact on me or society whatsoever.


“Now, so you have the context of this monologue, I was talking about we have got to stop punishing speech; we have got to stop saying don’t read these things,” Glenn said.

The Usual Suspects: These 14 GOP senators dropped the ball on immigration

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The Senate has officially passed massive immigration legislation that offers a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants while “promising” border security in the future. Not exactly the Senator Rubio promised his supporters who wanted border security to be the first priority.

TheBlaze reports:

“The vote was 68-32, far more than the majority needed to send the measure to the House. Prospects there are not nearly as good and many conservatives are opposed.

Vice President Joe Biden presided, and senators cast their votes from their desks, both steps reserved for momentous votes.

The bill, a priority for President Barack Obama, would amount to the most sweeping changes in decades to the nation’s immigration laws.

After three weeks of debate, there was no doubt about the outcome. Fourteen Republicans joined all 52 Democrats and two independents to support the bill.”

These are the 14 GOP senators who voted for the legislation:

Marco Rubio (Fla.)

Lamar Alexander (Tenn.)

Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)

Kelly Ayotte (N.H.)

Jeffrey Chiesa (N.J.)

Susan Collins (Maine)

Bob Corker (Tenn.)

Jeff Flake (Ariz.)

Lindsey Graham (S.C.)

Orrin Hatch (Utah)

Dean Heller (Nev.)

John Hoeven (N.D.)

Mark Kirk (Ill.)

John McCain (Ariz.)

“Division among Republicans was evident as potential 2016 presidential contenders split. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida was one of the Gang of 8, while Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas were opposed to the bill.

The legislation’s chief provisions includes numerous steps that advocates claim will fight future illegal immigration – some added in a late compromise that swelled Republican support for the bill – and to check on the legal status of job applicants already living in the United States. At the same time, it offers a 13-year path to citizenship to as many as 11 million immigrants now living in the country unlawfully.”

Needless to say, Glenn wasn’t thrilled about the GOP senators who supported the bill, but at this point, he was hardly surprised.

“It was the typical people that were, you know, voting for it again…” Glenn said.

“Do you want your name on that list?” he continued.

Further more, “Do you want the association with Chuck Schumer?” Pat added.

“I find it more and more grotesque. I find that city more and more grotesque,” Glenn said. “I really do. It’s not what our founders had in mind. It’s not what — you know, they’re building epiphyses to man. That system in that city is designed to make the citizen feel small and those who hold power big.”

Glenn explained that when he was in D.C. a few weeks ago, he stood on the balconies of John Boeher and Harry Reid and described the breathtaking views. He’s no longer surprised that so many of our congressional leaders go corrupt — it’s like they’re setup to fail in D.C.

“This is one of the best views in Washington,” he explained, noting that it’s literally as if ‘all roads lead to them’.

“If the cars were allowed to containue to drive, they would end right at those balconies. And I thought all roads lead to this — these two places and Pennsylvania [avenue] goes right to the White House,” Glenn continued. “and I thought to myself, how do you not go on this giant ego trip?”

“Everything in that city is to make them drunk on power,” he adding noting all of the temptations the leaders in Washington are surrounded by.

“Get them out of D.C.,” Glenn said.

If Congress didn’t spend so much time in D.C., Glenn believes much of the scandals, greed, and back room deals would end if elected officials spent most of their time surrounded by their constituents and their families.

“There’s no reason to have that infrastructure there anymore,” he continued. “The world’s changed and it is a bad, bad place because it is designed to pull people off track, designed to make man feel like a ruler over other men. It is designed to enhance the darkness in people instead of holding up the light and making them humble. I see it and I think there’s no way to remain humble here. Unless you really have a grasp on your soul, there’s no way to remain humble and I don’t think you could ever leave that place without serious spiritual battle scars. There’s just no way, because you are surrounded — it’s a den of iniquity.”

WATCH: Rev. Al Sharpton’s futile attempt to smear Glenn

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Over the last couple of weeks, Glenn has called for a new civil rights movement, citing the IRS targeting of conservatives and attacks on people of faith as just a few examples of civil rights violations. And now it seems at least one person is not happy with Glenn’s analysis. MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton attempted to smear Glenn on his show last week for daring to compare today’s injustice to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

Touting his civil rights background, Rev. Sharpton said he was the youth director for the organization founded by Martin Luther King Jr., adding that he is still involved with the group.

SHARPTON: I personally get offended by this. I’ve been in civil rights all my life.  I was made youth director of the organization Dr. King founded when I was 12 years old.  I’ve been in it ever since and to equate civil rights to fighting on these issues that have nothing to do with any rights that are denied and it’s all about their polarization is really offensive. I mean, we can disagree but you don’t miscast things as something that it’s not.

Rev. Sharpton is specifically referring to a segment from the Glenn Beck Program last week. After appearing at the press conference in Washington D.C., Glenn told Stu:

Get Glenn Live! On TheBlaze TV

GLENN: This is a civil rights movement and it’s time for us to start moving as a civil rights movement. We have to be willing to have the dogs be unleashed on us because, believe me, after what I saw today on the way they’re handling things at the capital, oh, you’re not very far from having the same kind of oppression coming our way.

After playing that clip of Glenn on his MSNBC show, Politics Nation, Rev. Sharpton had this to say:

SHARPTON: It’s unbelievable. He’s talking about imaginary unleashed dogs, when real heroes of the civil rights movement actually had to confront those dangers.  Yesterday Beck made his case at a rally in Washington, but even as he talked about civil rights, the slogans on the signs told the story of fear and paranoia.  It was similar to what we saw at previous Tea Party rallies.

“Oh, man,” Pat said. “Fear and paranoia. There’s nothing really going on. The IRS isn’t really targeting them.”

“The IRS isn’t targeting. The administration hasn’t done everything in its power to harm those. He has labeled people enemies,” Glenn said. “That’s not an open dialog, an open society by any stretch of the imagination.”

Aside from the IRS, we now also know that the NSA surveillance is beyond our wildest imagination – but, like the Reverend said, there is nothing to see here.

“It is truly amazing where we’re going,” Glenn said. “Tell me about starting a business. Tell me about it. How many people down right now are stopping their jokes about, I don’t want to talk to you on the phone, I don’t want to have this conversation on e‑mail, and it’s nothing – you’re not a terrorist, but you are being made to feel like a terrorist.”

“You are being made to feel like a second‑class citizen,” he concluded. “It is the civil rights movement. It is. We’re just early. As I said, we are just early.”

Watch the full clip from Rev. Sharpton’s show via TheBlaze HERE.

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For The Record: The tragedy that killed 15 members of SEAL Team 6

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Tonight, For The Record aired its third episode, focusing on SEAL Team 6, an elite, secret team of Navy SEALs. In May 2011, the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden pulled SEAL Team 6 out of the shadows and into the national spotlight. The publicity left many SEALs worried about the safety of themselves and their families. Just three months later, the crash of Extortion 17 killed 15 members of that elite unit.

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The crash of Extortion 17 killed 15 members of SEAL Team Six. Now many wonder why military leadership didn’t do more on that night to protect the country’s most elite warriors in one of the most dangerous spots in Afghanistan. In the clip above, For the Record details what happened during the crash of Extortion 17.

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The tragedy of Extortion 17 raised a number of broader questions about America’s approach in Afghanistan, and the War On Terror on the whole. How do we move forward? For the Record looks for answers in the clip above.

WATCH: Glenn & David Barton provide a sneak peek of the Independence Week history museum

Man in the Moon is just over a week away, and Glenn is putting the finishing touches on the show. One of the highlights of Independence Week promises to be the history museum that Glenn has curated with the help of historians and collectors around the country. On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn provided a sneak peek of the museum. From the American Revolution to slavery to World War II and beyond, Glenn has put together a collection of incredible pieces of history.

To start the show, Glenn explained the important distinct that needs to be made between the Fourth of July and Independence Day. Sure, it’s nice to get a day off in the summer and kick back at a BBQ with your family and friends, but it is imperative that we remember the true reason for the day – independence.

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Glenn has collected a number of items related to slavery and the freeing of the slaves. From a dog collar slave owners used to restrain their slaves to a desk that belonged to President Abraham Lincoln, it might not be America’s finest moment but it is of the utmost importance that we learn about the past so we can learn from the past.

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But what is it that has allowed us to rise from the ashes and overcome our flaws as a nation? The Bible. Glenn called this the “most important stop” on the history tour, and he shared a tremendous collection of historical Bibles from the ‘Vinegar Bible’ to the ‘Napoleon Prayer Book.’

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