Courage: 70 House Republicans to push back against immigration bill

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This morning, TheBlaze exclusively reported that 70 House Republicans are planning for a showdown with Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) over the immigration bill congressional leadership is trying to push through by July 4.

According to TheBlaze:

Seventy House Republicans are planning a politically risky showdown with Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to try to force additional debate on an immigration bill they say will mean amnesty for illegal immigrants and have dire consequences for the country.

The 70 members are petitioning for a special Republican conference meeting on the bill, a “highly unusual” move to go head-to-head with the speaker, according to Reps. Michele Bachmann (Minn.), Steve King (Iowa) and Louie Gohmert (Texas), who are serving as spokespersons for the group.

“So today we are going to be releasing the names of 70 Republicans that have – they’re House members that have signed a petition requiring that John Boehner hold a special Republican conference meeting on the amnesty bill,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

This group of Republicans feels there has not been a sufficient conversation about the legislation, and they hope such a conference will allow for a debate of the pros and cons of passing a bill that will most likely lead to amnesty.

Glenn described what will happen on Capitol Hill over the next few weeks:

What’s going to happen in the next few weeks, possibly by July 4th, the Senate will pass the amnesty bill. At the same time the House is going to pass a Trojan horse bill that will sound good and that will secure the borders. The problem with that is they’re both going to be sent to conference committee, where amnesty is going to be added to the Trojan horse bill. The Senate will vote yes on final passage and send it to the House. Led by Nancy Pelosi, the House Democrats will all vote for the bill because it will assure permanent Democratic political majority, and a few Republican committee chairs will provide the final votes needed for passage. That way the president will have amnesty for illegals and the country will be fast‑tracked to permanent progressivism.

In this day and age, it is easy to paint all politicians as politically expedient fools, but the decision of these 70 Republicans to stand up to the majority is one of the most courageous acts we have seen in a long time. This issue is no longer political. It is moral.

“These 70 people are standing up and saying ‘take away all of our power,’” Glenn said. “They know that if they lose, they lose. This is putting all of the chips on the table. You’ve been asking for it. We have been asking for people with a spine. This one is not going to be easy.”

We have been bombarded with story after story about scandals that attack our freedom and liberty. And while it might seem like we are in a fight to protect our own freedom, Glenn explained that the fight is much, much larger. We have gotten to the point where we are defending man’s freedom.

“Because this isn’t about you. This isn’t about your stuff. This isn’t about your freedom,” Glenn said. “This isn’t about us! History may never remember any of our names! History may indeed record our names as villains if we lose. I only want my name in one book. I want my name in the Book of Life. I want my name to be the size of John Hancock. When I get there and the Lord asks me, ‘What did you do for man’s freedom,’ I want you to be able to say, ‘Open your book. That is my name. Written the size of my hand, that is my name!’”

The fear is that we are turning into mice. We recognize the problem, we strive for solutions, but we scurry away when faced with the problem head-on. We no longer have time to sit around waiting for other people to clean up our mess. We must stand.

“Write your name in the Book of Life. Stand,” Glenn said emphatically. “You have asked for heroes. You are given another chance. God opens another window! Will we take this one? Will we stand? Will we support?”

Glenn warned that the immigration debate will quickly be turned into a civil rights issue. But we must remain steadfast in our convictions.

“Is there anything more important than standing up for human dignity, for the rights of all mankind,” Glenn asked. “They are going to try to make this into a civil rights case, and it is not. It is an affront to anyone who understands civil rights.”

“I’m a man. I deserve to be treated like a man. I will treat every illegal in this country like a man or a woman. I will treat you with dignity, I will treat you with respect, but I will not give you special privilege,” Glenn said. “If I break the law, I go to jail. If you break the law, you go to jail. Why did you sneak over here at night? Why didn’t you just walk down the center of the street there at the border crossing and say, ‘I have a right to come into the United States?’ Because it’s against the law. That’s why. You broke the law. And it is not an unjust law.”

“What is unjust is the nonsense of allowing people into this country; the endless red tape,” he continued. “And who started that? The same people who now argue for civil rights. They are an affront to man, they are a joke, and we dismiss them. And we do so in the name of Jesus Christ. We dismiss them.”

  • John Mullins

    Where’s the whistle blower? Is this what you were going to reveal in “24 hours”?

  • RottenJohnny

    Yes, we all need to stand before us to sit behind us to tell us what we know nothing about. We should all, as something something fearing Americans make sure this drop in white babies doesn’t spell the end of the white republican party and the invasion of Hispanic Americans, who will be driving by in their gaudy trucks asking white republicans if they’d like a job mowing their lawns, weeding the garden extra of course. Yes, when the brown skinned American outnumber the white skinned Americans, taco trucks will outnumber McDonalds by three to one. Why, it might even become the Texas state food, and they can’t have that  Why American kids like Ten-year-old Sebastien de la Cruz, who sang the national anthem, gets slammed, he should understand white republicans hate his kind, and glen’s here to save all the white republicans he can. 

    • Anonymous

       There are two things that need to happen regarding Illegal Immigrants. 
      1st – Secure the Border period.  2nd make being here illegally a punishable crime.  If we do that, those that are here and shouldn’t be will leave.  I do not care were they came from or why they are here.  They must do as everyone else has who attained citizenship.  No free rides because some NumbNut thinks it is proper.

      • Rich Myers

        there you go,  Limbchichen is correct.   use the Fema camps to for the prisons.  Fema is all set up for this.  perfect.  Just make sure we deport them.  and dont for get about all the rocks they have to break while in the Fema camp doing their time. Whole familes.  If they attempt to escape sent them to the wilderness of Alaska, Fema Camp for the bad.  it will be Fly in only. With Thousands of wilderness all around.  Escape from there, you might have a chance to make it out alive, make the southern border trip look easy.

      • Anonymous

         Our AG Eric Holder gave a speech recently to a Latino group saying all illegal immigrants in this country have a civil right to citizenship.I was stunned! Still, at another time, he swore under oath at a  Congressional  hearing to tell the truth and we know how that turned out. Granting amnesty without securing the border first is like passing Obamacare without reading it. The reason the Dems want this is they will all register to vote Democratic (30 million votes will likely secure the House and Senate for their agenda.

    • Anonymous

      RottenJohnny, do you specialize in immigration stupidity, or is it a universal major for you?

      • Anonymous

        His name says it all…doesn’t it?

      • RottenJohnny

        I specialize in calling out beckerheads on their own stupidity. I also call out dittoheads, right-wing puppets and general republican fools, of which there are many. Santorum did say republicans couldn’t attract intelligent people. You all prove that on a daily basis.

        • Barbara Rogers

           Man oh man what a miserable person you must be to live with or around. 

          • RottenJohnny

            Why, because I’m more intelligent than anyone here? I guess stupid people would get a headache from having to listen to words of more than one syllable.

        • Anonymous

          Typical Left Wing Democrat, resort to name calling. nuf said.

        • Anonymous

           Your generalizations discredit your claim of superior intelligence.

        • Anonymous

          Hey dumba**, if you don’t like our immigration LAWS, then change the law. Until then, like every other country in the world, we are a sovereign nation with BORDERS. These borders mean we get to decide who gets to come in, when they get to come in, and what process they must go through to stay here. Anything else is a crime. We were founded as a nation of laws, not of men. This just so idiots like you, and this Congress apparently, cannot simply decide to look the other way when people break the law. ILLEGAL Alien’s very first act was to become a criminal by breaking our laws. They should be prosecuted, not rewarded. 

        • Mike Nelson


          You specialize in buggery :)

          • RottenJohnny

            Why, are you looking to get buggered?

        • Anonymous

          So, your stupidity is universal then. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Millieann

       Your racism is repugnant. 

      • RottenJohnny

        Your intelligence resides south of zero.

    • laura


    • Rich Myers

      Just take more of your drugs then then then we we we might be able to understand what your trying to say,  which is really nothing.

    • Txn4Freedom

      Hey Rotten – this issue is NOT about the color of someone’s skin – it is ONLY about Legal vs Illegal.

      • RottenJohnny

        Really? Now that is funny.

    • Nino Colarossi

      You’ll care when this country is a third world country.  Don’t turn this into a race issue has nothing to do with that.  It does however, have everything to do with the integrity and liberty of this country.  People need to come here lawfully and become part of our society, not just here to reap the benefits and not contribute to it in the form of taxes.  Not sure about you, but I am tired of my tax dollars being wasted to the tune of generation after generation on public assistance programs. That is what you should care about Rotten Johnny.

      • RottenJohnny

        It’s already becoming a third world country, with the real terrorist organization, the NRA, wanting everybody and their dog armed. God, you people are stupid.

    • Anonymous

       Johnny, your profile name is quite appropriate (oh my, that’s a big word!)  Fortunately, we are not duped and bamboozled by those one syllable words, such as “Hope” and “Change”. We like words with more syllables like “Liberty” and “Freedom”.  Curious about what you think is going to happen to the job situation once we give blanket amnesty to 13 million people (or more) almost instantly.  Do you think for one minute that the Dems are not going to finagle a way to make all of the eligible to vote in the 2014 elections????

      • RottenJohnny

        Nothing: they already have jobs. If you ain’t an American citizen, you can’t vote. Oh, that’s right: you right-wing fanatics think illegals are already voting. LOL!!!

    • Anonymous

      You are an idiot. White Republicans are the ones who pay these illegals, because they are the company owners. That is why there are on 70 sponsoring it. They like cheap labor. The Democrats just want the, so that they can overwhelm the system and that would mean the government can step in and take over all private enterprises. It is a control thing for Democrats and a money thing for Republicans. No one really cares about the brown skinned people. THey are a means to an end. But there will be a revolt when they outnumber the white man and start taking what is his by government intervention. Then they will take back over and throw them all in the streets. This is why amnesty is wrong on so many levels. The only protection illegals have is to enter America legally. Then they need to get an education and assimilate into society. If they stay ignorant and take this amnesty  they will be hated and the future will not be theirs. The Democrats will make sure they stay their little monkeys just like the blacks have stayed in poverty, ignorance and crime It takes a strong person, especially colored to rise above their situation and amnesty is not the way to do it.

    • Anonymous

       Half of what you said… I didn’t even understand but the half I understood makes me say “you’re an idiot”…

      • RottenJohnny

        If I’m reading you right, and I find that difficult when dealing with morons, I’m only half an idiot. But thank you anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Rotten Johnny,

      I care.

      Glen Beck is not here to save white Republicans. If you pay attention he is very critical of the republican party like most conservative radio host. Also the Hispanics I know don’t mow lawns for a living. They have professional jobs and have conservative political views. Mick Romney lost the election not because he lost the Hispanic vote. He lost it because the old white republicans did not vote for him. People who are willing to work labor to better there life no matter what the color of there skin, What is wrong with that?  What’s wrong with Tacos I love taco’s. This white male conservative cant get enough of them.

      • RottenJohnny

        Awww, ain’t you sweet: you care. I’m so touched.

      • Anonymous

         I believe the Reps. lost the election because  of Obama’s charisma and his gift of oratory, saying just what the majority want to hear, even though a lot of his promises proved to be void. Plus the main stream media kept the country from learning who he really is and what he wanted to do to this nation. Yet, more people will be crying the adage, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. It’s sad how many can be persuaded by a flashy speaker and can’t or won’t do the research. Thankfully, the rest of us have Russ, Beck, Hannity etc. to keep us informed and in the light.

    • Anonymous

      Your an absolute idiot…

      • RottenJohnny

        Absolute’s a strong term for someone without a brain to use.

        • greywolfrs

          There you are…

  • Andrew Kone

    I’m gratified to know that at least a minority of congressional Republicans are willing to challenge their “leadership” on this issue, particularly since their acquiescence to the immigration bill as it is currently designed would be positively fatal to the GOP’s future electoral prospects.  And the Democrats all know it, behind their barely concealed poker faces.

    Now: where is the story that Glenn promised us yesterday? Is this “it”, or not?

    If so, hyperbole once again proves to be his worst enemy. Sorry Glenn, but your penchant for drama damages your credibility, and not merely among those who are predisposed to dislike you, but among those who subscribe to your network and share your passionate concern for America’s survival.

    If there is another matter involved here (say, for example, one involving the private communications of a prominent jurist), then by all means, let us know.

    • Ruthie Barker

       Andrew, I could not have said it better!  I even wrote to “The Blaze TV” and said as much.  I’m tired of the $10 a month to listen to this. I can listen for free.  But as you said so well, “but your penchant for drama damages your credibility, and not merely
      among those who are predisposed to dislike you, but among those who
      subscribe to your network and share your passionate concern for
      America’s survival.”

    • Tim Rowland

      Great points! I’m no longer willing to share anything with friends and family from Glenn until he actually shows or explains what he’s talking about. Too much hype about earth-shattering secrets only to fall flat with little to no proof. He’s been right about so much and I appreciate him, but the drama has hooked me one too many times.

      Like with the Saudi national that was deported, he just dropped it after the first day! I kept waiting to hear more, but it went away. 

  • John in AZ

    “Where’s the whistle blower? Is this what you were going to reveal in “24 hours”?” Yeah Beck, put up or shut up. This whole boy/wolf crying game is getting old.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I have three grandsons under the age of 8.  I have been saying that these kids will be the minority in their OWN COUNTRY.  Things will not be the same for them as they were for us and I fear that.

    • j rockford

      this is NDN land BITCH!

      • Anonymous

        You just proved my point–BITCH

        • j rockford

          It is time for your kind to get out of here! You hateful old piece of shit!

          • greywolfrs

            Please, go out and do that, I dare you. Punk bitch.

          • j rockford

            Don’t shit your depends you ignorant old bitch!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand this comment…. lots of Americans of all different colors have been minorities in their own country for years. If millions of Hispanics come here legally (like how millions of Irish came here and drowned out the English a hundred years ago) and end up being the largest demographic, would you feel the same way? 

  • JulieAnn Holmes



  • Anonymous

    This is nothing but a political stunt.

    We have a one party system in DC.   Why would the RINOpublican party go against their Marxist masters?

  • Ruthie Barker

    70 will revolt!  70 will revolt!  WELL WHO ARE THEY?

  • Keith Westcott

    why does Glenn Beck wast our time with all this hype? ‘America will be rocked in the next 24 hours bla bla bla …” Oh Please! all he is  doing is selling books and event tickets. I don’t trust or believe Glenn Beck any more

    • greywolfrs

      Then feel free to leave and not come back, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • Tom Paris

    Conservatism is not dead…it was just asleep for the past 15 years.  Could it be that we, as Conservatives, are finally waking up!  


  • J Maureen Saufley

    Who are the 70?

  • Tom Paris

    Well, we know Bachmann, King, and Gohmert are 3 of them!

    • jen

      Not so fast – Bachmann has never spoken out against legalization of illegals at all.  So since she hasn’t done it yet then she just wants to jump on the bandwagon. 

      Drop her and move on.  Regardless, there are not enough conservatives to go against final passage of amnesty bill.  Republicans as a whole always vote along with dems for years.

      • Anonymous

        Baloney! are you insane?

        • Anonymous

          I think you set Jen straight

          • jen

            Not quite – read comments above.  When it is far too late, that is when bachman comes in marching lite.

        • Anonymous


      • Maximus Max

        Jen is the EXACT reason this is so god damned hard…

        • jen

          It is so hard to hear the truth that Bachman is a traitor.  When gang of 8 bill came up – she didn’t say a word for months.  Now even when Beck declares the bill will pass both houses, bachman speaks up. 

          The amnesty bill is now essentially a done deal!!!  Where was she for all these months???  On the campaign trail, all gop nominees were against amnesty.  Then, they all fell silent incl ron paul and romney and santorum and bachman.

          • Anonymous

            Times like this often makes me think of WC…
            “Never, never, never give in!” Winston Churchill

        • Anonymous

          Max, There are one or more trolls on this blog. A troll’s objective is to disrupt the blog. Some of them are paid to do so and could care less about facts.

      • Michael Spear

        Jen you are wrong.  And notice the byline this was not last night’s news she has opposed it for months.

        • jen

          bachmann and others have plenty of chances but they are complaining that only the major networks won’t have them.  well, they are missing on so-called shows to talk about immigration on beck, levin, limbaugh, and numerous others.  they haven’t written any articles on various sites.

          these so-called conservatives have choices to get some publicity but they clearly don’t want it. 
          and vast majority of these so-called cons infact want legalization of 12 mn illegals, but are just complaining a bit on wanting border security first without defining what that means.

          so you don’t even know what the positions of these so-called conservatives are anyway. 

          • Jackie Williams

            I have followed many of them…I personally don’t know HOW THEY ARE STILL STANDING…So before you judge….Let’s just HOLD them up NOW…:) Let’s roll……………….thanks.

          • Anonymous

             I agree with Jackie – lets roll!

          • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Shame on you for posting lies about an intelligent,
        patriotic, and brave woman.   Take a
        moment to read Congresswoman Bachmann’s emphatic statements from the 2011
        debates.  i.e., inform yourself.

         “I don’t agree that
        we should make 11 million workers who are here illegally legal”.

        “As president, I would do what my job ….to uphold the
        sovereignty of the United States of America. I would build a fence on America’s
        southern border … every inch of the southern border.”

        “I would not allow taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal
        aliens or for their children. That’s a madness. End the madness for illegal
        aliens to come into the United States of America.”

        “I think that the American way is not to give taxpayer
        subsidized benefits to people who have broken our laws or who are here in the
        US illegally.”

        “Our immigration law worked beautifully back in the 1950s,
        up until the early 1960s, when people had to demonstrate that they had money in
        their pocket, they had no contagious diseases, they weren’t a felon. They had
        to agree to learn to speak the English language, they had to learn American
        history and the Constitution.”

        • Karen Daulton

           well said,,

        • Island Boy

          He said she is one of the acting spokes-persons you namecaller…Maybe you sho i.e. inform yourself.

        • jen

          While campaigning all gop nominees said the same exact thing.  when gang of 8 bill came out, she didn’t say a word till 2 days ago – that is when it is far too late.

          All this time when there was more oppor to halt it – she seals her lips like the rinos.  When it is too late, then she says something.  It is thru senate for debate.  It is expected to pass and house thereafter. 

          • Anonymous

            I refuse to let you continue to post lies. You claim “Bachmann has never spoken out against legalization of illegals at all”.  I burst that fictional bubble (read: lie) by posting several quotes where she brought up illegal immigration during the 2011
            debates.  Obviously that wasn’t going to deter your perpetuating a lie, because you came back and said “she didn’t say a word till 2 days ago” and  “When gang of 8 bill came up – she didn’t say a word for months.”  BOLDFACE LIES.    

            First off, the bill was just revealed less then two months ago (not months).   On Tuesday, APRIL 15th, the Senate’s Gang of Eight (Gof8’s) released the details of a broad agreement to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws.

            In the three months leading up to the Gof8’s bill (Feb-Apr), and even on the Sunday before the announcement, none of the “gang of six” or
            the primary opponents (Bachmann, King, and Gohmert) WERE INVITED ON CABLE TO
            TALK ABOUT IMMIGRATION.  No one was
            listening to them, including the RINOs. 
            (Source:  Lexis Nexis )  In other words – they were shut out, even by their own.

            On April 11th, (a week before the Gof8 release) the
            anti-immigration “gang of six” held a press event to explain their opposition and each made arguments against granting amnesty.  

            Congresswoman Bachmann discussed how the promises of enforcement in the 1986 amnesty law were broken. “[President Reagan] said we would secure the border. Here we are some 30 years later, that promise hasn’t been fulfilled,” she said. (Id.) “I believe it is imperative that we help to fulfill that promise [to secure the border] and then from there
            go to step two of the conversation.” (Id.)”

            Your hatred of Congresswoman Bachmann is not from knowledge but from ignorance.  I say again – inform yourself.

          • Anonymous

            So what do we do? Just smile and say BOHICA? Fortunately there are many of us who are fighters and will resist the carnage perpetrated on our Republic by the “progressives” and the old blueblood GOP rethread RINOs. There is not a penny’s differenct between these cretins and that is why our Republic is on a tumble into the dust bowl of history to jooin all the other great nations and civilizations that have had a turn at greatness.

          • bumpkin

            I despise liars

          • Rene Tedford Schimel

            u need 2 b better informed or u r a progressive?!

        • Mary Dyke

          Wow & Yaaaay!  Way to go NoU4EN!!!  I love it! Your passion is awesome & contagious for RIGHTEOUSNESS!  What a stand up stand out job!  You gave the truth, crystal clear, completely informative, I am so thankful for people like you.  Thank you for standing up, for being informed, for being a true soldier.  There are more of us fighters for freedom than we know!!!  I am inspired.  Thank you neighbor! 
          A true American

      • Anonymous

         She came out now and that deserves respect!

      • Anonymous

        Rep Bachmann is not a favorite of the old blueblood GOP rethread RINOs who trash her at every chance. This is reason enough to be a Bachmann fan.

        Again, I ask, who are the 70?!

      • MsMoomMist

        Congresswoman Bachmann too much of a Tea Party candidate for you, Jen? There are laws on illegals and border crossing and the so-called green cards, but nobody in D.C. enforces current laws. Why is that? I think Bachmann and maybe a couple of others can actually sleep at night knowing they are doing the best they can, the other not so much!

    • Mills Miriam

      Forgot Sen. Ted Cruz, that’s four.

      • Anonymous

        Cruz is a Senator, not a Representative. He’s on the same side, but not in the same chamber.

  • Eddy vinny

    I,d rather have Glen as presidient! I support these 70 completely! But until we completely squash the employers hiring illegals we will always have the same problem put these !@#$  out of buisness so there is no employment and no free rides and our illegals problem will go away next every public office holder should be limited to 2 terms PERIOD and the same and only insurance the jerks have put on us the people  and their pay should be commensurrate with national average BECAUSE these are NOT lords and they need reminded of that!!! The dems are counting on a illegals vote to stay in power indefinately! We can fix this and there isn,t any way with the NSA, spying on everyone in the USA that they don,t know when and where to round these people up but the only cost effctive means to get rid of them is make their money go away and they will follow suite I,ve seen with my own eyes scores of illegals signing for day work under only 1 womans ssn! wheres the enforcment?

  • Carolyn Sanchez

    May God bless and strengthen this 70 patriots and grant them success!  I totally support them.
    Thank you Glenn for being our voice!

  • H8Liberals

    I’ll stand with you against this disastrous amnesty bill!

  • j rockford

    You are all immigrants! Indegenous people are taking over. Get used to it or LEAVE!

    • laura

      ah no we are not all immigrants we were BORN IN THE US, not anywhere else. 

      If you want to get technical about it, since life started in Africa…oh wait actually life started in the Universe.

      • j rockford

        nope. you are all cancerous tumors that are finally being eraticated by your own self doing. INDIGENOUS PEOPLE will finally be able to take our beloved land back and treat her with the utmost love and respect she deserves! So fuck you CUNTS!

      • j rockford

        nope. you are all cancerous tumors that are finally being eraticated by your own self doing. INDIGENOUS PEOPLE will finally be able to take our beloved land back and treat her with the utmost love and respect she deserves! So fuck you CUNTS!

  • jen

    Let it go – 70 is not enough.  cons will not stand up against amnesty!!!  they will find ways around to indirectly pass the gang of 8 bill.  rubio will win!!!!

  • Anonymous

    So here is who SENT the letter to the House Repubs at least, with signatories. Still not sure who the 70 members are that are going to invoke the rule:

    JUNE 11, 2013
    The Conservative Action Project, chaired by former Attorney General Edwin Meese and former Congressman David McIntosh, is designed to facilitate conservative leaders working together on behalf of common goals. Participants include the CEO’s of over 100 organizations representing all major elements of the conservative movement-economic, social and national security.

    The following letter was just sent to Republican House Members in support of codifying the “Hastert Rule” to ensure that legislation being brought to the House floor is supported by at least half of Republicans in the House.

    Republican Member of Congress
    United States House of Representatives
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Dear Republican Member of Congress:

    In the past 20 years, each time the American people entrusted Republicans with the power of a majority in Congress you were united behind the key principles of freedom, limited government, and American values. In 2010, your mandate, based on the “Pledge to America,” was to stop tax increases, repeal Obamacare, roll back spending to 2008 levels, only pass constitutional bills, and support our troops. In 2012 you were returned to power as a check on President Obama’s liberal tax and spend agenda. One way past Speakers Denny Hastert and Newt Gingrich ensured that Republicans stayed true to their mandate was to make sure that any bill they scheduled for a vote on the House floor was supported by at least a majority of the House Republicans. This process – known as the “Hastert Rule” helped to ensure that the party kept faith with the American people.

    Recently House Republicans have passed bills that are inconsistent with its mandate from the American people. According to the New York Times, the worst violations of trust have been done when the leadership takes bills to the floor that only a few Republicans support, but are the agenda of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama. The fiscal cliff tax increases, increased pork spending buried into the Hurricane Sandy relief bill, and the Violence Against Women Act reauthorization all passed the House over the opposition of a majority of House Republicans.

    Now you face issues such as gun control, immigration reform, tax increases, and a debt ceiling that threaten to divide Republicans and in so doing empower the liberal minority in the House.

    We are writing you today to encourage you to boldly use your majority not only to present a positive conservative vision, but also as the last backstop against the worst excesses of liberalism and Washington deal-making. Liberal Democrats control the White House and the Senate. We should not help their cause by handing them the keys to the House as well.

    To that end, we encourage you to formally pass the Hastert Rule that requires a “majority of the majority” to pass legislation. A growing number of House members support an effort to change Republican Conference rules to codify the Hastert Rule.

    Codifying the Hastert rule will make the Republican majority stronger in many ways:

    By ensuring that contentious legislation is supported by at least a majority of the Majority, the rule will help to restore and foster unity in the GOP conference.
    The Hastert Rule will restore confidence among Americans and the grass roots supporters that the Republican House continues to pursue the conservative mandate they were elected to work towards.
    Not only will this rule prevent bad policy being passed against the wishes of the Republican majority, it will strengthen the hand of our leadership in negotiations – knowing that legislation cannot pass the House without significant Republican support.
    It is more important than ever for House Republicans to be united. We cannot and must not accept that divided government means just a slightly slower advance of liberalism. We urge you to support this important rules change that will strengthen the Republican majority, unify conservatives, and show the American people that we are serious about stopping the erosion of liberty in America.


    The Honorable Edwin Meese III
    Former Attorney General
    President Ronald Reagan

    Chris Chocola
    Club for Growth

    Mike Needham
    Heritage Action for America

    Colin Hanna
    Let Freedom Ring

    The Honorable Becky Norton Dunlop
    Former White House Advisor
    President Ronald Reagan

    Al Cardenas
    American Conservative Union

    Jim Martin
    60 Plus Association

    Bill Walton
    Rappahannock Ventures

    The Honorable David McIntosh
    Former Member of Congress

    Tony Perkins
    Family Research Council

    Phyllis Schlafly
    Eagle Forum

    L. Brent Bozell III

    The Honorable T. Kenneth Cribb II
    Former Domestic Advisor
    President Ronald Reagan

    The Honorable Ken Blackwell
    Constitutional Congress, Inc.

    Duane Parde
    National Taxpayers Union

    Amy Kremer
    Tea Party Express

    Al Regnery
    Former Publisher
    American Spectator

    Jim Ryun
    The Madison Project

    David Williams
    Taxpayers Protection Alliance

    Mat Staver
    Liberty Counsel Action

    Seton Motely
    Less Government

    Gary Aldrich
    Council for National Policy Action, Inc.

    Ken Hoagland
    Restore America’s Voice

    Anita Moncrief
    Senior Advisor
    True the Vote

    Peter Thomas
    The Conservative Caucus, Inc.

    Kay R. Daly
    Coalition for a Fair Judiciary

    Susan Carleson
    American Civil Rights Union

    Nathan Paul Mehrens
    Americans for Limited Government

    Gary L. Bauer
    American Values

    David N. Bossie
    Citizens United

    Morton Blackwell
    The Weyrich Lunch

    Phil Kerpen
    American Commitment

    George Landrith
    Frontiers of Freedom

    Lew Uhler
    National Tax Limitation Committee

    Richard Viguerie
    Conservative HQ

    Herb London
    London Center for Policy Research

    Angelo Codevilla
    Professor Emeritus
    Boston University

    Reverend Lou Sheldon
    Traditional Values Coalition

    Andrea Lafferty
    Traditional Values Coalition

    Paul Caprio
    Family PAC Federal

    Joe Gregory
    Gregory Management Company

    Barbara Samuells
    Catholics for Religious Freedom

    James C. Miller III
    Former OMB Director
    President Ronald Reagan

    Sandy Rios
    Vice President
    Family PAC Federal

    Lee Beaman
    Nashville Businessman

    Herman Pirchner

    Larry Cirignano

  • 1911HeadBanger

    I really beleve that Bohner has been bought or is being Blackmailed by he Obama Administraion into doing what he does.  Same thing when Justice Kennedy voted for Obama Care.   Something just isn’t right, for these guys to keep pushing against the conservative votes.

    • SharonTomalavage

      Justice Kennedy did NOT vote for Obamacare, Justice Roberts did.

  • Thomas L Sater

    Someday……….the “mexicans and the muslims” will fight over what is left of America!

  • Anonymous

     SO Glenn, WHO are they so we can support them??

  • landofaahs

    Glenn, you say if this passes, it’s all over.  It’s not. Divorce is always an option, albeit a friendly one.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Someone who has to assert out loud that he’s a man, maybe he’s not that much of a man.

    • Anonymous

      You missed the point. Perhaps you aren’t man enough to understand what he’s saying.

  • Anonymous

    I think we should plan a boycott and close all businesses for at least 3 days and see if we can wake some people up to the fact that our country is being taken over. Taken over by people who will rule as dictators.  We will never have a choice about anything.  We will not have the choice to have children if we do not meet the qualifications.  We will never own a home.  Our children will be raised by the “state”.  It will be like Russia and China used to be, only worse.  I cannot believe the people that can’t be bothered to understand what is happening to our country.  They are in la la land and those in love with Obama are stupid.  He is the modern version of the Pied Piper and is laughing at all of us.  Our congress is a disgrace.  

  • Brown Sugar

    Glenn is 100% right. We all have to stand for freedom. Silence does not work. People have to demand their rights. 

    • Anonymous

      Exaxtly…If you are or know people near the DC area, please advise them to be on June 19 in front of the Capitol building for the Rally against that bill. 

  • Millieann

    And come election time, hispanics will vote for Democrats as usual.  

  • Gerry L

    I would hope my Rep Bill Posy FL-8 is on the list. Just to make sure I sent him an e-mail left a message. I think we need to light up the phones in DC like the last time McCain tried this crap.

  • dennis howell

    your on the spot…

  • Tommy Jean Reynolds Jones

    If you and your family were sitting in your family room watching TV and you heard glass breaking and you grabbed your gun out of the gun rack and ran to the back of your home to discover two men in your bedroom and you point your gun at them and pick up the bedside phone called 911 and report, “there are two men in my home, they broke my window, unlocked it and crawled in and are sitting on my bed, I am holding them at gunpoint, come and get them.”  Would you expect the 911 operator to say, “they are in your home, they are yours, feed them, clothe them, educate them and make sure they get medical care?”  NO!  Please explain to me why we should we have to adopt all of the illegals that break in to America?  Even if you invite someone into your home there are boundaries and rules that you can establish and expect your guests to honor and respect and if they don’t it is acceptable for you to demand that they leave and if they don’t you can have them removed.  So why should we be FORCED to accept the criminals?????  Yes!  They are criminals, if they entered illegally.   We have immigration laws in effect that allows guests to come in through the front door and if the don’t follow the rules, they should be kicked out.  Why do we have to refer to these criminals as, “undocumented workers”?  If they entered America without going through the proper channels……they are criminals…..There have been provisions made for persecuted people to come to America during times of crises, such as the Cuban crises………..but the stampede of illegals from all over the world to parade through Mexico into America is inexcusable.  We are expected to support, educate, clothe and furnish them with medical care, just because they were successful in committing an illegal entry to America.  We even have to furnish translators to them for every FREE service they demand. Enforce the laws, don’t try to change them, just because it is the easiest route……….Secure the boarders and deport the illegals.   Sincerely,  Tommy Jean Jones

  • dennis howell

    we all must stand!!!

  • sharon

    Boehner needs to resign from his leadership position.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Boehner HAS TO GO!

  • Anonymous

    Please PASS THE WORD.  Next Wednesday June 19 let’s join Bachmann, P King and other Reps to STAND UP against the Imm Bill.

  • Anonymous

    Where are the Ohio Tea Party groups. Ohioans we need  “you” to pummel Speaker Boehner and all of Ohio’s Federal elected Representatives. If I were an Ohioan I would be outraged over what happened in the Federal election of our President. If I were an Ohioan I would let Boehner know that the real Ohio did not give its Electoral College to “FRAUD prez bam” since it has been proven 1 in 4 or 25% of the vote in Ohio has been proven to be fraudulent. All of our outrage outside of Ohio will virtually mean nothing to Boehner–So the brunt of this attack must come from Ohio and from Boehner’s home district for this attack to effective! Thank you Ohio in advance! I am looking forward to you giving Boehner H-_L everyday until this is defeated!

  • Pam Brooks

    Thank you, Glenn, for all that you do!

  • Disillusioned

    Glenn, you are a sweet guy but it’s all over but the shouting.  There is nothing we can do….we are living under a totalitarian government. The last election and possibly the last 4 were rigged.  The American people didn’t elect those Presidents.  As far as God goes, he gave us free will; he did not write the US constitution, and many of his beloved children live in far worse conditions than we do.  God didn’t give you the right to be free.  He gave you a body, and a place to be in that body, and free will to create what you create.  Beyond that, it’s up to us. And we humans living on the planet at this time, have been much too naive and we let the robber barons take control. Relax. God’s still driving the bus and it will be what it is. Trust in God. His Hand is everywhere and in everything. You are not alone.

  • Disillusioned

    Glenn, you are a good man but right now you are tilting at windmills. You have  wealth and family.   You will be lucky if Sen Cruz’s prediction for you is as far as it goes.  I’m amazed and grateful that you’re still here. Take your ego and stick it back in the box.  Start to think how you will feel when your wife and children join you in Sen Cruz’s nightmare scenario. There’s still time, Glenn.  Btw, I am on your side. I watched you nightly for a long time and I have worried about you through most of that time.  Give it up. Choose freedom elsewhere and your family’s safety over your need to have your name listed in history books as large as John Hancock’s.  In the awful scenario that is most likely for our country, the “new history” or the “double think” as Orwell put it with not include either your name  or John Hancock’s.  God bless you for trying, though.

  • David Hurley


  • Sill DePlacito

    Yes Bachmann has spoken out.There is a few posts I got on my face book page with a link :
    The link may work when you click on it or
    You may need to copy and paste into your browser. I hope it works. Has a video also

  • Anonymous

    Glenn – Please list the names of the 70 Republicans so we can support them and pray for them!

  • Pam Waltrip

    I’ll stand, but, where is the petition?

  • Katy

    Although I understand what Glenn is saying…and agree with a lot…one thing that will NOT happen is God to ask him what he did for freedom! God will ask him what he did for the gospel….what he did to spread the truth of Christ to a dying world! Unfortunately, Glenn is a mormon…I am praying he is brought out of that cult that has distorted the truth of Jesus Christ! 

  • CharlyO

    If any Republican votes for this immigration ‘Diluting America’ bill they would not be conservative and I would never vote for them again no matter what they do. Any bill that passes should not allow dual citizenship any more. If you want to be a citizen of the U.S.A. that is the only citizenship you need. This is a liberal attempt to continue what Obama started and that is to buy votes! By being required to give up your citizenship in another country we would lose a lot of people who really don’t want to be here. Both sides of my ancestry came here from Europe in the 1700 and 1800’s. This is a totally different time and it is time for these folks to make some place worth staying home for.

  • Anonymous

    I want to know who these 70 are so I can write to each and every one of them and thank them!

  • Anonymous

    Glen, thank you so much for opposing this disastrous bill. We cannot reward law-breakers with the very thing they broke our laws to obtain. This is a fight for our country and, yes, it is a fight for Man’s freedom. 

  • Sue Swain Stevenson

    Life timers in the GOP must go..they are out of touch with conservatives. They get elected and think they owe us nothing..well, we need to make term limits for them too or have some sort of recall system to yank them out of their rocking chairs..I am 70..but I still want new blood on the hill.

    • Steve Fraser

      Yes, the GOP’s response to the NSA scandel is shocking and tell you how far madness has has infected the Republic.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who the 70 Republicans are, but I sure hope one of them runs for President in 2016! How do I get the list?

  • Anonymous

    POWER has consumed Obama and his Administration. We have a Dictator already.. He doesn’t even recognize the Congress anymore.

    • Anonymous

       “Absolute power corrupts…Absolutely!”  Our founding fathers warned against giving too much power to the government solely on their good intentions. I was fascinated when Obama gave the commencement speech to the Ohio State graduates. He assured them they need not be vigilant or skeptical toward the government…”Trust us…dismiss those who warn of Tyranny.” Shortly after his oratory, we learned of the IRS, AP, and Fox News scandals. I hope those graduates didn’t waste their education and learned to think for themselves.

  • Steve Fraser

    With the amnesty America will become a one Party system….and good bye to any oversight over the myriad executive branch crimes.

  • TJ Jameson

    I am so proud of you Glenn. I have been with you for years and I was so sad to see you move on from FOX News because I knew that once you moved to the Internet and brought the Blaze on line that eventually the Blaze would become a subscription based show. I used work in the oul and gas business in Colorado. Once Oboma got in, the Colorado boob turned to bust. Thousands and thousands lost there jobs here Iin Colorado… Unfortunately, I am one of those thousands and thousands. I wish I could afford a subscription because you speak from the heart and are an honorable man.

    I am so glad to know that you are still teaching our citizens. Never five up the fight Glenn, for you are fighting the Good Fight.

    Kind regards,


  • Anonymous

    Thanks to the 70 that are still Republicans!

  • Paul Taylor

    Thank you Glenn for all that you risk.  I would be proud to stand by your side.

  • Judy Jones

    On the day of each vote, I know we’ve missed one in the senate and one in the house, but, when they do vote, I hope every American that loves this country as it was before the wheels started falling off, will pray for the restoration we so desperately need and that the final bill will fail. We need to pray each day before the vote that it will fail. if it is God’s will that we must endure the changes that will come if amnesty comes, I hope God gives each of us the strength to get through, to encourage our family and friends when the hard times come for us. be prepared either way…

  • Betsy Weaver

    Thank you for your post, Glenn.  I stand for America, our freedoms, and our obedience to God’s laws and to the laws of our land.  I cannot, therefore, support those who enter our Country illegally nor can I support the ‘leaders’ of our Country who offer the reward of amnesty for those who DO break the law.  I support you, Glenn.  May God bless you. Betsy Weaver, Pomeroy, OH

  • James Guest

    In The Name Of Jesus Christ! Yes! Yes! Yes! We Dismiss Them! Be Gone Satan!

  • Anonymous

    So Who In Washington Do We The People Have Representing US!

  • Anonymous

    Jesus Will Be The Only One To Save US! We Must Get All People Back To GOD To SAve US!  Repubes are now Dems And Dems Are Now Socialists..We The People Who Fear The Lord Are The Ones To Save This Country, If Only We Stand And Speak Up Foe GOD!

  • Anonymous


  • Jackie Williams

    Where’s the LIST??? want to support them…amen…

  • Anonymous

    What makes an “American?” Is it simply being born north of a line drawn in the desert? Is that all it takes? 

    Or is being American about courage, work ethic, ingenuity, drive, and ambition? 

    Make no mistake about it: many of those sneaking across that border are far more “American” than the lazy, petulant, spoiled crybabies born here. That Mexican lady sneaking across to break her back all day in a field is far more American than the redneck who’s greatest exertion is lifting his morbidly obese carcass into his pickup.

    What part of “illegal” don’t I understand? The part that applies it to immigrant action rather than native born prejudice and ignorance.

    Kill this immigration bill. Kill the next one and the next one and the next one…
    Build a fence. Dig a moat.
    Won’t change a thing. This time YOU’RE the Native Americans. And they are the pilgrims. And we all know how that ends.

  • Anonymous

    I heard Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin on the Laura Ingraham show yesterday.  He said that  no matter what you may be hearing in the media, there is no way the immigration bill will get through the House.  No. Way.  Sensenbrenner is a long-time Congressman and a very powerful one.  He said there is no desire in the House, except by Boehner and a few others, to pass this POS immigration bill.

  • Luci D’Mari

    God bless you, Glenn. I stand with you.

  • Tommie Sue Rabby

    I cannot believe that the structure and future of our country is being left to 70 brave men and women.  We need to know who these people are and we need to stand behind them, and let them know we stand behind them, and we need to do it right now

  • Anonymous

    Glenn my brother, I stand first hand in the face of government bullies filled with corruption. Not federal, not state (yet), but the local Metro Nashville government. They too practiced a wicked attack physically and then on my character and name. Because I told them I would not lie to save my job. I was attacked 10/4/2012, because I filed a police report, they fired me. They continue to attack my clean history with falsified evidence, perjury, conspiring to cover up illegal activities. The corruption doesn’t care if you are a sole provider of a family. They do care to protect their own (privileged) evil regardless if they has several reprimands, suspensions and several untold investigations against them. My 6+ years of excellent service hangs by a thread in the Civil Service Commission appeal. Hope the judge has his eyes and ears open. This fight may seem small to all the scandals today. But to a former Deputy trying to survive the attack and take care of his family… Still standing buddy and waiting for the giant to feel the power of the Lord. We don’t compromise and we don’t surrender ground. We trust in the Lord! 

  • Jerry Fitts

    I support those 70 Republicans.  Go Go.  I think it is time to oust Speaker Boehner and many other Republicans along with most the Democrats and of course their Dear Missing President in Action, Obama.  About this Amnesty, lets look at what Mexico would do when illegals enter their Country.  We should do as Mexico does.  Case closed.  No other Country allows this illegal stuff, so why should we.

    Most of us in this Country understand what these politicians are doing.  I am talking about both Parties.  Neither one can answer a question with a Yes or a No without a long Narrative, Go Figure.  I am ashamed that we have Politicians that do not have a backbone and most of them are spineless.  Majority of them are Democrats and several are Republicans.   Frankly, I am at the point you can’t trust any of them and mostly cannot trust this Government.  Very sad.  It is becoming the People vs. Government.  Guess what, our tax dollars pay for these Politicians and Government.
    Love this Country.  Would not want to be anywhere else.  Just need to remind Americans we Rock and that Government works and Represents us, The American People.

    Thanks for reading.  I hope it does not get deleted by NSA and others.  Can you believe this.  I would never have thought that ur own Government would snoop on us as a whole.  So so Scary.  I better stop here.

    p.s. Politicians take an Oath to Protect the Constitution of The United States.  Most of them is just lip service.  They can care less.  They need to go. 

    God Bless This Country.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it is about time – thank you my Lord and Savior.  Yes we need to know who they are… 

  • Dwight Hannah

    Stand strong for the strong are behind you…

  • Anonymous

    How do we support them?

  • Paul Marks

    What is wrong with securing the border first? Unless, of course, there is no honest intention of securing the border at all.

  • Anonymous

     @glennbeck @theblaze What happened here Glenn?? Is there more coming or…not? … #tcot #TGDN #FingersCrossed

  • Tom Burkhart

    put to work those who sneak in building the fence! 

  • Guest

    If Republicans block immigration reform, the Party is OVER, done, kaput, so far as ever winning the White House again. Hispanics vote, and this is the ONE issue that they are focused on.

    Apparently, Glenn Beck WANTS this, or he wouldn’t be pushing against the immigration bill. Makes sense, since Beck hates the Republican Party he supports around election time, after his damage has been done.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s vicki tiffany the coward. Nevermind that this country is still mostly white, dolt.

  • Anonymous

    Indiana people behind you!   July 1st     this free “Stand up for America Ride” Event? 9:00 A.M. Yes, its a monday but we’re heading to our Indiana State House to make a statement. Nothing radical or political, just a statement to be heard. Check out our website at

  • Dianne Tatom

    I am with you Glenn…..please tell me where to sign!!!!

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Way to go Glenn  We the people should vote on this one

  • Anonymous

    Time to “choose a side” and “stay there”!   There are “hundreds” of “theories” out there  –  we are “well aware” of the “facts” that prove this is a “corrupt” government!!  no more “new bills” – PERIOD!!  ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION  “REFORM”  should “NOT” be a “priority” at this time!!  “CORRUPT GOVERNMENT” SHOULD!!!  At this point – we don’t EVEN  know “who” to trust!!  NO MORE “HURRY UP” LEGISLATION TO BE “SHOVED” DOWN OUR THROATS BY THIS CORRUPT BUNCH OF CLOWNS  –  ONCE AGAIN!!  STAND WITH THESE PEOPLE!!  STOP THIS “TRAIN TO HELL”!!!!

  • Anonymous

     So where is the article on the “whistle blower” that will bring down the
    government that Beck promised within 24-36 hours 2 days ago?

    • The Good Doctor

      Beck lied to his audience and oversold with yet another “Chicken Little” performance. But he probably sold some more books and tickets to his Amway-style rally this summer. 

    • greywolfrs

      Beck promised nothing, a journalist from the Canadian Free Press said that, nevermind that though, that doesn’t fit into your stupidity.

      • Anonymous

        Please keep your ignorance to yourself. It is your own stupidity you see.

  • Sherry Bankston

    This morning I received a call from Nick Gerbich on behalf of John Boener’s office soliciting funds to keep control of the House.  I live in Louie Gohmert’s district.  I let him know I would be supporting Mr. Gohmert.  I also asked why illegals should not go through the legal process in place and why we are being sold a soup sandwich as far as the immigration plan.  On top of all the other scandals rocking our nation at this time, why are they shoving something else down our throats.  When and if the leadership actually stands for something, I will stand with them.  Not until.   

  • Martine Desmarais

    Maybe if they had “sufficient conversation about the legislation” with Obamacareit wouldn’t have passed.  Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    Jen you are wrong! Michelle Bachman is not against legal immigration she is however not in favor of this unlimited amnesty. We do have a few good conservative Republicans or should I say Tea Party conservatives. The Republican Rhino  party ,the party of John Boehner, is no longer for the people it is an agent of the Democ”rat”ic party. We must back the people who are part of the 70. I am not a racist, I want legal immigration, I want to be treated as well as our government treats illegals. I am a senior , my husband still works at 67, I can’t afford my medications, a new car or particularly an African Safari Vacation paid for to the tune of $100,000,000. We need to wake up and throw out the party of “you’ll read it when we pass it” Pelosi. She protected her husband from having to pay his workers in his vineyard the minimum wage but can’t protect murdered babies from 3rd term abortions, even though she is a good catholic much like our vp ash Wed. ashes on forehead biden. Look online and you will find the names you need. Support them , back them and let your voice be heard now. PC is killing us, Christians are damned and Muslim is supported. Not all Muslims are Jihadist but when will the ones who aren’t speak out and say stop the killing? We need to overhaul all of D.C.These people are supporting themselves more than “We The People”. We need to stand up NOW!.

  • MudPuddleBunny

    • greywolfrs

      More of your stupidity. Piss off, dolt.

      • MudPuddleBunny

        This young family needs a lot of prayers: Only married for 6 months and expecting their first child. Her husband was in a terrible accident (and she saw the entire thing); he has a critical head injury. (click on “original post”).

        • greywolfrs

          What part of “piss off” do you not understand?

          • MudPuddleBunny

            I know what it means, I figured you seemed like the type that is full of compassion and would appreciate a story like the one I shared and wouldn’t mind keeping this young family in your thoughts and prayers. It’s very sad.

  • Pachy Serrano

    If we call Bachman and the other two smart . . . I am Albert Einstein! C’mon folks . . . People like those 3 are the few spreading hate and non-sense since they got in Congress. Immigration reform is needed we like it or not and not to benefit any party in particular. The work visa system is broken, the border is broken, the student visa is broken, the US employers are also broken . . . If we don’t do it now . . . things will get worse and we ALL will be affected. Think before you act!! and stop the B.S. against our brown-skinned neighbors. Time to move on . . .

    • greywolfrs

      That is a line of pure B S. Eisenhower was able to deport over a million illegals and that’s what needs to heppan now. The hate is coming from people like Obamao. Remember him saying it’s time to punish our enemies, in reference to Conservatives? Allowing people who come here illegally “a path to citizenship” is rewarding breaking our LAWS. You dumb M F er.

  • Island Boy

    Those are powerful words Gleen. It’s too bad the majority of Americans don’t care.

  • Ted Thomas

    Glenn, when talks about immigration reform first took place with Rubio, the right, Conservatives & Republicans were in favor of Rubio & his bill. However, here in Colorado on a local talk show on KHOW radio on the Michael Brown show (conservative talk host) interviewed Rubio about it. What Rubio said, was amnesty first. I listened to the show that day & was very disappointed with Rubio. When the story came out this past week of him being a “Maverick” by citing amnesty first, it wasn’t a surprise to me. It reiterated my fear with Rubio & other Republicans that they would pull a McCain/Kennedy. Now it’s becoming more clear & with people like McCain, Graham etc in office, we aren’t gonna be getting a real bill, but more amnesty. We can’t even rely on our govt to enforce the current laws on the books & this isn’t the only bill that I’m displeased with. Any new law that Congress passes, whether it’s reforming immigration or the gun ban laws, we simply cannot trust our govt as it is in enforcing existing current laws. I just wish this country would wake the hell up & realize that with each passing day, the Progressive (Closet Socialists/Communists) movement will effectively kill our Constitution & the United States of America as we know it. It will be called something along the lines of “United Socialist States of America”, a new age Soviet Republic

  • Ted Thomas

    Until we can get our govt to enforce the existing laws on the books as is, no bill should even see the light of day, let alone be passed or debated on. Time to put a stop on the blindness. We know both parties wont even bother to read the bills they pass now. We’ve seen it with Obamacare, Porkulus, Ominbus & the National Defense Authorization Act. Col. Allen West’s word alone that the NDAA isn’t what was advertised, which is our military has the authority to arrest & detain U.S. citizens (Domestic & Foreign soils) indefinitely without due process. 

  • Anonymous

    I cannot find the names of the 70 congressmen who are they we should be calling faxing and emailing our thanks

  • Pamela Sue Therrien

    Obama is planning to push this Nation into a Cuban style revolution of violence  in order for the Nation to scream for help and the Government will totally take over.With no food, no water, no funds nothing.The moment we allow that to happen we will be a Communist Nation full blown and every person who has given there lives through out our Nation History or lived with war injuries we will have broken faith with everything we hold Dear and those who have fought to the death for our freedom.Instead I wonder if we as Americans should as Martin Luther King fight by boycot of our Government. Give them nothing ,not taxes, not anything .Peaceful rebellion rather than a blood bath. My God is a loving God and we must find a way to stand Together as one people and say NO. The other day people were making statement opposing Obama and all who are collaboraters and a person interjected and said be careful what you write as we are being watched. I responded immediately no don’t do that, the moment we give up out of fear our freedom to speak we are done. Stand and be not silent …the scripture says and there is a reason, for good stand by and allow horrors and in doing is a partner with EVIL. Do not partner with evil. People will say terrible things and perhaps those sickening Fema camp will become the concentration camps of our Nation….perhaps, but when I stand before my Christ I will not hear go from me for I do not know you, he will smile and welcome me. So many in our history have had to stand and say no…no to Islam a “religion” of force and tyranny over their people. Did you know that 168,000 Christians per year worldwide are slaughtered in unbelievable ways. There are no gays in Islam none…right now Islam is calling for the killing of OUR gay citizens. A judge in Dearborn ,Michigan has said the Muslims have a right to be violent to Christians in our Nation and Muslim schools are being opened there where the teachings are totally against my beautiful Israel,against us demanding a stealth take over of this Nation. Bear in mind ,Islam and Communism has always worked hand in hand as they did with Hitler. They share many of the same goals the murder of all Jewish people, Christian Americans and did you know Obama purchased the perfect old style beheading machines….Guillotines, 80 of them. Why???? They stopped using them in the 1980’s worldwide. I have Revelations and I can tell you it is true. I pray to The Father in Christ’s Holy name to heal our Nation and lay his hand once again upon this land but we…we as Christians must overcome the division of doctrine and realized we are one body in Christ qand Christ…Yeshua is of the line of David we are grafted on to the olive tree that is Israel and they too are a part of the body. We must stand as one in face of the strom and cry mercy for our Nation and people. Will you stand???? And as Americans who hold our values from God the very values which made us the greatest Nation in the world and based upon FREEDOM . WILL YOU STAND FOR FREEDOM AND BE NOT SILENT. United we can stand Divided we fall. Stand for our Beloved God and our precious Nation of FREEDOM for your children and your childrens , children STAND in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ STAND. God Bless America.

  • Anonymous

    WHO ARE THEY?  Who are the 70?  Give us the list!!!!!!!

  • Elaine Lopez

    God be with all…

  • Eugene O’Neill

    This one has me scratching my head. Did I miss something? This was posted on Thursday. I have yet to find ANYWHERE who these 70 are! My Dish receiver is on the fritz so I haven’t seen The Blaze on television for a few days. Did he mention them there? I went to Bachmanns FaceBook page and nada! I am beginning to question Mr. Becks credibility  at this point. 

    Was this just some kind of stunt? More questions than answers. I have vigorously defended Mr. Beck in the past,but,if there is not more forthcoming I may not be so willing to do so in the future. Hope I am wrong. 

  • Kyle Ely

     I hope you people realize if the house kills this bill you will be putting the soon to be majority demographic firmly in the Democrats camp 

  • Daniel Lautaret

     My family are immigrants. My fathers family came over from from France to central America. Uraguay first then the States. They assimilated learned English and became Americans. My mothers family. My grandmother Nancy Consiglio came over from Puerto Rico after her father spent years of preparation being away from his family to make it here legally. Now we want to give citizenship to those who usurped our laws and came over here to exploit the rights that we have?

    Have we allowed our bleeding hearts to circumvent common sense? Mexicans demand that we accept their culture and learn their language! You tell me what other culture in our history has done that? Why have we allowed this to happen? What other country struggles with this issue like America? Are Americans sneaking into Canada or Russia? NO, No and No! Wake up and see the truth before its too late! I have nothing against people who come here legally learn our language and want to work.

     I do have a legitimate right to call evil what it is. its evil to break the law and then demand fair treatment. Its evil to demand a country change to better suit you! I put Illegal Alines in the same boat as terrorists. At least terrorists are honest in their goals. They want Sharia and they want to fundamentally change America. Hispanics want to do it by playing on our sympathies just like the Islamist’s. I will not take that laying down!

     I think America Is a Great Place! I am tired of seeing uneducated people say different. I think the Founders Created and Amazing Country and I am Proud to be an American! American means something to a True Patriot! Its not something we just give away to law breakers and thugs. I ask you whats so great about Mexico if you fled the country? Why bring your flag about and brandish it like a badge of honor. You don’t see me flying a Puerto Rican Flag or a French Flag! I see no need to eat Croissants and drink coffee. I bleed Red White and Blue! I am against anything that lacks sense and real fair treatment! I respect American Values and not what I see coming. I fear God and i respect the Republic that used to stand for Christ!

  • Daniel Lautaret

     I am a Proud Hispanic American. But I am an American First and foremost. I am also a 1/4 Cherokee Indian. You dont see me with my hand out looking for Casino Money or asking the White fans at Braves games to stop Doing the Tomahawk Chop. Nobody owes me or my family a thing. We don’t need amnesty because we cam in the right way. If these people had done the right thing they wouldn’t be any deportations. I dont live in fear in America because I am a true American!

    • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

      Bon Jour!!… I am like u, an AMERICAN FIRST!!…(Japanese American) But AMERICAN none the less… An AMERICAN whose father taught me how 2 take apart and clean his shot gun and how 2 reload shotgun shells b4 even being allowed to shot the shotgun..

    • Anonymous

      You are the rightful owner of north America.  Mexicans ( south West) and American Indians are actually the only people who have right to this land.  We came here, killed them off and took their land.   You are probably the only true american on this site.

  • William Vining

    Glenn Beck, you are such a liar. Where is this blockbuster you promised? Is this it? Hell, Glenn, I could have told you there were 70 House members who were going to do this.  Why did you lie to us about this supposed “document”.  Sickening.

  • bumpkin

    Glenn, you failed to mention their names.  Finish the story, please.

  • Barry DaKama’aina InKali

    In other words, he taught me how 2 take care of the things i own..

  • Anonymous

    Glen, It is sad that the DC rally is during the week when most of us taxpayers and supporters of the government give a ways are working!  So even though it is late…Why don’t you start an online petition and present on our behalf? 

  • MudPuddleBunny

     This young family needs a lot of prayers: Only married for 6 months and
    expecting their first child. Her husband was in a terrible accident (and
    she saw the entire thing); he has a critical head injury. (click on
    “original post”).

  • Anonymous

    It just crossed my mind, the President and Democrats know that illegals have broke the law and don’t care. The Democrats have dealt with issues deceitfully. Many talk show hosts have said allow the laws of our country to take care of things. Laws only work if they are not ignored and enforced. Laws are just there if they need to be used, Democrats ignore them.
    I wonder if they hate white Americans so much they want our constitution to fail to serve us.
    I wish white America would stop giving people of their own race a bad time, act with integrity and moral. Act in a manner that people respect and not hate.
    The truth is people who don’t care about morality will lose their courage. Courage come from the spirit of God.

  • Anonymous

    I’m very frustrated that the immigration issue is not front and center on the Fox evening programs.  I don’t think an email from me would do much good, but I’m wondering if people who have more of an inside track with O’Reilly, Hannity, etc., are talking with them about the importance of this.  

    I also have not received the usual emails from conservative organizations demanding action.  We need to be bombarding Congress, and some Congresspeople in particular, with correspondence of all types.

  • amiciLatinae

    Just tell me if Scott Tipton, my Republican Rep., is on the list. If not, then the Western Slope needs to find someone who will do a man’s job. Why can’t we have someone else be Speaker of the House, like Gohmert?

  • cab

    So back to Tim Rowland, who are the 70, so we can support them?  Where can we find a list?

  • Jackie Williams

    I tried to write down names as people spoke to add them to facebook…I guess we have to do our own homework…I get it.. okay… I have about 20 on the list so far…Tim…lol…

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