Who is Reza Aslan? Glenn exposes his progressive record

College student abandoned in windowless room by DEA for 4 days without food, water

“They haven’t even explained how it happened, they haven’t fired anybody for it”

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Pat & Stu: Want to buy a house in Detroit?

Sen. Rand Paul dubs Chris Christie the “King of Bacon”

“This is the king of bacon talking about bacon.”

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Has Glenn changed his stance on boycotts?

Rush unloads on GOP in rare TV interview

“Never thought I would be able to say to you Rush Limbaugh said ‘do everything you can to work within the Republican party to take it over.'”

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Who’s funding the latest Jesus hit piece?

“It’s not that he’s a Muslim. It’s the fact he’s a liar and a progressive.”

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Glenn is back on TV tonight at 5pm ET with a look at controversial “Zealot” book

Salt Lake Tribune attacks Glenn with piece on Independence Museum

“Glenn, you brought up something yesterday that I looked into after the show, and I just haven’t been able to let go of. I can’t let go of it until we get this resolved.”

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Ends justify the means: Perverted progressives getting a pass?

” think about how dangerous this guy is going to become”

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