Have you heard of the cupcake ATM?

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Capitalism is awesome. A Dallas store has installed a cupcake ATM machine that lets you get whatever cupcake you want 24/7. Stu went to visit this amazing, groundbreaking piece of technology to find out just why people may need to have a cupcake at 3AM on a Tuesday…

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Syria: Is Israel in the crosshairs?

Last night on Real News, Erick Stakelbeck joined the panel to discuss the threats to Israel posed by the Syrian conflict and the likelihood that a U.S. strike on Syria leads to retaliation against Israel.

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The Real American Dream

On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, conservative actor Joseph C. Phillips filled in for Glenn and talked about his experience as an entrepreneur in America. A year and a half ago, Joseph and his wife opened a Daddy J’s Wingshack in Encino, CA because they decided it was time to have the freedom to live life on their own terms – not somebody else’s. They decided they wanted “their piece of the American Dream.”

Contrary to what politicians will often have you believe, the American Dream, as Joseph describes it, has absolutely nothing to do with how much stuff one has or the ability to have more stuff. The American Dream is and always has been about space: the physical, political, and philosophical space to live life on ones own term – to achieve to whatever level your desire, ambition, talent, and hard work will allow you to.

Watch Joseph’s complete analysis below:

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EXPERT: Safety Still A Concern For New School Year

by Spencer Coursen, Coursen Security Group

As I watched the news covering the most recent school shooting in Georgia, I could not help but notice the preventative measures which, had they been properly employed, could have very likely prevented such an outcome.

The two areas of growing concern with regard to student safety and school security are ineffective access control policies, and the absence of a threat assessment and management program.

Every school I’ve ever visited has had an access control policy, and yet every control measure in these schools is too-easily bypassed. In Georgia for example, “the gunman simply walked in behind someone else.”

Policy only works if you follow it every time. Most access control policies at schools require the visitor to be “confirmed and verified by the visitor’s sponsor” BEFORE being “buzzed in.” This rarely, if ever happens. Access control is rarely ever someone’s priority tasking. More likely, whomever is responsible for granting access is inundated with the tasking of their “real job” and can’t be bothered with the “additional duties” of veryifying that it’s fine for Parent X to bring in Student Y’s forgotten lunch box. 99.999% of the time no ill effect result from their complacency…so why should this time be any different. And so, like many times before, the conditioned response looms it’s lazy head…the buzzer sounds…the access button is pushed, and the unverified visitor enters. No scene camera to verify who’s at the door, no double-checking to ensure the voice is who they say they are, just another Pavlovian response in an otherwise routine day…only this time in Georgia, it is with life-risking result.

If schools want to preach the “shelter in place” methodology, then they have to first make sure their shelter stays safe. A diver in a shark cage doesn’t stay in the cage once the shark bites the door off its hinges…he swims away. And a building fire is just as dangerous and as unpredictable as an active shooter, yet we wouldn’t hide from a fire in hope it won’t find us…we would run!

Complimenting access control is a schools ability to assess and manage inappropriate actions and communications to determine the likelihood of a threat evolving into a violent act. This is best accomplished through the employment of a threat assessment and management program.

Why do schools need such a program? Because the violence inherent to today’s society make it mandatory. A school today without a threat assessment program is as negligent as an auto factory manufacturing cars without seat belts. Neither are required for their master to function, but both are designed to enhance safety along the way.

In nearly all violent encounters taking place at schools, pre-incident indicators or “leakage” have presented themselves many times prior to the violent act being initiated. The student may make a knife out of wood in shop class, or write about a violent act in a writing assignment. They may even overtly brag to their friends about what they’re planning to do. Individually, these may be overlooked as isolated incidents, but if teachers and administrators know the criteria to report to an identified assessor, little pieces of seemingly unrelated bits of information will begin to form a picture of the hazard on the horizon. Once identified, that hazard can then be managed away from violent outcome…BEFORE its too late.

Thankfully, no lives were lost in Georgia. Although this seems to stem mostly from the inaccurate shooting of both the suspect and the police – both of whom exchanged gun fire.

This phenomenon will not always be the case, and should serve as a wake-up call to do away with antiquated practices and accept that safety, unlike geometry, is an organic and ever-evolving practice.

Congress’ response to the Sandy Hook tragedy was to pursue legislation to ban certain types of firearms and ammunition magazines. But these bills were off the mark – even their authors admit they would not have prevented the shooting in Newtown. Instead of getting bogged down in ugly, partisan fights, there are noncontroversial actions that can be taken immediately that would actually make a make schools safer than they are today.

The power of the people is far greater than that of the people in power, and if the leaders of today’s schools are too invested and comfortable in their own antiquated practices to make the effective changes required of today’s concerns, than perhaps the burden falls to the parents and their affiliated organizations to rise up and fundraise for the resources required to keep their children safe.

At the end of the day, safety is about preparation and prevention. The most preferred outcome will always be to stop an attack from happening in the first place. It is a preventative mindset, not a reactionary one, which will save future lives.

Front page photo courtesy of the AP

Glenn: Syria a “sick opportunity” progressive revolutionaries to remold the world

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I want to talk to a little bit about what we are about to do. The president is ready to go it alone now for the second time without congressional approval. Remember when the left hated this?

His first unauthorized kinetic military action was in Libya. The bombing of Syria is now also on the horizon, and the Russians are telling us it could start as early as tomorrow. Reports say the bombings will last two days at the most. I think his attempt here is laughable, especially considering “one U.S. official who has been briefed on the options on Syria said he believed the White House would seek a level of intensity just muscular enough not to get mocked.”

Oh, is that our American threshold now? Let’s not go out there and win; let’s just go out there and do enough so people can’t make fun of us. Oh my gosh, lives are at stake. People will die, and we’re doing it just at the level to where we’re not mocked. Jay Carney all but assured – try this one – that Assad is of course going to remain in power.

Jay Carney: I want to make clear that the options that we are considering are not about regime change. They are about responding to a clear violation of an international standard that prohibits the use of chemical weapons.

Oh my gosh, so we are…we’re just gonna…we’re gonna…what? Here’s the real reason, somebody’s credibility is on the line, the president’s. That’s not a reason to kill somebody. There are many reasons to declare acts of war but never, never to save face. I honestly, I have looked at this problem over and over again, and I can’t find one good reason to do it.

You know why this map is behind me? Do you know why we originally put this map up? We put this map up because a few months ago I did a show where I said World War III is coming, and it’s going to happen in Syria. Well look, here we are. Now maybe World War III doesn’t happen. I know The New Yorker is finally coming to their senses, and they said in an article they published yesterday, they said, gee, it looks like 1914, doesn’t it? Yes, it does.

I can find a million reasons why we shouldn’t do this but not one why we should. Is it going to further destabilize Syria? Yep. Is it going to further destabilize the region? Yep. Will it, if this is our deal that we just want to do enough to not get mocked, what do you think the people in the Middle East are going to say about us then? Does it increase our credibility? Does it decrease your gas prices?

I don’t mean to boil it down to that, but that’s where most people are. They don’t give a flying crap about anything unless it affects their gas prices or their groceries, and most of ’em don’t even say anything unless the media is there to tell them oh you know… It’s going to make your gas prices go up. Oil is already at $110. Stock market’s had a rocky few days.

Hundreds of thousands have been murdered, hundreds of thousands, before the alleged chemical weapons killed a few hundred at most. I’m not saying that that’s not bad. It is, but may I just point out that they used machetes, they used machetes on 500,000 people in Rwanda, and we turned the other way. You’re appalled by a few hundred. You’re not appalled by tens of thousands that are dying.

And what caused this unrest in the Middle East? I’ll tell you what caused it. What caused the unrest in Syria was us jumping on the bandwagon and saying people need to stand up and overthrow their regimes, and so they did. And then they did in Libya, and then we helped them there. And then they did in Syria. It’s our fault, and apparently we only care when somebody has used gas on people, not machetes, not bullets, just gas.

Will we bomb after every violation of international law? Can I ask you something? Has the intelligence community, your trust in them, has it increased or decreased since the Iraq war? Because they’re telling us exactly what they said in the Iraq war. It looks like they got that one wrong, huh? What grounds are there to believe anything about the new claims of weapons of mass distraction, and even if they’re absolutely true, should we be involved?

Look, I want to make this very clear, I was for the war in Iraq. I have already said I regretted that, 2006, that fast. I talked about it, we’re not fighting this to win. We’re doing something else they’re not telling us about. The president can also only go to war with a congressional approval. That is the argument from the left. Nope, not now. President can do it around Congress if the U.S. is threatened. Are we being threatened?

What imminent threat does Syria pose to America? If I may quote the left, what has Assad ever done to you? Fighting Assad also means that we are now fighting alongside of Al Qaeda rebels. Remember the guy who cut the heart out of the Syrians and ate it? We’re on his side now. Well, how about this one, we don’t have the money for this. Do you know we have to borrow more money from China or print more money, and do you know that our interest rates just went up by a point?

And by the way, China is against this, so you think they’re going to lend us more money? By the way, it’s not just China. It’s China, Russia, and Iran. Boy, that sounds like a nasty axis power, doesn’t it? If China gives us an ultimatum, we have no leverage. We learned that under Bush. When Bush didn’t have the stones to send back their, you know, riddled with lead paint toys, when they were sending us literally poisonous dog food, and we’re like wait, I don’t know, you know, we love China. Remember that?
You think we have the stones to do this? They own us. Two days of bombing, well, we’re going to show them. What happens after two days of bombing? What happens after two days of bombing if he decides to gas somebody else? What happens if it escalates? What’s the plan? How about this one that I used to hear all the time, what’s the exit strategy?

What does this latest kinetic military action accomplish? I can’t see the upside of engaging America into a civil war in Syria. I can’t see the upside of putting America in such great risk. It’s high risk, low reward. Why would you do that? Well, the guesses have been, you know, the typical stuff – well, you know, Obama hates America. Okay. Well, he’s incompetent. I don’t think so.

He’s just egotistical to believe his own hype that all these things are working. That one’s a possibility. But may I ask you to think like a radical left, a Progressive, one who believes that the U.S. is just too dominant, and we need the UN. The UN should be the ultimate arbiter in global disputes, right? That’s Bill Clinton. That’s Jimmy Carter. That’s this president. It’s the entire left.

Rushing to bomb Syria is not about war. I contend we should consider that it is about peace, and here’s what I mean by that: This administration knows we are on the brink of World War III. The global economy is fragile. Global stability is weak. The West is on the edge. It’s only a matter of time before it crumbles. Iran will eventually lose any remaining restraint and go after Israel. Syria starts spilling across the border. I mean, you know this.

When it all falls apart, and the West is so weakened, who puts it all back together again? You see, war is…after a long period of just running things into the ground, war makes the people of the world forget what the world was like before the war. Beyond that, history shows us that war also just changes all the players. It changes borders. It changes everything.

This time, Russia, China, America, Europe – Europe and America. Is Europe strong? Is America strong? Is China strong? Is Russia strong? Is the UN strong? That’s them. Here’s us. Really? We gather at the UN because we have to stop an international crisis, and everything is teetering on the edge, and people will cry out stop the madness! And so we do the international way.

China has great leverage over us. I mean, why aren’t we listening to them now? I guarantee you we will listen to them at the bargaining table, and we will concede. For instance, if they say look, we’ll forgive your debts, just sign the UN arms treaty, just go under the banner of the UN. This is about destroying sovereignty. The United Nations will in the end broker a deal, making them the new global superpower and making us just one of the guys.

That’s what everybody wants, the United States just to be average like everybody else. That’s what this is about, and quite honestly, this is George Soros’s dream come true.

George Soros: So I think you need a new world order that China has to be part of the process of creating…

Hello, George, is that you? Yes. And when the U.S. dollar is no longer the reserve currency, guess who’s going to be even richer, George Soros, yes. He’s in bed with those who want to control the decline of America. He talks about it – we need a slow gradual decline, and are people going to get hurt? Yes, level out the playing field. He’s getting it, are you?


UN investigation team with blue helmets, walk with Syrian rebels in Damascus countryside of Zamalka, Syria, Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013. U.N. chemical weapons experts headed to a Damascus suburb on Wednesday for a new tour of areas struck by a purported poison gas attack, activists said, as Western powers laid the groundwork for a possible punitive strike and the U.N. chief pleaded for more time for diplomacy. (AP Photo/United media office of Arbeen)

I would love to believe that cruise missiles are stuffed with magic Middle East peace fairy dust, but I don’t think so. I’d love to believe the Muslim Brotherhood will see the light and say you know what, we should live right next to people who believe in Jesus, but I don’t think so. You know what, not only are we going to leave the Jesus people alone, but we’re going to leave the Jews alone too. That ain’t happening, and two days of bombing in Syria is not changing that.

My father used to say to me before you do something, son, what you have to do is you have to make a list, and it’ll be very clear to you. And so I did make a list. I made a list of winners and losers, and I wanted to find out which was which. Because this is the loser board, right? It’s Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic extremists, UN globalists, revolutionaries around the world, anti-American/Western forces, China, Russia. Those are the people we want to lose, right?

And we want to win the Syrian people. We want the Egyptian people. We want the Jordanian people, America, you know, American pocketbooks. We want Israel. We want Europe. We want the West to win. But if you actually do this, and you say okay, how does Al Qaeda lose in Syria? How do the Syrian people win? You can’t, and you do it all the way down the list. The problem is this plan does that. There are your winners. There are your losers.

How in anyone in their right mind want to do any of this? The good guys lose. The bad guys win. Why in the world would we be doing this? Stupidity? Nope. There is some vested interest in assisting radical extremists? Yep. I believe a lot of things about the current administration. They’re not stupid. That is one thing I will never believe.

I believe they are vested deeply in the remolding of the world to their heart’s desire, but to remold it, you have to heat it up first. I don’t often agree with The New Yorker, but they have a great article that takes the form of the conversation for and against, and they mention 1914: “I think Russia isn’t going to let Assad go down. Neither is a Iran or Hezbollah. So they’ll escalate. This could be the thing that triggers an Israel-Iran war, and how do we stay out of that? My God, it feels like August 1914.” It is.

1914 is the year the Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated. It was the Archduke Ferdinand moment, the moment I’ve been telling you for years I have been dreading and looking for. It is the moment that eventually led to World War I. This is what I said when I was at Fox January 2011.

Glenn: I believe that Tunisia may have been the Archduke Ferdinand moment that I have been warning about. And I’ve been talking about the perfect storm that was formulating, and I said at some point there is going to be an Archduke Ferdinand moment. And it will be something that the world dismisses and most likely you will dismiss at first, and then it will snowball.

That was the Tunisian guy that set himself on fire that the president said was Rosa Parks that encouraged the people in Egypt to stand up, that encouraged the people in Libya to stand up, that encouraged the people in Syria to stand up, and now the global powers are erased. But remember, I’m a conspiracy theorist, and I’m a nut you should dismiss.

Syria is not about teaching Assad a lesson. Two days of bombing probably won’t even seem out of place in Syria today unfortunately. Syria is not a response to the shock and horror of murder. Hundreds of thousands have died before in the latest attacks. The Coptic Christians, they’re not even saying anything about. Syria is this: It is a sick opportunity for the globalist, progressive revolutionaries in our own administration and all around the globe to remold the world closer to their heart’s desire.

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Was Obama able to draw a bigger crowd to the Washington Mall than Glenn Beck?

Today is 8/28, the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Several civil rights leaders and political activists were invited to speak at the event, which was highlighted by President Obama. While the event itself will surely be analyzed by TheBlaze team tomorrow – there is one simple question that people should be able to answer with their own eyes: Who drew the bigger crowd? Glenn Beck or Barack Obama?

Everyone who was in the crowd at Glenn’s Restoring Honor rally three years ago today remembers the throngs of people. Glenn and his team were shocked and overwhelmed by the number of people from across the country and gathered on the Washington Mall (and kept it impeccably clean).

Now, compare that crowd to the one below via CBS:

Read the heartfelt letter Glenn received from a 10-year-old fan UPDATED: Father responds

The father of the 10 year old fan was on GlennBeck.com and saw the outpouring of positive comments and responses to the story. He wrote the below:

Thank you to all of the people who have commented on Gage’s letter.  I am his dad and that letter has touched us more than you know.  God was with us in getting it to Glenn.  I have been trying to make sure that it got in his hands for a few months now.  When we found out he was coming to Florence, AL where we live I made sure that we had tickets to see him. 

I told Gage to go to the stage and hand it to Glenn himself.  He did and I knew in my heart that it would touch Glenn.  I never knew that my son’s big heart would touch so many people.  He is a great kid who will do whatever is asked of him.  He loves God and wants to do what is right. 

When he saw the story about Victor it really touched him.  We had nightly prayers for Victor and Glenn and the family.  When Glenn said that they had to put Victor down we all teared up.  Gage came to us a few days later and said that he had written something to Glenn and wanted me to get it to him.  I was finally able to make that happen for him.

We also recently got a puppy.  His name is Victor in honor of Glenn’s dog.  It’s kind of funny that he even looks like Glenn’s dog.

Thank you all again for the wonderful comments.  You will never know how much those mean to a parent who is trying to do the right thing.  Thank you all.  I will pass the comments on to Gage.

God bless you all.

Original Story:

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On radio this morning, Glenn shared the heartfelt letter a young fan handed him on Saturday after a speech at Heritage Christian University in Alabama. With everything going on in the world right now, it always nice to be reminded that goodness still exists.

“I have to share this because I’ve been carrying it around for the last couple of days,” Glenn said. “On Saturday, I was in Alabama and I was giving a speech at Heritage Christian University. And right before I left the stage, a boy came up to me, and he handed me a letter. And the audience was applauding and stuff. And he shook my hand and I said, ‘What’s your name? And he said, ‘Gage.’ And I said, ‘Thank you, Gage.’ And I got on the plane and I opened up the letter and I read it. And I want to share it with you just because I think it just shows how decent and good people are.”

The letter reads:

Dear Mr. Beck,

My name is Gage Fox. I’m ten-years-old and I am in the 4th grade. My family and I watched your show when you said you had to put your dog Victor down. I was watching and my eyes filled with tears. My family didn’t see me, but my mom put me to bed, and she shut the door. I waited a minute, and I cried myself to sleep. I pray for you and your dog every night. I haven’t told you this, but I am really deep down in my heart sorry for your loss of Victor.

Your biggest fan,


“And then he drew a picture of Victor and he wrote Victor above it,” Glenn explained. “And then he did a picture of the other dog, and said, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know the name of the girl dog.’ It’s Ella.”

“I don’t have an address for him, otherwise, I would have just written his parents and written him and told him. I’m using the loudest and most expensive stamp ever made,” he joked. “I don’t have a way to get ahold of him. So if you know the Foxs in Alabama son Gage, tell him how meaningful that is.”

A dose of common sense on Syria from… The New Yorker?

‘Great article’ and ‘The New Yorker’ are not typically two phrases Glenn would use in the same sentence, but this morning on radio, Glenn and Pat read an article by George Parker from this week’s New Yorker that provided a healthy dose of common sense on the Syria issue.

“So I never thought I would say these words, but there is a great article in the New Yorker, and it’s ‘Two Minds on Syria‘ by George Packer,” Glenn said. “I read it this morning on the way in, and I thought this is right… Now, remember, this is The New Yorker magazine. So this is a liberal point of view.”

The article is written in conversation form between two individuals arguing the United States’ options in Syria. Below is an excerpt from the piece:

…So you want us to get involved in their civil war.

I’m not saying that.

But that’s what we’ll be doing. Intervening on the rebel side, tipping the balance in their favor.

Not necessarily. We’ll be drawing a line that says dictators don’t get to use W.M.D.s without consequences.

You can’t bomb targets on one side of a civil war without helping the other side.

It would be very temporary. We’d send Assad a clear message, and then we’d step back and let them go on fighting. We’re not getting involved any deeper than that, because I know what you’re going to say—

The rebels are a bunch of infighting, disorganized, jihadist thugs, and we can’t trust any of them.

I’m not saying we should.

And what do we do if Assad retaliates against Israel or Turkey? Or if he uses nerve gas somewhere else?

We hit him again.

And it escalates.

Not if we restrict it to cruise missiles and air strikes.

Now you’re scaring me. Have you forgotten Iraq?

Not for a single minute.

My point is that you can’t restrict it. You can’t use force for limited goals. You need to know what you’ll do after his next move, and the move after that.

It only escalates if we allow ourselves to get dragged in deeper. Kosovo didn’t escalate.

This isn’t Kosovo. The Syrian rebels aren’t the K.L.A. Assad isn’t Milosevic. Putin isn’t Yeltsin. This is far worse. Kosovo became a U.N. protectorate. That’s not going to happen in Syria.

You think Putin is going to risk a military confrontation with the U.S. and Europe?

I think Russia isn’t going to let Assad go down. Neither is Iran or Hezbollah. So they’ll escalate. This could be the thing that triggers an Israel-Iran war, and how do we stay out of that? My God, it feels like August, 1914.

Read Packer’s entire article HERE.

“This is the real conversation that America is having,” Glenn said. “He just, I think, captured it… I think that the key here on this is that all-Americans, if they’re engaged, are feeling the same thing.”

“What we just read here from the New Yorker was really an honest assessment of what all of the points are,” Pat concluded. “And usually you wouldn’t get that kind of honesty from the New Yorker.”

The real history of Rosa Parks

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Glenn has always talked about the importance of understanding U.S. history and doing your homework. This morning on radio, Glenn explained that, in many cases, our history is so much better than we realize. The story of Rosa Parks the Civil Rights movement, for example, is even more complex than most people realize.

“I mean, I grew up in Seattle, Washington. I didn’t know Rosa Parks. I mean, that was so far removed from me that – nothing was real,” Glenn said. “With that being said, we’ve also learned some things. Do you know that Rosa Parks was not the first one to say, ‘I’m not sitting in the back of the bus?’ Do you know who the first one was? And she was not selected because the NAACP said, ‘We can’t sell it.’”

“This wasn’t a spontaneous thing. It doesn’t make it bad. It’s still good. But the first spontaneous one was a 14-year-old girl. She was unmarried. She was pregnant, And she had just had it. And she said, ‘No, I’m not going to sit in the back of the bus. She’s the forgotten hero,” Glenn continued. “The NAACP, rightly so, said, ‘We can’t use her because America won’t listen. She’s an unwed mother in the 1950’s. That won’t go well. But she’s the real hero.”

“A great story. Our history is so much better when you know the truth. And we have a chance of survival when you know where we make mistakes. And it doesn’t come from a place of anti-Americanism. It doesn’t come from a place of hatred for this country or hatred for the people of the past,” Glenn concluded. “That’s good stuff. And I believe we’re on the verge of that happening all across the country… We’re not that much different. We have a lot more in common than we have separating us. We just have to stop talking about the parties.”

Standing up to the Republican and Democratic parties

When will Republicans and Democrats stand up for themselves and their principles? When will they stop blindly serving a party where the establishment holds onto power with the grip of a rabid dog? Tired of the typical games, Glenn challenged Americans to stand up to the party hacks on both sides of the aisle.

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said: “Let me reiterate what our position is, and it is unequivocal. We will not negotiate with Republicans in Congress over Congress’ responsibility to pay the bills that Congress has racked up, period…We have never defaulted, and we must never default. That is our position, 100 percent, full stop.”

“He blames all of the spending on Congress. And he’s right. Congress is the only one that can write these checks. Congress is the purse. And so he’s blaming Congress and the Republicans,” Glenn said.

Glenn said he is waiting for members of Congress to stand up and say they’ve had enough. For all the talk from Republicans saying they will listen to their constituents and attempt to defund Obamacare, only a few of them are really taking action.

On the other hand, President Obama, the most powerful Democrat in the country, is preparing for war in Syria which will only entangle America in foreign affairs with no clear path to victory or objectives, a scenario not too different from what the liberals attacked George Bush for doing in Iraq.

“When are the Republicans, when are the democrats going to stand up? And I would love to see them stand up together and say we just want some common sense. We just want people to say what they mean and mean what they say,” Glenn said. “If somebody has the guts to actually do that and if you could put together three Republicans and two democrats, you’d have a movement.”

Glenn said he has spoken privately with at least one Senator who agrees that the establishment will soon have to face the fact they have lost the faith and trust of the American people, and with it their grip on power. But that same Senator said that the American people also don’t realize how hard the establishment will fight to stay in power.

“We have to be humble and decent and join with one another. We have to go out of our way. I would ask you to be a missionary, if you’re a — a Republican or a Democrat — be a missionary and go out and don’t try to convert anybody’s thinking onto your way. Go out and say can we stand together? Because I know you know this isn’t right. I know you know. And I’m not asking you to join me in what I think is right. I’m asking you to stand next to me while I take my party apart. You take your party apart. And let’s be people again. Let’s be neighbors again. Let’s be Americans again. We don’t have to agree, but we both do agree that there’s no common sense in Washington, D.C., and it’s got to stop.”

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