Why did Glenn take away the candy from all the kids who came to the studio today?

The stories are always a little scary on The Glenn Beck Program...but things were extra scary tonight on Halloween. You see, Glenn decided to bring a bunch of kids all dressed up for Halloween to teach them a lesson about the Affordable Care Act and progressive politics. And the results were really, really sad (and possibly just an excuse for Glenn to get to eat a lot of candy without Tania knowing).

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Person vs. Persona and the Media Mask

The below post was written by Srinivas Rao, the author, surfer, and entrepreneur  Glenn had on the program yesterday. The post was written for Rao’s audience, but Glenn thought it gave a real behind-the-scenes look at a surprising guest who found that he had more in common with Glenn than he would have expected.

I got to the airport in Dallas yesterday afternoon. My friend Marcus called me after we had exchanged a few text messages and asked, “So are you a Republican now?” He’s also the guy who was in the Tijuana high speed car chase with me. Considering the only thing I really know about politics is who our current president is, I found it amusing that he asked me about political preferences… (but we’ll get back to that)

If you haven’t kept up with what I affectionately will refer to as the “Glenn Beck Saga”, let me recap:

Glenn stumbled upon my latest book on Amazon. He read it and raved it about on the air. The sales went through the roof in a day. I only knew this because somebody on Twitter mentioned it. My response initially was, “Oh, he’s kind of big right?” When I saw how much the sales of my book had gone up, I decided to email Glenn directly. That led to an unlikely media appearance in a place I never thought I’d find myself: Across the desk from Glenn talking about The Art of Being Unmistakable.

In a few days all my world’s collided: 7 years in Texas, John North High School, Berkeley, the jobs I got fired from, Pepperdine, surfing, and the blogosphere. I guess you could say I have a few different circles, and I’m what Malcolm Gladwell might call a connector.

On Friday, I got an invitation from Glenn’s producer to be on the show, and late that afternoon I got an email from Glenn that would stun most of you. (I’ll ask Glenn if I can share it with you).

He said that him touting my book was a double edged sword. I didn’t even realize that until I saw the response from some of you who I’m friends with on Facebook. After all, I have the pop culture taste of a teenage girl. Most of my television choices consist of what’s on the CWTV.

After a few Google searches fn “Glenn Beck”, I made a deliberate choice not to read anything. I didn’t want what other people had said to make me walk into this experience with a preconceived perception of him. I wanted to see him as a person, not a persona. My friend Aaron Curtis said, “You have more in common than you think with this guy.”

Some people say things that piss us off. But Glenn has a bigger microphone than you or I so it echoes. The media creates a mask and the echo changes. People hear what they want to hear. They confuse a person with persona. The echo of a larger microphone amplifies this. It’s like a game of telephone where the original words keep changing through filters, opinions, and articles until you’ve got groups of people who absolutely despise you.

I’m sure Glenn has said plenty of controversial things. Whether we agree or not is kind of irrelevant to this situation. One of the first Wikipedia entries I read kind of horrified me. And that was the end of my research.

I’m sure I’ve said something that pissed off a listener of my show, but the echo doesn’t have a multiplier of 30 million people. If it did, I’m sure I’d have my critics, haters, and more. The book already got a 1-star review and a 2-star review. I’ve already been written off with phrases like “any hippie surfer could have done this.”

James Altucher said, “Who cares about the politics? Your book just became a best-seller. Remember that these are people who are just doing their jobs.” I just got a big break after 5 years, and I have nothing but gratitude for that.

I want to tell you about my day with Glenn Beck the person, not the persona

I first met his staff to talk about the book , my work, and the future I see coming. And this odd pairing resulted in a common ideal.

In a moment like that you think: The world must be ending. I’m in the office of a guy who has strange historical memorabilia hanging on the walls and likes to hunt. If it were my office, it would be pictures of Laird Hamilton surfing 70-foot waves and other crazy surf-related stuff. This is bizarre. I guess we both love carrot cake.

But what we shared is an ideal that transcends politics or religion. My friend Justine Musk said, ” Yeah, you’re both mavericks.”

And it is the idea of the maverick, the misfit, the instigator that put me in front of the camera with an unlikely man who just handed me a defining moment in my career. And what will stun you is that maybe you have more in common with him than you realize. Maybe we all do. It’s your inner misfit but some of us have just unleashed it.

As David Risley pointed out, Glenn is a content marketer, and a pretty damn good one. Another friend said, “Srini, you’ve wanted to build a media empire, here’s an opportunity to learn from a guy who has done it.”

We’re not that different.

We have a message.

We want to share it.

But the people we want to reach might be different.

What I see is a guy who is as flawed, human, and vulnerable as most of us. I point blank asked him, “Where does this reputation you have come from?”

He answered honestly.

He admitted faults in things he has said.

The mask started to fade.

And after all the lights faded, cameras were gone, and the show was over, I found myself sitting in Glenn’s office where the mask completely disappeared. This was my favorite part of the day because now I got to see the person, not the persona.

I learned about his early career and his success at a young age: Magazine covers, lots of money, and the path to stardom. He told me that I’m on the verge of something really big, but also gave me a warning that there will be plenty of dark alleys that it could take me down. He told me about his spectacular downfalls and how ego got in the way.

Then he told me a story that really made me laugh. He and Michael Buble are friends. When they became friends, Michael was about as well known as I am. And apparently Michael got punched in the face because he mentioned that Glenn was a friend. Glenn’s list of friends might surprise you too. Some of them are your heroes, role models, and people you look up to.

I sat and listened. I asked him the question I ask at the end of every BlogcastFM interview: What separates the people who get to where you are from the ones who don’t? Risk and hard work. As I said last week, nothing of great significance is achieved by playing it safe.

My choices have come with plenty of stigma, doubt, disbelief and that’s going to be amplified. Our critics can either become our identity, or we can silence them with our actions, our commitment, and our grit. My friend Jaclyn Muellen said it takes a high level of self awareness to handle things when you have a microphone as loud as Glenn’s.

I asked him how to avoid destroying your success and letting your ego come back into it.

He talked about religion.

I talked about surfing.

In business school I made a terrible decision that cemented my reputation for the entirety of my time at Pepperdine. I cut people out of a project because I was selfish, and I paid the price for it. I had few friends left by graduation. It’s taken 5 years, but I see the error in judgement. I don’t ever expect these people to trust me. You know who you are. That was my ego. It wasn’t me.

Then I told Glenn, “You know, the only reason I did any of this was because I wanted nothing more than to surf everyday. I knew nothing would make me happier than to have a great family, surf everyday, and do work I enjoyed. If I lived comfortably and had all that, it would be enough.”

And he said, “The minute that stops being true is when you should quit and walk away.”

And one final thought. I was asked once if I’ve ever had an “I’ve made it moment.” To that my answer is still no. The minute “you’ve made it”, you’re hosed. Carolyn Messere, the editor who deserves more credit than you can possibly imagine, told me, “Don’t ever forget that guy who was celebrating 360 copies sold.”

The reward that comes from this is I get to do what I’ve always wanted to: Create things with my own two hands, things that maybe you’re changed by, touched by, and moved by. Today we’re off to see a venue for the Instigator Experience. Fortunately, I won’t have to persuade any brides to change their wedding date because the one we’re looking at is available.

So no, I’m not a Republican. What I see is a guy who made deliberate choices to build something. He’s an entrepreneur, a misfit, a maverick, and I got to see under the mask that you do. You might be surprised by what you see.


Something’s different about Glenn…

Ann Coulter explains the importance of the 2014 elections

Ann Coulter, author of Never Trust a Liberal Over Three – Especially a Republican, joined Glenn on radio this morning to talk about the latest issues with Obamacare and what it means for the Republican Party in 2014. After agreeing that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday was “arrogant” at best, Glenn asked Ann to respond to this gem from President Obama yesterday:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: It is true that some Americans who have health insurance plans that they bought on their own through the old individual market are getting notices from their insurance companies suggesting that somehow, because the Affordable Care Act, they may be losing their existing health insurance plans. This is the, this has been the latest flurry in the news. If you’re getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. That’s what it for.

“How do you respond before I have an aneurysm,” Glenn asked Ann.

“The old, the old system was: You got to pick the health insurance you wanted. Now, the government will tell you what plan you must get. So you know, if you’re a gay guy, you have to get full maternity care,” Ann said. “I know a lot of doctors they told me people think they’re getting something free. You know, no. All [the doctors are] allowed or required to tell [their patients] is, you know, don’t smoke, wear a seatbelt, silly things like that. But if [the patients] say, ‘While I’m here could you look at this rash on my arm?’ No I’m sorry you’ll have to make an appointment for that. So your big free no co-pay visit for preventive services just requires a doctor to read you a list of, you know, PC preventive health rules.”

As Glenn explained, any rollout is going to have its problems, and everyone knows you sometimes have to break a few eggs. But in this case, the government appears to be breaking the entire system.

“It’s very important to repeal this as soon as possible, which is why winning congressional elections next year is so vitally important… Republicans can get this done if they take the Senate back and hold the House… As soon as we have a majority, we will rid of you this,” Ann said. “I mean Obama has the media covering for him. These liberals, these Democrats in the media, they are out right lying about it. But people are going to get their new health insurance premiums in the mail, and I think enough of them are going to know they’re being lied to.”

Earlier this week, Glenn asked a very simple question about the Obama Administration: Who’s in charge? Time and time again President Obama seems to find things out from the newspapers – just like you and me. The latest offense? The fact that days before the disastrous Obamacare rollout, the President seemed woefully unaware of any potential problems.

“I said earlier this week, if he didn’t know then there’s been a coup,” Glenn said. “Who doesn’t tell the President? You have a study that shows all of this stuff. And you don’t show the President and you allow him to go out and say these things? Who’s running the country because, obviously, this guy is not. There’s nobody in the Administration that will tell him, ‘Mr. President, I want you to know, you’re not telling the truth here.’”

“Oh, you’re giving him way too much credit,” Ann concluded. “He was lying and he has to lie because, if he had told the truth, if Democrats told the truth about Obamacare, even with their majority in the Senate and the House, they could not have passed this.”

Watch the entire interview below:

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Senator David Barton? Glenn certainly thinks it has a nice ring to it

Could David Barton be the next Senator from Texas? According to a story on TheBlaze, possibly. Glenn has been vocal about his support of a potential run by Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) to unseat incumbent Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), but so far Rep. Gohmert has been reluctant. Now it appears as though Glenn could have another favorite in the race.

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“There’s a story that’s breaking out on TheBlaze. Who would have seen this coming,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “We told you about Louie Gohmert. We told you about Louie Gohmert possibly running for the Senate. Here’s the thing. He’s going to run for Speaker of the House because that’s what he’s going to do. I feel it. I’m just saying that’s what gonna happen.  He’s going to run for Speaker of the House.”

“He doesn’t know that yet,” Pat quipped. “Then who for the Senate seat? Who do you have in mind?”

“Senator David Barton,” Glenn responded.

According to TheBlaze:

Tea Party activists are reportedly urging Christian historian David Barton to primary against Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas). The move comes as some Texas Republicans question Cornyn’s devotion to conservative values.

Rick Green, a close adviser to Barton and a speaker for the historian’s WallBuilder‘s organization, told National Review Online (NRO) that more than 1,000 Tea Party and conservative leaders have asked Barton to run.

“Senator David Barton,” Pat said. “It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Is he open to it?”

TheBlaze has yet to receive a comment from David Barton on his intentions, but Glenn is certainly excited about the possibility of a Senate run from his good friend.

“If you’re John Cornyn right now, you’re afraid,” Pat said.

“Quiver in your boots and hide, John,” Glenn concluded.

What is the scary government program tied to Agenda 21 that could destroy the country?

TheBlaze investigative journalism team turned it’s attention to Agenda 21 in the latest episode of For The Record. Across the country, the United Nations plan for sustainable development has been implemented under a new name, one less likely to draw attention but still accomplish the same goals. Agenda 21 has become “smart growth”, and it’s already being implemented in places like California.

There is a major push all across the country for so-called “Smart Growth” programs; they aim to urbanize suburban areas, push people to live in densely-packed cities and trade their cars for a seat on mass transit. The programs mirror the goals of United Nations Agenda 21, and are sold as being necessary to protect the environment.

The programs are poised to change the face of places ranging from big cities to small towns. They aim at pushing people to stop driving their cars and live in densely-packed areas, and are marketed as the only way to manage growth and save the planet. Critics say this type of central planning has been tried before, with catastrophic results:

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These plans are often approved only by a small group of people and locked into place without the approval, or in many cases, the knowledge of the millions of people they will impact. One example is Plan Bay Area, a program approved by a regional board earlier this year and already being put into place.

Plan Bay Area is one such regional plan that was ordered by California’s Senate Bill 375. It was designed and approved by regional commissioners in the San Francisco region earlier this year.

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How many times did President Obama promise you could “keep your plan”?

Well, at least twenty-three times between 2008 and 2010. New York Magazine has put together a super-cut video of President Obama promising Americans if they like their doctor or like their healthcare plan, they could keep it…which we’ve found out is not the case for most Americans:

Teenager arrested in connection with threatening messages sent to Plano, TX student with special needs

On radio this morning, Glenn shared a promising update in the story out of Plano, Texas involving student Shea Shawhan receiving anonymous threatening messages. The story first came to Glenn’s attention two weeks ago, and Shea joined the Glenn Beck Program last week for a powerful interview about the importance of love in the face of hate.

“I’ve got really good news for you,” Glenn said. “Police have arrested a teenager in connection with a cyber bullying case that sent violent and graphic text messages to a disabled high school student at Plano West Senior High School. Do you remember we had Shea on? And Shea is a high school student that has an [8-year-old] mentality. She is so sweet and so nice. We had her on… oh my gosh, you’ll cry your eyes out.”

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According to the Dallas Morning News:

Police have arrested a teenager in connection with a cyberbullying case that involved violent and graphic text messages sent to a disabled student at Plano West Senior High School.

Plano police spokesman David Tilley said details could not be released because the suspect is a juvenile. He could confirm only that the person arrested was also a Plano school district student and was facing harassment charges, a class B misdemeanor. The arrest was made at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

“She’s beautiful girl,” Glenn said of Shea. “There was so many people that made a big deal out of this that the police took it seriously… They found the kid. They won’t release any information at all. But they found the kid that was doing it… The good news is, that kid is going to be spending some time with the law.”

Watch highlights of Glenn’s interview with Shea below. TheBlaze TV subscribers can watch the entire interview on demand HERE.

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Trick or Treat: Get a sneak peek of Glenn’s epic reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven

On radio this morning, Glenn continued his annual Halloween tradition of giving dramatic readings of some of Edgar Allan Poe’s most classic tales. This year, Glenn recorded four of Poe’s stories: The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven, The Conqueror Worm, and Annabel Lee. The digital download version of Glenn’s reading are available exclusively at the Glenn Beck Store.

Glenn explained that his family likes to gather around every Halloween and listen to these eerie tales, and he encouraged his listeners to share these stories with their children and their friends. Enjoy a special sneak peek of The Raven in the clip below.

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