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From The Marketplace: Looking for ways to support small businesses?

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Thanksgiving Message from Glenn

I am convinced that Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s are put together through divine providence, that when we are humble enough, we will see the meaning of Christmas and we’ll be able to change our life in the new year.

Glenn: We are all unique

How could I possibly know what you need? I don’t see the world as you see it. We each see it in a unique way through the prism of our own lives.

How FDR transformed Thanksgiving

FDR transformed a lot of things while in office – most of them not very good. For starters, he ushered in social security, raised taxes to 94% and tried to regulate the price of food by slaughtering pigs. So what did he do to alter Thanksgiving Day forever? Glenn explained on radio today. “We were […]

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