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What is the GOP stink eye?

“There’s not enough stink eye to go around for me”

Scarlett Johansson under fire for standing with Israeli company

they are trying to do the right thing. Yes, they’re Israeli. Yes, they’re in the ‘West Bank’… Yes, they have their offices and their headquarters in Judea and Samaria. But she stands by it [even] with all the pressure that she’s come under.”

Is this the worst TV bit ever?

“I can’t take it. Tell me how you fix a network after that… You just don’t recover.”

Former MSNBC host S.E. Cupp sounds off on the network’s offensive tweet

“But when it comes in an official capacity from the network, I think that is deeply disappointing – deeply, deeply disappointing. That tells me a culture has created an acceptance, a willingness, a complicity in allowing that line of thinking to seep out into the mainstream officially.”

Glenn explains how he reconnected with Mark Levin and Sean Hannity

“If talk radio begins to move together and we all understand: I don’t do what Sean Hannity does, and he can’t do what I can do. Same with Mark. I mean that… Everybody plays a different role. And each of us have an important piece.”

The dangers of Obama’s ‘MyRA’ scam

“What they’re going to do is you will sign over your IRA And then the government is going to use all of that money to pay the bills and pay for things that we can’t afford. But don’t worry.”

MSNBC forced to apologize for offensive racially charged tweet

“I’m sorry, MSNBC, but you are racist, and we know who you are now… They issued an apology and said, ‘We apologize for this tweet, and it doesn’t reflect the network or our values.’ Yes, it does.”

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