The truth about Benghazi is coming out

Incomprehensible: President Obama compares the human rights violations of Malaysia to the United States

“People wonder why we have our doubts about where his allegiance lies. [It’s] because he goes all over the world and says this kind of stuff… It’s despicable. It’s incomprehensible.”

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Glenn used to have the worst assistant ever

Major updates in the case of Connecticut teen Justina Pelletier

“Justina Pelletier should return to her home state of Connecticut to receive the services and support she needs close to her friends, family, school and community.”

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Sharyl Attkisson: Press freedom under Obama Administration will be seen as a ‘historic time of restrictions’

“I can tell you from the standpoint of press freedoms and reporting, I think this will be seen as a historic time of restrictions and a time in which we not just lost but voluntarily relinquished a lot of our duty and authority as watchdogs of the government.”

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‘That’s heartbreaking’: Shaquille O’Neal under fire for mocking fan with rare disorder on Instagram

Glenn reacts to the lifetime ban of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling

“It feels good [to ban him], and that’s why everybody went with: ‘The guy is an A-hole.’ We all realize that. But do you take his team away because you want to show what an A-hole he is in his private life?”

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WATCH: What is “The Unmistakable Creative”?

How do you start over with only ten bucks and a laptop?

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Gohmert: Benghazi talking points “an intentional misleading of the American public”

“The tragic thing Dana is not only was it a distraction. It was an intentional misleading of the American public.”

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Operation Experimentation: The U.S. government’s terrifying history of human experiments

Powerful government can lead to some really bad things, especially in the name of the common good. Unfortunately, our history of experimenting on people doesn’t stop there. Let’s take a quick look back at the history of the US governments’ shady experiments.

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