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Thank You Glenn!:

This will not be a lengthy email.  I only wish to add my voice to your many supporters.  My entire family has watched or listened to you for over 10 years and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for who you are.  Even if right now your voice of hope is meant only for me….I will embrace that….keep doing what you are doing…as my grandfather said ” never give up…never give in…keep going”. My father went blind at a young age and those were my grandfathers words to him.   You are not alone and I believe you are being guided by the spirit.  God bless you and your family Mr. Beck and we love you!!!!!  




Dear Glenn,

These graduation announcements are for you and Pat.  I would have mailed them, but I couldn’t find an address.  You inspired us a couple of years ago to take our kids out of the public school system.  I started searching for another form of education and came upon the Kimber Academy.  Jay served as president of the student officers and traveled with Dr. Kimber across the country opening up schools along the way.  Rachel also served as a student officer and traveled to Idaho, where they now have seven schools.
Jay (17) is planning on joining the Marines this fall and serve a LDS mission next summer.  Rachel (15) will start attending UVU to get a nursing degree.  We couldn’t thank you enough for the inspiration that you are to our family.

Jay Graduation Announcement

Jay Announcement Back
Rachel Graduation Front

Rachel Graduation Back

Buck Sexton: The caliphate is official; the caliphate is real

On Sunday, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, a spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), announced the Al Qaeda offshoot had named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of the new caliphate and formally declared the creation of an Islamic state in the territory under its control. Al-Adnani called on those living in the area under the group’s control to swear allegiance to al-Baghdadi.

On radio this morning, TheBlaze’s national security editor Buck Sexton filled in for Glenn and drew from his four years in the CIA working in both Iraq and Afghanistan as he explained what comes next now that the caliphate is in fact here and official.

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Hobby Lobby wins big against Obamacare in 5-4 SCOTUS decision

Monday morning, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down two of its most anticipated decisions.

In Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. (previously known as Sebelius vs. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.) the Supreme Court narrowly ruled in favor of religious freedom – deciding Obamacare cannot force for-profit, closely held companies to violate their religious beliefs by paying for emergency contraceptive coverage that could lead to abortions.

Meanwhile, labor unions were dealt a huge blow when the Supreme Court ruled public sector unions cannot collect fees from home health care workers who object to being affiliated with a union in the Harris vs. Quinn case.

While both decisions are certainly not good news for the left, the Hobby Lobby ruling is particularly tough for the Obama Administration. TheBlaze’s Pete Kasperowicz reports:

Justice Anthony Kennedy noted that the government could pay for this coverage if it wants to make it available, but cannot compel a company to do so.

The decision deals a big hit to the Obama administration, which defended its interpretation of the law as something that forces companies to provide all manner of birth control methods to workers.

The case is Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby, referring to Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell. She replaced Kathleen Sebelius earlier this year — prior to that, the case was Sebelius vs. Hobby Lobby.

The case is second big blow to Obama from the Supreme Court in as many weeks. Last week, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that President Obama’s 2012 “recess” appointments were not legal, because Obama made them when the Senate was not in recess.

On radio this morning, TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton explained that while the decisions may not be “complete victories,” they do represent “wins” for freedom and the First Amendment.

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Blood Feud author Ed Klein: Obama probably doesn’t want Hillary Clinton as a successor

On Friday, Ed Klein, author of Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. The Obamas joined Dana Loesch to explain why there is a good chance Hillary Clinton would not enjoy the full support of President Obama should she choose to seek the Democratic nomination in 2016.

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While the media likes to focus on the rift in the Republican Party, there is an equal, if not greater divide on the Democratic side. Klein explained that the chasm between the Clintons and the Obamas is “about as wide as it possibly can be.”

“The mainstream media has been talking about the rift between the Tea Party and the establishment… in the Republican Party,” Klein said. “But the mainstream media has totally ignored the fact that the Clintons and the Obamas… have been at each other’s throats behind the scenes now for years. And that’s a very big and important story because it’s going to affect who gets the nomination in 2016 in the Democratic Party and maybe even who is going to be in the White House.”

According to Klein, Bill Clinton and Obama “struck a deal” on a golf course back in 2011 that ensured Clinton would stump for Obama – if Obama promised to throw his weight behind Hillary in 2016.

“Bill made good on the deal,” Klein said. “He gave that speech that we all remember at the Democratic National Convention… And then after he got elected, Barack Obama — in typical fashion, I must say — reneged on the deal.”

At this point, it is unclear who Obama will support. But it is believed Obama is looking for a “Mini-Me” type protege.

“Bill Clinton recently had a party at Whitehaven, which is his mansion in Washington, D.C.,” Klein explained. “During that party, he said that he had been checking with state committee chairmen about who was going to back whom in 2016.”

At the party, Klein said Clinton came to understand Obama is looking for “somebody like a clone who… would come out of nowhere and challenge Hillary and beat her in 2016.”

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The Beck family goes riding out West

Just how bad are the new Common Core tests? Two New York educators offer a frightening in-depth look

Glenn has spoken for some time about how the fight against Common Core is a cause that can unite the left and the right, and it seems as though that logic is beginning to prove true.

A recent Washington Post article entitled “A disturbing look at Common Core tests in New York” makes a case study out of New York state where parents and teachers who were over promised are now finding themselves underwhelmed by the impact of the Common Core standards. Earlier this year, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) amended the state’s teacher and principal evaluations to protect educators from their students’ low scores on Common Core-based exams.

The Post highlights work by Carol Burris and John Murphy. Murphy is a former English teacher and assistant principal at South Side High School in New York. Burris is principal of the school and has been highlighting the “flawed implementation” of the Common Core standards.

Right off the bat, Burris and Murphy make their position on the issue clear:

Congratulations to the New York State Education Department. Officials there have solved the college remediation problem. Their Common Core graduation tests are so “rigorous” and have a new passing score (for students graduating in 2022) set so high that only about 1 in 4 students will graduate high school. And the elite 25 percent who make it won’t be going to community college, so the colleges with highest remediation rates can close.

The article proceeds to take a look at two of New York state’s Regents exams “in order to better understand the continuing march of New York’s reformist lemmings right over the cliff of reason.”


Burris and Murphy first take a look at the June 2014 Common Core Algebra Regents, which was administered primarily to eighth and ninth grade students. The authors highlight question 12 as evidence of how the Common Core standards have maimed the wording of exams:

In the past, the question would have been phrased: “Given the roots -6 and 5, which of the following would be the correct equation?” Students are then given four choices.

Here is the Common Core phrasing: “Keith determines the zeros of the function f(x) to be -6 and 5. What could be Keith’s function?”

This is but one example of a question that was made unnecessarily complicated and wordy in order to give the illusion of a ‘real world’ problem that requires deep thinking.

You can see the entire Common Core Algebra Regents HERE.

Because of the way the test is scored (a topic Murphy and Burris explain thoroughly in the article), a large number of students will fail. As a result those students will then “take the Common Core Algebra course and the test over and over again, rather than move on to Geometry and Advanced Algebra, which would better prepare them for college.” The authors refer to this phenomenon as “a glass ceiling” created by “overly complicated problems in the name of the Common Core.”

The article also takes a look at the June 2014 Common Core English Regents, which Murphy and Burris describe as “even worse” than the math exam. The test has been changed to more similarly model the Advanced Placement Language exam and requires students to read and write more in less time than previous versions of the exams. As the article explains:

[T]he reading requirement on the new exam has almost tripled; the January 2014 ELA Regents exam contained readings that totaled 2,200 words, compared to the Common Core’s 6,200. What’s more, the readings themselves are more difficult in terms of vocabulary, main idea or theme, and syntax–so students have less time to spend on each question, and significantly less time to spend on the writing.

Furthermore, the authors do not believe the exam provides an better indication of college preparedness than the former format did:

We were promised that the test would be an indication of who was and was not college and career ready; the test has no validity in this regard. In fact, we are hearing reports of students taking both the Common Core and the traditional English Regents this month, passing the Common Core Regents and failing the traditional exam. When guessing gets you to pass, a test measures close to nothing.

Check out the June 2014 Common Core English Regents HERE.

Ultimately, Burris and Murphy are not chastising the idea of more rigorous standards. In fact, they seem to support the concept. They do, however, take issue with the various claims that were made while Common Core was being forced through in many states:

Can New York’s students meet more challenging standards? Of course they can. But you must have reasonable standards, take the time to build capacity, and then create assessments that allow students to show what they know, not make tests so difficult few can demonstrate their learning. New York is the canary in the Common Core mine. New York parents, as well as parents in other states, should take the time to look at these tests and decide for themselves if they are reasonable assessments on which to base all students’ diplomas. Is the Common Core and its tests the path to college readiness? We think not.

Read the entire Washington Post report HERE.

There’s something about the guy in this video you won’t believe

Montel Williams derides Obama Administration’s use of DOD facilities for illegal immigrants

Over the last several weeks, Glenn has spoken to “strange bedfellow” Montel Williams about a cause they can both come together on: The treatment of our veterans. Williams is a 22-year veteran who has spoken candidly about the atrocity that is the VA scandal. On radio this morning, Williams joined TheBlaze’s Mike Opelka to discuss the work he is doing to keep this scandal in the news.

In light of reports that many of the illegal immigrants who have crossed the border in recent months are being cared for and housed at Department of Defense facilities across the American south, Williams is outraged that this care is coming at the expense of our veterans.

“This is horrendous. We can’t really put a finger on the scandal to try to make people understand the scope, but… we’re contemplating, last week, allowing 50,000 children that were thrown at us in a terrorist way,” Williams explained. “Let’s explain: [This] wasn’t just refugees coming across the border. Countries have deliberately done this to impact our economy, to impact our society. That’s terrorism. But we are going to open up the doors to our active duty facilities to take care of these children.”

“Now I’m a compassionate guy. We don’t need to be throwing people under the bus, throwing children away,” he continued. “But I’m going to tell you: How dare you. When we have 50,000 soldiers waiting to just see a doctor once, you will run a child in another country in front of him?”

Williams sought to remind Americans that we are still actively fighting a war in Afghanistan and three soldiers were lost this week alone. He has created a petition on titled #VASurge, and he needs to reach 100,000 signatures by July 12 to force a response from the White House. The petition outlines three seemingly common sense suggestions that would get the ball rolling towards fixing this problem:

• Declare a public health emergency pursuant to PL 109-364

• Order Secretaries of VA, Defense, HHS to present a plan within 10 days to Surge and clear the backlog within 90 days. USE THE SURGE TO DEFINE A BASELINE of what it takes to meet our 14 day commitment.

• Order all active duty hospitals, clinics, other Federal facilities open to Veterans.

Sign the petition HERE.

“Montel created a petition on the White House website. We need 100,000 signatures on this… All it is asking is for the president to order a surge for the VA, as Montel outlined and to consider Ken Fisher of Fisher House as VA secretary,” Mike concluded. “I will keep pushing this until we get there. We only have two weeks to get this done, folks… Do a favor for a veteran. Do a favor for all veterans. Sign the petition.”

Listen to the interview below:

WATCH: What happens when Megyn Kelly asks domestic terrorist Bill Ayers how many bombings he is responsible for?

On Monday, Fox News will air Megyn Kelly’s sit-down with domestic terrorist turned “education theorist” Bill Ayers. If the sneak peek released on Thursday is any indication, the interview promises to be a fascinating hour of television.

If you followed Glenn in his Fox News days, you will recall his exposé into the radical past of Ayers and his wife – domestic terrorist turned law professor – Bernadine Dohrn. Both are former members of the Weather Underground and were a part of the group’s violent anti-government activity. They also have ties to the Obama White House.

In the clip released by Fox News, Kelly asks Ayers – point blank – how many bombings he had a hand in. After initially dodging the question, Ayers ultimately refused to say.

“Me, personally? I have never talked about it,” Ayers said. “Never will.”

Ayers also confirms he stole money and ripped off the identities of dead babies while the violence of the Weather Underground raged on. He was also forced to defend bizarre comments his wife made about serial killer Charles Manson.

Watch the full sneak peek below:

TheBlaze’s editor at large Mike Opelka filled in for Glenn on radio this morning, and he explained why this interview proves the masks are coming off.

“Bill Ayers is a man that admitted to bombing government buildings, a man that’s admitted to stealing identities of dead babies and taking money from people, and this guy has access to the highest seat in our government,” Mike explained. “If the parties were turned, if this were a GOP president with an admitted terrorist, admitted crook in the White House, advising, whispering into the ear of the president, the media would be going nuts. Where is the media on Bill Ayers?”

“And then I also thought: He’s coming out,” he continued. “The mask has come off. Glenn said years ago, ‘We will know we’re in the final steps of the fundamental transformation of America when the radicals drop their mask,’ and they just admit to what they’re up to. I’m waiting to see the whole interview on Monday, but I believe Bill Ayers may have just taken off the mask.”

TX Attorney General sounds off on border crisis: ‘This is very dangerous’

On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Texas Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott joined guest host Dana Loesch to discuss the steps the state of Texas is taking to secure the border with or without the help of the federal government.

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While the media has largely focused on the humanitarian crisis that will result in some 60,000 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children crossing the border this year alone, the last several months have also seen an increase in drug cartels and dangerous gang members crossing the border.

“You need to understand that [the] pictures that are captured by the media [are the pictures] they want you to see. There are other pictures of other people coming across the border, such as members of MS-13,” Abbott said. “This is very dangerous in the long-term, which is why Texas has stopped waiting for Washington to step up and do its job, and why Texas has begun the process of securing our border.”

Last week, Texas announced the implementation of a “surge” to help combat the illegal crossings. The state Department of Public Safety has been authorized to fund operations at about $1.3 million a week.

“Texas has sent down the Texas Department of Public Safety to engage in what’s called a surge operation that will last the remainder of this year,” Abbott explained. “This is nothing new for the Department of Public Safety — I was involved with them when they did their last surge last fall. When they put boots on the ground, they put airplanes and helicopters in the air, boats on the water, they are able to vastly improve border security and vastly decrease the amount of illegal cross-border activity.”

Abbott was quick to point, however, that Texas simply does not have the resources to handle this alone.

“The state does not have the resources to deal with this,” Abbott said. “On a long-term basis, we don’t have the ability to deal with this and to pay for it, which is why already I sent a letter to [DHS] Secretary Jeh Johnson demanding that they go ahead and compensate Texas for all of our out-of-pocket costs, right now demanding only $30 million, but it’s going to be far more than that. That’s a drop in the bucket of what it’s going to cost.”

Ultimately, Abbott had a simple message for the Obama Administration: “Barack Obama must secure our border.”

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