Glenn once made fun of Tania for doing this, and now he is going to regret it

Glenn: This is the beginning of a very long war in the Middle East that we have no way to solve

“here’s what I want you to know about Israel and the Middle East”

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Ed Schultz is obsessed with Obama’s “loins”, and it only gets worse from there

This news network has talked about impeaching Obama 448 times

“they are playing on the lowest common denominator”

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Sharknado creator mocks climate alarmists during MSNBC interview

Sick: Jesse Ventura jokes about Kyle lawsuit victory

“When a brother has fallen, no matter what you thought of him, you do not sue the wife. You comfort the wife. You comfort and aid the children.”

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Congressman: “There will be anger, frustration, and embarrassment” when classified pages are revealed

“It will not endanger us to release this information, but the American public needs to have it.”

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You won’t believe how one business is thanking its customers

Watch: The power of ‘No’

“We have impulses, we have desires, and they flow up very quickly, our anger, our lust, our greed”

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These are the qualities that make a great leader

“The key idea behind leadership is putting the well-being of others sometimes before ourselves”

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