I could not let another day go by without thanking you for prayers and a loving Father in Heaven for answering them.

As you know, I took off a month over the summer. Thank God, I feel good and my voice is strong. With an abundance of caution though, I decided to go to some of the best in the field to just look at all of me.

For too long I have had symptoms, they come and go, but they are never gone. I thought last year things were gone for good but no such luck.

Thankfully, with your prayers, all turned out as good as hoped and better than expected.

I spent a long few days at the Mayo Clinic.

This place is a miracle and it was incredible to watch them work.

Brilliant people and so very kind – from the doctors, nurses, administrative to the security staff. All beyond professional staking out the territory of truly kind caregivers and scientists.

Each doctor on the team, I believe there were 8 doctors involved, knew my case, did their homework and came prepared to help and heal.

I have never seen anything like it.

I asked the one of the nurses, “I am being treated like a king, but what is it like for the average person?” I am not sure she understood the question but her reply was simple: “just like you.”

I was so happy to hear that.

I was told, but did not verify, that they can process 5,000 patients a day.

At the end of my stay, I speculated to the head of the medical team assigned to me that if I had taken this on my own and just gone from doctor to doctor like usual, it would have taken me about a year to complete this work and all of these tests. He felt it may have taken a bit longer. Wow. What a blessing.

The insurance company is raising the rates again on my company’s “Cadillac insurance” and the government thinks it too good so they are fining (taxing) the company (me) for providing this health care for my employees, but thank God I do.

Yes, I can afford this on my own but my employees couldn’t and I believe they deserve the same care, treatment and opportunity as my family does. It is a core principle for me. None of us are worth less in God’s eyes. I believe that insurance is the last thing we cut. I was the one who needed it this time.

I would hope that companies understand the value of providing this kind of health care and employees understand the strain it puts on the employer but it is worth it when you need it. My only hope is that we can get the government out of this before they destroy truly remarkable medicine and the general public’s access to it.

I wanted to thank all of the doctors and nurses that helped us through this last week.

I grew up hearing about the Mayo Clinic. They have quite a reputation to live up to, they need to know that they surpassed everything we even thought a hospital and great health care could be.

If you or a loved one need answers this IS the place to go.

They found new, well-founded and dynamic answers for me.

Not a surprise that presidents, prime ministers and kings from around the world come to them for help.

The doctors were gifted, kind, steady and empathetic. They were beyond thorough. We all got on the plane late Friday night with a truly grateful heart.

As an aside, they say my vocal chords look better than they did a few months ago after my break. What is more important, they believe they now know what is causing that and everything else that is going on. Finally a universal answer that is provable on scans. The doctor that found it, “had a hunch”. An answered prayer.

We have started new treatment and are praying for miraculous and lasting results over the next few months.

I need to thank you and all that prayed last week without even knowing why.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. We could feel them and they were answered. And thank you to Mary and all of the wonderful people at the Mayo Clinic for making an exhausting week one to be written about in our family journals as a very positive experience.

From Dallas, Goodnight America.

I could not let another day go by without thanking you for prayers and a loving Father in heaven for answering them.As…

Posted by Glenn Beck on Sunday, October 18, 2015