You know who I think the most powerful man in America is today? The most powerful man in America 100 years ago was a dead man. He still is. It’s just a different dead man. One hundred years ago, the most powerful man in America was George Washington.

His eyes gazed out over this nation. His influence reached beyond the grave. We used to have to memorize in school his Farewell Address. We don’t even know his Farewell Address. Most people don’t even know he gave a Farewell Address. I shouldn’t even say that. I bet you there’s 20 percent that don’t even know who George Washington is.

In his Farewell Address, he talked about this. He talked about foreign entanglements and how it would be the death of America. He talked about spending too much and how it would be the death of America. He talked about losing our faith and how it would be the death of America.

He brought up about five different things that said, “This is the secret. This is what made us who we are. These are the things you must avoid.” But what’s really telling is he warned us against the parties. He warned us that these two parties would start to fight and these two parties would start to make it about parties over principles, parties over country. And they would start to divide the people into two separate camps. This is in George Washington’s Farewell Address. And then the parties would get so vitriolic that they would start punishing the other parties.

We heard this with Barack Obama, when he gave his speech time and time again on the road. We’re going to punish our enemies. We’re going to punish our enemies. How many times did we say that was wrong? How many times did he we say, “What president does that? Punish his enemies, the Republicans?” Treated us like subcitizens for the last eight years. You no longer have a voice at the table.

This was a great change. Because our president used to come in and say, “The parties don’t matter anymore. I’m the president of all of America.” But Barack Obama didn’t do this. Why?

In Washington’s Farewell Address, he said the parties would start to victimize the other. One would gain power and victimize the other party. In the end, he said, somebody who was unscrupulous, somebody who was just in it for their own honor and for themselves would then use that party and use that platform and that stage for his own benefit. And he would exact revenge, and that’s how he would get into office.

That was George Washington’s last warning to us. Does any of it sound familiar?

So who is the most powerful man in America today? He’s a dead man.

Saul Alinsky. Rules for Radicals. Quoting: With a tip of the hat to the world’s first radical, who may have lost, but at least in the end gained his own kingdom: Lucifer. End quote.

What does Saul Alinsky teach? He teaches the ends justify the means. He teaches that if you have to lie to win, it doesn’t matter. He teaches you to isolate your enemies. He teaches you to ridicule your enemies. He teaches you to destroy your enemies. Whatever it takes. Even if it isn’t true, if it means you win in the end, it doesn’t matter if you lie.

He teaches you to hate. He teaches you to destroy. It’s why the book, Rules for Radicals, is dedicated to Lucifer. Because he’s the author and father of all lies.

How many people in business do business this way? Just the way business is done. They’ll lie, they’ll cheat, they’ll steal, and they’ll feel good about it because they’re fine in the end.

How many people in Washington will lie, cheat, and steal? How many of us will do the same? And how many of us will do that because the ends justify the means?

Everybody else is getting theirs; I want mine. It doesn’t really belong to them because they took it anyway.

If you’re willing just to destroy, to destroy because I want my way. Every single true hero, everybody we learned, everybody in our history, why do you think that they have — why do you think they have gotten rid of our heroes? Why do you think the progressive movement has done everything they can to take George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, everybody? They’re doing it to Martin Luther King. “He was just a communist.”

They’ve destroyed every hero we have. Why? Because they need you to believe that that’s the way everyone is.

And, you know what, I’m at a point I don’t know anymore. I don’t know who my American friends are. I don’t know who you are.

I know who my friends are. I know who the vast majority of my audience is. But I don’t recognize the people who are shopping next to me anymore. I don’t recognize the people who are not engaged in thinking, or more importantly, are using the principles of Rules for Radicals and know better.

How can we come back to a place to where we can be one?

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