Right now, the only thing we’re talking about in principles is Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton winning. That’s it. Our side is saying Hillary Clinton can’t win. The other side is saying Donald Trump can’t win.

Those are not principles.

Because we are only looking at winning, we haven’t looked at the character. We haven’t looked at the principles behind either one of these people. I guess maybe you can say one side would say, “I know the principles behind Donald Trump” and the other side would say, “I know the principles behind Hillary Clinton.” And I think they’re both right.

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But we have jettisoned our principles. Did you know Texas just voted seriously, for the first time since the Civil War, about seceding from the union? It didn’t go anywhere, but the vote took place.

People are now saying we should have a third party. The names I’m hearing kicked around as joining together — and it’s not happening — but Mitt Romney and Ben Sasse. Well, they couldn’t be further apart.

What are the principles, what are the political bonds that bring us together? We’re now actually starting to come into a place to where people are thinking that we might break apart. Well, break apart into what? Into a group of people that believe the same way we believe now? We’re not even together on things!

We have to know that all men are created equal, that they’re endowed by their Creator, and that Creator has given them rights that you cannot even give away. And the government gets their power from us, and they’re only instituted among men to secure our rights. And if those rights are not being secured then it is our job, in fact our duty, to abolish it and institute a new government, laying a foundation of principles.

You can’t talk about anything until we have a conversation on principles, and we know what those principles are about.

That is why I think we have failed. Because we don’t have a common set of principles anymore.

The Founders could establish principles back then because they came from the pulpit. Those principles came from church.

Well, the progressives have done a great job of destroying our faith and our churches. You just heard that preacher a minute ago. Destroying our churches, and destroying eternal truth. That’s fine. If that’s not what you want, that’s fine. But what have you replaced it with? Capitalism? Stuff? Fairness?

I’m in search of who we are and what our principles are. All of these answers we have, really, in the first couple of paragraphs in the Declaration of Independence.

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