A couple weeks back, I saw an advance screening of Hell or High Water.

This was one of the best, current, real and funny movies I have seen in a long time. Really well acted and written.

The entire cast is off the charts, even the bit player waitresses in two different diner scenes will have you talking on the way home.


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It isn’t a comedy, but it has many hard, laugh-out-loud scenes.

The story is about what is happening in America today, but it still allows you to escape. You see people you know in situations you see while being a totally new setting.

As an unintended side benefit, it has the greatest CCW defense scene ever on film. Intense, makes the point without trying to and very funny. At least in Texas, because it is true.

The best way to explain it?

It is an old western bank robbery movie set in today’s Texas.

A definite must-see.

Hell or Highwater is the Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for this generation!

CBS Films will release Hell or High Water in select theaters on August 12th and nationwide on August 19th.

Watch the trailer below.

Featured Image: Screen shot from YouTube