O’Reilly: Pinheads in Congress Insufficient, Incompetent and Shake at the Thought of Losing Their Gym Privileges

There’s no reason to keep Obamacare, according to Bill O’Reilly, who joined Glenn Friday on radio.

“Obamacare legislation is an income redistribution scheme, and that’s what it is. Taking money out of the pockets of working Americans, anybody making more than $75K, and putting it into the pockets of people who don’t have a lot. That’s what this is,” O’Reilly said.

So what does he think Congress should do about it?

“Would Bill O’Reilly be happy with a simple repeal, no replace, just repeal at this point with a two-year window to actually, you know, replace and fix it?” Glenn asked.

O’Reilly responded with a succinct, “yes.”

“There’s no reason to keep Obamacare. If you give the pinheads in congress two years, maybe they’ll get something done. I would rather see one year, but these people are so inefficient, so incompetent that in one year, they start to shake because, you know, that cuts into their gym time. I mean, it’s outrageous,” O’Reilly scoffed.