Glenn joined Porter Stansberry and Buck Sexton for Episode 9 of the “Stansberry Investor Hour” on Thursday, discussing entrepreneurial growth and how we can come together to be the greatest American generation.

Stansberry began the interview by complimenting Glenn on his success as an innovator in the media industry. (Begins at minute mark 26:08.)

“What you have done is right at the cusp of the breaking wave of the media explosion over the last 15 years and how everything is changing,” he said. “You’ve been completely in the vanguard of showing what’s possible for people that are creative and brilliant and have talent to build their own worlds.”

Glenn pointed out the time we live in calls for constant innovation to maintain growth in the media landscape.

“When you can go from an industry innovator and leader and in five years have a lot of people pass you with new innovations, that’s saying something about the times we live in,” Glenn said. “Every entrepreneur needs to know there is no rest for the weary — ever. If you’re not disrupting yourselves, you will be disrupted.”

He went on to share some of the lessons he’s learned from books such as The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt and Tribal Leadership by Logan, King and Fischer-Wright. He also hinted at the direction his company would be going in the coming months.

“I was out in Los Angeles meeting with some people from Silicon Valley, etc., etc. as I look at a whole new era of what we’re about to launch here this fall,” Glenn said.

Glenn shared an experience he had in one of those meetings, where he learned something very important using the right kind of language to open doors to understanding.

“When you can take people and speak their language, and speak the language of the heart and be good at telling a story, you can at least break through enough to have people say, ‘you know, I don’t agree with that guy, but he’s really smart. He’s fair, he’s decent and I like him, I just don’t agree with him.’ And that’s where we need to get back to,” Glenn said.

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