Glenn joined Srinivas Rao on the “Unmistakable Creative” podcast in 2015 on the episode titled “Understanding the Most Misunderstood Man in the World With Glenn Beck” which was posted again on Friday for a best of episode.

Rao is an author whose first book “The Art of Being Unmistakable: A Collection of Essays About Making a Dent in the Universe” shot up the charts after Glenn interviewed him in 2013. Rao did a quick Google search on Glenn to see who he was when he was called to do the interview and decided he’d rather get to know the real Glenn and not who everyone says he is. There was one thing he was clear on, however — Glenn was certainly “controversial.”

The Beck Rao came to know and respect was not the Beck the media likes to paint as a blowhard, he’s actually “one of the most genuine people” he has come to know. This episode of his podcast goes straight to the source and asks Glenn about his childhood, his early years and career — including his darkest days — all the way through the CNN and Fox years leading up to the creation of TheBlaze.

The topics ranged from his “bottom” and dealing with alcoholism to the thing Glenn was most proud of the day he walked out of the Fox News studios and many things both personal and professional in between.

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