Another exciting day.

I spent a lot more time at the studio today, but the time flew by fast. I was a little more relaxed and a lot less overwhelmed.

Yesterday, I watched Glenn critique the pilot of a potential new TV show for TheBlaze, and I was amazed by all the aspects he challenged and gave direction on — everything from the lighting and camera placement, to tone of voice and eye movements.

Glenn reviewed the finished product today, and that was a lot more encouraging. I really hope to see that show air on TheBlaze TV, because it was really awesome!

Also, yesterday Glenn gave me something he called “Lesson 1,” which I’ve read more times than I can count. I’d like to share one of my favorite parts with you:

Never watch something or someone that you do not want to emulate. No matter how convinced you are that it will never happen to you, you will pick up your traits and their habits.

I found that a great piece of advice, not just for the media industry, but for life as well.

Just arrived


On the set during live radio broadcast


More behind the scenes in Glenn’s office


All in all, a fun day

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