Behind the Scenes: Every Christmas Decoration Has a Story

Christmas decorations are up at the Beck household. Here’s a quick tour in photos.

There’s Nipper by the front door, wearing his Christmas scarf. You may recognize him from that famous old dog-and-gramophone commercial logo. I’ve had him for years.

That dog is real — my German Shepherd, Uno.

This old wooden cut-out shop sign has (in my opinion) one of the truest, most classic versions of Santa Claus ever made.

These miniature St. Nicholas dolls from Germany show a bit of lore where Santa Claus was said to be elf-sized — not the large, “festively plump” fellow he’s depicted as today.

Another shot, close-up.

Tractor and tree. Love this.

As if it wasn’t demeaning enough to a symbol of American freedom to cut off its head and put it on the wall above the fireplace, we added a Santa Claus hat.

A few of the pipes from a pipe organ at the church George Washington went to.

This Christmas tree is dedicated to 9-11.

It’s hard to see in the photo, but all the ornaments have something to do with 9-11. It’s something we do every year to commemorate a day that changed our lives.

Buddha looked like he could use some Christmas cheer.

What are some of your favorite decorations? Comment below.