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Class: Understanding the History of Israel

GBTV is proud to announce the start of Third Semester of Beck University.

Class: America's Founding Principles
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Part 1: Divine Providence vs. Manifest Destiny – An Overview

Part 2: America: The History of a Republic…not a Democracy

Class: Destruction & Reconstruction
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Part 1: The First Era of Big Government: How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the Republic

Part 2: Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and the Reconstruction of a Nation

Class: Presidents You Should Hate
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Part 1: The Original Progressives: Teddy Roosevelt & Woodrow Wilson

Part 2: The Most Famous Progressive - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Understanding the History of Israel now available on-demand!

This semester’s Beck University will be unlike anything you have ever seen. Inspired by the content of the first and second installment of Rumors of War, this semester will delve deeper into the history and current happenings in and around the Middle East.

We spent a full year researching the 12th Imam, the Iranian regime's continued development of nuclear weapons, and their desire to wipe Israel right off the map. We gathered so much information we couldn't fit it all into the two documentaries. It’s so important we educate ourselves on this topic we've decided to share everything we have with you at Beck University. Our first class - Understanding the History of Israel.

It’s a 30 minute comprehensive guide to the religious and political importance of Israel. It takes you from the days of early Abraham through the Camp David Accords and the peace talks of the 1990s. It also shows the historic importance of Jerusalem to the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions – and explains why it must remain in Israeli control to preserve some of the holiest sites in the world.

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This fascinating first episode is now available on-demand!


Understanding the History of Israel available on-demand


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America's Founding Principles
Destruction & Reconstruction
Presidents You Should Hate