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Class: Understanding the History of Israel

GBTV is proud to announce the start of Third Semester of Beck University.

Class: America's Founding Principles
Available on-demand!

Part 1: Divine Providence vs. Manifest Destiny – An Overview

Part 2: America: The History of a Republic…not a Democracy

Class: Destruction & Reconstruction
Available on-demand!

Part 1: The First Era of Big Government: How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the Republic

Part 2: Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and the Reconstruction of a Nation

Class: Presidents You Should Hate
Available on-demand!

Part 1: The Original Progressives: Teddy Roosevelt & Woodrow Wilson

Part 2: The Most Famous Progressive - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

In the first semester of Beck University, we explored the Faith, Hope and Charity that built the foundation of our country. In the second semester, we learned about our history and how Manifest Destiny and Divine Providence got our country to where we are now, and laid out the path to where we are going in the future.

This semester’s Beck University will be unlike anything you have ever seen. Inspired by the content of the first and second installment of Rumors of War, this semester will delve deeper into the history and current happenings in and around the Middle East.

In the first episode, tune in for a comprehensive guide to the history and importance of a free Israel. Beginning with Abraham, the first installment of Beck University traces the origins of Israel, the meaning of Jerusalem and the roots of all three major monotheistic religions.

The city of Jerusalem has been the most fought over city in the history of the world. Its holy grounds hold different meanings to Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. Currently, the city is flourishing under the protection of a democratic Israel, but state sponsored terrorism and countries like Iran are continuously plotting how to get control back into Muslim hands.

In 30 short minutes, you will get a thorough overview of the history of Israel, its role in Judaism, Christianity and Islam as well as the Jewish people’s desperate struggle for freedom from oppression and their dire search for land to call home.

This fascinating first episode will be available on demand starting May 18th.

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America's Founding Principles
Destruction & Reconstruction
Presidents You Should Hate