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The Black-Robed Regiment
with Professor David Barton

Those who were long considered some of the most influential leaders in securing our independence and form of government are today largely unknown: the clergy and ministers of the American Revolution. The British called them “The Black Regiment” because of the black robes they wore; today, they are known as “The Black Robed Regiment.” Significantly, John Adams extolled that “the pulpits have thundered” and that ministers such as the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Mayhew and the Rev. Dr. Samuel Cooper were among the most influential in the movement that led to independence. Learn about these now unsung heroes of the American Revolution – leaders such as the Revs. Jonas Clark, John Steel, Peter Muhlenberg, Francis Willard and many others who not only preached liberty but even picked up their guns and led their churches to fight for liberty!

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Faith 101 - Recommended Reading

The Black Robed Regiment -
Recommended reading by Professor David Barton
  • J. T. Headley, The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution (Springfield: G. & F. Bill, 1861). (Google Books)
  • Frank Moore, The Patriot Preachers of the American Revolution, With Biographical Sketches (Reprint. New York: Charles T. Evans, 1862) (Google Books)
  • John Wingate Thornton, Pulpit of the American Revolution (Boston: Gould and Lincoln, 1860) (Google Books)
  • Political Sermons of the American Founding Era: 1730-1805, Ellis Sandoz, editor (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1998, 2 vols.) (Available here)

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