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The Real America – Messages from the Heart and Heartland

Available September 1, 2003
Rediscover America
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The Real America – Messages from the Heart and Heartland

There are some things people think but don’t say….

“Political correctness is the classic Great Idea Gone Wrong. All it’s done is shut us up. It hasn’t changed anybody’s mind. It hasn’t changed our hearts. It’s changed our faces. It’s taken every opinion we have, it’s taken every joke we have, and it’s forced us to conceal it and hide it and bury it. It’s made us superficial.”

“Terrorism isn’t caused by poverty, poverty is caused by terrorism. Terror is a tool used by those seeking power to keep the masses in need of an answer.”

“Too many people blame everything on everybody else, and because they do, they will expect too little from themselves and too little from their children.”

With an inimitable combination of self-effacing humor and heartfelt conviction, Glenn rails against many of the forces that keep us from our potential as a nation and as individuals — and tells how to overcome them. His topics include:

Family and community


Personal responsibility

Political correctness, the media, Hollywood, and celebrities