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GLENN: Okay.
Attempting to overtake the popularity of Glenn Beck’s 8/28
rally, a group of about 300 liberal and progressive organizations have planned a
rally on the national mall. Is it this weekend? Yeah. It’s 10‑2‑10, isn’t it?

PAT: Yes, it is.

GLENN: According to two new reports, Saturday’s 10‑2 march, one nation working
together, also has garnered support of President Obama’s political organizing
group, as well as multiple churches. As the Hill reports, the Democratic
National Committee’s Organizing For America, which is the President’s,
Organizing For America, which works to support and build off Obama’s policies
sent out an e‑mail blast supporting ‑‑


GLENN: Can you maybe give me a second here? Thank you, Pat.

PAT: I was just making sure I have it.

GLENN: No. It’s good. Usually what you should do is check that off line, but
that’s what the professionals do.

STU: You talk on mike. You don’t play audio when trying not to. Do we have our
roles down here?

PAT: Come on. We’re all waiting for it.

GLENN: The Democratic National Committee’s Organizing For America which works to
support and build off Obama’s policies sent out an e‑mail blast. The message
bills the event as the biggest progressive demonstration in decades. A video
posted on OFA’s website may offer a glimpse in what the event might look like,
an election rallying touting Democrats successes over the last two years while
villainizing the Republicans and here’s what the President said.

OBAMA: ‑‑ all across the country and the other side is not fighting back. You’ve
seen special interests align with the Republican party all across the country
and they are now spending millions of dollars all across the country against
democratic candidates, running tremendously negative ads and the worst about
part about it is we don’t know exactly who these groups are because of a Supreme
Court decision called citizens united.

PAT: Unbelievable.

OBAMA: You now have a situation in which special interests can get millions of
dollars in contributions from some of the wealthiest, most powerful interests in
the group.

GLENN: Like Indians.

OBAMA: They don’t have to disclose who they are.

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PAT: George Soros.

OBAMA: ‑‑ and so all of our candidates are getting swamped. Now, given what’s at
stake, given the fact that the other side has said they want to go back to the
exact same agenda that was in place before I took office, having taxes for
millionaires and billion heirs even if it adds to our deficit, letting corporate
special interests write their own rules, because they want to go back to that
agenda, we know that we’re going to have to make sure we do well in this
election and we are fighting or as candidates as strongly as you fought for me.

PAT: Because he only had a billion dollars, he only spent $1 billion and we know
where every penny came from.

GLENN: Well, we do and, you know, when he talks about, you know, you don’t want
to right special interest groups just writing legislation, he knows what he’s
talking about because we’ve seen the damage that special interest groups
bypassing Congress and just writing their own legislation ‑‑

PAT: You don’t mean like the Apollo Project?

GLENN: Or citizens for American progress, none of those.

PAT: No.


PAT: No.

GLENN: Not at all. OFA is not alone supporting the rally. Among those who have
decided to sponsor the rally are multiple church groups, according to the New
York Times. The march is cosponsored by the United Methodist Church, the United
Church of Christ, which is what’s his name, Jeremiah Wright’s church.

PAT: Jeremiah Wright.

GLENN: The National Baptist Convention and several Jewish organizations. As
people of faith, we deeply care about the issues of justice, education, and jobs
and we feel those are ‑‑ those issues facing society we have to address. This is
according to the United Methodist Church. A march like this is something that
hasn’t been accomplished since Dr. King brought people together in 1963 around
issues of race, war, class, and the right to decent paying, good jobs.

PAT: The right again, the right to good jobs.

GLENN: So, we know what they’re doing. They are ‑‑ they are organizing for their
version of America. They are pulling out all the stops. This is truly, truly
Astroturf. You can’t get people to come to the mall and organizing something in
six weeks. You can’t do it. If this ‑‑ these 300 organizations, which include
all of the labor unions, which includes gigantic churches and church
organizations, we had individual churches that decided that they wanted to, you
know, come or individual pastors, but we didn’t have ‑‑ we didn’t have the
United Methodist Church saying, we’re are the buses, let’s go, all of our
churches. We didn’t have that. And we also didn’t have a political message. The
message was about God. The message was the 40 day and 40 night challenge. The
message was you are better people than this.

I believe that we have done something that no one has done since Martin Luther
King, but you’ll notice that they themselves now are imaging themselves as
Martin Luther King. I had to make sure that I was saying the whole time, I’m not
Martin Luther King, don’t claim to be Martin Luther King. They are now claiming
to be Martin Luther King and his march. And it is all about power, money, and
politics. If there aren’t 2 million people there on the mall, I would be shocked
because they know how much is at stake. They know what that crowd needs to ‑‑
photographs. They know what that crowd needs to look like.

PAT: And like you said, they’ve got every union, they’ve got every church group,
they’ve got the office of the presidency of the United States behind this thing.
This is ‑‑ I mean, if you can’t ‑‑ you’ve got to get 2 million people there.
With all of this power behind them and organizing ability, they ‑‑ I mean, they
proved in 2008 they know how to organize.

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: Then ‑‑

GLENN: And they will. And their crowd will ‑‑ it has to be 2 million people. It
has to be 2 million people. I would have a little more confidence in 2 million
if I knew they didn’t have the power of MSNBC behind them. You know, I think
once you have the power of MSNBC ‑‑

PAT: Then you diminish that to about ‑‑

GLENN: You diminish ‑‑

PAT: ‑‑ maybe 1 million. MSNBC cuts it in half.

GLENN: I’m not really sure.

PAT: I don’t know. We’ll see.

GLENN: So, you have this weekend the anti‑8/28 rally. We saw the pictures of the
crowd and this isn’t about numbers. This is about the spirit of the crowd, what
happens, what happens on stage. How is it reviewed? How is it covered? What is
said? And I will tell you, I support their right to gather. I support their
right to stand and be heard. I support their right to let people hear and see
who they are. That’s all I asked. All I asked for was we have a right to be
heard, we have a right to stand, we have a right to have people hear us. And
that’s all they’re doing and they have that right and we as citizens have the
responsibility to listen and then choose.

I find it interesting that Stephen Colbert, in part of the story that nobody has
covered, do you know who set that up, who set up the whole Stephen Colbert
incident in Congress and on the fields? Do you know, Stu?

STU: Only because you e‑mailed it to me this morning.

GLENN: It was the farm workers union.

STU: It’s unbelievable.

GLENN: Yeah. It was the farm workers union that put this whole thing together
and had Stephen Colbert come out and work on the farm and then go to Congress.
The unions are knee‑deep in all of this and I don’t know how all this shakes
out. I don’t know and I don’t claim to be the one who is left standing in the
end. Here’s what I do claim. I believe that those who play these games at this
point, who are not honest, who are in bed with the special interests or in bed
with what America knows is wrong, they will go the way of Oprah Winfrey. A lot
of people will say, oh, Oprah cashed out and got a lot of money, yeah, she did,
but Oprah was losing to Judge Judy in the end and I believe that not because
she, you know, ate up all of her time and, you know, her 15 minutes or 1500
hours of fame was over. I believe it happened because she got involved in
politics and everything else and people didn’t like what she had to say. She
forced them to choose and she got into something that wasn’t her realm. Colbert
and what’s his name, Stewart, are doing the same thing now. And I don’t know if
these are the event that will do it to them, with you I will tell you that
Stephen Colbert, I felt bad for him because I think he was set up but he also
choose and he knew he was getting in bed with the unions and was being ‑‑ he’s a
shill. That’s all he is is a shill and the America people are done with it.
Everything that is establishment ‑‑ I’m going to go into this tomorrow a little
bit. Everything that is the establishment will be over. It will come to an end.
Now, it will either be a smaller government and ruling themselves or it will be
a global establishment in the end. That will be for the American people and only
the American people to decide.