GLENN: By the way, on our poll yesterday we asked if you had to vote today, who would you vote for. In a mythical three-party ballot, would you vote for Barack Obama, would you vote for John McCain or would you vote for George W. Bush. I would say that this is quite possibly — see if you think this is accurate, that of the mainstream talk shows, of the big three here that this is the most unfriendly zone listener-wise for George W. Bush?

STU: Yeah, I’m much more pro George W. Bush than you are. You annoy me sometimes. You are against him.

GLENN: Right. But wouldn’t you say for an audience makeup, this is probably the least — this is where he’s popular the least?

STU: Yeah, I would say very annoyed at him as well at times, over certain things.

GLENN: Prescription drugs and —

STU: Spending certainly.

GLENN: I mean, don’t start. Don’t start.

STU: What about the list.

GLENN: You don’t want to go down to the Compean and Ramos, let’s not get there.

STU: So there’s been a frustration with this guy, shockingly enough.

GLENN: So if you had to vote today, who would you vote for. Barack Obama, 2.5%. John McCain, 20%. George W. Bush, 76.5%.

STU: That’s amazing. That’s a —

GLENN: And you know what? I agree. If I could vote for George W. Bush, it would be a handgun or George Bush. I would either kill myself or vote for him. I don’t — I mean, I — I regretted my vote in 2004.

STU: 2004, it was one month. The election was in November.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: By December? You didn’t —

GLENN: Spring. Spring of 2005. Come on, Stu. It was right after the election. I was on the air during the election saying, uh-uh —

STU: You didn’t like certain things about him then.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: It wasn’t exactly, "I believe John Kerry," was not the guy you were going to.

GLENN: No. No, no. I would be in the same place. I probably would have voted for George W. Bush but I know now more than I did then. Now I’ve got real evidence, not my guy. That’s how — I mean, I’m like, oh, yeah, George Bush, I’ll take that.

STU: I’m surprised at the percentage. I mean —

GLENN: 76% of this audience.

STU: You’ve got to believe it. Again this is a poll that goes out through the newsletter which is, it’s not as wide open as a web poll. I mean, we’ve gotten pretty reasonable results of our audience in there, and if that’s accurate, that is a legitimate problem for John McCain. I mean, like —

GLENN: Again, send it out again today, will you?

STU: Same poll?

GLENN: Same poll. And I’m asking if you are a web, or a newsletter subscriber, this is a free subscription at, it’s a free subscription. Send it out again, Dan, and say we know that you got this poll yesterday but Glenn wants you to take it — he wants you to really think about it.

STU: The first time we sent it out, we didn’t even talk about it on the air in advance because we wanted to get what your vibe was.

GLENN: These are hundreds of thousands of people that are voting. So it is — I mean, for it to be that distant, it is a stable sample of this audience.

STU: Yeah, and it’s not one of those polls necessarily that you would just see on the website and spam and it’s not —

GLENN: Right.

STU: I mean, you could — you know, you could see a lot of that.

GLENN: I’d like to see if it’s as stable yesterday as it was yesterday.

STU: Like I just — look. They keep saying, well, John McCain’s trying to run for his third term of George Bush. I just, my ration to that is, really? Can I sign him up for that? Can I guarantee that?

GLENN: I don’t want a third term of George W. Bush. I do not want a third term of George W. Bush but if I had that option between those two clowns, I’d take it. That’s amazing.

STU: If that’s legitimate as it seems in these things, and these have been generally good measures, that’s a problem for him.

GLENN: Because I’m not a supporter. I’m a guy — I mean, I’m not a supporter on some things. I’m a big time anti-George W. Bush on other things. And for me to say, okay, I’d take another four years of this, without even questioning it, that’s a big deal.