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GLENN: 888 727 BECK, 888 727 BECK. All right. So the last break I told you that values are what we have to reconnect with, time tested, time honored values, the things that weren’t fashionable before. I thought a lot about my grandma’s fruit cellar yesterday. People make fun of me for saying, oh, you’re storing food? Why are you storing food? You’re just one of those crazy people. Really? My grandma had a fruit cellar. Was she crazy? No, she could go to the store. You know, I grew up in a time when there were stores. Grandma still canned soup and fruit and food. She had different values and she knew what value was.

Does anybody else remember their mom going shopping and getting stuff in bigger sizes? Do you remember hearing the phrase, "You’ll grow into it." Oh, jeez. I swear to you I never had clothes that fit me. They were always I swear they were either too small or too big. Maybe there was a day in there it was like, perfect size. They never fit me. "You’ll grow into it." We didn’t hem our pants. Well, at least we didn’t hem it and just cut it and then hem it. We hemmed Grandma and Mom would always hem them so they could let them out. So I’d always have that line around the cuff. You know what I mean? When they would let them out, I’d always have a line and it would be like, "Okay." Because they knew clothing wasn’t about being fashionable, wasn’t about the latest trend. Life wasn’t about clothing. As much as I hated it, our parents and our grandparents knew that life was about life, not the little line that went around where they let the hem out.

Over the last year and a half people have made fun of me, and you can continue to. I mean, there’s lots of reasons to make fun of me. Really, seriously. My family, you think you could be worse than my family? Please. You should hear my kids. People have said I’m a doomsday guy, Mr. Gloomy, you name it, "Oh, you’re crazy." One of my highlights of the year is when I gave one of the most honest pieces of "Here’s what you can do as a family." The most honest piece of advice I think I could give you and, oh, was it a joke. Still is. In the office, you should hear. Just last week, "Oh, really? Should I go buy some shoes, Glenn?" I’m going to give the advice again because maybe this time it will carry a little bit more weight. If you have children, just remember your grandparents, remember your mom. If you have children and you know that they are going to grow out of their clothes and there are going to be sales, make you this promise. I can’t promise you that we’re going to have 1929 style Depression but I also can’t promise you that our country will resemble what it is today ever again. I know you won’t change. But I can promise you this. Your dollar is at its highest value because they are inflating the money. Inflation is coming. When people are putting their money into treasuries and they’re saying I’ll take zero gain in the next ten years, I’ll take 3% gain over the next three years, when inflation that they report is running at 5%. Inflation probably now is 10%. People will lose anywhere from 2 to 7% on their money just to make sure it’s safe. When that kind of stuff happens, you know you’re in real, real trouble. You may not have any money to invest. You don’t have to. Your investments won’t return as much as inflation. So go to the store. You want to invest? Go to the store today. You see a sale? Today, tomorrow, this week, coming sales, you see a sale, you don’t just buy it for this year. Buy it for next year. You know your kids are going to use shoes. Buy them for next year. It is an investment. Because inflation is coming. And if you think you can beat inflation, that’s great. I don’t think you can.