GLENN: Now, in Pasadena, just a suburb outside of Houston, there is a guy named Joe Horn. I’ve talked about him on the air before and everything I have heard about Joe Horn is that he’s a decent human being, that he’s a good guy. All of his neighbors say he’s like the grandfather of the neighborhood. There is a law in Houston where a guy can protect his own property. You come onto his property; he can shoot you. Well, a friend said, would you watch my house. He was watching the house. Two guys crawl out of a back window. First he sees him crawl in. He calls the cops and they say, they’re on their way, they’re on their way. Well, the people are inside and he’s on the phone saying, okay, guys, where are they? Come on, where are they? "They’re on their way, sir." He sees them start getting out of the house and he says, "They’ve got a bag of stuff from my friend’s house. I’m not going to let them get away with it. I’ve got a gun." And the 911 operator says, "Please, sir, don’t do that, don’t go out and do it, you’ll get yourself killed." And he said, "I’m not going to get killed; I’ll kill them." Well, that’s exactly what he did. He went out and killed the two. Now, not even sure if Mr. Horn is going to be charged with anything because it appears what he did was legal. I don’t think it’s necessarily the smart thing to do and I was disturbed, as I told you the first time I heard the 911 call. Do we have that 911 call, Dan, handy? I want to play a little bit of it and then I want to give you the update on what happened over the weekend.

The new Black Panthers came to town in Houston to Joe Horn’s neighborhood and they tried to hold a press conference, but some of the good people in Houston didn’t take too kindly to that and there is new video out that I’m going to send to Chris Brady that you are probably not going to see on mainstream television because they don’t want to show you this stuff unless they make it in a way to where, look at all the white racists coming out against these peaceful peace-loving Black Panthers. They probably haven’t found a way to spin it that way yet, but they will.

Joe Horn Protest Video

This is some AMAZING raw footage of a huge protest in Pasadena…Joe Horn