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GLENN: Hey, let me ask you about this story. Here’s a story that I think, I think that this story not being anywhere just proves how ubiquitous this story really is. On Friday, couple of weeks before Christmas, aka, birth of Jesus Christ, Sarah Palin’s church in Wasilla, Alaska apparently set on fire by arsonists while women and children were inside. Hmmm. They made it out safely. The damage to the building totals around $1 million. I say damage to the building and not the church because despite the fire, the church went on to have services anyway in a nearby middle school. Church is more than just a building, but the building burned down. The congregation, by the way, not freaking out. One member, Patsy Inks, says she was initially shocked and frustrated by the news but by Sunday, two days later, she was feeling blessed. "The tragedy has brought us together," she said. A September 12th American, it appears. Palin stopped by the church Saturday saying she was sorry if this had anything to do with the undeserved negative attention the church had received after the election. Police don’t necessity yet if it was related. Church members say they thought it was just likely local punks or someone who had a beef with God. Of course, the article finds the need to mention that the church bulletin had talked about a Focus on the Family event about how same-sex relationships can be overcome, but that’s just vital to a story about fire — I’m not sure, unless you are saying that maybe somebody with a gay agenda set the church on fire? Is that what the story was saying? I’m not sure why that was in there.

The question is have you heard this story? Why is this story not leading every newscast? I get so frustrated with the news now, I can’t take it. I can’t take it. Yesterday I talked to the people at Fox and Friends and we were supposed to do a new story on — jeez, what was it? It was the bailouts and something else, and it was — and I was talking to them about the possibility of a Civil War in America. I get on Fox and Friends this morning and I talk — we changed the subject to Clint Eastwood and how America’s just not tough enough right before we went on the air. And if you watch Fox and Friends and you go over to NBC’s Today Show or Good Morning America, you will think that Fox and Friends is, you know, a thinktank in comparison. Nobody is talking about the real issues. We are in real trouble.

Now, I don’t think that this church being burned down should lead the news, but in today’s society maybe it should. In the America I grew up in, it wouldn’t have to. I mean, I know the President was almost hit by a shoe and everything, but isn’t this a pretty big story? Whenever there’s some racist that burns down a black church in the South somewhere, the story is everywhere. But the woman who has come closer than any other to being vice president of the United States has her church burned down and you barely find the story anywhere. In one way I’m glad this happened to Sarah Palin’s church because the leadership of the church and the congregation have reacted with class. They’ve reacted the way you should. They went on. None of that — without hate, without malice, without stone-throwing. But let me ask you this: Do you think it would lead the news if Barack Obama’s old church had been burned down, the church of Jeremiah Wright? Do you think that would have led the news? A man who’s already blaming the government for creating AIDS to kill African-Americans, imagine what he would be saying into any camera that would tape him. Not only would the media suddenly find a way to make a front page story in every single paper, this would squarely be blamed on hateful people like Sarah Palin, not to mention there would be calls to get rid of talk radio already today. We would have riots in the streets, and the media would be more than happy to egg them on.

I don’t know who did this and maybe it is just local punks and I hope it is just local punks, but I can tell you that regardless of the cause, the people of the church and the way they are reacting is inspiring. In a very difficult holiday season, I’m more and more impressed every day that the body of God — and that means Jews, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, everybody — the body of God is under attack and if we don’t start pulling together, if we don’t start being those people that see God in everybody’s eyes, if we’re not those people that stand together, we’re in big trouble. When somebody can burn down a church and nobody says anything about it, that’s either a really good sign or it’s a sign that they are not on the politically correct side. So burning that church down doesn’t make a difference. By the way, this church, to quote a crazy book that some people are reading now, this church congregation is facing their storm with just unbelievable class. They would never ask, but if you want to help them face their storm, it’s Wasilla Bible Church, 1651 West Nicola Avenue, Wasilla, Alaska, 99654. We’ll put that in the news today. As far as I know, they are not asking for donations to help. They probably won’t. They are not that kind of people. But should they have to?