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GLENN: Welcome to the program. My name is Glenn Beck. I’m going to play some audio for you. This is a school play. This is a little girl, she’s dressed as a tree and now remember, you can’t do plays based on the birth of Christ anymore because, well, that might offend some people. But listen to this play. Here’s the audio and we’ll attach the video to the newsletter today at You’ve got to hear this. Go ahead.

(Video playing)

GLENN: Okay, stop. Stop. I can’t take it anymore. You can see the audio at You notice you don’t hear the laughter from the, "Oh, isn’t that could you tell, they are clearcut." If I were — you know what? This is all happening because we allow it. What was the percentage of that audience, if they’re anything like the stereotypical American — you know, if it was a real true representation of America, only 20% of that audience believed in global warming, 20%. After all of Al Gore’s hype and all of the campaign and everything else, the number’s actually gone down. It’s now 20% of the Americans that believe that manmade global warming exists and this is the big crisis that everybody says it is. 20%. Where was the 80% represented in there? You know what? They’re going to do a play, they come home. Oh, they are all excited, "We’re going to do a deal," and you just don’t want to stick out, you don’t want to make a scene, you just go with it. Your kids are being indoctrinated. And we don’t do anything about it. We don’t demand "No." Others demand, "No, you can’t have a nativity scene." Others demand no, you can’t have the birth of Christ on the stage. But yet we sit here and we take it. You can’t sing a Christmas Carol. It’s a winter concert. But they will do this play.

The reason why atheists stand up to be heard is because they believe it’s a lie. The reason why atheists stand up is because they are tired of the indoctrination. That’s what they believe, that they are being — their children are being indoctrinated and taught this lie that Jesus lived and roamed the Earth. And yet we take it because we want to be inclusive. You know, I don’t want to jam my religion down anybody’s throat. You don’t, either — well, maybe you do. I don’t. You know, I don’t mind, you know, somebody who lives across the street and they are another religion, I don’t care. I don’t care. I hope they find the happiness that I have found and if it makes them a better person and it draws them closer to the spirit of God and all of that stuff, God bless them. If it doesn’t, gosh, if I’ll live my life in a way, try to be an example, you know, if they’re interested, I’ll share it with them. But I ain’t gonna jam it down their throat. That’s not my place. But you know what? Isn’t it time that we stop letting others jam stuff down our throat, the same people who tell us to sit down and shut up because we’re hate mongers when we’re not hate mongers, when we don’t hate other people who are different than us, we don’t hate people with other opinions than us, we don’t hate people of different skin color. We don’t have a problem if you want to have an honest debate about global warming. I don’t hate the planet, I don’t want to starve African children, I don’t want to pollute our seas and our oceans, I don’t want to breathe in poison air, I don’t want to leave it for my grandchildren and yet I’m the one told to sit down and shut up. I’m a corporate toadie, I’m a Holocaust denier. You know what? There’s 80 of us to 20 of you. Sit down and shut up!

Now, if there’s any 20 of you that would like to have an intelligent, peaceful conversation that’s based on actual facts, that we can have an honest debate out in the open where you don’t spiral into name-calling, where you don’t spiral into, "Well, you’re just a Holocaust denier," where you actually have people present both sides and be able to answer for it and not a stooge on your side and not a stooge on my side, but the best each side has to offer and then have that debate, let us listen to it, let us decide. That’s great. Then you and I, even though we might disagree on global warming, if you believe that that should happen, then you and I are on the same time — on the same side and we should stick together.

But Progressives, don’t confuse these with liberals and don’t confuse them with Democrats. Progressives, true deep Progressives that know what it means to be a progressive, they have never been for debate. They are never for discussion. That’s not what Progressives do. They know better than you. If you don’t understand, well, you are not smart enough, or you are part of the problem. Why do we take it? Stand up. You know what? Spend the next couple of weeks being grateful and thankful, really celebrate Thanksgiving, be grateful for what we have. Even as troubled times we live in, be grateful for what we have and then see the Christ child, see that the Christ child, what he brings is a second chance, a chance to start over, a chance to leave your past in your past. Doesn’t matter what’s happened yesterday. It really doesn’t matter. Just start over. Forgive yourself, forgive everybody else and start all over again. And then you hit New Year’s and make a commitment to yourself that you’re going to find out what you believe and then you’re going to stand up for what you believe. And don’t let our kids be sucked into this cesspool of indoctrination.