GLENN: ABC wanted me to do something on Good Morning America. It was my understanding, but I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been involved in all the details, but it was my understanding that Diane was going to have a conversation with me on Mitt Romney and what was happening with Mitt Romney and what I thought he should say in the speech, but that would be too reasonable. That would be a reasonable conversation to have. Instead when I arrive, Richard Land is there and he is a Southern Baptist and I said, hello, Richard, how are you? And we talked for a few minutes and he was a very pleasant man. We get on the air and Diane Sawyer, I think the first question out of her mouth is, are Mormons Christian? And, of course, his answer is no, they’re not which, you know, under two hours sleep I’ve got to tell you I had a hard time, you know, just smiling and letting it pass, especially since I only had two hours sleep because I had done a Christmas show the night before where I was talking about the real meaning of Christmas being with redemption and about not the birth of the baby, about the empty tomb and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So I had a little hard — it was very difficult for me to let that one pass, but I did.

The next question, with about 40 seconds to go, was about the deep doctrinal issues of Mormonism, and I’ve got to tell you something. I want you to put yourself in my shoes. Mormons, the doctrine is different. However, that’s what attracted me to it. For me some of the things in traditional doctrine just doesn’t work, but it works for millions of other people and that’s great. Happens to work for millions of Mormons the other way. That’s great. You know, I’m not going to preach to you, you don’t have to preach to me. We’ll pray for each other and we’ll see each other on the other side hopefully.

Now, imagine, put yourself in this position. Let’s say you are in Saudi Arabia where nobody’s ever heard of the trinity. You’re a Catholic. Nobody’s ever heard of the trinity. What, the trinity? What, it’s three in one, they’re everywhere and nowhere. Jesus is on the cross but he’s really God. So God has died but yet he didn’t die and how does this — imagine you’ve never heard this before. So you’ve never heard any kind of explanation. So it works. You know what I mean? You’ve never heard anybody say, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait, you’ve got to slow down. She asked me two questions about deep doctrine issues and I had in my ear, 40 seconds. Oh, well, hang on. I’ve got 40 seconds. Let me explain this to you. You can’t explain it in 40 seconds. You can’t explain anything of deep philosophical viewpoint or deep theological viewpoint. It took me a year of real studying to be able to understand some of the stuff in all of different doctrines, which leads me to this. Nobody really cares. Nobody really cares.

Look, I’ve said this before. You have more Jello with stupid carrots in it than you’ve ever — I don’t even know who came up with Jello and carrots but somehow or another the Mormons did and they’re like, "Here, somebody’s died, here, have some Jello and carrots." That just makes it worse for me. If you want to know, ask a Mormon. If the media wants to know, why don’t you call somebody who, like, actually does this for a living. I hear the Mormons have a university. That’s weird. Maybe you should call somebody at the university and talk about their theological doctrine. Have the theological issues taken care of by those people. But see, that’s not what it’s about. It’s about an agenda. It’s about an agenda that I’m telling you is going to backfire on the media because if Mitt Romney would get the nomination, Christians will then rally around him and say, whoa, wait a minute, hang on, this looks like it’s a persecution of religion because that’s exactly what it is.

If I got on the air and I said to you, I’m going to vote for Mitt Romney and I’m going to vote for Mitt Romney because he’s a Mormon. Well, wouldn’t you think that I’m the dumbest man in America? And you know what, you’d have every right to think that because if I just voted for Mitt Romney because he was a Mormon, I would also have to vote for Harry Reid, and I got news for ya. I ain’t ever voting for Harry Reid. I don’t care if he is Jack Mormon himself.