We asked Stu and Dan to pick their favorite bits from 2008. After locking themselves in the office for a whole weekend we finally saw the white smoke come up through the chimney and knew a decision had been reached. Here are their top 10 picks from 2008.

10. Obama Anthem
Do you really think the national anthem is going to remain the same during Obama’s administration? Come 2009, we won’t be singing about our country anymore. We’ll be singing about the one and only Lord and Savior Barack Obama.
9. Changity Change
Another catchy tune that uses the Obama theology of brainwashing; create a catchy (a.k.a. stupid) slogan for change and say it over and over and over again. The people will love it!
8. Free Credit Report (Obama)
Socialism is fun? That’s what Obama is hoping you think in the near future. While we know you won’t fall for that, we couldn’t resist having a laugh at socialism’s expense.
7. Free Credit Report / Healthcare
Think healthcare is poorly run now? Just wait till the government gets their grubby little hands on the system. It will be running as smooth as Medicare and Social Security!
6. End of Economy Sale
Sure, the entire globe is crumbling around you. The Perfect Storm is coming ashore and just crushing our country and our economy BUT that means there are some great deals to be made!
5. Exploitico: Anarchy Survival Kit
When the world ends there will be an unspecified period of time before your death. The choice is yours whether you want to breath your last few breaths in pain or in relative luxury. Be prepared! Get the Anarchy Survival Kit from Exploitico and prepare yourself for the worst to come.
4. Glenny Downer
Tired of hearing about the perfect storm, the greater depression, the new New Deal? Play this anytime Glenn makes you want to slit your throat with a plastic butter knife. But don’t let Glenn hear this song. The first time Stu and Dan played it Glenn banned it from the radio show. Isn’t that fascism?
3. Ted’s Dollar Store
With the economy crumbling and inflation out of control there is one local businessman who keeps it simple and remains afloat while the big greedy corporate execs falter. Ted tells it like it is, was and will be.
2. Ham! Inflation
We all saw what happened to the fine people of Zimbabwe when inflation got out of control. Today, it’s like $19 million dollars for a loaf of bread. Don’t think it can happen here? Think again, unless you can explain where we’re getting all the money for these bailouts? That’s what we thought. So in preparation for our dismal future, we take a look at what the price of Ham will be very, very soon.
1. Glenn’s Financial Warning
Ok, so Glenn has been right on a couple of predictions. But don’t be fooled into thinking he’s now a financial genius. He’s not and the lawyers agree. That’s why Stu and Dan run statements like these anytime Glenn gives out financial advice on the air.

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