GLENN: Now I want to switch gears and I need your counsel on something quite honestly. Yesterday on the radio show, I had Sara Carter on. She’s the writer from the Washington Times. She came on and I thought, you know, she did a story on how there are these 60 Al-Qaeda members or terrorists from Afghanistan and from Iraq that have been smuggled through our southern border through tunnels. They had received ammunition and guns and weapons, pretty high-powered weapons that had already been smuggled into the United States and they were targeting one of our critical intel bases in Arizona. She detailed that she wasn’t sure how many of them had actually gotten through before we got onto it but there was word that several of them were in safehouses here in the United States and that’s what her story was. She also said in her story that one of the sources was very credible. Another source was a drug source from a cartel. He was trying to cut himself a deal. So he said this information. So you can’t really necessarily trust him. However I find it ironic that the Government doesn’t trust this guy because he’s a member of a cartel, yet they trust the member of a cartel to put Compean and Ramos behind bars for 11 years.

So I told you this story yesterday. Last night right before we went on air, we did our own — because we check all of our sources. We want to make sure everything is accurate. So we call the Department of Homeland Security and they say, story’s not true. Really? Story’s not true? We call Sara Carter back. Department of Homeland Security says it’s not true. Well, they’ve got their facts wrong because it is, and here are the documents, X, Y and Z. We call somebody else: Okay, can you help us out, did you check this story? Yeah, yeah, don’t pay attention to that story, that’s old news. I thought, what, are you working for the Clinton campaign? They always use that, old news. What does that mean, it’s old news? So I had a decision. Everybody came down. We actually stopped production on this show and — which we never do, and everybody came down on the floor and they said, Glenn, before we start, you know, what are you going to do? Are you going to run with this story or not run with this story? And I said, well, hang on just a second; let me ask the people who just work on the crew. I don’t want to ask the journalists. I want to ask the crew. Which one do you believe? Do you believe that the woman who is a reporter who has been on the border, has been down to Laredo, is the thorn in the side of the administration, she’s been reporting on this and reporting on these stories over and over and over again. This is her beat, the border. Do you believe her or do you believe the Department of Homeland Security? I got my answer from the crew. I’m not going to tell you what it was. I got my answer from the crew and so here’s what I did. I presented the story last night in probably the most frank way that anybody else would report. Most people would just not do the story or they would do the story and be married to it. Instead I said, I don’t know what the truth is anymore and how sad is that? I don’t know what the truth is. I’ve got congressmen telling me this is happening and this is true. I’ve got congressmen telling me there’s more to this story. I’ve got a congressman, and we had him on television last night, I have a congressman who says that we were training Iraqi intelligence officers at this base and they just disappeared. They knew everything that we have at the base, you know, they could have made maps of the base and they just disappear. Now, I’ve got that from a congressman under sworn testimony.

So what’s the truth? So I’m going to ask you the same question. Here’s an update from last night. I talked to another source in the Government and this source said to me, "I was very disappointed in your show last night." I said, what are you talking about? "I can’t believe that you bought into it." And I said, again, what are you talking about? This source tells me that this particular reporter — and I know her history. She’s been on this forever — is truly a thorn in the side of the administration and of Homeland Security and everybody else because she never gives up and so my source tells me that there is an effort to discredit her.

Well, from what I’ve gone through and what I’ve seen and how smarmy everybody is if you are standing up against any kind of security, I tend to believe that. I tend to believe that we have forces in our own government that would discredit those people because that’s what they’ve done to you. You stand up for the border, you’re a racist. Are you really a racist? I’m not a racist. I’m for immigration. You know Pat Buchanan comes out and says we’ve got to stop all immigration. I don’t say that. I want immigrants here. I want immigrants here. I just want them to know who they are and I want to be able to pick them. I want to be able to say, yeah, you’ve got a valuable service to provide; you’ve got skills that we need; come on. I want immigrants here, all shapes, sizes, I don’t care, colors, doesn’t matter, religions, okay as long as you are not trying to behead anybody. I’m good with it. Yet they’ve smeared you, they’ve smeared me, they’ve smeared everybody who’s on the side standing up for homeland security as racists and hate mongers. So why wouldn’t they do that to a reporter, somebody who’s really trying to lead the charge? So my question to you is who do you believe? I have really credible sources saying this is not true from the Department of Homeland Security, really credible journalists who say not true. Didn’t happen, old story. Really credible journalists on the other side saying absolutely true. Congressmen saying yes, hello, and there’s more to it. So who do you believe?