He’s more than just a billionaire–he’s a real American hero. Jon Huntsman started the Huntsman Cancer Institute after going through cancer treatment himself and thinking ‘I can do this better’. The result of his vision was a truly out of the ordinary place for those suffering with cancer. In one of the most inspiring interviews you will ever hear, Glenn’s conversation with Huntsman provided a window into a truly pure soul. Although he has tons of money—Huntsman is not giving out of abundance, he’s giving because that’s who he is. He once gave a family $50 a month to help make ends meet—while he was making just over $300 a month. After seeing a very wealthy colleague who didn’t donate much money die, Huntsman had another thought occur to him: There wasn’t a dollar in the casket this guy could take with him. From that moment on, he has vowed to die broke and give away every penny of his fortune before he passes on. Huntsman’s kindness and overwhelming charitable giving has inspired Glenn so much that he wants to emulate Mr. Huntsman in every way. Donate here to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Free Audio: Listen to Glenn Beck’s radio interview with Jon Huntsman, Jan 30, 2009

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  Glenn’s radio interview with Jon Huntsman