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VOICE: The Glenn Beck program presents more truth behind America’s march to socialism.

GLENN: Well, you probably heard of the Kyoto protocol. Basically to limit carbon dioxide that each country emits and then they designed a cap and trade system. It was so fantastic, this Kyoto protocol, that Bill Clinton wouldn’t sign it. Anyway, so what they can do is they can limit the amount of energy a country can use and if you’re under your limit, you can trade your excess to the countries that are over theirs. So in other words, we get X number of pounds of carbon dioxide and Nigeria gets a whole bunch of carbon dioxide credits. They ain’t using very many. So why don’t we take our money and buy those credits for that invisible gas and give that money to Nigeria? That’s helping the planet. It’s such an invasion into a country’s sovereignty that Jacques Chirac called it, quote, the first step toward genuine global governance. Those are boots that I hear marching, right? Global governance? He was happy about it. By the way, it doesn’t sound socialistic at all, but with this economy there’s no way that cap and trade could come here now, right? No politician is going to promote raising energy prices in this climate, pardon the pun. Well, Senator Barbara Boxer, the California Democrat, promised to draft a cap and trade legislation for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in as little as the next few weeks and definitely before the end of the year. Oh. Finally a promise from a politician that I actually believe.

Ms. Boxer laid out the following six broad principles but didn’t provide specific details concerning future legislation. She said, here they are: A commitment to reducing emissions to levels guided by science to avoid global warming. Translation: This is science being put in its rightful place. And if you agree, if you agree that, you know, it shouldn’t happen, then you’re a Holocaust denier. The debate over whether dissent is allowed is over.

Setting an enforceable short and long-term emission target. Translation: Less energy for you and higher prices for what you do use. What recession? Establishing a carbon market is goal number three for Ms. Boxer. I don’t know exactly what happens to the extra money for the same amount of energy. I mean, what goes into the hands of traders and companies who know how the game of carbon credit system, that’s what happens? Remember, the biggest proponent of cap and trade in the U.S. was… Enron, that great — they didn’t play any games. Oh, seriously, they weren’t playing with invisible numbers.

Next goal for Barbara Boxer: Investing in clean energy. People are starting to understand that green equals hype. So now they are just saying, they are not saying green energy anymore. They are saying clean energy. You notice that? It was global warming and then it was climate change. Actually I met the individual that actually was responsible for changing it to climate change. It was an advisor for George Bush. They thought it would be less hype, they thought it would be less frightening than global warming. Climate change. Believe it or not, supporting efforts by local and state governments to deal with climate change. What this means is all the states with giant green programs are going to be bankrupt from having green programs, but the federal government luckily can step in because they have unlimited money to help those states that just get along. And then the final one: Supporting developing nations. Now, who’s saying we’re marching to socialism and the redistribution of wealth? The supporting of developing nations, spreading the wealth in this country just isn’t enough. We’ve got so much growth, let’s spread it around the rest of the world, too.

VOICE: That was even more overwhelming evidence that we are destined to be a bunch of socialist pigs very, very soon on the Glenn Beck program.