I made a promise to you and to myself that I would never share something with you that I didn’t believe because your trust and my reputation are too important. My job is to bring you the news and I work hard at finding those stories that aren’t found on the front pages or to present stories from a different perspective or explain them as a series of connected events rather than isolated occurrences.

For several years I have been telling you that I was connecting a series of seemingly unrelated events that were forming a ‘perfect storm’. I told you that America was headed for perilous economic times which would challenge our fortitude, our resiliency and determination. I told you that we were headed for hardships most of us hadn’t experienced in our lifetimes but that we could make it through and although we would be challenged we would not be broken by the storm. Our country, our parents and grandparents faced difficult times and have always emerged stronger. I believe that if we make the right choices America can be better, stronger and more strongly rooted in our core principles and values.

The ‘perfect storm’ message has been tough for me to bring to you. It takes a toll on me and I know it takes a toll on you. Several of my closest friends and colleagues told me that if I didn’t shut-up with all the ‘gloom and doom’ talk my ratings and advertising would suffer—they were right—but I owed it to you to keep bringing you the message, and I did. When I talk about the ‘perfect storm’ and disenfranchisement I do it from a growing sense of concern that our politicians and elected leaders are increasingly out-of-step with everyday Americans. My plea to the politicians is for them to become re-engaged, to return to our core and shared principles and values and to stop the politics of left and right. It’s not designed to stir-up angst or anger but to focus attention on real and growing problems. To those feeling isolated my message is that you are not alone and that we surround them.

This ‘perfect storm’ hasn’t run its course. The government’s determination to fight free-market forces guarantees higher unemployment, more business failures and continued economic contraction. I don’t want that to happen but that’s how I see it. Unfortunately, more good people who have paid their taxes and played by the rules increasingly feel isolated and disenfranchised from their government as they perceive that those who broke the rules get the bailouts while they get stuck with the tab. Civil unrest and demonstrations are already taking place in Iceland, Ireland, Spain and Greece. Police experts are predicting a summer of ‘discontent’ with riots in England and tensions boiling over in more European countries.

I hope and pray that we don’t see that happen there and work tirelessly to prevent it from happening here. I have repeatedly said that, as Americans we need to work within the constitutional framework by seeking out and voting individuals of honor and integrity into office while voting those without a shred of common decency out. Anyone who thinks that I am calling for, wishing for, or hoping for anything more is not listening to the message but is more interested in attacking the messenger.

We ARE a great country. Our best days are ahead of—not behind us. We need to rediscover those principles and values that have always grounded us to goodness and God—because it is there where we will remember that our true strength and power isn’t on Wall Street or the marble halls of Congress but in the hearts of WE THE PEOPLE.